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Ian was one of the virus couriers for Stephen Saunders. He departed Los Angeles and began operating in the target city San Francisco.

Before Day 3 Edit

Ian and ten other individuals were chosen by the millionaire bio-terrorist Stephen Saunders and his assistant Osterlind to be Cordilla virus couriers. They were selected because they were "true believers" in the idea that that the greatest threat to world peace came from the United States. (A twelfth courier, Marcus Alvers, worked for Saunders solely for the profit.) Their ultimate goal was to use the threat of infecting large swathes of the American population to force President David Palmer to dismantle America's foreign intelligence apparatus.

Day 3 Edit

When President David Palmer refused to give in to one of Saunders' major demands, Saunders called Ian at approximately 8:20am and told him to infect the population of San Francisco with the Cordilla virus. The call was interrupted by a call from Jane Saunders, who was turned by CTU to help stop her father. Ian was told to wait, and the virus was not released.

CTU agent Jack Bauer eventually coerced Saunders to give up the locations of the eleven couriers (the twelfth, Marcus Alvers, was neutralized hours earlier). Ian was the first to be taken down: he was picked off on a roof by a sniper with a headshot, and live footage of the capture of his virus equipment was seen by Bauer and Chase Edmunds. The responding agents confirmed that the virus vial was intact.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It is possible that Ian was the one virus courier seen receiving instructions from Saunders in "Day 3: 4:00am-5:00am". It cannot be confirmed, however, since Ian's face was not visible.

Live appearances Edit

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