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The Heckler & Koch UMP was a type of state-of-the-art submachine gun. It came in .45 or .40 variants, and had a 25 round magazine. It was used by CTU agents as well as by terrorist groups. (Operation Hell Gate)

During Operation Hell Gate, Gina Costigan used an HK UMP during the mission at LAX. Joe Smith used the weapon during Collateral Damage, chambered in .45 ammunition.

Several terrorists used the UMP during Day 5, including Bierko's men and one of Brennan's men. In Day 6, many of Cheng Zhi's commandoes were armed with the weapon.

Quinn pursuing Jack Bauer

During Day 7, Nichols's men were armed with UMPs at the Ritter Building. Later, John Quinn used a UMP .40 to shoot and kill Senator Blaine Mayer at his home, and during his pursuit of Jack Bauer.

Larry Moss investigated Mayer's death and noted that he was killed with a UMP .40. He deduced that Jack would have trouble acquiring such a weapon while on the run, casting doubt on Jack's supposed role in Mayer's death.

In Day 8, the UMP was a weapon in CTU New York's armory. It was also used by Luka and one of Samir Mehran's men.

The UMP was seen numerous times on 24. For the full list of appearances, see Submachine guns on 24.

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