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Innis Casey (born April 26, 1974; age 50), born as Casey Innis Dumm, played Miguel during Season 2 of 24.


Innis Casey was born in Burbank, California, and graduated from San Diego State University. Intrigued from an early age by Mexican culture, he went to Mexico to study, and started a singing career there. Casey learned Spanish and then landed a record deal with BMG with whom he has released two albums.

After returning to California, Casey starred on the second season of 24 playing Kim Bauer's boyfriend. After the show, Casey appeared on the film Swing with Tom Skerritt and Jacqueline Bisset. He has also appeared on the films Screw Cupid, Junkyard Dog, and Kill Speed.

Casey has also appeared in TV shows like The Division and CSI: Miami. After being away from acting for several years, Casey recently appeared in How to Get Away with Murder (with Jose Zuniga). He is also a professional photographer.

24 credits[]

Selected filmography[]

  • Papa Hemingway in Cuba (2015)
  • Kill Speed (2010)
  • Junkyard Dog (2010)
  • Screw Cupid (2006)
  • Swing (2003)

Television appearances

  • The Bold and the Beautiful (2017)
  • How to Get Away with Murder (2015)
  • CSI: Miami (2007)
  • The Division (2004)

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