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This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions during The Game.

The Game Edit

The assassination tip Edit

Jack Bauer and a CTU team prepared to storm a ship believed to be containing a Ricin Bomb and illegal weapons. One of the agents accidentally triggered a hidden sensor and alerted the terrorists. Jack and his team boarded the ship and headed into it.


Jack Bauer and the CTU team storm the ship

After several cargo holders collapsed and blocked a path, Jack and his team are forced to climb up some others and physically assaulted the hostiles to get past. They reached a door and had to blast through it with a contained charge of explosives. When they got further into the ship, the team discovered several dead bodies and realized that it must have been the ship's original crew, killed when the terrorists took the ship. CTU informed Jack that they were sending a Bomb Disposal team in after them. Soon Jack found the Ricin Bomb. Bauer asked if the expert could diffuse it and he said yes. He told Jack to leave the premises, and he complied. On his exit, he informs CTU that the team is beginning the disabling process. After a few minutes, the Ricin bomb was defused. Jack told the Alpha team to send in a HAZMAT team. They complied, then informed him that there were no shipment containers in their locations, just empty gun boxes.

Jack sent a PDA requiring an encryption code that he found on the ship back to CTU for analysis. He informed Michelle Dessler that it was too sensitive for a rookie such as Sean Walker to handle, but she assured him that he would cope. Jack later informed Tony Almeida that they secured the Ricin, but there were missing weapons shipments from the ship. Tony said that he would look into it soon. Jack informed Tony of the dead crew members, and inquired about who left the tip. However, Tony was unaware of the identity of the tipster, just the location that the tip was given from; four blocks from the harbor. Jack said that he thought that this was not over.

At 8:00am, Michelle told Jack to hurry to Robert Daniels' location, as he was their only lead in the supposed upcoming assassination attempt on the Vice President. Jack drove across Los Angeles to Daniels' home but as he arrived, Daniels made a run for it in a red van. Jack chased him and when they arrived on the freeway, a man in the back of the van started shooting at his car, destroying innocent cars in the process. Eventually, Jack chased him into an underground parking garage at 1023 North Broadson. Jack called Michelle to tell her his location. She questioned why Daniels was in the heart of the financial district, but Jack was more interested in taking him down.

When he arrived in the parking garage, Jack shot three of the men in the van but Daniels was nowhere to be seen. The elevator used to go up into the building was damaged so Jack used a van to ram the gates. As he made his way to the stairwell, Jack killed several more guards and utilized the opportunity to take a radio off one of them, allowing him to listen in on enemy communications. When he got to the next floor, Jack killed several guards before using his PDA to open an electronic door lock. The door led into a large room with a seating area and staircase. After stopping any guards, Jack headed upstairs where a search party was looking for him. He took care of the party and walked through the building where he found a guard taking a civilian hostage. Jack was able to shoot the guard's head and let the hostage escape. He kept moving across the floor until he found an elevator and, after unlocking it with his PDA, took it up.


Jack kills men guarding Robert Daniels

Using the radio from earlier, Jack heard of a trap being set for him. He managed to avoid the trap and kill all the guards involved. He moved across the floor and entered Daniels' office where he killed a bodyguard and injured Daniels so that he surrendered. Daniels yelled at Jack, angry after being shot by him. Jack ran up to him and smashed his head on the table, causing Daniels to faulter. Jack says that he wanted answers now. He sat Daniels down in his chair, and for a moment the man just whimpered. Jack yells at him - "TALK!". Jack told him that his friends turned on him and told CTU about his involvement, so he might as well confess what he knows. Daniels was at first uncooperative, but finally he broke and told him the only way to get the snipers was from the roof, and that there are seven of them. He told Jack that he could not get to the roof because it was electronically locked. When Jack asked if there is a code, Daniels says there is but he does not know it. Jack pulled his gun on Daniels, and told him that it is his last chance to tell Jack the truth. He eventually told Jack that the code is 6031968.

Robert Daniels told Jack that it does not matter that he knows about the snipers; he is too late to stop them. Jack called CTU and informed Michelle Dessler that there were snipers positioned around the President's motorcade route. He asked if she is through to Secret Service, but she said the signal is jammed. Jack said that he would have to take out each sniper individually, and that he does not know the location of the snipers, just that they are on the motorcade's route. Michelle said that she will get Sean Walker to try and locate them using Sat Nav 1. Jack told her to call him when she gets something, and they hang up. Michelle gave Sean the instructions, and told him that there is not much time. Sean successfully managed to use CTU software to find potential sniper targets by scanning all the buildings around the motorcade's route and analyzing whether they could be the shooters.

