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J. Daniels was a lieutenant of DC Metropolitan Police Department during Day 10.

Lieutenant Daniels was in his office when he spotted Officers Paul Vernon and Tim Bates taking Eric Carter into custody. He came out and asked Vernon to see him about a suspect he previously roughed up. Vernon told him it had to wait since he and Bates were taking Carter to processing, but Daniels insisted. When Carter started a scuffle and Vernon secured him. Daniels ordered them to take Carter to processing. ("Day 10: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Daniels discovered that Carter was holding Vernon and Bates hostage in the evidence rom. He worked with SWAT commander George Marx and the other officers to try to defuse the situation. He learned that Carter was a former Special Forces soldier. When they heard an explosion inside the room, Daniels ordered the team to go in. They found Vernon, who told them that Carter was armed and was getting away with Bates. Daniels ordered the lockdown of the police station. When Carter was cornered and was holding Bates hostage, Daniels received a call from Rebecca Ingram, who told him about the secret operation, and he ordered his officers to stand down. Once the officers lowered their weapons and Bates was released, Daniels handed the phone to Carter, who spoke to Ingram and CTU National Director Keith Mullins. Once the situation was over, Daniels escorted Carter out of the police station and provided him with a vehicle. ("Day 10: 2:00pm-3:00pm")

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