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"I'm federal agent Jack Bauer. This is the longest day of my life."
Jack Bauer

This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions on Day 1.

Day 1[]


Shortly after midnight, Jack was playing chess with his teenage daughter Kim in their house. Kim grilled Jack on the fact that Teri, Jack's wife and Kim's mother, had been giving Jack the "cold shoulder". Jack tried to make excuses for Teri but Kim was uninterested. Before she could continue Jack suggested that she went to bed as it was a school night. As she left, Kim told Jack that she was glad he had moved back in. He thanked her and agreed, and she left. Jack crossed into another room where Teri was. She said that Jack lets Kim manipulate him, but he brushed off her concern. They decided to go in to Kim's room to talk to her about her behavior, but found that she had snuck out. As they prepared to find out where she had gone, Nina Myers from CTU called Jack into an urgent meeting with Richard Walsh.

Agitated, Jack set off for the briefing. On the way he called Vincent O'Brien, a former boyfriend of Kim's, but he said that he had not heard from her. Jack arrived at CTU and Nina informed him that everyone was there except Walsh. Jack, having seen a poster advertising the campaign of Senator David Palmer on his way over, told Tony Almeida to run a background check on him and get all the information they could on him. Soon after Walsh arrived and, as per Jack's assumption, he informed the team of a threat to Palmer's life. After the briefing, Walsh pulled Jack aside and informed him of a possible conspiracy within CTU to kill Palmer and to trust no one else.

Jack dartgun

Jack shoots Mason with the tranquilizer gun

Teri called Jack again soon after, informing him that she had found three joints in Kim's drawer. Unhappy, Jack suggested that Teri should try to get into Kim's password-protected computer to check her messages. He hung up as George Mason arrived from Division and provided Jack with some more intel: Palmer's shooter was probably German and was already in the US. He gave Jack secured access to nationwide data, but wouldn't reveal the source of their information. He pretended to call Ryan Chappelle, raising Jack's hopes of getting the source, but Jack realized Mason was playing him so he shot him with a tranquilizer dart in his office, then gathered information with which to blackmail him. Whilst Nina gathered intel for Jack, he asked Jamey Farrell to find Kim's computer password. She did and he relayed it to Teri. After waking Mason up, Jack threatened to send Chappelle the incriminating evidence if he didn't reveal the source of the information on the shooter. Having no choice, Mason did so, then left CTU with threatening words.


Just before 1:00am, Tony informed Jack of the 747 exploding over the Mojave Desert. Jack immediately set his team on the task of finding a connection to the Palmer assassination plot. Teri called to tell him that she and a man named Alan York had tracked Kim and Carroll's daughter Janet to a furniture store in Van Nuys, and the two were working together to look for them. They arrived and when Jack called back Teri said that the girls were gone, but Janet's car was there so they were going to wait for the girls to come back. Soon after Tony began to question what happened to Mason in Jack's office, but before he could go any further Nina stepped in at Jack's aid and made a lie showing Mason as the bad guy. However, Tony was still unconvinced.

Jack got a phone call from Walsh, who was under attack at 2350 Dunlop Plaza. Trusting no one else, Walsh requested his back-up. Jack arrived a short while later called Nina, requesting the access code for the north garage of his location. She gave it to him and he headed inside. Jack went to the roof, the agreed meeting point, and found Walsh shot in the arm. They traveled down several flights and, at a safe spot, they stopped so Jack could tend to Walsh's gunshot. They set off soon after and came upon the shooters. After being shot at several times Jack managed to kill them both. He cut one of the men's thumbs off for identification. Exiting the building, Walsh was shot again by a sniper. Lying close to death, Walsh gave Jack a keycard and told him to have Jamey Farrell determine who it belongs to, as Scott Baylor said she could be trusted. Walsh said that the owner of the keycard was the dirty agent before he was shot one final time and killed. Jack narrowly escaped and drove down the freeway to CTU. On the way, he sent Jamey the information from the keycard and she quickly determined that it belonged to Nina.


Jack arrived back at CTU and tricked Nina into waiting in his office, allowing him a private word with Jamey. He gave her the keycard and asked her to pull all the information off it, and confirm that it was in fact made at Nina's station. Jamey said she needed time alone at the station, so Jack distracted Nina by asking about her relationship with Tony. Jamey soon called and confirmed that Nina made it. Jack confronted her but she denied the accusations, and when Jamey discovered the date that the files were made, January 14th, Jack realized that it was during the time he was separated from Teri and seeing Nina; they were away together that weekend. Outraged that Jack did not trust her, Nina stormed away.



Jack tracks the perp

Jack approached Nina and told her everything he knew about the Palmer situation from meeting Richard Walsh to the keycard. She agreed to help Jack and Jamey, and soon after Jamey managed to decrypt a section of information with an address, 18166 San Fernando Road. Jack decided to go and check out the location himself, without backup. However, before he could leave George Mason and a team of District officers arrived, enforcing a lockdown until information about the two dead agents was revealed. Jack snuck away before encountering Mason and, taking out a guard, got to his car. He soon arrived at the location and saw a man inside. He chased him for a while but, after being shot at, was stopped by a policewoman, Jessie Hampton. He showed her his I.D. and she agreed to help him catch the perpetrator. They pursued him for a while, then agree to split up to find him in an open area. However, he captured Hampton and used her as a hostage. He called out to Jack, who agreed to drop his gun, but he jumped on the perpetrator as he did. Jack managed to restrain him, but turned around to find Hampton had been shot in the takedown. Her body was taken away and Jack told Officer Kiley that he needed to take the perpetrator into custody. Kiley said that was not an option because he had just killed a police officer. Jack understood and was allowed a few minutes alone with him, in which Jack discovered that he knew something about his daughter. The perpetrator asked Jack to help him get out of police custody, or he would never see his daughter again.