Suddenly, a grey van drove down the road at high speed and slams into the Vice President's limo before men got out and tried to shoot the Secret Service guards. The men are all killed, as are more snipers that have positioned themselves in windows overlooking the Vice President. While he is on the ground, Jack sees Daniels escaping. He ignored the hostile, focusing on recovering Vice President Prescott. Running towards the site of the collision, Jack called CTU, and Tony Almeida picked up. Jack instructed him to send a medical team to his location for the VP. Tony said that they will be there in a couple of minutes, but Jack said they might be dead by then. Jack saw the Vice President stumbling around near the limo. Jack yelled at him to get back, but before he could say more there was a huge explosion, knocking Prescott to the floor. Jack ran over to him and tried to coerce him into consciousness. Prescott responded, and Jack told him that he would get him to a hospital as quickly as he can. At the site of the explosion police teams swarmed the area. Barriers were set up to stop passing traffic and the Vice President is carted off to hospital. Jack Bauer watches as the ambulance leaves, and sees Robert Daniels escaping in a car.

Attack at CTUEdit

Jack called Michelle and informed her that Robert Daniels had attempted to flee the site of the assassination attempt. He told her that he was trailing Daniels onto the freeway, and that he would let Michelle know where it led him. Robert Daniels went to an abandoned shed in Thousand Oaks, California. Jack was close behind, unseen by Daniels. Jack called Michelle and told her that he was at Thousand Oaks at a meat-processing plant, and it was the headquarters of the men responsible for the attempted assassination of the Vice President. Michelle says that she would send a team in, and Jack gave her the address.

A field team, led by Agent Tom Baker, arrived to assist Jack. They search the location but agent told Jack that there was no sign of Robert Daniels, and that the place was deserted. Jack called Michelle and informed her of the news. Michelle told him that there was no nerve gas at the Metro station as Tony had been investigating, just smoke bombs marked as if they were nerve gas. As Michelle began to tell Jack about Tony bringing Lee Jin Yu in, Agent Baker approached Jack and told him that he has found something. They headed into a dark room and, as Jack turned his flashlight on, he saw a dead body hanging up. Baker said that it looks as if he has been there at least a few days. The agents noticed dogtags around the man's neck with a name on: Lee Jin Yu. Jack realized that it was a setup and Tony was bringing in an impostor. He called Michelle and informed her of this, but before he could the impostor Lee put a code into the PDA recovered from the ship, provided to him by Ryan Chappelle in an attempt to prove his "innocence", which causes a blackout and power loss at CTU. Jack was cut off from the phone with Michelle, and the lights went out in the Interrogation room. Jack realized something was wrong and set off back to CTU LA.


Jack talks to Kim on the phone

Jack Bauer received a call as he arrived at CTU, meeting up with Tony Almeida, who also just arrived. Kim Bauer, who was starting work at CTU that day, was on the phone and told him that men with guns had taken over CTU. He told her that he was outside, and asked if she is safe. She said yes, but Michelle was taken away, then explained that an electromagnetic pulse bomb had been set off, and in a few moments its effects would wear off and the terrorists could enter CTU's systems. Jack told Tony, who assessed that whoever was in there could take any classified information they wanted. Jack told Kim to stay in the panic room, because she would be safe.

Tony asked Jack if Kim was the only one who was safe, and Jack realized that Tony wanted her to go back out. Jack said there was no way she was risking her life, but Tony reiterated; a lot of undercover agents' lives could be at stake if the terrorists got to the appropriate files. Tony took the phone and told her that he needed her to go to the data room on the third floor, and that he will talk her through it. He managed to do so, and in the process stopped the terrorists downloading files. Jack told Tony that by now the terrorists would know this, and that they should go in. Tony disagreed, but before the argument could continue Tony's phone rang: it's Sean Walker. He asked what is going on, but Madsen took the phone from him and told Tony that unless the data flow continued he would begin to shoot CTU personnel. He said that, until he gets the harddrive, he will kill 1 CTU agent every ten minutes, beginning now. He then shot Sean in the back of the head. Kim watched and became hysterical as she saw Sean get shot. She told Jack that should could put a tracker on the harddrive, then turn herself in, then the men would leave. Jack told her not to, because it was too dangerous, but she hung up.

Soon after Michelle called Tony Almeida, telling him that Madsen and his men were firing at each other. She told him to move in now, and immediately Tony, Jack and a TAC team blasted into CTU. They took down a man straight away, and Jack rushed off, saying that he needed to find Kim. Jack heard a transmission from a dead terrorists walkie informing him of something coming in ten minutes. Jack concluded that it was a chopper, and headed for the roof.

He realized that he would need some heavy weaponry to take down the chopper, and so headed for CTU's armory on the third floor. Taking out numerous amounts of terrorists, Jack managed to get to the stairwell and climbed to the third floor. He eventually reaches the armory without too much trouble. As he entered the armory Tony called him and informed him that the chopper was two minutes out and that Jack should get to the roof. After collecting a bulletproof vest, several health packs and lots of weapons and ammo, Jack set off for the roof.


Jack Bauer takes down the chopper

After reaching the roof Jack takes out several of Madsen's guards. Suddenly, the chopper loomed over the area and Jack began to shoot at it. It disappeared soon after with minimal damage. It returned and engaged Jack in a firefight. Jack continued to shoot as it, slowing damaging the propellers and engines. It occasionally landed to drop off men to take Jack out, but he easily took them down and continued to fire at the chopper until it exploded midair. The destroyed chopper fell to the roof of CTU. Suddenly, Peter Madsen, the man leading the attack on CTU, burst out of the stairwall holding Kim under his arm. Jack told him that he has what he wants, and he should let Kim go. Madsen reminded him that he just destroyed his only escape route. He began to head back into the stairwell, telling Jack that he will shoot Kim if he follows. In the stairwell, Joseph Sin-Chung asked Madsen how he knows Jack. Madsen said that they have a history. Jack called Tony and told him that they are heading down the stairs. Tony said that he and a TAC team will head them off. Jack told Tony that they have Kim, and to be careful.

