Wiki 24

Jack Bauer interrogates Robert Daniels.


The following takes place
between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

In Robert Daniels' office, Jack interrogates him on the plan for the assassination attempt. Jack tells him that his friends turned on him and told CTU about his involvement, so he might as well confess what he knows. Daniels is at first uncooperative, but finally he breaks and tells him the only way to get the snipers is from the roof, and that there are seven of them. He tells Jack that he cannot get to the roof because it is electronically locked. When Jack asks if there is a code, Daniels says there is but he does not know it.

Jack pulls his gun on Daniels, and tells him that it is his last chance to tell Jack the truth. He eventually tells Jack that the code is 6031968.


Mission targets[]

  • Questions Used: 14
  • Extreme High or Low Stress: 0
  • Breaking Stage Misses: 0

Background information and notes[]

  • This is the first interrogation mission. To complete it, players have to use the PlayStation 2 controller buttons to either Aggravate (PSTriangle), Coax (PSSquare), or Calm (PSX). Each time the player hits the middle bar through using a combination of the aforementioned controls, Daniels gives a piece of information. When Daniels is breaking, the player has to press the circle button (PSCircle) to break him.
  • The player has 3 minutes 55 seconds to complete the mission.