Jack angers Officer Phillips

Jack was confused about how the situation with Senator Palmer was linked to Kim's kidnapping. Whilst pursuing the police car that was holding the suspect, Jack called Teri, who explained she was at St. Mark's Hospital because Kim's friend Janet York had been in a car accident. However, they did not know where Kim was. Jack said that he would get there soon, but was looking for Kim his own way. Teri became angered that he was not looking with her, but he calmed her down and promised to call her as soon as he had anything. Jack then called Nina when he arrived at the police station and asked her to call District and get a pass authorizing him to override the police's custody of the suspect. Jack entered the station and told Sgt. Newman that he needed to see the suspect to aid a federal investigation. Jack managed to talk him into letting him in, but just before he got in, George Mason arrived and took Jack to one side. Mason said he should arrest Jack, but Jack explained that the suspect he was going to talk to was directly involved with the Palmer threat, leaving out any information about Jack's daughter. Mason decided to go and talk to him, but he returned soon, saying that he would only speak to Jack. In the room, Jack whispered something inaudible to Mason in the suspect's ear, then assaulted him. Jack was taken out of the room and the suspect demanded a phone call. He took a piece of paper out of his mouth, slipped in by Jack during the assault, and called it. Jack answered his cell and the suspect told him that he had to been at a phone booth in 20 minutes or his superiors would know something was wrong, and Jack would never see his daughter again. Jack hung up and called Nina, telling her that the suspect, called Greg Penticoff, was going to receive a call at a specific phone booth, and told her to set up a trace of the phone booth's line. Jack talked another cop into letting him in to Penticoff's room, but once again it ended in a fight. However, this time Jack managed to slip the cop's access card into Penticoff's hand, which he then used to escape.

Jack and Penticoff arrived at the location and soon after a call came in. However, it was from a cell phone taped to the bottom of the pay phone, rendering Nina's trace useless. It was Ira Gaines, who told Penticoff to dump a body in the back of a car, the keys to which were taped to the back of the pay phone. Worried, Jack ran towards the car, pulling Penticoff behind him. They arrived at the car and Jack was pleased to find it was not Kim in the back. Almost immediately Mason and a team of agents arrived, taking Penticoff back into custody and prepared to take Jack too. However, Jack explained the whole situation to Mason, from Walsh telling him about the mole. Mason agreed to temporarily go along with Jack, and allowed him to take the body back to CTU for identification. On the way back, just before 5am, Jack called Teri and said he would arrive in 20 minutes.


He arrived back to CTU and showed Nina the body in the back of the car. She agreed to show it to forensics, then he boarded a chopper that he had requisitioned to take him to the hospital quickly. He asked Nina not to tell anyone he was using it for personal use. Jack arrived at the hospital and conversed with the top ranking on site security guard, who explained that men had been posted at every door. Jack continued through the corridors and met up with Teri, who was greatly relieved to see him. She said that Janet was stable, but still did not understand what was going on. Jack began to question Alan York on why he did not know who his daughter was going out with, but Teri pulled him aside and told him to stop questioning Alan who had been a good friend throughout the night. Jack explained what was going on to Teri; about how there was going to be an assassination attempt on Palmer and Kim had been kidnapped to try to manipulate Jack. She broke down and Jack apologized, then promised to get Kim back.

Nina called soon after, saying that forensics had made a development and found a leg pin that was custom made and could be traced back to the owner to work out the name of the John Doe. Jack then waited to speak to Janet, and whilst doing so received another call. However, this time it was Ira Gaines who was watching him through the security cameras. He told Jack to leave through the north exit or he would kill Kim. Gaines directed Jack to a car in the parking garage and pointed him towards an earpiece in the glove compartment, which he put in his ear. He then told Jack to throw his phone out of the car and drive to CTU, leaving Teri alone at the hospital.



Jack switches the keycard under Ira Gaines's watch

Jack arrived at CTU and Gaines told him to switch a keycard that was located in the car's visor with the one that was being decrypted. As Jack entered Nina approached him and told him that they had discovered the name of the body from the car: Alan York. Jack expressed surprise, recognizing the name as the supposed father of Janet York, but did not mention anything to Nina. She also said that they had had a breakthrough with the keycard, but Jack excused himself and ran up to his office. Gaines told him to hurry up and switch the keycards, and despite Jack's efforts to write Nina a note to warn her of the bug, Gaines still saw him through the CTU security cameras and he had to go ahead with the switch. He went to the station where Milo Pressman was trying to decrypt the keycard and he pushed over a box of nuts that Milo was eating. Whilst he was distracted Jack switched the cards and left, telling Milo to hurry up and decrypt the card. Jack was then told by Gaines to get through to Senator David Palmer's Secret Service liaison and gain priority clearance at the breakfast Palmer was attending at 7:00am. He did so, but soon after Nina confronted him, saying that Milo thought he had switched the keycard. Jack pulled a gun on Nina and walked her out of CTU. They got into the car provided by Gaines and Jack told Nina to drive away.

They arrived at an oil rig and Gaines told Jack to shoot Nina. At first he protested, but once Gaines said that it was Kim or Nina, Jack realized he had no choice. Jack took Nina out of the car and towards a ledge, where he shot her. They were followed by a crew of Gaines men who confirmed the death. Jack pulled away, leaving Gaines unaware that he had put a flak jacket on Nina whilst in his office, and she had survived the shooting.


Soon after Gaines told Jack to pull up to a bus stop, where a man handed Jack a briefcase. Gaines told Jack not to open it, and Jack demanded to speak to his wife or daughter. He put Teri on the phone, who had just been kidnapped by Gaines' men. Jack agreed to go along with what Gaines was telling him. At around 7:20am Jack arrived at the Santa Clarita Power Plant, the location of the breakfast and, after being cleared through security with the briefcase, he was allowed in. As Palmer arrived and walked through the procession of applause he exchanged his first look with Jack, who stared back blankly. Gaines then sent Jack into a restricted area, and told him to wait in a medical station that was through there. Soon Jonathan Matijevich, the man posing as the photographer Martin Belkin, arrived and opened the briefcase. Inside was a laptop that was disguising a gun hidden underneath. The photographer made Jack assemble the gun so his prints would be on it. He questioned why anyone would think Jack would shoot Palmer, but Matijevich ignored him and left the room.


