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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Ian was one of Mandy's neighbors at the Mercerwood during Day 4.

Day 4[]

Mandy took Tony Almeida hostage at the apartment complex and was hiding in an apartment across the hall from Ian and his two roommates, Shari and Joz. As CTU searched for Mandy and Tony, Mandy formulated an plan involving Ian and Shari as decoys. She quietly knocked on their door and asked to speak to Joz. Ian was suspicious due to her lack of an explanation. When Joz appeared, Mandy shot him and ordered Ian and Shari to not make a sound.

Mandy then used Ian and Shari to draw out any CTU agents that were watching the northeast driveway, the area Michelle Dessler had promised would be cleared for her to escape. She had them walk under an umbrella, in the rain, towards a black jaguar parked outside of the complex. Ian (posing as Tony) was held at gunpoint by Shari (posing as Mandy) while she pretended to talk to Michelle on a cell phone. When Ian and Shari climbed into the car and Mandy spotted the CTU field agents, she blew the car up using a remote detonator. Jack and everyone else at CTU thought that Mandy had martyred herself and killed Tony as well.

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