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"You've caused me a lot of trouble today, Jack."
Peter Kingsley, "Day 2: 7:00am-8:00am"

This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions on Day 2.

Day 2[]



Jack gets into his car at the start of Day 2

At around 8:15am, a bearded Jack went to visit his daughter Kim, who had a new occupation as a live-in nanny for Megan Matheson. He drove to outside the Matheson residence, when he received a call from CTU saying that George Mason was on the line for him. Jack refused to talk to him and hung up. He went over to see Kim as she played with Megan. Kim told Megan to go play in the back garden as she asked Jack what he was doing there. He said he wasn't there to ask to hang out, he just wanted to say hi because he missed her. She told him that every time she saw him, it made her think of her mother. Kim went on to say that although she knew it was not his fault, it was too hard for her at the minute. Jack said that he knew it was his fault but before he could continue Kim embraced him into a hug and said that she was not ready yet. Megan shouted for Kim to come and play, and she bade farewell to Jack, who stood looking at her leave. He walked down the Matheson's drive, taking one last glance back before leaving.

Jack arrived back at his apartment to hear his phone ringing. He didn't answer and it went to voicemail. It was Tony Almeida asking Jack to call in to CTU. Jack ignored the call and poured himself a glass of water. He went over to a drawer and picked out a picture of himself with Kim and Teri, going past a gun that was in the drawer. As he collapsed onto the couch, the phone rang again. Once more Jack left it to go to voicemail, but when he heard a woman named Janet Voet say that she was calling on behalf of the President, Jack answered. She connected him to David Palmer, who said that he had thought a lot about Jack over the past year and said that although it was a bad time he needed Jack's help. He said that Jack needed to go to CTU, listen to what was happening and then make a decision whether to help or not. Eventually, Jack agreed.


Jack Bauer returns to CTU after not setting foot there for eighteen months

Jack arrived at CTU, and everyone stared at him, surprised. Tony noticed his arrival, and went to greet him. He guided him to the conference room, where Mason was waiting. As he walked past his old office, Jack stared up at it. When he arrived in the conference room, Mason tried to introduce him to Michelle, but Jack was just interested in finding out why he was there. He was briefed about the terrorist group called Second Wave and their intention to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles by the end of the day. Jack walked out of the room and tried to call Kim, and told her of the threat. Kim didn't listen and hung up on him after he told her that she must leave with him to Aunt Carol's house in San Jose. He then called her again, only to get a voicemail.

Tony tried to convince him to stay, saying that he was a background match and it was the only reason he was called in. He told Jack that they could find Kim faster than he could, the best thing he could do for her is to find the bomb, and that "it's not before". Jack refused, and walked out. As he got in his car, he saw a mother and child walking down the street and, realizing that he could not let the bomb kill thousands of people across the city, Jack went back inside. He said that he wanted Knoll or Grothy to go and pick up his daughter and take her away from the city, with regular updates about her status from Tony because he did not trust Mason. Mason agreed, but said that he would have to start trusting him. Tony left to organize Kim's safe pick-up. He then sat down and prepared to hear more about the threat. Michelle told him that Joseph Wald was their most promising lead; someone who Jack recognized clearly from the expression on his face. Mason said that Wald was linked to the terrorist group Second Wave. He was currently awaiting trial for a crime, after already having spent time in jail when Jack put him away. Paula told Jack of Marshall Goren, the only witness against Wald that could put him away for life, who himself was a criminal known to be a kidnapper, child pornographer and murderer. Jack told them to bring Goren in; he had to quickly establish a cover with Wald. However, he refused to divulge his intentions.


Jack finishes shaving off his beard

As they waited for Goren to arrive, Michelle prepared Jack's background to use in the cover with Wald. She organized it to say that he did not do time in California because he was extradited to Florida on two counts of robbery. Jack told her to change it to conspiracy to transport illegal explosives; he said he would be a more viable cover for how they knew him. He told Michelle to contact Rudi Collett, a parole officer who Jack wanted in as part of the cover. Mason asked Jack about the plan, and when Jack refused to tell him Mason considered the possibly that Jack was losing it. He assured Mason that he was not.