Jack pleads for Gaines to save his family

At around 7:50am, Gaines called Jack back and told him to meet the photographer once more just outside the room. However, Secret Service had been notified by Tony Almeida that Jack was a threat, and so they tried to take him in. Gaines told Jack to take the gun from Matijevich after he shot Palmer, but Jack was unable to get to him to do so. Jack tried to pull the gun of a Secret Service agent who approached him, but it ended in havoc as Palmer was taken out of the room, Matijevich unable to shoot him and Gaines convinced that Jack had alerted someone. Jack was escorted away by the Secret Service at 8:00am.


Jack was taken into custody by Frank Simes and several Secret Service agents. He explained to Frank on his own that his wife and daughter were being held hostage and he was forced to bring the gun into the room. However, he helped Palmer to get out of the room, thereby saving his life. However, Frank refused to let him be released from custody. He said that if Jack explained what he just said to Frank to Division, then they might be able to cut him a deal. Angered, Jack accepted his fate and was taken away by three Secret Service agents.


Jack escapes from Alan Hayes

They headed down a back passage, laden with red-hot steam pipes. Jack smashed one of the pipes open, stopping two of the agents, and took down the other, Alan Hayes, with a kick. He maneuvered his handcuffs to his front, and stole Alan's gun. He ran away, smashing open pipes as he went, stopping the agents from getting close to him. Jack ran through the power-generating section of the industrial site and jumped over a fence into a grassy hill. He rolled down and ended up outside the car of Lauren Proctor, who he threatened with his gun until she allowed him into the passenger seat, and he forced her to drive away. Jack told her to drive into a construction site, and they parked. He explained that he just needed to make one phone call then he would let her go. They got out of the car and entered a locked room above some scaffolding.

From the room, Jack called Nina, apologizing for pretending to kill her. She said it was alright, and explained that they had found the CTU mole; Jamey. Jack said it was impossible because Richard Walsh had cleared her, but Nina explained that she had admitted to it, but was uncooperative. Jack spoke to Jamey over the phone, explaining that his wife and daughter were being held hostage and he needed to find them. She refused to help, and would only say that her employer was called "Gaines". Jack told Nina to bring in Jamey's son, Kyle. He also asked her to send a CTU vehicle to his location. After the call had ended, Lauren questioned Jack as to what was happening. He explained it as simply as possible, but she did not believe him. She tried to leave, explaining that she was due in court for a DUI charge (of which she was guilty), but Jack scared her into staying. He then sent her to get some bolt cutters, and she cut off his handcuffs. As they sat in the room, Jack said that, despite having been in some horrible places in his time in the military and the CIA, he had never been so scared in his whole life. He lightly dropped off to sleep, but was jerked back awake as Lauren tried to leave the room.

Jack noticed the car arriving, just as the police did. He instructed Lauren to go and bring the car around to the side of the construction site so he could get straight in it. However, as she went out, she decided to alert the police instead of getting the car. Jack jumped out of the window and made his way down onto the road, getting to the car before being caught.


Jack called Nina just after 9:00am and asked her to pull up police frequencies from his area so he could find an escape route. While she did so, Nina explained that Teri had called about 20 minutes ago, but was cut off before she could say more than her name. However, Teri called back and Nina patched her through to Jack, but just as she did so Eli entered the room so Teri had to hide the phone, leaving Jack unable to speak to her. Nina called Jack up several minutes later and gave him a rough route through the cops and a vague location for Teri and Kim, with Milo Pressman still working on a more exact trace.


Jack finally gets to speak to his wife

Teri resumed the phone conversation, this time being able to speak to Jack. He asked after her well-being, and explained that Milo was tracing their location, and that he should be finished in around twenty minutes. However, before he could continue he was pulled over by the police who had been given a description of his appearance. He waited for the two cops to get out of their car and get as close to his as he dared before pulled away. The cops sprinted back to their car and began pursuit, following Jack into a parking lot. By the time they got there he had pulled into a space and slipped out of his car, hiding under another.

Jack spoke to Kim whilst under the car. However, Eli soon returned and Teri had to once again hide the phone. Eli was convinced that it was left in Teri and Kim's room, and soon the phone began to beep, indicating a low battery. Eli found it and spoke into the phone, asking who was there. "I'm the last thing you'll ever hear if anything happens to my wife or daughter," Jack responded. Eli stormed off to tell Gaines that they called someone, hanging up. Jack asked Nina if they had the trace, but Milo indicated that they had not.

Just as the police located Jack's original car, he hotwired another one and escaped without them noticing. He called Nina back, who said that Milo got a 25-mile radius location, but Jack said that was not good enough. Nina patched Tony into the call, who explained that he had found a possible lead from Jamey's computer; a Ted Cofell, a banker in Burbank. Jack said that Tony should make sure that Gaines does not find out that Jamey had died as he would probably try to contact her, and he told Nina to help guide him through traffic to Cofell's office. He also asked her to patch him through to Cofell's office, which she did, and he told the secretary that he was a friend of Cofell's from school and inquired as to when Cofell would be leaving. He discovered that it would be no later than 10:00am, and hung up.

Jack arrived at Cofell's building and made his way to the 14th floor; the location of his business. However, as he arrived he heard Nancy, the secretary, tell someone that Cofell had just left. He sprinted down the stairlift and triggered a fire alarm as he went. After a 30 second reset the elevator Cofell was in continued down on its way, but Jack had already reached the parking garage. He approached Cofell's driver, identified himself as a federal agent, then knocked him out, taking his place in the front of the limo and picking up Cofell himself.



Jack threatens Ted Cofell

Soon Cofell realized that his usual driver, Mark, was not in the front seat, and began to question Jack as to his identity. Jack locked the doors, prompting Cofell to try to call someone, but Jack scared him out of it with his gun. He pulled over and went round to back of the limo, asking Cofell where his wife and daughter were. Despite having a gun to his face, Cofell said he had no idea. Jack went back around the front, taking Cofell's briefcase, and called Nina, asking her to build an interrogation profile in the next five minutes. He then drove away to find a place to lay low for a while.