Jack arrived back at CTU and approached Tony and Michelle. Tony told him that he still had men searching for Madsen but it did not look good. Jack became angry, but Tony reminded him that an EMP went off not long ago, and they are not even sure what clusters are operational. Jack yelled at Michelle to tell him how long until things will be up and running again. She said that it will take seven or eight minutes. Jack stormed out of the room.

Finding KimEdit

With Kim held captive, Peter Madsen forced Jack to help him decrypt the CTU harddrive and ordered him to go to the Los Angeles Agency Building in the North Financial region and get the information he needed. Jack got in a nearby SUV and traveled to the Los Angeles branch of CTU, talking to Madsen as he went. He asked to speak to Kim, but Madsen did not allow him to. He drove carefully making his way to CTU, using his in-car navigation system.


Jack breaks into the Los Angeles Agency Building

Jack arrives at the agency, and informed Madsen. Madsen told him to find a data terminal to access the direct files, and told him to find the appropriate socket for the decryption program he needs. Jack said that it was a high security building and he would never be allowed in. Madsen told Jack to be creative as Jack headed up to the front desk. The woman behind the counter asked if Jack was with the inter-department tour, and Jack lies, saying that he was. He was forced to give in his handgun for the duration of the tour, and he left to join the group. Madsen forced Jack to steal a staff ID badge, add his name to the security profile of the computer systems, then to steal a security card from one of the guards. Avoiding the security cameras, Jack headed towards a guard and took him down. He took the card, then hid the body of the unconscious guard behind a sofa.

The tour group reach a final point where the guide said that the tour was over. Madsen instructed Jack to go to a security point and sign in. He found a guard and showed his ID; enough to convince the guard. The guard confirmed that Jack, under the alias of David Linell, is on his access list, due to Jack's earlier tampering, and allowed him to walk through. Jack reached the security floor, stopping any of the guards posing a threat to him. Joseph Sin-Chung took over from Madsen and instructed Jack to get a satellite uplink from a room monitored by heat sensors. Jack quickly got the uplink and left the room. Sin-Chung then told Jack to go to a tech room and download a decryption program from a computer, which he does successfully. Jack then had to upload the program via a satellite disc on the roof. He entered a room and, after going through, found more stairs. He went up and reached the roof, finding a satellite disc and typing in a frequency. Madsen thanked Jack.

Michelle Dessler noticed an intruder alert at the Agency branch, and informed Tony. Jack suddenly called him and explained that he is the reason for the alarm. He explains that Madsen has Kim and forced him to upload a method of decrypting the harddrive. However, he says that it will be several hours before they are able to crack it, and CTU will have it back in their possession by then. Tony asks what Jack needs from him, and Jack asks him to trace an IP address and to see what he can get from it: He says that he will call back when he escapes the Agency, and hangs up. Two guards arrive and say that they have located the breach on the main floor entrance. Jack heads for his car as the guards grab their weapons. Jack gets into the SUV, and follows the map to the freeway. He takes the second exit ramp, follows the roads and gets into Korea Town. Once in Korea Town, he heads through the streets, trying to lose the police pursuit. He manages to get to his destination with no tail from the police, and enters the safe house.

Jack heads inside the safe house and calls Tony. However, Tony says that Chappelle put them under strict orders not to follow Jack's advice. Chappelle overhears the conversation and takes the phone from Tony. Jack asks why he told them to stop tracing the IP address, and Chappelle says that Jack broke every rule CTU stands for, making him "one of them". He orders Jack back to CTU, but Jack refuses and hangs up. Chappelle tells Tony that he wants Jack in immediately.


Jack questions Donna Madsen

A short while later Michelle called Jack, telling him that if Chappelle finds out there will be serious consequences, but Jack says that he cannot find Kim without her help. She asks what he needs, and Jack explains that Madsen had a wife named Donna who Jack thinks might be able to lead them to Madsen. Michelle checks up on her and confirms her address as 2317 Avaline Boulevard, Apartment 14. Jack receives the information and thanks Michelle.

Jack gets to Donna Madsen's apartment, and bursts in. The first room is empty, but he gets to the second and finds Donna. Jack tells her that he needs to ask her a few questions about her husband, but she says she has not seen him in over a year. She then collapses to the floor. Jack runs over to her and checks her pulse. He slaps her a few times until she regains consciousness, upon which she asks who Jack is. He explains, and she tells Jack that Peter is dead, but Jack says that he knows for a fact that is not true. She says she does not know where he is, and stands up, staggering around the room. She tells Jack to leave, but he persists that he needs to find Peter. Donna gets angry and smashes a vase, cutting her arm. Jack tends to the wound as he takes her back into the main room and sits her down. He explains that Madsen staged an attack that killed dozens of innocent people at CTU Los Angeles, and Donna needs to help him before he kills more. She agrees to talk.