When Goren arrived, Jack told Michelle to leave the room. Almost instantly, his intentions were made clear. He pulled out his gun and shot Goren in the heart, killing him. Jack told Mason to get a backup team and a helicopter ready to leave the building in fifteen minutes. Mason yelled at Jack, who reminded him that to find the bomb Jack had to quickly re establish his cover with Wald, and the best way to do that would be to kill the key witness against him. Jack told Mason that he would need a hacksaw. As the hour drew to a close, Jack was in the bathroom at CTU, finished cutting off his unkempt hair and shaving off his beard.



Jack re-establishes cover with Joseph Wald's group.

Jack was taken on board a helicopter with Michelle Dessler to be taken to Wald's yard. She gave him a gun and told him he would be dropped three blocks away from the salvage yard. She gave him keys to a car and said that there was a tracker in it. Michelle also informed him that CTU had been monitoring Wald's yard and he had not arrived yet. She showed him pictures of Wald's men and Jack recognized only one: Eddie Grant who Jack was friends with when he was undercover. He told her to make sure when he went in, he did not see anyone from CTU; they should keep a good distance. Michelle looked nervous.

As he landed, Jack called Mason and asked if they had picked up Kim. He said that Grothy just got to the house and she was not there. He told Jack to relax, and said that Grothy would stay there until she arrived, and that Jack should carry on with his work. He agreed to do so, but in the car he called Kim's cellphone. She did not pick up, having left it at the Matheson house. He soon arrived at Atlas Auto Wreckers and asked Chris Jones to speak to Wald. He refused to acknowledge Wald, and Jack insisted that he did not have a lot of time and that he should tell Wald that Jack's back in town. Eddie Grant appeared, and confronted "Jack Roush" for putting Wald in jail. Jack said that he had come to make things right, and that he was not the one who put Joe in jail. Eddie did not believe him, and ordered one of his thugs to start attacking Jack. Jack insisted that Eddie should look in Jack's bag to prove his allegiance to Joe. Eddie eventually agreed to do so, and sent Frank to get the bag. Inside was Marshall Goren's severed head. He said that they no longer had to worry about Goren testifying. Eddie smiled, and said "Jack's back."

However, not all members of the team were as accommodating as Eddie. Dave suspected that, considering "what's about to happen," it was too much of a coincidence that Jack just arrived. He told Eddie that he thought it was unwise to bring someone else into the gang so late. Jack said that he just wanted to speak to Joe, but Dave insisted that he checked Jack's records if he was going to stay. He accessed the Corrections Offender Network on the State of Florida Department of Corrections website, and at first found nothing. However, the CTU team managed to upload fake data about Jack just in time to secure his cover. Eddie apologized for having to do the check, and asked if he still had his '64 Mustang. He responded that "the lawyers" took that.

Jack later approached Dave and told him that he was tying the fuses too tight in his device. Eddie approached and asked what was happening, and Jack told him that Dave was a moron. Eddie told Jack that Joe was busy, and tomorrow might work out better. Eventually he agreed to return the following day at four, and wished Eddie luck. Back in his car, Jack called Mason and said that Wald's crew was shutting him out. He told Mason to bring them in, but Mason was unsure that would lead them to Wald, whose probable role in the day's threat had been upgraded by the NSA to being one step away from Second Wave. Realizing he would have to think of something, Jack pretended that his car would not start. As Chris and Dave looked on suspiciously, Jack opened the bonnet to his car and hid behind it as he watched the men load the device they were building into the back of a van.

After a while, Dave approached Jack and told him that he had to leave. Jack called over to Eddie and said that Dave was a joke. Insulted, Dave attempted to punch Jack from behind but, predicting this, Jack grabbed Dave's fist before impact, twisted it, and knocked Dave to the ground, then confirming to Eddie what he just suggested about his man. Dave then tried to kick Jack, but Jack grabbed his foot and twisted it, breaking his ankle. Eddie said that now he was a man short, he needed Jack to fill in for Dave. If he did not help out, he would tell Joe and Jack would have to watch his back for the rest of his life. Jack eventually agreed, and asked about the job. Dave took him to the van and told him about their target: a government building that had been on their tail for years - CTU Los Angeles. Jack put on his sunglasses and looked out of his side window, worried.


Jack received a phone call from Kim, who was in trouble; she was taking Megan away from her abusive father, Gary Matheson and needed help. Jack however, was undercover and acted as if he was talking to a careless "girlfriend", before hanging up on her, which made her call the main CTU office. When Jack and Grant's gang arrived outside an area where they would disable CTU's phone lines, Eddie asked Jack to keep an eye out while the rest of the crew disable the phone line.


