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Tony Almeida visits Ho Shin in his shop in South Korea Town.


After Tony tells him to cross reference the manifest with the dead crew on the ship, one name comes up: Lee Jin Yu. Sean discovers that he was on the crew manifest, but was not on the ship. Tony assesses that they need to find him now.

Meanwhile, Robert Daniels pulls up at an abandoned shed in Thousand Oaks, California. Jack Bauer is close behind, unseen by Daniels. Whilst President David Palmer gives a live news speech on AMN about the attempted assassination of Vice President Prescott, Tony Almeida drives towards Lee Jin Yu's location. Michelle calls him and informs him that the address they have for Lee is correct. She tells him that the owner of Liquor Store in South Korea Town Tony was sent to is owned by a Mr. Shin who should know Lee. Tony enters the shop and asks the man behind the counter if he has seen Lee. The man claims to not know him, and that he has only worked there a few weeks. The man tells Tony to talk to Mr. Shin, who is in the back rooms. He takes Tony back, and the cashier makes a run.

After a long chase in which the cashier attempts to stop Tony by throwing tables, boxes and trash cans in his route, Tony eventually manages to apprehend him. Tony handcuffs him, and tells him that he needs to answer a few questions. Meanwhile, Palmer is still giving his speech. He says that some will think he is unfit to return to office, but he is insistent that he can lead the country effectively.

10:59:57... 10:59:58... 10:59:59... 11:00:00

Mission targets[]

  • Time: 03:00
  • Civilians killed: 0
  • Property damage: $500

Background information and notes[]

  • If Tony enters the shop with his gun out, the player fails the mission as Ho Shin gets scared and flees.
  • The conversation that Tony has with Mr. Shin can go a number of ways depending on the options that the player answers with.
  • If the player fails to catch Mr. Shin, an audio file of Tony is heard saying, "Michelle, it's Tony. I lost him."
  • If the player shoots Mr. Shin, an audio file of Ryan Chappelle is heard saying, "Unforgivable! I'll have your badge for this!"
  • There is a glitch you can do to prevent the chase. If Tony pulls his gun out before returning to the front room and shoots Shin twice, he will not run but limp. This tactic was never patched.
  • Glitch: Dead Tony talks: You will notice that a car will try to run down Tony. If the car does run Tony over, there is a chance that Tony will still communicate with Michelle even though he is dead.