After a lengthy interrogation, she says that Del Toro, her drug dealer and an associate of Madsen, might know where he is. She says that they used to trade guns for drugs, and after Madsen left she was stuck with Del Toro and a heroin habit. She tells Jack that he operates out of an abandoned apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. She finally gives Jack a specific location, and he sets off.


Jack looks for Del Toro

Jack arrives at the apartment building and is approached by one of Del Toro's men. He asks Jack what he is doing here and Jack says he is looking for Del Toro. Before the man can respond Jack knocks the gun out of his hand and twists his arm behind his back. A car pulls up and someone gets out. The man Jack has restrained says that it is Del Toro. Jack knocks the man out and watches as several people exit the car with Del Toro. They go inside, and Jack follows. He finds himself in a dingy room, and heads across to a stairwell. Jack begins traverse through the building, then receiving a call from Michelle informing him that she has the blueprints he asked for, and she has transferred them to his PDA. She tells him not to hurt anyone because he is in enough trouble with Chappelle as it is. He continues through the apartments and kills several more men.

Jack finds a balcony and follows a path around to another guarded room which he wipes out. By 6:46pm he reaches a large room with an affluent-looking set of doors. He bursts in and kills all of his guards, avoiding shooting any civilians in the room. He looks around the room and jumps at the sound of a door slamming open. He turns to see Del Toro, unarmed, coming out. He says that Jack should stop and he is the one he wants. Jack asks about Madsen, but Del Toro claims not to know anyone by that name. Jack shoots him in the kneecap and Toro screams in pain. Jack asks again where Peter Madsen is.

Jack continues to interrogate Del Toro, hanging him by his arms. Jack watches him when he receives a call from Michelle, who tells him that she just spoke to Kim who is at Madsen's compound. She says she is alright but she is not sure where it is. She explains about an earthquake that Chase told Kim to tell them, and also mentions that there is someone working with CTU on the inside, but they are unsure of his name. Michelle mentions a tracker that Kim took with her when she left CTU. She says that it only has short range frequencies, but Jack tells her to send it to him, and that he will know where to look. She does so, and hangs up.

Jack gets in his SUV and heads over to Korea Town. However, just as he arrives near a church the signal frequency changes, sending him back in the opposite direction. Once again, just as he reaches the location the signal changes and he goes to a third location. He speeds to it only to have it change a final time. He drives into the storm drains and does a 360-degree turn, following them under a road. He finds himself heading off the drains again, towards a gated complex. He pulls to a stop outside Madsen's compound, Burbank.


Jack breaks into Peter Madsen's base

Jack sneaks towards the entrance. His phone rings and he dives against a wall for cover. He answers, and Kate Warner is on the other end. She tells him that she thinks she is being watched because the same car has passed her house several times in the last few hours. Jack tells her to lock the doors, call the police, and that he will be over soon. He heads into the base and his phone rings again, this time it is Michelle. She says that she has the layout of the compound for him, and sends it to his PDA. He enters the base stealthily and manages to infiltrate the main building. After taking out many guards, Jack gets to the north end of the building. As he enters the north end, he hears one man tell another than Kim has been moved to the incinerator room. Jack panics, realizing that he has little time left. He stealthy takes out several guards and clears the whole of the north room. He then enters a room guarded by a security camera, and has to take it out before advancing. He then finds himself back outside and, avoiding being caught by the spotlights, find the right room that Kim is in.

Dave and Chase Edmunds are still guarding Kim. Dave questions Chase on how much time he has been with the group, but before Chase can responds Jack takes Dave out. Pointing his gun at Chase, he picks Kim up. Chase tells Jack that he is with CTU Washington. Jack tells Chase about the CTU harddrive, and that he should try and find it. Chase agrees, and tells Jack that he needs to get to the other side of the base to get out.

Jack and Kim Bauer, each equipt with a firearm, creep up to the edge of a wall. Jack sees some men heading towards them, but turns to Kim and asks if they hurt her. She says no, and that she is fine. The men approach the Bauers and Jack spins one around, forcing him to shoot his partner. He then breaks the neck of the first man, severing his essential arteries. Jack takes Kim's arm and they run on.

Jack takes out several guards on the ground and the overhanging balcony above. He advances forward and shoot a camera and a few more guards, leading to a shootout from the doorway to the large area he went through previously. Kim takes cover as Jack massacre a new battalion of guards. The two rejoin and head through a door that takes them outside. Jack heads back into the north warehouse were he came through originally. He takes out several guards stood near the door, and carries on back to where he came from. Advancing through that room, he gets back outside where he encounters several heavily-armed guards patrolling the location. He manages to pick each one off, sustaining only minimal damage to his bulletproof vest. He takes out a multitude of guards and gets back to his SUV successfully.