Jack called Nina back soon, and she gave him a basic rundown suggesting that Cofell had a heart condition, and was tightly wound. She suggested that the threat of pain would be a greater tool than pain itself. Jack hung up and prepared himself to torture Cofell. He asked Cofell who he was planning to meet, and Cofell said a man named Kevin Carroll, allegedly a machine tools salesman. Jack called Nina and asked her to run a background check. Jack found a towel in the car and, dousing it in water, told Cofell that he could force it down his throat, then pull it our just as his stomach started to digest it, causing him huge amounts of pain unless he told him what he wanted to know. Cofell showed Jack a picture of his family in his wallet, saying that he wanted to see them more than ever, and if he knew anything, he would tell him. Jack decided to go and see "Kevin Carroll", and drove away.

Jack arrived at the parking garage where Cofell planned to meet Carroll. He got into the back with Cofell, who lunged on him with a knife. Jack fought him off, breaking his wrist. Cofell said something angrily in Serbian, and when Jack told him to repeat it he said that Jack deserved everything that was happening to him, and that he would pay. Jack punched Cofell in the heart, and he began to wretch. Jack said he would give him his heart medication if he told him where his wife and daughter were. However, Cofell refused to take the medication when Jack tried to give it to him, and despite Jack's pleading Cofell died.


Jack is unmoved by Carroll's gunshots

Soon after Jack called Nina, who suggested Jack tried to get something out of Carroll, the man Cofell was supposed to meet. Jack said that while he waited for Carroll to arrive, she should cross reference a deeper search into Cofell's background with a mission he had in Serbia two years before, Operation Nightfall. Before long Carroll arrived, and Jack was shocked to see it was the fake Alan York who had kidnapped Teri. When Jack revealed himself, Carroll tried to shoot him, but the glass in the limo was bulletproof. Jack locked the door and made a sudden stop in the limo, throwing Carroll forwards, smashing his head on the glass and knocking him out. When he came around, the two agreed upon a deal; Jack would let Carroll go once his family was safe. Carroll began to direct Jack to the compound.


Jack called Nina and asked her to get him some high resolution photos of the location of Teri and Kim, given to him by Carroll. She did so but could only get images that were a few hours old. She sent them to Jack's PDA and explained that she could see several men, many carrying weapons. Jack went back to the car and uncuffed Carroll, telling him to drive into the compound. Carroll said if Gaines suspected anything, he would kill them both. Jack told him to avoid Gaines, and they got in the car. They successfully got into the compound, and when inside Jack showed Carroll his PDA and asked which building Teri and Kim were in. Carroll began to say one, but then tried to attack Jack. However, he was easily overpowered. In the takedown, Jack accidentally knocked Carroll out. He cursed, then decided to guess which building to go for and set off.

He maneuvered his ways through the trees without being spotted to one of the buildings. However, it was empty. He found another building, in which was Teri and Kim. The three hugged for several moments, before realizing that they should leave. However, before they could do so Rick Allen entered. Jack began to strangle him, but Kim and Teri convinced him that they had been helped by Rick. Rick offered to go and get a van to help them all escape, and said that if he failed they could all still be together and go and get Jack's car. Jack agreed and gave him five minutes. The Bauers waited, but Rick did not arrive. While they waited, Jack called Alberta Green at CTU, told him his location, and explained why he had been working undercover for the past few hours. He told her to call in air support to his location, then hung up.


Jack explodes the van

After fifteen minutes, Rick had not arrived back. Jack decided it was time to leave, but Rick pulled up in one of the vans just as they did. Everyone got in and Jack took the wheel. They were soon intercepted Gaines and some of his men, who managed to take out one of the van's tires. Everyone got out of the van and Jack told Kim and Teri to go and wait at an old abandoned water tower while he and Rick stayed to slow the men. They women left, and Jack and Rick shot at Gaines and his men. Jack split the oil tank of the van and he and Rick ran away. Jack then shot at the pool of oil on the floor, causing a huge explosion. He and Rick began to run, but he discovered Rick had been shot in the arm. He told Rick he could fix it once they reached the water tower, and convinced him to keep running.



Jack waits for Kim and Teri at the water tower

Jack and Rick ran for ten minutes and arrived at the water tower. However, Teri and Kim were not there. While they waited, Jack patched up Rick's gunshot wound. Jack decided that he had to go and look for Teri and Kim, and so called Alberta Green again and explained the situation. She said she would send three tactical units to the water tower, then he hung up and left. Jack found Teri and Kim seconds before they were killed by Neil Nagi. Gaines heard the gunshots, and called in. Jack took the radio and the three fled, knowing that men would be swarming the place soon.

The Bauers arrived back at the reservoir by the water tower soon. Kim insisted on going to the water tower to see Rick, but Jack said it wasn't safe yet. Kim stood up to go, but was shot at by Ira Gaines wielding a sniper rifle. Jack went to deal with Gaines, telling Teri and Kim not to move for anything except the CTU chopper.

Jack found a position relatively close to Gaines, but could not get closer as he was pinned down. Jack saw a piece of shiny metal on the floor, and used it to blind Gaines, looking through his sniper, giving Jack time to shoot him. Jack returned to the water tower to find Kim and Teri. They all boarded the chopper which had arrived, and were taken back to CTU.


Jack's chopper arrived back at CTU and, after Teri and Kim were sent away to a clinic, Alberta Green informed him that she would have to place him under house arrest until the FBI arrived to take him into custody. As Jack walked through CTU, he asked Nina to go to the clinic with Teri and Kim to make sure they were alright. Jack was then taken to Holding Room 2, and asked the security guard for a glass of water as he entered.


Jack explains what happened to him over the past twelve hours to Chappelle

Jack was shocked to see Ryan Chappelle enter his Holding Room at 1:20pm, and he graciously stood up to take Chappelle's hand. Ryan told Jack that there were five priority cases on his desk that morning, all involving Jack. As Jack began to speak, Chappelle stopped him, beginning a recording on a tape player that would preserve everything Jack said during the de-brief. Jack began to tell the story of what happened since Nina called him at approximately 12:15am that morning.