Jack warns Lynne of an impending threat on CTU

Jack was actually hiding behind the van and tried to call CTU of the threat, only to get cut off by interference. He then tried to call President Palmer, but was diverted to Lynne Kresge. He informed her of the threat, saying that there was at least three charges on the second floor. Before he could say more, Eddie came around and told Jack that the charges were set. Before Eddie saw the phone, Jack hung up and rejoined the group. Soon, the phone company sent a van, with Cam Strocker and his coworker, Danny. Jack could only watch when Grant shot Danny dead, and threatened Cam to work with them. The gang dressed as phone company workers, and drove to CTU. Cam fooled CTU security guard G. Harding into believing that the terrorists were part of his crew, telling him that Cam's superior had spoken to CTU operations officer McKendrie about the team coming in to do the job. Harding let them through, and Cam asked who the team was and what they were doing. Eddie told him that were taking back their country, and at Eddie's behest, Jack told Cam that they were patriots.


Jack watches as the bomb goes off

While the rest of the gang planted the charges in areas that would maximize the effects of the explosion thereby rendering CTU inactive, Jack was told to look after Cam, to ensure that he would not escape. Jack used this as an opportunity to tell Cam that he was a government agent, and gave him instructions of how to save everyone at CTU after the team left. Cam was angered that Jack had stood by as his co-worker Danny was killed, but Jack said that hundreds more people would die unless Cam helped to stop the attack. As Cam left, Eddie and the team came out. Jack cut himself in the head to make it look like Cam had escaped. When they approached him, Jack said that he could not remember anything. Chris tried to attack Jack, but Eddie broke up the fight and told them to get in the van; in seven minutes the building would blow. They arrived a short distance away from CTU and watched as a huge blast occurred down the street: the destruction of CTU Los Angeles. Chris, Eddie and Scott celebrated as Jack looked horrified at the blast. Eddie came round and congratulated Jack, who feigned happiness at a successful job.



Jack takes down Eddie's gang

After the bomb detonated, Jack and Grant's gang listened to police radio frequencies with regards to the attack. Soon after, they drove to a secluded spot on the hills outside Los Angeles. There, Scott and Chris torched the van. Meanwhile, Jack listened in on Eddie's phone call, and found out it was Joseph Wald. After the conversation ended, Grant wrote an address on his match book and told Jack to join him in his car. There, Jack brandished his weapon at Eddie, and told him to give him the match book and is under arrest. However, just as he exited the car, Chris saw Jack holding Eddie at gun point, and he and Scott started firing at Jack. Jack managed to kill both hostiles, then turned around and saw Eddie driving towards him. Jack was able to shoot back and killed Eddie, which made the car roll to a gentle stop. Jack then drove to Wald's address on Eddie's match book.

On the way, Jack tried to call Tony but got through to Michelle. She told him about the explosion, and said that there was at least 21 casualties. Jack asked why CTU was not evacuated, and she said that there was no time. Jack was confused, but told Michelle to take a situation report from his mission. He said that he had located Joseph Wald and was on his way there: the address was 221 Canyon View Road in Simi Valley. He told her that he had spoken to Kim and she was leaving the city. Michelle told him that Kim had called there too, and she would look into what happened for him. Jack told her to get back to him, and hung up. Jack then called Lynne Kresge and angrily asked why CTU was not evacuated, despite his call over half an hour before detonation. Lynne said that there were "extenuating circumstances" and that she could not explain in detail the reasons for the detail. Jack said that was not good enough, but Lynne said that she could offer nothing else. Jack blamed her for the death of everyone at CTU who perished in the explosion. Lynne accepted this, and said that Jack was their best chance of stopping the nuke so he should get on with his job. Jack insisted that she should do hers as well.