Jack does a quick 360-degree spin and sets off. He is quickly pursued by one of Madsen's trucks. Speeding down the storm drain the truck bashes and bashes into Jack's car. Michelle calls and tells him that a roadblock has been set up ahead. A CTU chopper arrives and blasts the roadblock, allowing Jack and Kim to pass. They they drive onto the freeway where several other trucks and vans begin to pursue. Michelle calls again and Jack tells her that Chase Edmunds, a DC CTU agent, is still in the facility at Burbank. After getting off the freeway Jack arrives in the Financial District. The battering from Madsen's men becomes more intense, but Jack successfully manages to navigate the SUV back to CTU.

Jack arrives back at CTU with Kim. He is met at the door by an angry Ryan Chappelle. Jack tells Kim to go wait in his office, and Chappelle begins to bawl at Jack for breaking protocol and putting national security at risk. Jack says that he will answer for his mistakes later, but now they need to focus on stopping Madsen.

Finding the bombsEdit

Tony explains to Jack that they are still waiting to link to the frequency of the synchroniser's detonation with their sat-nav to discover the location of the bombs. Adam says that he has created an open channel and is starting the search. He manages to lock on to the signal of all ten bombs, locating them in enough time. Tony goes to diffuse one of the boms, as Jack does the same. At 9:30pm, Jack tells Michelle that he is almost at his site, and hangs up. He gets out of the car at the site and speaks to the bomb squad team: Agents Evans and Landis. Jack tells them to get moving, but a shot suddenly rings out across the area and a TAC team member is taken down. Jack tells the bomb squad to stay down, and they run to cover. The two agents head towards the bomb while Jack defends them against the shooters. After he takes them out he heads to another position and destroys a blockade, allowing the bomb squad to get closer to the bomb. He takes out some snipers that go position themselves to take out the bomb squad, them moves to a new vantage point to better protect them. He has to shoot some opposing forces who try to kill him, but Jack reaches the new point and neutralizes all the snipers.


Jack defends Landis as she diffuses the bomb

All three meet in front of a door. Jack bursts through just as he receives a call from Michelle. She says that Jack is now the only one who has not disabled the bomb. Jack says that they have come under fire, and Michelle offers to send a team. Jack says they wont get there in time, and hangs up. He gets further into the complex, killing more and more men. They eventually reach the bottom floor and the drilling equipment where the bomb is. The team arrive at the bomb site and see that they have nine minutes left until detonation. However, Evans says that it is plenty of time and Jack nods in agreement. Suddenly he sees men beginning to advance from all around. Evans is shot and Landis jumps back in fear. Jack tells her to diffuse the bomb. She says that she is not sure if she can but Jack says that she has to and begins to take out the men. Hostiles swarm the area as Landis slowly defuses the bomb. Jack manages to protect Landis long enough for her to diffuse the bomb.

Jack calls CTU and tells Michelle that the final bomb has been diffused, and that he will head back to CTU once it has been contained. However, Adam Kaufman tells Michelle that he is still picking up the carried frequency from Jack's site. He deduces that there must be a second bomb but because they are both working out of one frequency CTU could only detect one. Jack tells Agent Landis that they need to leave immediately. She is shocked that there is another bomb, so Jack pulls her away. They run out of the site as the countdown gets from 7 to 0 seconds. Jack and Landis are engulfed in a cloud of gas.

Jack gets up and sees Agent Landis crushed under some rubble.

Getting the HarddriveEdit

Jack calls in to CTU. Michelle answers, but Ryan Chappelle takes the phone from her. He asks Jack what happened, and Jack explains that they did not discover the second bomb in time to stop it. Chappelle expresses surprise that all of this could be caused by one bomb. He tells Jack to come back to CTU because they need help analyzing the structural damage and they need to start working up a plan to get Peter Madsen. Jack says he will be back in half an hour.

He has to navigate his way through the earthquake-ravaged city and find his way back to CTU. Jumping over several craters and bypassing huge crevasses in the ground, Jack manages to avoid damage from aftershocks and post-earthquake explosions. Suddenly, he receives a call from Kate Warner, who tells him that she is trapped in the subway. Jack turned back in the opposite direction, towards the subway, and arrives there after avoided more dangers.

Jack pulls up at the subway and looks around. He sees a door blocked by a huge part of a building, collapsed during the earthquake, and a large building which loses electricity within seconds. Jack crawls into the area and sees Peter Madsen holding Kate hostage. Jack yells at him to let her go, but he runs away with her.


Jack follows Madsen and Kate Warner down the destroyed subway tunnel

Jack pursues down the tunnel. He runs into some of Madsen's men, but takes them out. Stealing an assault rifle from one of the dead bodies, Jack gets out of the tunnel and into a side corridor to avoid any collapsing debris from the earthquake's aftershocks. Jack heads through the corridor and comes upon a flight of stairs. He goes up them and takes out several more of Madsen's men. He goes into a larger room and blows up a canister of gas to kill several of Madsen's men and cause a collapse, allowing him a path across a large hole. He finds his way back outside and hears Kate call. Madsen gets in a car and forces her in too. They drive away and Jack takes out several more men. A car storms towards Jack and he takes out the driver before he can be run down. Jack leaps in his SUV and begins to pursue.