As Jack came to a close on his story, Chappelle told him that his case would be passed over to the Justice Department who would decide whether he should go to jail or not. In any case, Chappelle said that he could not reinstate him. Jack said that he was a resource as he had come into contact with many suspects, and if he wanted to arrest him he should do it after Jack makes sure that Senator Palmer makes it through the rest of the day. Chappelle turned off the recorder and received a call; Nina wanted to speak to Jack. Chappelle allowed it and left the room. Jack thanked Nina for being there for Teri and Kim. They discussed the possibility of there being another mole as well as Jamey inside the agency, or possible at Division, District, Secret Service or the FBI. Jack asked how long Teri and Kim would have to stay at the clinic, and she estimated a few hours, saying they would then be taken to a safe house. Jack asked her to call when he could speak to them, and they hung up.

At 1:42pm Jack was given some food which he devoured quickly. Alberta Green entered, explaining that Chappelle asked her to debrief him personally. Jack requested to call his wife and daughter to ease their minds as they did not know what was happening with him, but she denied the request. Jack then proceeded to explain what had happened to Alberta.



Jack is shocked to see Senator Palmer in the conference room

During the debrief Alberta let slip that Teri and Kim were being moved to a safehouse. Jack was angered that she had not told him sooner, and in his anger he turned off the voice recorder and demanded to speak to Chappelle. Soon Tony Almeida came to the room and told him that Nina had called and said that Teri and Kim were fine and on their way to the safe house. He also said that Chappelle wanted to see Jack in the conference room. Jack was pleased and set off.

Jack arrived in the room and was shocked to see Senator David Palmer there. He accused Jack of holding Palmer responsible for the death of his men in Kosovo during Operation Nightfall, but Jack said that was not true, and he was stopping the people who wanted Palmer dead, but they tried to manipulate him by kidnapping his family. Palmer was shocked to hear this news, and Jack inferred that no-one had told him about the kidnapping when he arrived.

Jack and Palmer worked out their connection to Robert Ellis who engineered the mission to take out Victor Drazen because of war crimes. They decided to call him, realising that he would be at risk as well if someone had managed to connect the two of them. In New Orleans, Ellis was shocked to hear David Palmer's voice on the phone, and even more shocked to hear Jack Bauer was there with him. They explained the situation, and after eliminating anyone from CTU being involved in the assassination attempt Ellis summarized that it must be someone from Victor Drazen's group. He said he would find the secure files on Nightfall, and would call them back soon.


Jack and David Palmer work with Milo Pressman

When Ellis did call them back, he brought up a list of names and tried to see which ones Palmer and Jack recognized. After doing this they called in Milo Pressman who gave his login I.D. and password so that Ellis could send the files for Palmer and Jack to look over. Whilst they worked, Palmer mused on the fact that none of what was happening was to do with his running for President or being black, just because of his involvement in Nightfall. Palmer then confided in Jack that he felt bad about not being there for Keith, especially after he had always been there for him. He then asked if Jack's family was alright, but he said that he did not know, and that he hoped so.

Milo came in with a series of documents about Nightfall from Ellis, and Jack and Palmer scanned over them. He said that a document was missing from the file, and Ellis was looking into it. As they read through the pages, they saw that Drazen's wife and daughter were in the explosion that killed Drazen as well. They deduced that whoever was carrying out the attacks wanted to directly affect Jack by killing his wife and daughter. Palmer called for Chappelle to come in and told him to add extra security to the safe house that Teri and Kim were staying in.

Palmer received a call from Mike Novick and told Jack that he had to leave. Palmer managed to talk Chappelle into giving Jack provisional status as Director of CTU Los Angeles for the rest of the day. As Palmer was leaving, he apologized to Jack for misjudging him, and they shook hands.

Jack called Teri soon after, saying that Tony said she had an urgent message for him. However, she said it was nothing and she was just tired. Jack suggested trying to rest for a while, and told her he would call her as soon as he could. He then received a call from Robert Ellis, who said that whatever was in the missing file is what they would be looking for. Before he could say anything else he was cut off, and Jack was left unaware of what he was going to say.


Jack called Agent Watson at CTU New Orleans and told him about Ellis, and they agreed to send someone to his location to discover what happened to him. Milo rushed into the room and showed Jack pictures of each of the three possible shooters, one of the three being Alexis Drazen, son of Victor. Soon Jack called Teri and said that he thought something was wrong during their last conversation, and she simply said that once everything was over she wanted to talk to him.


Jack explains his plan to Elizabeth Nash

Palmer called Jack soon after and explained that one of his advanced team, Elizabeth Nash was in an intimate relationship with Alexis. Jack said he would send over a chopper so she could be questioned at CTU. Palmer asked about Ellis, and Jack said that he had lost contact with him, and they should assume he was dead. They hung up. George Mason arrived and told Jack that he had been sent by Division to monitor the events at CTU. Jack explained what was happening to him, and suggested that they try to get Elizabeth to keep her date with Alexis to try to get the upper hand in their situation. Mason was reluctant, and suggested waiting until she arrived and asking her.

Jack tried to access a file using a terminal on the CTU main floor, but was angered to be locked out. Milo came to assist, and explained that Mason had downgraded his access to be the same as the other analysts. When he saw Jack was angered, Milo entered a hack that allowed Jack to get into anywhere he needed. Jack thanked him, then asked him to look for any suspicious activity within CTU, to make sure there were no more moles. Elizabeth Nash arrived and she explained that Alexis claimed to run an importing company out of Berlin, and they met about a month ago. Jack explained his plan, asking her to plant a tracking device on Alexis so they could follow his movements. At first reluctant, the idea of helping Senator Palmer encouraged her to go along with the idea.

Jack briefed Elizabeth on the situation, and they left for the chopper. Just before they left Nina Myers arrived back at CTU. Jack asked her why she had returned when he asked her to stay to make Teri and Kim feel safe, but she said they were safe and the security team were taking good care of them. Milo then told Jack that Ellis' body had been found in a men's room in New Orleans. Jack left for the chopper.


Jack arrived at the hotel with Elizabeth Nash, Nina Myers and three other CTU agents. Upon arrival he greeted Aaron Pierce, who showed him to Alexis Drazen's room. As the CTU agents began to bug the room, Jack learned that the floor had been cleared of all civilians, the room across the hall was prepared as a monitoring room and the whole hotel was under surveillance. Jack asked Pierce to let him know the second Alexis arrived in the hotel.


