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Ian Al-Harazi was the son of Margot Al-Harazi and the technological expert for her terrorist plot during Day 9.

Day 9[]

Ian assisted his mother Margot, his sister Simone Al-Harazi, and Simone's husband Naveed Shabazz in using defense override technology to threaten London. Together, the family operated out of Margot's manor house in England. They hijacked American drones and attempted to use them to kill President James Heller in revenge for death of Margot's husband, Mahmoud Al-Harazi, who had been killed in an airstrike three years prior to Day 9.

Ian received the device from Simone and Margot and needed to adapt it to their systems. He said that would take about an hour and set to work.

After Naveed was revealed to have betrayed them, Ian took over piloting the drones, having also led the CIA on a false trail to where they supposedly were. He later watched as Margot executed Naveed. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

After President Heller faked his death, Ian was ordered to abort ditching the last surviving drone in the English Channel and attack the packed Waterloo Station. As Jack Bauer, Kate Morgan, Erik Ritter and a CIA team attacked their location, Ian lost his nerve and was forced by his mother at gunpoint to continue. When Jack reached the room the Al-Harazis were in by rappelling down from the roof, Ian investigated and was thrown to his death on the ground below by Bauer. The attack was foiled by Bauer and Margot joined her son on the ground moments later. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

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