The drivers head recklessly across a park and skids back onto the road. Jack watches every move and keeps close behind. The car then pulls down a street on the left and narrowly avoids crashing into a destroyed school bus blocking most of the road. Wildly zig-zagging across the road Jack manages to follow him closely. Madsen drives crazily through an underground car park facility and almost is crushed by a downpour of debris from the building as another aftershock ensues. Then the drives flies up a jut of land that Jack follows cautiously. A firetruck storms into the middle of the road and bashes Madsen's car, allowing Jack to catch up. Madsen leaps out of the car and grabs Kate into a hostage position. Chase Edmunds, the driver, stays sat in the car. Jack gets out of his car and Madsen begins to shoot at him. Madsen points to a chopper and tells Chase that that is their escape. Still shooting at Jack, Madsen, Kate and Chase back into a building on top of which the chopper has landed.

Jack bursts onto the roof and Chase, who has been told to wait back and kill Jack, says that there was no way he could save Kate. Jack says that he did the right thing, they need to use Chase's cover to get the harddrive back. Chase explains his orders to Jack as Madsen takes off in the helicopter. Chase calls him and lies that he has killed Jack. Madsen tell Chase to go to 62837 West Vista Road. Chase and Jack go the base and Jack ducks to avoid the security camera as they are allowed through the reinforced gates. Madsen comes down to meet him, and gives him a pair of dogtags as a symbol of initiation into the gang. As Madsen walks away, Jack sneaks out from under the car.

Jack and Chase run into the complex. Jack says that they need to get the harddrive back, and asks where it would be. Chase says that it will be in a secure room that is locked, only accessed by Madsen's hackers. So, Chase follows one of Madsen's hackers and quietly takes him down, stealing his keycard. He then goes back to Jack, avoiding hanging around with the guards, and gives him the keycard. Chase then sets out to destroy the security cameras so Jack cannot be seen. He goes into a room and breaks the circuit on a computer, causing them to shut down. Chase returns to Jack who congratulates him.


Jack and Chase Edmunds work together to try to get the harddrive and Kate Warner back

Jack now has to find the CTU hard drive in Joseph Sin-Chung's computer lab. He uses the keycard to gain access to the lab, then has to stealthily make his way through unnoticed by the analysts and guards. After a pair of guards pass, he sneaks to a separate area of the complex and hides in a cubicle. He gets past one room with a guard and encounters several others. He is forced to take them out and he manages to advance through the suite and find the hard drive.

Jack calls Chase and asks if there are any feeds going through security. He says there are, and Jack deduces that it is from the hard drive and if he disconnects it an alarm will sound. Chase can think of no other option, and Jack disconnects it. In the security room Chase seems "Initiating Lockdown" flash up on all screens. Chase says that he will be there soon and heads off.

Meanwhile Jack has to escape from the computer lab. After slowing taking out all the guards Jack gets back to the entrance. As he does, Chase arrives. Jack tells Chase that they need to leave now, and Chase agrees. They run through the complex and engage all of Madsen's men. They are all killed. Eventually Chase and Jack reach a door that takes them outside. A few more guards are present but are easily killed. Jack follows the path outside around several corners until he reaches a blue door; the exit of the warehouse. Jack gives the hard drive to Chase and tells him to take it back to CTU. Chase asks what he is doing, and Jack says he needs to find Kate. Chase leaves and Jack continues to guard his position.

Jack engages several of Madsen's men who arrive on a car, and kills them with ease. He then enters the Harris Building. Jack's phone rings and he picks it up to hear Chase, who tells him that the main entrance is too heavily guarded and he is going to find another way out. Jack says he needs to get the hard drive back to CTU whatever it takes. He enters a room and takes out four men, and passes into the next room and kills a man guarding a door. Jack uses his cell key card on the door and it opens. Inside Kate Warner calls Jack and he gets her.


Jack goes back to defend Chase Edmunds

Jack hears the radio transmission of one of the deceased guards saying that one of Madsen's men can see Chase and he is planning to take him out. On the other end of the transmittion, Peter Madsen tells the guard to kill Chase as long as it does not damage the hard drive. Jack apologizes, and leaves Kate in the room, explaining that he cannot let that hard drive fall into the hands of these men. He promises to her that he will be back. Jack has 1 minute 40 seconds to get to the top floor and take out the sniper to protect Chase. He has to take out several guards along the way but manages to get out and kill the sniper before Chase is killed. He then has to use the sniper rifle to take out masses of Madsen's men who try and kill Chase. Several groups of men continue to appear and try to kill Chase who hides behind crates and barrels, and Jack manages to kill them all successfully. Chase gets in his car and smashes through a gate. He drives away from the compound. However Joseph Sin-Chung saw the whole thing and he, along with a driver, set off after him. Meanwhile at CTU Michelle Dessler receives a phone call. It is Chase and he tells her that he is coming in with the hard drive. Jack gets back to Kate's room and finds her gone. Peter Madsen has her hostage again and tells her to stop struggling. She begs for him to let her go, but he shoves her in a car. He gets in himself and drives away. Jack runs up just as the car vanishes.