Palmer is angered at Jack for putting Elizabeth in a dangerous situation

While Nina was briefing Elizabeth, David Palmer stormed in and said that it was not fair for Jack to put someone at risk because there was a threat against him. Jack explained that she was not at risk, and Palmer accused him of letting a sense of revenge cloud his judgment. Jack approached Nina while the operation was being prepared for, and asked why she did not stay and finish Teri and Kim's debrief. She lied that it was her understanding that Jack wanted her back when they were settled, but when Jack tried to correct her she was called away.

Moments before Alexis arrived, Jack gave Elizabeth the tracking device, telling her to put it in his wallet if possible because he would keep it with him at all times. He said that after she planted the tracker he would call her and she would take it as a sign to leave the room. Elizabeth thanked Jack for giving her an opportunity to redeem herself. Jack crossed the hall into the monitoring room, and whilst with Nina he asked what she was holding back from him. She explained that Teri knew about the affair they had. Jack was physically distraught, and said that it was his fault for sending Nina to the safe house. Before anything else could be said Jack was radioed, and informed that Alexis had arrived in the building.

Everything went to plan, and Elizabeth managed to plant the tracker. However, she did not respond to Jack's call, and retrieved a knife that she used to stab Alexis with. Jack did not enter the room in time and Alexis began to crash. A medical team was called in and tried to resuscitate him. Whilst they were doing so, Alexis' phone called. Jack took a chance and answered it for Alexis, and the man at the other end of the phone told him to meet in 45 minutes with some money downtown.



Jack and Nina arrive at the meeting place

Jack told CTU teams that somewhere in the room was some money that Alexis was going to pay to an informant, and that it should be found. They began to search. Nina soon found the money, in the form of bonds. She asked how Jack was going to pull off the operation, and he said he did not know. He then called a CTU agent, Jay, and told him to give him his shirt. Jack headed over to the meeting place, and called CTU, gaining George Mason's support on the operation. He asked Mason for the number of Teri and Kim's safehouse, but Mason lied that they were sleeping, so Jack asked Mason to tell them to call him when they wake up.

As Jack arrived at the meeting point, Mason called him to inform him that Teddy Hanlin was running backup. Jack was annoyed when he learned this, Hanlin being the old partner of Seth Cambell, one of the five agents that Jack busted several years before. He still held a grudge against Jack, which became clear when they came face to face. Nina broke it up and they all got into place. Jack searched the area for the man with the red cap, being told by Hanlin whilst doing so that Cambell's wife hung herself a couple of weeks ago from the stress of trying to raise four children with a husband in prison. Mason radioed in to the conversation and rebuked Hanlin for hassling Jack during a mission in an uncontainable environment. Hanlin agreed to behave and the mission went ahead.

Jack searched for over ten minutes before the man with the red hat arrived. Jack sat down at a table, motioning to the man, who then also sat down. Jack told the man to go over the deal again, and he said that at 7:20pm he would shut down the power over a specific grid, allowing it to come back up five minutes later. As Jack opened the briefcase with the bonds in, the man asked what happened to "Alexis'" accent. He realized something was wrong, and ran. Jack told all teams not to shoot, but Hanlin was convinced he could just slow the perpetrator down. He shot at him, causing him to fall off the edge of a bridge. With the man's fate looking dire, Jack called in a medical team, Nina ran over to the man and Jack yelled at Hanlin for not following his orders.


At the site, Nina informed Jack that the man was called Alan Morgan and worked for an electric company in Saugus. Jack reminds Nina of the co-ordinates of the location that Morgan said he would turn off the electrics for, and says that they need to know where that is. Soon after David Palmer called Jack with information about the contents of a file that he had to pull a lot of strings to discover. In the file was an address that did not relate to anything else, and he gave it to Jack. He was shocked to learn that the address was in Saugus, and after thanking the Senator he hung up. Jack then called Tony at CTU and gave him in the address, and Tony confirmed that it was in the co-ordinates of the location Morgan had been given by Alexis. Jack thanked Tony then set off for Saugus. Before he could do so, he was stopped by George Mason who had arrived at the scene. Mason told him that he was going to be supervising Jack, and offered to take him to Saugus.


Jack and Mason arrive at the location in Saugus

Nina called Jack whilst he was in the car and told him that the location in Saugus was supposedly a wildlife preserve, but Jack said that the rest of Saugus was industrial sites, so that was unlikely. She agreed to call him back when she got more intel. Jack and Mason arrived at the location in Saugus, and headed across a locked gate to a compound in the center. As they followed a GPS right to the location given by Morgan, they found a power transformer, with a new lock on it.

Just before 7:00pm, they arrived at the location given on the GPS. A huge building stood in front of them as Jack announced that they had arrived. Immediately a chopper flew overhead, and Jack deduced that someone knew they were they.


As the sun set, Mason told Jack that they were wasting their time, and decided to head back. Jack told him to send a car as he wanted to be around to see what would happen at 7:20pm, when Morgan was supposed to turn off the power. By eleven minutes past seven, Jack found a hatch in the middle of a field. He went down, curious as to where it led. Inside there was a steel door, which Jack was unable to push open. Suddenly an alarm went off and Jack was tasered by a guard who came out from behind the steel door. Another guard assisted the first in dragging Jack inside.

Several minutes later Jack woke up in a holding cell, but DOD agent Mark DeSalvo explained that he knew who Jack was after seeing his badge, and let him out. Jack explained the situation, and asked what was happening at 7:20. He explained that a prisoner was being transferred, but he did not know his identity, as it had been classified. Jack told him to call for backup, which DeSalvo did. He then told him to make sure that the three guards and the three civilians had full gear and weapons, to make the facility look more secure than it was until backup arrived. Jack geared up as well, and a chopper arrived to bring the prisoner. The eight men dressed as guards stood prepared as the chopper landed. The masked prisoner was rushed from the chopper to the facility. He was taken down underground, and followed by all the guards, including Jack.


Jack confronts Drazen

Jack called Palmer and asked him to help him gain access to the prisoner, as DeSalvo would not let him speak to him. Palmer agreed to do what he could. In the facility Jack followed a series of wires which led to a door that he entered. Inside was an observation room with monitors showing inside and outside the facility. Jack searched through the cameras until he found the one of the prisoner's cell. Just as he did so DeSalvo stormed into the room and rebuked Jack for going against his orders. As he did so the prisoner turned around and Jack instantly recognized who it was: Victor Drazen, the man he supposedly killed two years before.

