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[[Category:Characters|Taylor, Henry]]
[[Category:Characters|Taylor, Henry]]
[[Category:Redemption characters|Taylor, Henry]]
[[Category:Living characters|Taylor, Henry]]
[[Category:Living characters|Taylor, Henry]]

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Henry Taylor was the husband of a US Senator Allison Taylor. His wife was sworn in as President, the successor of Noah Daniels, during the events of Redemption, making him the first First Gentleman of the United States.


Henry was present with his wife at the White House as she completed her transition to the Presidency. Henry was asked to leave by Tom Lennox when Lennox came to inform his wife about state affairs. When Henry heard that President Daniels had ordered the evacuation of the American embassy in Sangala, he expressed his approval of the decision, even though the President-elect disagreed. Henry greeted their son, Roger, and his girlfriend Samantha Roth, when they arrived, and was also present during Allison's inauguration.


After Day 6

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