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If the article for the topic you wish to edit does not yet exist, there are several ways to create the page from scratch.

Starting a page[]

"Create a new article" link[]

In the Navigation panel, there is a link to a blank page prompt. This can be used to create new pages. Remember to select the proper page template for the topic you are writing about.

Red links[]

If you come across any red links, they are links which do not currently have an article associated with them. By clicking on the red link, you can start that article. Once the article has been made, the link will turn blue.

Web address[]

Another way to start a topic is to enter the wiki address in the address bar and add the new topic title to the end of the address. If you want to create an article about Lions, you would type the following into the address bar.

Unlike with usual website addresses you can add spaces to the topic title at the end of the address. So if you want to make a topic about African Lions you would type the following into the address bar. Lions

The search bar[]

By typing the name of a new article into the search bar, a list of similar articles will come up. Above that list, there will be a red link with the new article's name. Clicking on that will take you to the article's blank page, where you can begin contributing.

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