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Imran Geshayev was the leader of the Chechen Liberation Front, an Islamic splinter group that fought Russia for Chechen independence. At first, Geshayev was a moderating force, advocating supporting the new government in exchange for representation in that government. He later turned to terrorism for an unknown reason.


After kidnapping Secretary of State William Nolan and Russian Foreign Minister Gregory Petrovic, Geshayev brought them to the Hotel Long Beach, which he had rigged with explosives. From the hotel, Geshayev spoke to the press, demanding that the United States obtain the release of 30 CLF members and the removal of Russian forces from Chechnya. To demonstrate his resolve, he blew up an Impacto Burger stand and cut off Nolan's index finger. Ryan Chappelle tried unsuccessfully to negotiate with Geshayev, resulting in Geshayev blowing up a gas station.

Jack Bauer killed Geshayev and his main henchman, Isa, saving the lives of both dignitaries.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Imran Geshayev: Mister Secretary, this mission is already a success. There is no need to negotiate as you and your Russian friend here will die for the greater glory of Allah and will we all.

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