Jack explained Operation Nightfall to DeSalvo, and inferred that his mission was set up to fail from the start to make the world think Drazen was dead. DeSalvo then received a call from DOD, granting Jack five minutes with Drazen. He went in the room, and told Drazen to leave his family alone, and his sons did not need to die for nothing, explaining that they stopped the 7:20pm escape plan and had called for backup in case of a contingency plan. DeSalvo ran in the room and told Jack that they would transfer Drazen as he had requested, and Jack told him to prepare his men. As they began to move out, all the lights in the facility cut out. Jack pushed Drazen against the wall, who told him, "They are here."



Jack holds Victor Drazen

Jack called Mason soon after 8:00pm and explained that he had found a Class 3 Detention Facility on the location they had found in Saugus. He went on to say it was being used to house Victor Drazen, explaining that obviously he hadn't killed him as he had thought when Mason expressed surprise. Jack told him to send in field units as there was an armed squad outside about to attack. Mason said he would call Division, but Jack said there was no time for that, and that he had to send units right then, and hung up the phone. Jack, DeSalvo and two of his men stationed in the observation room with Drazen while the other men took to the halls. However, when DeSalvo radioed them there was no response. When they heard gunshots, Jack concluded that they had to get out as soon as possible. They made it into a hallway, and just as Jack asked which area of the facility was most defendable, an explosion went off disorientating the men. They decided to fall back to find a better spot to stay.

As the CTU chopper arrived at 8:20pm, Jack, DeSalvo, and the men moved with Drazen and searched for a safe location to stay in the facility. Suddenly Andre Drazen, Harris, and their team of mercenaries burst into the room and shot the two guards. Andre told Jack to let Victor go, and Jack demanded that they put the guns down. Andre overpowered DeSalvo, and told Jack to let Victor go or he would shoot him. Jack eventually agreed, but Andre shot him anyway. Victor took a gun and planned to shoot Jack, but one of Andre's men informed him that a team had arrived outside. Victor realized that they may need to use Jack as a bargaining chip, and they ran away, blowing up the corridor as they left.


Jack talks his way out of being shot by Victor outside the facility

Drazen kept a close eye on Jack, rebuking him for judging him when he did not know all the facts. Andre approached and handed him a phone with George Mason at the other end of the line. Mason agreed to listen to Drazen's concerns, but said he would not negotiate with terrorists. He said he would speak to his superiors about the situation, and they each hung up. Jack then blamed Victor for the death of his family, saying that when he let the body-double that Jack's team mistook for Victor near his family, he sentenced them to death. Victor looked at Jack in anger, and Jack took the opportunity to kick his ankles, knocking him to the floor and taking his gun. However, Andre came from around the corner and knocked Jack to the floor, helping his father up. Victor said that it was Jack's turn to take responsibility for the death of Victor's wife and daughter, as he had spent the last two years paying his part of the responsibility. He instructed Andre to beat Jack, making sure not to kill in in the process.

Victor, Andre, and their men escaped with Jack through a sewer tunnel, and booby trapped the route with mines. As they got out, Victor put a gun to Jack's head and planned to shoot him. However, Jack yelled that Alexis, Victor's other son, was still alive despite what Andre thought. Jack convinced them that he knew Alexis was alive because he knew about his appointment with Elizabeth Nash earlier that afternoon. Victor angrily shoved Jack into one of their vans and they drove away.


Drazen made Jack called CTU, and he got though to Nina. Jack explained that Andre and Victor were making him call there, and that they needed to get Alexis Drazen on the line. Nina told Tony to get Alexis on the phone from the hospital, which he did. Jack then passed the phone to Victor, who spoke to his son, telling him to hold on. Victor then spoke to Mason, who was listening in from Nina's end. He said that he would trade Jack for Alexis, and Mason said he would contact his superiors. Victor hung up, and Andre put a bag over Jack's head so he could not see where they were going.


Jack watched as Victor and Nikola eat

By 9:15pm they had arrived at a location. Jack was led down a flight of stairs and sat on a chair in the corner of the room, where Victor greeted his old friend Nikola Luminović, who said that he never expected to see Victor again. He sat down and began to eat, sarcastically offering some to Jack. Jack angrily declined, and Victor continued with his conversation. Later, Jack punched one of his guards, grabbed his knife and held it to the throat of Nikola's daughter, Mila. He told all the other guards to put their weapons down, which they did. However, Victor did not. Jack reiterated his demand, but Victor shot Mila through the head. Jack yelled at him whilst he was beaten by Victor's men and put back in his chair. Andre ran into the scene and told some of the men to keep her father away from the area whilst others moved the body. Victor told Andre to call CTU, which he did. CTU agreed to go through with the exchange, and Andre gave them directions of where to drop off Alexis, saying that once they had done so they would direct CTU to Jack.

Nikola soon came in and saw his daughter, mourning over her. He became angered and shouted at Victor for killing daughter, but Victor did not want to listen and shot him. Suddenly, Kim was brought into the room by some of Victor's men, her mouth covered and her arms tied. Jack yelled, "KIM!" but was knocked out before he could say anymore. He was dragged away in one direction as Kim was taken in another. Jack came around whilst in a van, and told them to let Kim go. Andre said that he should kill both of them now, and they began to argue, but Victor yelled for them to be quiet.


Jack is freed from his handcuffs

Jack was taken to an industrial park and handcuffed to a pipe. Andre gave him a scrambled phone, and told him that snipers were watching him. If he tried to make a call, they would shoot him—he had to wait for someone to call him. Andre and his men drove away as Jack shouted to them, "What do you want me to do?"

Just before 10:00pm, a sniper shot at Jack's handcuffs, freeing him from the pipe. Immediately, his phone rang. He picked it up and Andre was on the other end. He told him to use a parked car that was left nearby to drive to Century City if he ever wanted to see Kim alive again. Andre hung up straight away, and Jack went over to the car. Finding the keys quickly, he drove away.


