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Ibrahim Haddad was a terrorist that Jack Bauer tortured in 2002.

Before Day 7 Edit

In 2002, Haddad attempted to attack a bus containing forty-five people (including ten children). Jack Bauer stopped the attack from happening by torturing him to discover the details of the plan. After the fact, the records of Haddad and this incident were classified, but were declassified in time for Senator Blaine Mayer's televised investigation of CTU during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Jack's actions against Haddad were brought up in his Senate hearing for his supposed extralegal activities while working for the recently disbanded Counter Terrorist Unit.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It is unknown what happened to Haddad after Jack's torture of him. He is never mentioned outside the Season 7 premiere episode.
  • While briefing new CTU National Director Keith Mullins, Rebecca Ingram mentions the "Haddad network". It is unknown if this is related to Ibrahim.
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