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5x15 hyocine pentothal

Vials of Hyocine-pentothal

Hyocine-pentothal was a pain-inducing drug which was used by CTU agents as part of time-sensitive interrogation procedures. Curtis Manning described the drug as a "neural inflammatory", causing a "feeling as though every nerve ending in your body is on fire." Jack summarized that seven cc's of the drug would cause indescribable pain, while eight cc's ran the risk of inducing a lethal heart attack.

Day 4[]

The drug was used on Sarah Gavin and Behrooz Araz. CTU agents also planned to use it on Richard Heller, but Curtis Manning halted it at the last minute and suggested non-invasive interrogation methods as an alternative. Richard was then subjected to 'sensory disorientation'.

Day 5[]

It was used several times on Christopher Henderson during his interrogation by Rick Burke. Tony Almeida was planning to overdose Henderson on the drug, but he overtook Tony and injected it into him, "killing" Almeida. Later, Audrey Raines was subjected to the drug after Collette Stenger told Jack that Raines had provided her with the schematics of the Wilshire Gas Company.

Day 6[]

Hyoscine penothal

Burke filling a syringe of Hyocine-pentothal

Jack Bauer used the drug on his brother Graem Bauer, who revealed his connection to the assassination of David Palmer while under the influence of the drug. Phillip Bauer later administered an overdose of the drug on Graem to kill him.

Background information and notes[]

  • Hyocine-pentothal is a fictional drug. The term likely comes from a combination of two "truth drugs" used by the CIA: hyoscine and sodium pentothal. Neither of those two drugs causes pain in the real world.