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Inessa Kovalevsky was a 15-year-old sex slave taken from near Kiev, Ukraine, who was sold to Jacob Rossler.

Before Day 5 Edit

19 months before Day 5, Inessa was taken from her home in Kiev by a sex-slave trafficking ring. She was then sold to Jacob Rossler. Rossler held Inessa captive in his apartment and frequently abused her. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Day 5 Edit


Inessa surrenders herself when Jack enters the room.

During the events of Day 5, Inessa was in Los Angeles with her owner Jacob Rossler, who was doing work for Russian separatist Ivan Erwich. When a CTU Los Angeles TAC team led by Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning raided Rossler's penthouse, Inessa kept herself hidden in the room.

After Rossler was taken into custody, Chloe O'Brian informed Jack that someone else was in the apartment. Jack went into one of the bedrooms and demanded for the person to show their hands. He discovered Inessa, who was in shock and clearly abused by Rossler. Jack then told another agent to find anything he could about her.

When Jack interrogated Rossler, he agreed to help CTU in exchange for immunity, unfreezing of his assets, transportation to a foreign country, and Inessa. Reluctantly, Jack was forced to agree to the deal on Lynn McGill's orders. When Bill Buchanan told him that Inessa was only 15, Jack told Rossler he couldn't allow him to take her. However, Rossler threatened to back out of the deal. He insisted Inessa was the only thing he cared about.

Jack then approached Inessa and tried to explain to her that they needed to let Rossler take her for now, but that they would keep an eye on them and rescue her later. Inessa was distraught and told him how he abused of her, but Jack insisted. Inessa still refused to go with Rossler, but Jack promised not to let anything happen to her. He then asked her to get dressed.


Inessa shoots and kills Rossler.

Just before 2:00pm, when they were ready to move out, Jack accompanied Inessa out of the room. As he was talking with Curtis, she pulled out a concealed firearm and shot Rossler twice, killing him instantly. ("Day 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

She was later taken into custody by Agent Manning.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It is unknown whether Inessa was charged for disrupting the investigation, or whether she was returned to Kiev.

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