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Helen McCarthy was a Chief Inspector for the London Metropolitan Police active during Day 9.

Day 9[edit | edit source]

After learning that Simone Al-Harazi had been injured in a bus accident and taken to St. Edwards Hospital, McCarthy was ordered to provide security for her and to await the arrival of Jack Bauer. When Bauer and CIA agent Kate Morgan arrived, McCarthy told him that she and the London Metropolitan Police would give them all the support they needed.

McCarthy told Jack and Morgan that Simone got hit by a bus chasing after a girl named Yasmin Azizan, who witnessed Simone killing her mother Farah. After Morgan went to talk to Yasmin, Jack told McCarthy to clear the hospital wing and only allow authorized personnel.

Around 5:30pm, when Jack spotted a man in scrubs named Kareem, he asked McCarthy if she had cleared the entire wing. She assured him that they had and asked the man for some identification. He responded by firing at them and Jack pulled McCarthy down to avoid getting hit. As they pursued Kareem, Jack told McCarthy to take the elevator and cover the exits as he and Morgan chased the hitman.

After two police officers killed Kareem, McCarthy arrived and told the officers to stand down as she went to his body. Jack discovered that Margot was targeting Simone with a drone and they had eight minutes. Jack told McCarthy to evacuate the hospital immediately, and she conveyed the order. After many were evacuated and a missile hit the hospital, Jack told McCarthy to take Yasmin; he would contact her once Simone was secure. McCarthy then took Yasmin away from the hospital. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

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