Jack calls Michelle at CTU and tells her that Peter Madsen has Kate Warner hostage. He asks her to send a chopper over to the Westminster Road location, and she obliges.

Connection to MaxEdit

As Jack arrives back at CTU Los Angeles he witnesses Ryan Chappelle criticizing Chase Edmunds for the stir he has caused in the short time he has been in Los Angeles. He says that Chase's commanding officer has not even given him authority to come to LA. Jack intercedes, saying that Chase has helped the mission progress greatly, but Chappelle is not interested. He orders Chase on the next flight back to Washington DC. Chase hands Adam Kaufman the hard drive and walks away. Jack and Chappelle go to one side and Jack demands that Chase should stay: he knows the mission and did an excellent job at using his cover to help recover the hard drive. Jack manages to convince Chappelle that Chase should stay until the mission is over. Chappelle leaves and Chase thanks Jack for what he said.


Tony briefs Jack and Michelle

Tony arrives back at CTU after being at Govoner James Radford's office, from which he stole a laptop. He gave it to Michelle, telling her that they need to get everything off it as soon as possible. She begins to work. Adam Kaufman works up a profile on Max, a name they received through some intel, and discovers his identity, although unsure if that is his real name. He shows it to Tony who brief Jack and Michelle, then Adam discovers that Max is the one responsible for the attempted assassination of David Palmer as well as the nuclear bomb being brought into the US. Tony also deduces that he was responsible for the attempted assassination of the Vice President earlier on in the day.

Jack notices a file relating to Warner Industries, the company owned by Kate's father. He works out that they must be keeping Kate to make Bob do something he does not want to. He also says that Warner Industries is an international shipping company, so Max must be trying to get something in or out of the country. They discover connections to a supposedly abandoned government facility known as Fort Lesker, but Jack says there must be something going on there and they have to discover what it is. Jack sets off to Fort Lesker and tells Adam to contact him if he finds out any more significant connections.

Fort LeskerEdit

Adam Kaufman calls Jack on route to Fort Lesker. Adam tells him that he has the information he needs on the Fort. He explains that it is a series of labs handling primarily with weapons grade plutonium that has been seized or confiscated. They also get confirmation that the epicentre of the earthquake was at the heart of Fort Lesker, suggesting that Max and his men could have broken in and stolen the plutonium. Jack hangs up.

Meanwhile, Chase Edmunds has stood in and is pretending to be a driver for a truck for Joseph Sin-Chung, the men giving him the truck unaware that Sin-Chung was killed by Chase. Sonny leads Chase to the truck as Chase dials Jack. He tells Chase to get in and drive, not telling him where they are going. Jack answers the call and hears the conversation between Chase and Sonny. Through the conversation Jack realizes that they are heading to Fort Lesker, and calls in to CTU. Chase also slips in some locations as they pass, allowing CTU to find his vehicle. Michelle uploads the tracking to Jack's GPS giving him a constant visual of his location, and he begins to pursue.

He soon catches up with truck after avoiding several small avalanches, and begins to trail it. They reach the base and a spotlight guards the entrance. Jack finds an alternate route around that then joins up with the truck's path. More spotlights try to detect the presence of intruders, but Jack navigates his way around them. The truck reaches the front of the Fort but Jack is unable to get through it due to a guarding spotlight. He finds a side passage that leads to a gap in the wall. Exiting his vehicle, Jack sneaks along the path and, avoiding more spotlights, gets in the back of the truck.

The truck pulls to a stop and Chase Edmunds exits from it, as does his companion. Talking to Jack covertly, he says there are not many guards, mostly lab workers. He leaves Jack a radio and walks away. Soon after Jack jumps out the back, grabs the radio and walks away.

Chase radios Jack tells him that Madsen and his men have completely taken over the base. Chase informs him that Madsen has headed to some docks and said something about a shipment. Jack tells him to report back when he has more. Jack then walks up to a group of men who are physically abusing someone as if in an interrogation. The men tell Jack that he is in a restricted area and should leave, but Jack says Madsen told him to report there. Whilst Jack pretends to work on a computer he hears the men asking the strapped up man to initiate some sort of sequence. He refuses, and one of the interrogators shoots him in the leg. Jack responds in kind by killing both of the interrogators. The interrogatee looks relieved, but Jack tells him that he needs to initiate a base lockdown and the man needs to help him. Close to death, the man tells Jack to go to the main control room and use the proper code sequence: yellow, blue, green, red. He dies before being able to say anything else. Jack calls Chase and tells him to go to the main control room and initiate a base lockdown, and encourages him to break cover if he needs to. Chase agrees and sets off.

Soon Chase calls Jack and tells him that the alarm has been tripped and he does not have much time. Jack tells him to enter the code he heard from the man who was being interrogated. Chase successfully types in the correct code for each colored terminal. Chase calls Jack and tells him that the lockdown has been initiated. Jack says that they need to leave now, but Chase tells Jack that his cover has been blown and guards are swarming the only exit out of the control room. He tells Jack to go on, but Jack refuses and heads off to save Chase.


