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The Internet was a global network of computers. It used the standardized Internet Protocol Suite to regulate communications.

CTU Edit

The Counter Terrorist Unit had an Internet Protocol Manager.

Day 3 Edit

During Day 3, Stephen Saunders made several requests to President David Palmer. Saunders used a website called to demand that Palmer provide him with a list of foreign nationals contracted to provide intelligence to the American Military.

Day 4 Edit

During Day 4, Andrew Paige discovered a hidden code in the Internet. The code compromised several servers while the execution of James Heller was transmitted online, allowing terrorists to use the Dobson Override to take control of nuclear plants around the country.

Day 7 Edit

During Day 7, Benjamin Juma invaded the White House taking President Allison Taylor hostage. Juma set up an Internet transmission and forced Taylor to read a statement that was transmitted online. The transmission was relayed through several web servers.

Later, Tony Almeida and Cara Bowden planted incriminating evidence on Jibraan Al-Zarian's computer. The evidence they put was visits to Muslim extremist websites on the Internet with the intention of framing Jibraan.

Day 8 Edit

Samir Mehran broadcasted a feed on the Internet just over 70 seconds behind real time of him reading President Omar Hassan's supposed sins to their home nation of Kamistan before executing him.

Day 9 Edit

Margot Al-Harazi broadcasted a feed on the Internet, vilifying James Heller for killing her husband, and ordering him to surrender himself to her for execution in order to stop further drone attacks against London.

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