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The Heckler & Koch MP5 was a type of submachine gun manufactured by Heckler & Koch, commonly used by law enforcement organizations.

The MP5K was a standard issue weapon for CTU agents alongside the Sig Sauer P228, Glock 17 and Beretta 92. (CTU Operations Manual)

During the rescue of Ibn al Farad from custody, Jack grabbed an MP5 and used to kill several hostiles. In Vanishing Point, Hector had an HK MP5K which he used to kill Sgt. Locklear. (Trojan Horse, Vanishing Point)

From Day 1 until Day 3, CTU Los Angeles tactical units used the MP5 as their standard sidearm - after Day 3 they switched to the M4A1, although they still used the MP5 in certain situations. Terrorists at the Gaines compound and guards at the Saugus detention center also used this weapon. United States Secret Service agents often used the compact MP5K. Many of Zhou Yong's men used MP5 guns. On Day 8, Jack Bauer requested two MP5s from Jim Ricker.

After Day 8, the FBI agents searching for Jack Bauer had MP5/10 SMGs. Jack and Chase also armed themselves with this weapon. (Deadline)

Two years after Day 8, when on board the Barataria, Jack grabbed an MP5SD-N submachine gun from the hold and used it against Osman Xasan Muhamad's men. (Rogue)

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