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Hong Wai was a Chinese double-agent working for the United States against China during the Season 6 Prequel.

Before Day 6 Edit

For seven months after Day 5, Jack Bauer was asked by Cheng Zhi which of two men was working with the Americans as an undercover agent in the Chinese government: Li or Hong. When Bauer refused to respond, Cheng ordered Jack to be tortured.

After seven months had passed, a pair of American agents appeared to break Bauer out of the Chinese military prison. After driving a short distance through wasteland, the three men came upon Hong Wai, proving that the man was the undercover agent. However, this turned out to be a planned operation from Cheng Zhi, who used the two mercenaries to reveal Hong Wai. When Jack recognized him, Cheng Zhi and many soldiers appeared.

Cheng thanked Bauer for his help in identifying Hong, who he had apparently suspected all along. Wai was then executed by Cheng with one shot to the head.

Live appearancesEdit