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The Hotel Long Beach was the site of a hostage crisis in the graphic novel 24 Stories.

Imran Geshayev and the Chechen Liberation Front took over the hotel and held around 100 guests. The CLF rigged every occupied room with explosives and automatic guns to prevent anyone from leaving alive, and also set a massive bomb in the basement to destroy the whole hotel. One hostage died after missing the announcement about the boobytrapped doors.

Using his own video equipment, Geshayev broadcast the situation on two local channels. CTU stopped the broadcast and suppressed an interview with Geshayev, but the local newsmedia picked up the story and continued reporting from outside the CTU perimeter. Tony Almeida and Chase Edmunds managed field operations, while Ryan Chappelle and Michelle Dessler ran operations at CTU.

Inside the hotel, Jack Bauer and Enrique Hinojosa worked together to take down the CLF and disarm the bomb. They killed three associates of Ramon and Hector Salazar and several CLF members (including Geshayev), but no other lives were lost.