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Ike was a mercenary working under Zhou Yong during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

Ike was among the team assembled by Zhou Yong to infiltrate the CTU Los Angeles building to kidnap Josh Bauer for Cheng Zhi. He entered the sewers with the other men and gained access to the building from there. After the building was secured Ike went with Zhou's henchman and another man to search for Josh. They entered a room to find Jack Bauer and Marilyn Bauer attempting to escape through a ventilation pipe, with Josh having already climbed in. Ike and the other man took Jack and Marilyn back to the CTU main floor while Zhou's lieutenant waited for Josh by the pipe.

Ike took Jack to the other hostages and hit him with his weapon to get him to the ground. He stood guard there until just after 3am, when Zhou Yong ordered him to take Josh back to Cheng through the sewers. He went with Zhou's lieutenant and reached Cheng's building where he handed the boy over and got into a car. However as they were driving away, Jack and other CTU agents engaged them in a gunfight. Ike returned fire but was gunned down by Mike Doyle.

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