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Hermann Ost was a mercenary hired to kill Martello Paz. A German national, Hermann was dishonorably discharged from the German Army for striking an officer; he later served in various mercenary legions in Rwanda and the Congo, and worked for the dictator Charles Taylor. Hermann was also involved with the Blood Diamond conflicts in Sierra Leone until he later ran an outfit protecting oil workers in Nigeria. When Hermann realized Africa was too dangerous, he spent most of his time in the Balkans working for Marc Vollard, before traveling from East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, and various other countries.

When Vollard came to America with his forces, Hermann met with Hector Beltran multiple times. Hermann and several other mercenaries were ordered to assassinate Martello Paz, Beltran's main opposition. Hermann, along with Dixie Lee, Beatriz Ortiz, and two other mercenaries ambushed Paz at The Golden Pole between 5:00am and 6:00am. Although Hermann and his partners killed Paz's bodyguards, they didn't expect Jack Bauer and Pete Malo to interfere. Hermann tried to kill Paz and the CTU agents, but during the gunfight, Jack shot him twice and killed him. (Storm Force)

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