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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Hikmat Palpatine was a terrorist working for Habib Marwan.

Day 4[]

Shortly after midnight, Hikmat helped coordinate Marwan's efforts in tracking and seizing a nuclear warhead using information stolen from the nuclear football. The warhead chosen was in transit in Illinois, so Marwan sent his mobile terrorist sub-cell led by Sabir Ardakani to attack the convoy and steal the nuke. Some minutes later, Hikmat was unsure what to do when he heard that fellow terrorist Yosik Khatami was killed and Joe Prado captured by the government, so Marwan sent a lawyer to keep CTU from interrogating Prado.

About an hour later, Hikmat contacted Abat for Marwan, and helped Marwan record a speech claiming responsibility for the train bombing at the Santa Clarita Valley and nuclear meltdown in the San Gabriel Island. When CTU agent Lee Castle was spotted by terrorist sentry Atef El-Khabir, Marwan ordered an evacuation to avoid the imminent raid. As they fled through a tunnel, Hikmat paused to hand out flashlights to his associates, and dropped the tape recording of the speech. He was momentarily delayed, and when confronted by Jack Bauer, Hikmat tried to open fire but was killed by Jack at around 1:29am.

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