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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

IDS Data Systems was a business located in downtown Los Angeles, California on the 30th floor of the Rockland Building.

Before Day 4[]

Terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan, using the alias of Harris Barnes, worked on the Dobson Override device at the McLennen-Forster defense contractor. In order to make use of it on Day 4 to cripple America, he inserted Ali, a sleeper terrorist, inside IDS data systems to hijack their hardware and equipment. Henry Powell, working one floor beneath IDS, also had an active role in this conspiracy.

Day 4[]

Ali and Forbes used the computer technology in the building to power the stolen Dobson Override. The terrorists used the IDS servers to download a virus into the computers of America's nuclear power plants. Marwan himself had to come and assist with the work.

Curtis Manning and two field agents escorted Marianne Taylor (under arrest as a mole) to the floor beneath IDS to retrieve terrorist secrets from the hard drive of the deceased conspirator Henry Powell. All but Curtis were killed by Forbes and his two men (Adam and Jason). Curtis heard about the conspiracy one floor above him and, after killing Adam and Jason and knocking out Forbes, managed to report this to CTU.


Marwan hears Ali killed.

With Jack Bauer, Curtis entered IDS Data Systems in search for Marwan, only to find a bustling office swarming with activity. Marwan, hidden in a cubicle, worked with the Override until Ali phoned him to warn him and was shot by Agent Lee Castle. Alerted to the presence of the authorities, Marwan fired his pistol into the air, sending all the IDS workers scampering in panic. Curtis retrieved the Override, and with help from Edgar Stiles, helped neutralize its threat temporarily. Marwan was pursued by Jack. Before he fled from the 30th floor, Marwan killed a field agent and put on his uniform and helmet. He then snuck up on Agent Solarz, slew him, and escaped.