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Hervé was the defense attorney of Collette Stenger during Day 5. He was conversational in both English and French, and possibly resided in Zurich.

Day 5 Edit

After CTU apprehended Hervé's client Collette Stenger for aiding the terrorist group Dawn Brigade, she attempted to negotiate immunity from prosecution. In exchange for revealing to Jack Bauer the source of some schematics she sold to the terrorist ringleader Vladimir Bierko, she wanted a presidential pardon to be verified by lawyers in both Zurich and Tripoli.

Shortly before 9:00pm, the American government sent Hervé the immunity paperwork. He examined it and then spoke with her on the phone. First she asked if the deal had been received in Tripoli, and Hervé confirmed that it had. Next, she asked if the deal met his approval, and he advised her that it did, because it was signed by the President (Charles Logan). Finally, she asked if there was any way CTU could legally deny her the terms she requested, to which he replied that they could not if she cooperated with them. Stenger thanked Hervé by name and hung up.

Stenger then revealed the location where she met Bierko, 12451 Saticoy Boulevard (as she predicted, it had already been abandoned). She then stated, falsely, that the schematics she sold to Bierko were acquired from her contact at the Department of Defense, Audrey Raines. Her lie, orchestrated by Sentox conspirator Christopher Henderson, was soon discovered, and the full pardon Hervé checked for Stenger was completely voided.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Hervé is very similar to Todd Richards from Season 4, who likewise was the defense attorney for a female terrorist collaborator (Mandy). Both Hervé and Richards were only heard over the phone, and both verified presidential pardons for their clients.

Live appearancesEdit

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