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Hotel Rosslyn was a run-down hotel in Los Angeles, California.

After hearing from Maureen Kingsley that she planned to air a story about Keith Palmer's involvement in Lyle Gibson's death, David Palmer arranged to meet Carl Webb at the hotel to plan their next move. Palmer parked into the underground car park of the hotel, where Two teenagers were smashing car headlights. The hoodlums confronted Palmer, telling him it was a private lot. When they asked for a toll, he stood up to them and sent them away.

At 2:40am, Carl came out of a door marked '34' in the car park. He met with Palmer and discussed Maureen Kingsley's accusation about Palmer's son. As they were finishing their conversation, two Secret Service cars drove into the car park to collect Palmer and drive him back to his campaign headquarters (located in a different hotel). ("Day 1: 2:00am-3:00am")

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  • In real life, Hotel Rosslyn was shot from 450 South Main Street, downtown.

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