In the car, Jack received another call. It was Andre again, who told him to got Palmer's hotel as he had the necessary clearance to help the Drazens get back $200 million that was in a frozen account, taken from then when Victor was captured. He then said that once Palmer called them and said that the account had been reinstated, Jack would then have to take out Palmer. Andre said that he would call at exactly 10:45pm, and if Palmer did not answer then Kim would be killed.

Jack quickly called CTU, and informed George that Drazen had let him go, but he should not tell Drazen that he knew Jack was free as it would put Kim in danger. George asked where Jack was going, but he said that he had to go and cut off. Jack then called Palmer, telling him to let him into his suite. Palmer explained that an extra layer of security had been added to him and they had been instructed not to let Jack near him after receiving a message from CTU. Jack explained that Drazen wanted to speak to him at 10:45pm about money, and he would explain it all when he arrived. He implored Palmer to let him come, despite the fact that Drazen had Kim.


Jack saves Palmer from the blast

Jack arrived and explained that all Palmer had to do was answer the phone, listen to Drazen's demands and cooperate. Palmer said that there was no way he could get the funds back, and that Drazen should know that. Jack said that Drazen had asked Jack to kill Palmer after the call, which of course he would not do, but said that they just needed to buy some time. The phone began to ring, and Jack begged Palmer to answer it. He eventually did, telling Jack that there was no guarantee he would buy what Palmer had to say. On the other end of the line, Victor Drazen answered, but before saying much else set a timer of bomb off. Jack realized what was happening, and threw the phone out of the window before it exploded, sending shards of glass everywhere. Jack threw himself over Palmer as the air cleared.

Soon after the blast Jack approached Palmer who was with his wife, Sherry. Palmer introduced Jack to her as the man that saved his life twice on that day. She angrily said that Jack was the person that put his life in danger, but Palmer quietened her. Jack told the Senator to keep it quiet that he was still alive, for the sake of his daughter. Sherry said it was a preposterous idea, but Palmer said that it was the life of an innocent young girl they were saving. He agreed to go ahead with Jack's story for the next few hours. He told Sherry to go downstairs, bring in Keith and Nicole and talk to no one. As she did so, Jack approached a Secret Service agent and explained the story.


Jack goes to the docks

Andre Drazen called the suite and asked to speak to Jack. He answered the phone, revealing that he had survived the blast. Jack offered to trade himself for Kim, and Andre agreed and told him to go to the Port of Los Angeles, Dock 11A in thirty minutes. Palmer heard what Jack said, and wished him good luck as he left.

Jack called CTU and gave Nina an idea of what was going on, but refused to tell her any specifics incase there was another mole at CTU as she expected. He then spoke to Teri, who was at CTU, and explained what was happening. He told her that he loved her, and she replied in kind. She then revealed to him that she was pregnant, shocking Jack. He said that he was happy about it, but cried as he did so, knowing that if he traded himself for Kim he would never see the child. Jack said he would be there soon, and hung up, getting into a car.


Jack arrived at the dock and pulled up in a parking space. After readying his gun, he crept across the platform, watching out for any attacks. His phone rung and, after taking cover, he answered to Andre Drazen. Jack said he would show himself when he could speak to Kim, but Andre refused, saying there had been enough talk. Jack said nothing would happen until he could speak to Kim. Jack hung up on Andre, and called Nina at CTU. He told her about the trade, and that he knew that someone at CTU was leaking information to the Drazens as they knew that Palmer was still alive.


Jack kills Victor Drazen

Nina called Jack back at 11:15pm and told him that a coastguard had found Kim's body in the water. Jack dropped the phone and began to weep. Suddenly a wave of anger spread over him and he smashed into a van, which he hotwired. Whilst Andre and Victor contemplated whether Jack would come, the van came crashing through a wall, killing many of their men. Jack shot and killed the others while the Drazens ran for cover. Jack ran out to the docks and, seeing an approaching boat, realized that the Drazens planned to board it and escape. Andre saw Jack first and began to shoot. Jack returned fire but both missed. They ducked for cover and reloaded. Whilst Andre and Victor headed for the boat, Jack crossed the docks and got closer. He managed to take out the boat drivers and Andre, but Victor shot Jack in the hip. he approached Jack to shoot him again, but found his clip empty. He raised his hands in surrender, and Jack stared at him for several moments, pointing his gun. Jack finally decided what to do, and fired endlessly into Victor's chest, forcing him into the water. His clip ran out of bullets, but Jack continued to shoot at the warlord's corpse.

Whilst Jack was being cleaned up, he asked to see the body that was taken out of the water and claim it as his daughter. The coastguard was confused as to what Jack was talking about, explaining that no body had been found. Jack appeared relieved, and thanked the coastguard. Jack got in a car and called George Mason, explaining that Nina was a mole and had been working with the Drazens. Mason pointed out that Jack had no proof, but Jack said he would get proof as long as Mason kept Nina in his sight. Jack then called CTU Archives and asked to see the video tape of when Jamey Farrell committed suicide. Paul Wilson, the agent, found that the data had been erased, so Jack gave him a clearance code to see the digital backup of the tape. He watched and saw Nina enter Jamey's room and kill her, making it look like a suicide. Jack sent the tape over to Mason as proof against Nina.


Jack cradles Teri's dead body

Jack pulled into the parking lot just as Nina was leaving. He began to shoot at her, and she lost control of her car, crashing it. Jack pulled her out of the car and prepared to shoot her, but Mason arrived in the parking lot and talked him out of it, saying that Kim had just arrived. Jack went and saw Kim and hugged her. She asked where Teri was, and Jack said he thought she was there with Kim. He went to look for her, but saw a dead security guard on the floor, with two others looking at the body. He asked if they had searched the floor, but ran off and began to look in doors. He found the one with Teri in, slumped in a corner. He ran across the room and untied her from her hand binds. As he did so, he saw her gunshot wound through her chest, and whispered, "Oh my God…." He picked her up, but when her head lolled back he realized what had happened. He sat back down with Teri on his lap and cried, thinking about everything they had been through over the last twenty-four hours. Jack sat with Teri, stroking her hair and apologizing to her. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry…."

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