Wald looks at Jack trying to break into his panic room

Twenty minutes after the shootout, Jack arrived in Wald's hideout and told him that Eddie's group was dead, and insisted that Wald let him in. When he did, Jack pulled his gun on Wald and told him that he had killed Eddie, Scott and Chris for resisting arrest. He forced Wald to put down his shotgun and made him sit down. Taking Wald's shotgun, Jack asked him who told Wald to attack CTU. He explained that CTU was a secondary target as part of a larger attack to detonate a nuclear weapon somewhere in Los Angeles at some point during the day. Joe thought that Jack was lying, but Jack said that Wald had one last chance to tell the truth. However, before he could answer, Wald's pitbull jumped and attacked Jack. It viciously bit at his arm, and while Jack was distracted, Wald took the opportunity to run outside. Jack shot the dog, and ran after Wald. Jack followed him out to a shed in the garden, which he found to be a safe room guarded with a metal door. Jack demanded that Wald open the door, but Wald did not respond.

Jack obtained a pick axe and attempted to break his way, until the wall was only in front of a steel casing. He sat down and told Wald that a tactical team was on its way, and that the people behind the attack wanted to destroy the country, which Jack believed to be opposed to Wald' ideologies. He laughed at the irony of the situation: Joe was opposed to the government because he felt it to be too powerful, but as it stood Joe held all the power. Jack questioned what he was going to do with it.

After about fifteen minutes, Jack became increasingly frustrated. He told Wald that the tac team would be there within two minutes and the situation would end with Joe either dead or in prison. He told Wald that he had one last chance to do the right thing. When Joe didn't respond, Jack attempted to shoot his way in, until he ran out of shotgun shells. Wald, who was listening on Jack's every word, decided to unlock his panic room door. Jack, with his gun trained entered and told him to drop the gun. There, Wald told him that the woman who gave him the plans, only saw him twice with instructions. Seeing no way out of going back to prison, Joseph Wald committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, but not before giving Jack the file. Jack searched through the files and found the contact to be Nina Myers.



Jack informs Mason of Nina's involvement

Upon hearing about Nina's involvement, Jack drove back to CTU. On the way, he called Ryan Chappelle, who authorized Nina to be brought into CTU for questioning. He then called CTU and reached Eileen, who handed the phone to Mason. Jack told him abut Nina, and explained that it was before she was taken into prison. Mason inferred that Nina sold building schematics and personnel files to cripple CTU's response capabilities. Jack said that he had called Chappelle and asked about Nina. Mason, sensing Jack's desire to interrogate Nina, told Jack to debrief at Division and that he would take care of Nina. He congratulated Jack on a good job and told him to go and find himself somewhere safe away from the bomb. He hung up before Jack could respond.

However, Jack disagreed and proceeded to CTU. He was shocked to discover the amount of damage caused by the bomb. He insisted on doing his debrief there at CTU, but Mason said that he did not want Jack anywhere near Nina. Jack said it was useless to do his debrief at Division because there was no information on the Wald operation there. Mason offered to set Jack up with Knoll in tech support. Jack asked about Ivers or Clark, but Mason said they had both died in the attack, along with a lot of other good agents. Jack went to start on the debrief, and Mason suggested that he left soon after.

Whilst doing his debrief, Jack got a call from Kim, who was in St. Virgil's Hospital. He told her to leave Los Angeles, and to leave Megan. Kim pressed him for an answer and Jack, against his better judgement, decided to tell her about the nuclear threat. He said that she had to leave the city, and she agreed. After the call, Jack was confronted by Michelle who was ordered by Mason to expedite Jack's departure, which Jack refused to allow. Moments after, Nina Myers arrived at CTU and was brought into holding. Jack looked visibly distressed. He continued with his debrief, but was distracted by the Nina situation: Mason refused to answer his questions about whether she was cooperating.

He later gave Michelle his finished debrief, but still refused to leave. She said that she was supposed to get him to leave, but understood that she would have difficulty doing so. He stuttered that it was the first time he had seen her since his wife's death. Michelle was concerned why Jack was torturing himself by seeing Nina. She said that Mason was right; he should just leave. A phone rang and Michelle answered; it was for Jack. She handed him the phone and he was put on the line with President David Palmer. He thanked Jack for his good work, and then told him that he would have to give Nina a pardon so they could progress with the nuke investigation. Jack was unhappy with the decision, and Palmer said that he wished there was another way. Jack concurred. He hung up, and Michelle asked what was happening. After a few moments, Jack angrily whispered that CTU was going to let her go.


