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The Irish Republican Army was a paramilitary organization located in Ireland which was known to conduct various terrorist activities.

One Shot[]

Moira O'Neal

Moira O'Neal was a high-ranking member of the group until she had an "awakening" and became sick of all the killing. She walked into CTU's Division Command and turned herself in, wanting to do the "right thing." She later provided information which led to the arrest of IRA financier Michael Donovan, who had hired IRA loyalist Tim McGinnis and his crew to kill O'Neal.

Operation Hell Gate[]

Shamus Lynch and Griffin Lynch were IRA members distressed at the organization's shift away from violent terrorism.

After Day 1[]

Liam O'Shea was being held in a Mobile Underground Detention and Detainment because of his involvement in the IRA.

Background information and notes[]

  • While the Irish Republican Army did historically exist, it has been defunct since 1969. The organization active since the 1970s, which considers itself a direct continuation of that army, is the Provisional Irish Republican Army, the result of a split in the group, with the other side being the Official IRA. There have also been further splits since then, with the Continuity IRA and Real IRA also existing.