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Hector Beltran was a high ranking veteran officer for Fidel Castro's spy service, who appeared during Storm Force. The US thought he had died after he disappeared from their radar for several years, but after receiving a tip from Vikki Valence, they discovered he was still on active duty. Jack Bauer was assigned to the mission, and sent to New Orleans to work with Pete Malo to take Beltran in.

Beltran was a mysterious figure to many, but was greatly trusted by the Cuban government. He was given full access to their operatives in the US, and allowed to undertake missions using their teams.

Storm Force[]

Beltran ordered a group of men, led by Dixie Lee, to kill Colonel Paz after he left the Golden Pole strip club. Paz discovered that it must be Beltran due to the use of a female shooter he recognized as an operative of Beltran.

Beltran then ordered Raoul Garros to be kidnapped in exchange for one million dollars from his financee, Susan Keehan. She obliged, but just after he received the money he was shot and killed by Colonel Paz who hunted him down after the botched attempt on his life.

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