Wiki 24

Tony Almeida is alerted of the kidnapping of Governor Radford and is sent to the scene.


Tony hears shouts coming from a room and knocks on the steel door, asking if Radford is alright. A jumpy man named Jody is inside brandishing a gun to Radford's head. He yells to Tony that Radford cannot talk right now. Tony identifies himself and tells the man to let Radford go, but the man refuses.

Tony begins to try to talk the man out of what he is doing. Jody explains that his son, Zack, is ill with lung problems and because of Radford's health benefits policies he cannot afford to pay for his son's treatment. He attempts to shoot Radford for doing this to his son, claiming there is no other option, but Tony manages to talk him out of it and Jody hands the gun to Radford.

Suddenly, Tony hears a gunshot and blasts the door down. He sees Jody dead on the floor and assumes that he shot himself. Tony asks if Radford is okay, and he says that he only received a few scrapes. He goes outside to a battalion of press corps, but asks for no questions and walks through the crowd. Tony looks at the body of Jody, realizing that maybe his original assessment was incorrect. He takes out his cell phone.


Memorable quotes[]

  • Tony Almeida: You need to open the door and release the Governor right now!
  • Jody: Over his dead body!