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Hector "Hex" Matlow was a criminal who aided Mike Roker and Ernest deSalvo in their cyber-crime activities.

The night after Day 8, Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds visited Hector in order to find a way to Los Angeles without getting caught by local authorities. The two men found one of the trailers Hector was squatting in, and Hector demanded that Bauer and Edmunds get rid of their weapons and cell phones before he led them to his underground bunker. Once inside, Bauer told Hector that he needed to head out of the city in under twenty-four hours. At first, Hector refused after he found out that Bauer was responsible for killing several Russian government officials, but Jack pushed him and told him that the faster he helped him, the faster he'd be gone. Eventually, Hector came up with the idea to hop on the Union Pacific Blue Arrow freight train as it slowed down in the town Deadline.

A few hours later, Arkady Bazin and his team of SVR operatives located Hector after Roker revealed his location to them. Ziminova blew up the trailers above his bunker and shot and wounded him as he tried to escape the wreckage. After he was captured, Ekel and Bazin repeatedly submerged his head into a river in order to get him to reveal the whereabouts of Bauer and Edmunds. Once he told the operatives about their plans, Bazin drowned Matlow and dumped his body in the river. (Deadline)

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