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Internal Affairs, (also known as Internal Investigations or The Double-i Team) was a division of law enforcement that investigates the lawbreaking of professional officers on the force.

Day 1[]

George Mason arrived at CTU Los Angeles with a group of Internal Investigations agents to lock the place down. Later, when he questioned Nina Myers about where Jack Bauer was, she threatened to talk to II about Phillipe Darcet's bank accounts. ("Day 1: 3:00am-4:00am")

When Milo Pressman started to ask questions about what sort of trouble Jamey Farrell was in, Tony Almeida told him not to be concerned with it as he was not an Internal Affairs agent. ("Day 1: 8:00am-9:00am")

Ryan Chappelle explained to David Palmer that Jack was under internal investigation, and that procedure was to keep him isolated until he had been fully debriefed. ("Day 1: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

Day 5[]

During the events of Day 5, Spenser Wolff was secretly working for Walt Cummings, as his mole in CTU. Spenser was told by Cummings it was all part of an Internal Affairs investigation he was conducting against CTU Los Angeles. Spenser also authorized Hank's clearance into the building and ensured his presence would not be recorded on any manifest, believing he was there to tap into CTU's servers for the sake of the investigation. In actuality, however, there was no investigation. Cummings was merely taking advantage of Spenser in order to serve the goals of the treasonous conspiracy he was involved in, and Hank was an assassin sent to murder Jack Bauer.

Day 6[]

During the events of Day 6, Jack Bauer went beyond the limits during his interrogation of Graem Bauer, his own brother. Graem later had a seizure and died as a result of an overdose of Hyoscine-pentothol. Bill Buchanan wanted to make changes to the report, in order to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation. Jack was against this, as he wanted to face the consequences. Later it was learned that Phillip Bauer, the father of Jack and Graem, killed his own son in order to keep quiet about his involvement with Darren McCarthy and Dmitri Gredenko.