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The Heckler & Koch G36 was a short carbine rifle used by government agents as well as terrorist groups. It took 5.56mm armor piercing rounds.

Jack Bauer used an HK G36 Commando during the raid on Utopia Studios during Trojan Horse. During Collateral Damage, Jack found a G36 Commando among other weapons stashed in Erno Tobias's wardrobe.

On Day 2, Jack had a G36 in the weapons drawer of his vehicle. On of Peter Kingsley's commandos fired one during the gunfight in Studio City. Many of Vladimir Bierko's and Christopher Henderson's men used G36 rifles during Day 5. The weapon was used by Ed and many of Cheng Zhi's Chinese operatives during Day 6, and during Day 7 it was used by David Emerson as well as many of Benjamin Juma's and Alan Wilson's commandos. On Day 8, many Red Square operatives as well as Samir Mehran's men used the weapon; and on Day 9 it was used by Belcheck and by MI5 agents.

The G36 was seen numerous times on 24. For the full list of appearances, see Rifles on 24.

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