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A Hostage is someone who is held by a captor in order to compel another party to act, or refrain from acting, in a particular way, often under threat of serious physical harm to the hostage(s).

Day 1

  • Kim Bauer and Teri Bauer: Along with Janet York, her friend, Kim was kidnapped by Dan Mounts and Rick Allen and handed over to mercenary Ira Gaines. Teri was kidnapped by Kevin Carroll, who was posing as Janet's father Alan York. Gaines kept Kim at his compound with her mother for hours, threatening to kill them if Jack didn't comply with his demands. Kim and her mother were eventually rescued by her father with help from CTU and Alberta Green.
  • Jessie Hampton: Officer Hampton was held by Greg Penticoff in order to draw Jack away at 18166 San Fernando Road. Instead of letting Jessie go, he shot her and was captured by Jack. She was killed instantly.
  • Nina Myers: When Nina became suspicious of Jack's actions at CTU and the switching of the keycard, he held her at gunpoint and exited CTU with her. Gaines ordered Bauer to shoot her, which he did, but prevented her death with a flak jacket.
  • Lauren Proctor: Seconds after escaping custody from Secret Service and Alan Hayes, Jack car-jacked Lauren's car and held her hostage until he recieved a car with help from Nina Myers, who made it back to CTU. She agreed to retrieve the car for Jack, but betrayed him and went to Secret Service.
  • Ted Cofell: Jack knocked out Cofell's driver Mark and kidnapped Cofell in his own limousine, later interrogated him and threatened to force a towel down his throat. Cofell pleeded innocence until they went to see Kevin Carroll, which he attacked Bauer with a Microtech H.A.L.O. Jack inadvertently killed him by rupturing his heart condition with a punch.
  • Krugman: During the botched drug deal, Frank Allard and his friend Craig held undercover officer Krugman and his partner at gunpoint and stole the drugs. Krugman arrested them later and was shot by Serbian terrorists.
  • Victor Drazen: When Andre Drazen team of Serbian militants entered the Class 3 Detention facility, Jack held Drazen hostage when surrounded. He released him when Andre threatened to execute the warden.
  • Mark DeSalvo: Held by Andre Drazen as leverage to release his father. Jack released Victor but Andre shot Mark anyway in front of Bauer.
  • Jack Bauer: Taken by the Drazens as a bargaining chip after the death of the entire staff at the prison in Saugus. Exchanged for Alexis Drazen.
  • Kim Bauer: After being released from prison with help from Melanie, the police car escorting Kim to CTU was attacked and the cops, including Krugman, were shot and Kim was taken again. She escaped and was found Sargeant Devlin at the Port of L.A.
  • Mila Luminovic: After serving her father and Victor, Jack held her with a knife to her neck and ordered the Serb's guns to be lowered. Victor agreed to, but shot Mila in the forehead, destroying Jack's leverage.

Day 2

Day 3

  • Kyle Singer and Linda: After escaping the mall, Kyle met up with Linda but both were soon captured by Mexican terrorists. They were held in some kind of incubation chamber and later escaped.
  • Ramon Salazar: When Jack Bauer broke Ramon out of prison, he held Ramon as his hostage to get away from CTU until they boarded a plane along with Tomas, Pedro and Sandra.
  • Michelle Dessler: After the Chandler Plaza Hotel incident, Michelle was captured by Frederick, one of Saunder's henchmen, who, under orders from Saunders, threatened to mutilate her and kill her if Tony didn't follow commands.
  • Jane Saunders: Captured after a sting operation incliding Kim Bauer and Alice, Jane was used as leverage against Saunders and eventually he surrendered his vials and gave up the names of his couriers.
  • Nina Myers: In Mexico, Nina was held hostage by Jack after he killed her guards but she quickly turned the odds in her favor by knocking him out and taking him hostage. She kissed him and escaped later and took chase Edmunds hostage but was punched and re-captured by Jack. On the plane back to Los Angeles, she tricked Jack into releasing a computer virus in the computer systems in CTU. Her virus was killed by Chloe O'Brian and Nina was killed by Jack after escaping torture and killing several people in CTU.

Day 4

  • James Heller and Audrey Raines: Captured by terrorists and were to be executed on live television for "war crimes". Eventually rescued by Jack Bauer.

Day 5

  • Miriam Henderson: Held as a hostage by Jack in her home and claimed not to know anything about her husband's illegal activities. She was later shot during Christopher's interrogation and recieved medical attention.
  • Collette Stenger: After being caught by Jack Bauer, Collette named Audrey Raines as her source of stolen schematics. After Jack deemed Audrey as innicent, he entered Collette's cell, knocked out her guard and threatened to kill her unless she told the truth. She eventually broke and Audrey was released.
  • Audrey Raines: At the Van Nuys airport after meeting her father, Audrey was taken be Henderson and was traded for the recording. He punctured her brachial artery and she started to bleed. She survived and was kept at CTU later.
  • Christopher Henderson: After he injured Audrey, Henderson escaped and handed off the recording to Scott Evans. Jack and Audrey caught him later and he was held by Audrey after Jack went after the recording. His team rescued him but Audrey was safetly taken by Curtis.
  • Flight 521: Jack hi-jacked the plane and put a suspect from Germany and the air martial in the cargo hold. He held the flight attendant Sue hostage and later the whole plane. He ordered Scott Evans to land the plane later.

Day 6

  • Wallace Family: Ray, Jillian and Scott Wallace were all held by their neighbor and terrorist Ahmed Amar. Ahmed was injured by an attack from Stan so he made Ray deliver a package to an address and released Jillian in exchange. The package was a nuclear bomb and it detonated in Valencia, killing Ray and about 12000 others. Ahmed was killed in a shootout with Jack.

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