Jack watches Nina

Jack confronted Mason in the bathroom about Nina. He wanted to question her, since he knew how she thought. Mason refused to acknowledge Jack, and left. However, he left behind his anti-nausea medication, which Jack picked up. He approached Michelle and asked for Mason's log sheets for the last twelve hours, wanted to know everywhere he had been. Michelle said that Jack was not cleared for that intelligence, but he said that there was something wrong with Mason, who he felt may not be fit to run CTU. Jack said that he knew what he was doing, having run CTU in the past himself.

He found out about Mason's raid earlier in the morning, and that he was exposed from high levels of radiation. He confronted Mason in his office about his condition. Mason insisted that he was still fit to run CTU. Jack asked about the operation with Nina, and Mason said that O'Neil was running it. Jack wanted to do it, threatening to tell District about Mason's condition if he did not let him. Mason eventually agreed, and Jack said he was sorry.

As the video feeds were set up in the conference rooms, Jack looked at the Nina through the monitors, who looked directly at the camera and at Jack, who found it difficult to maintain eye contact even through the video.



Jack pressures Nina

Michelle handed Jack Nina's file, which he said he never needed, since he knows her. He was handed over the pardon, which he gave to Nina for information. All she divulged was that she needed a plane to Visalia to meet her contact, but wouldn't give away the contact's name until she arrived there. Jack didn't believe her, and threw the table aside, before pushing Nina to a wall. He reminded her that he would get what he wanted. However, Nina still wouldn't talk. Instead Mason charged in and dismissed Jack for not handling the situation. However, Jack said that he was doing the right thing, since making her feel threatened would make her talk. He was given the right to enter again, but not until the room's heat would make her more uncomfortable.

He entered the room, pulled a gun out and shot at her, which barely missed. Nina told him that the contact was Mamud Faheen, and she would only reveal the bomb's location after she would meet with her contact. Jack told Mason that the best course of action would be to fly to Visalia. Mason insisted on bringing back-up, in case he would do something against orders, so they sent Ed Miller to tag along, as well as several agents from Fresno getting to Visalia. Jack however, did not want Miller's company, so he drugged a water bottle, and gave it to Miller, he drunk it, and fainted. Jack smiled and aimed a gun at her, showing her that he was in control, which made Nina very uncomfortable.



Jack takes Nina to the SUV

Jack was taken to Warden Airbase with Nina, where they boarded a plane to Visalia. Nina warned the group there that Jack had drugged Ed Miller, but the rest did not listen. The team was taken to Davenport Airfield in Visalia, where the team were to perform a sting operation, with Nina as the person to go into Crescent Collectables, Faheen's front. Nina protested, stating that just as she would say hello, he would kill her and turn the gun on himself. Jack assured her; "We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself", before proceeding to Faheen's front. Nina was given a wire, so Dessler could see and hear all of Nina's moves.


Jack arrests Nina, after resisting the urge to kill her

He watched from a distance, as she entered Crescent Collectables. He listened onto Nina's feed. Just as she entered a darkened room, both audio and visual feeds were down. Fearing that Faheen had either fled or killed himself, Jack and his team moved in and raided the building, killing every hostile the SWAT teams encountered. Jack found Faheen, but Nina had disappeared. He chased after a trail of dead bodies and found Nina, attempting to shoot a locked door. Nina quickly surrendered. For one moment, since no-one else was present, Jack contemplated killing her. However, he managed to have resisted the urge, since CTU still needed her, and put her in cuffs instead. He then took her outside of Crescent Collectables.


He intended to drive her to the airport, after Nina wouldn't get Faheen talking. However, fellow agents wouldn't allow it, and stopped him from doing so, which frustrated him. Later, the convoy arrived pack on the plane and took off back to Los Angeles. He listened in on Nina questioning Faheen about the location of the bomb. At first, he was uncooperative. Jack told Nina to make him talk, and she did so by telling him that his family was arrested, which seemed to work. However, Jack had a phone call, from his daughter. She was arrested, after a police officer found the dead body of Carla Matheson in the trunk of Gary's car Kim, Megan and her boyfriend, Miguel tried to leave Los Angeles with. He told her that someone from CTU would sort it out, despite her need of help from him more.


Jack tells Nina about the Sunday before Teri died

However, he became distracted when Nina and Faheen talked to quietly for audio to interpret. Nina managed to have use a broken gift card she took and slit Faheen's throat. Jack attempted to save him, but he died. Nina told Jack only she knows where the bomb was, and would not tell Jack until the flight was diverted to San Diego, so she could arrange transport to São Paulo she was safely away to San Diego, since that information was insurance for. Without any choice, the plane diverted its route to San Diego. On the way, Jack sat down with Nina and recited to her about the Sunday before Teri was killed. He told her of "the gift", she took from not only, Jack and Kim, but the world. A few seconds later, a missile impacted the plane.


