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The Hotel Chelsea was a highrise hotel located in New York City.

Day 8 Edit

Jack Bauer was staying at the Hotel Chelsea while visiting his daughter Kim. After going to the zoo with his granddaughter Teri, Jack took her to his room and slept a nap while she watched television. At around 4:10pm, Kim and Stephen arrived to pick up Teri. Jack met them at the lobby and after they left, he went back upstairs to finish packing. At this moment, Victor Aruz appeared at his door to inform him of a threat against President Omar Hassan.

Later that night, Jack had a CTU agent take Renee Walker back to his apartment at the hotel after she was finished with her debriefing. She was still there when Chloe O'Brian called at 4:30am to ask her to assist Jack out in the field.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Located on West 23rd Street, the Hotel Chelsea is a New York City landmark, known for its many famous longtime residents, which have included Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Stanley Kubrick, and Arthur C. Clarke.


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