Jack returns to save Chase Edmunds

Jack heads through several corridors and reaches a large central room guarded by over many men. After killing them he passes into the control room where he meets up with Chase, and the two set off. Jack remembers a helicopter he saw outside, and decides to head there. Chase says that there is a vehicle ramp that looks to be the quickest route, and they head out. As a team they successfully take out many more guards. They reach a door that is locked, and Jack covers Chase while he hacks into it. He hides behind a crate and manages to take out multiple enemies until Chase is finished and they pass through.

They eventually reach a small office for another shootout, then get to the exit ramp and into a jeep. They charge up the ramp, speeding past enemies, and get out the door before it closes. They get out and kill all enemies in the room, then head towards the helipad, taking out any terrorists that they come across. Once enough enemies are killed for Jack and Chase to reach the helicopter, they run for it and get on. Jack says that if they are delivering the plutonium to the docks, they need to hurry.

The Final ShowdownEdit


Jack and Chase raid the docks

Jack calls Tony Almeida at CTU and tells him that they are approaching the docks now. Tony says that he will be there shortly. Ryan Chappelle pulls him to one side and tells him that Kate Warner is there, and Tony rebukes him angrily for not telling him, or Jack, sooner. He storms off and Ryan is left looking dismayed.

Jack and Chase find a spot to land and take the chopper down. They get out and arm themselves, preparing for a fight. Taking out several men they begin to sweep the docks and look for Peter Madsen. Jack receives a call and an agent tells him that a CTU TAC team is on its way and their chopper will land in approximately 30 seconds. The team arrives and helps Jack and Chase to take out all of the men in their current vicinity. They go on ahead and a car flies towards them. The team is able to take it out and kill all occupants. By blowing up explosive material in the immediate area the team kills all of Madsen's men, and Jack heads on to take out the leader on his own.

Jack runs out from the containment holders and into the line of fire of Peter Madsen. Madsen yells at him to give up because he is outmanned and out of luck. He says that Jack should give himself up to help Kate Warner. He shoots Jack in the shoulder and runs away as Jack cowers in pain. Madsen runs away and Jack begins to pursue. He runs out of the covered area and is almost knocked out by a swinging crane, but manages to maneuver through it. He approaches an area swarming with Madsen's men, and after slowly taking them all out he is able to advance. He enters a room and Madsen sees him, and so takes out in a boat. Jack begins to shoot at the boat until it splits apart and is destroyed, killing Madsen.

Jack begins to walk away from the site of shooting Madsen's boat when he is shot at. He rolls out of the way and shoots his attackers, but realizes he is out of ammo. Suddenly a chopper approaches and shoots all the attackers dead. It lands, and Chase hops out to help Jack get in. In the chopper, Tony tells Jack that they know where Max is, and that he has Kate Warner. Tony fills Jack in on more information on Max: he is a German arms dealer with ties to the Middle East, and after the US government found out about his ties to terrorists all his deals with them fell through. Angered, they forced Max to watch his children be executed. Chase deduced that is why Max was targeting the US. Tony said he will try and land on the boat that is fast approaching, but Jack tells him to just get close enough for him to jump onto it. Tony maneuvers the chopper around the ship as Jack mans the helicopter's gun, taking out all of Max's men.

Jack begins to climb out of the helicopter as Tony hovers it above the yacht. Chase covers him as he lands on the hull. He heads into the main compartment of the ship and takes out several heavily armed men there. They shoot persistently at him, but Jack manages to take them out. He goes down to the lower level and after passing several corners encounters more enemies who he kills with ease. Jack finds an armory on the ship and picks up an M4 Carbine which he uses when he encounters more of Max's men. He leaves the inner compartment and is taken back outside by the sweeping corridor which leads to a lower level. Jack takes out three more men and heads further into the ship. He finds a bulletproof vest and wears it to surpass more of Max's men.


Jack Bauer enters Max's yacht

He finds a route back outside and hears Kate Warner cry. He realizes she is being held hostage by Max and tries to run after her. However, a battalion of terrorists try to block the way. The combined efforts of Jack on the yacht and Tony and Chase shooting from the chopper enables Jack to pass all the men and reach Max and Kate. Jack just manages to shoot Max in the stomach, avoiding Kate, and keeping her safe.

Kate runs up to Jack and embraces him, while Jack keeps his gun on Max, wincing in pain. He collapses to the floor, and Jack asks Kate if she is alright. She says yes, but sees Max raising his arm, preparing to shoot one last time. She shouts and Jack throws her out of the way. Max shoots a bullet into Jack's shoulder, and Jack shoots two more at him, penetrating his bulletproof vest at such close range. Kate runs up to Jack, collapsed on the floor, and tries to tend to him. He says he will be fine and bats her away, standing up.

The chopper lands and Chase jumps out and runs to Jack. He catches him just as he falls, and tells Jack that they will get him to a hospital. Jack insists that it is not that bad, but Chase tells Tony that they need to go to a hospital now. Chase and Jack get on the chopper and the pilot takes them away. Tony and Kate stay on the yacht, waiting for other assistance. On the chopper, Jack looks back and sees Tony and Kate, then looks at the ocean, happy that the threat is finally resolved.

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