Fearing that they would not make the crash alive, Jack pressed Nina for the whereabouts of the bomb, but despite assurance that Jack won't kill her afterward, she refused to divulge. The plane prepared to make an emergency landing, but crashed as they were going down. Now that CTU has lost contact with them, they sent search and rescue to retrieve them. Miraculously, despite several people killed in the crash, Jack survived, but was injured. He found Rick Phillips, and told him to hold on until search and rescue would arrive. He also found Nina unconscious. Jack managed to have revived her. He collected supplies including a flare gun and come to higher ground to maximize the chance of rescue. However, they both heard noises, from a group of mysterious soldiers.


Jack holds off the soldiers

Jack took cover, and noticed something wasn't right. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw them shoot Rick dead. The couple were then spotted by another soldier, but was shot and killed with the flare gun. Jack grabbed his weapon and Nina handled the ammunition. They left the scene and ran to higher ground. Eventually, Jack spotted a vantage point. Nina was charged with reconnaissance and identify the location of the targets. Jack held them off as long as he could during the firefight, killing a few soldiers in the process. Jack did not notice Nina hiding one of the rifle's magazines for herself. Jack ran out of ammo and only had his sidearm left. He kept shooting until a CTU helicopter, who discovered the plane was shot down with a surface-to-air missile, arrived and killed the other soldiers.


Jack searches for Nina, just before being taken hostage

While Jack combed the area, Nina loaded the rifle and held Jack at gunpoint. He warned the SWAT teams to stay back, or she'll kill him. She did this, since the second Nina gives away the information, Jack would find and kill her, so she did this for her own safety. She demanded to speak with President Palmer for immunity for a crime she hadn't committed yet, the murder of Bauer. Palmer managed to have spoken with Jack first, who told him that this was the best option. After Palmer reluctantly agreed, Jack heard Nina give an address to a terrorist called Syed Ali. While she waited for the documentation of the immunity agreement, she told Jack that he wasn't expecting this. Jack told her that "This isn't over".


While Palmer waited on confirmation of Nina's information, she told Jack that she never meant to have done the things she'd done, particularly killing Jack's wife, and that it wasn't personal. However, Jack disagreed. Unknown to Nina, a CTU sniper was waiting in the distance. Jack noticed this and stood up, against Nina's wishes. She fired warning shots to scare Jack, but he only stood still and told her that if he died before the intelligence's confirmation, it would violate her agreement, and she would be back in jail. Jack moved back further, so Nina could go out of hiding, giving the sniper a clear shot to disarm Nina, which he did. After that, Palmer stayed with the original pardon, and to keep Nina in Los Angeles in the meantime. Jack got the call, and later approached Nina. He whispered something inaudible in Nina's ear which disturbed her.


Jack tells Palmer of the soldiers who ambushed him

Jack then found a distinctive tattoo of a snake on one of the dead soldiers' arm. He then boarded the helicopter bound for Syed Ali's house. On the way, he contacted Palmer, who was relieved to hear from him. Jack, however, gave Palmer some disturbing news; the soldiers attacking him at the crash site were Americans, or at least American-trained. They were members of a brigade called the Coral Snake, a deep cover special operations unit, funded by the National Security Agency, and led by a commander named Colonel Ron Samuels out of Fort Benning. He remembered them, since he was once offered recruitment from them, which he turned it down. That led Jack to believe that there was more to the bomb than meets to the eye, as someone in Palmer's inner circle knew the flight path of Jack's plane, leaked the information to the Coral Snake soldiers, and attempted to take it down. Palmer asked Jack to keep him informed on any progress.

Approximately 15 minutes later, Jack's helicopter landed near Ali's home on 18 Starling Court, Chatsworth. He met up with a TAC team led by Agent Tom Baker, and briefed Mason on their plan to storm the house. He also discovered a hostile inside, with a female prisoner. They assumed he was Syed Ali, and covertly entered the house. However, the hostile, Mohsen, noticed this, and held Kate Warner, his prisoner hostage and attempted to take out Jack's team and kill her. However, Jack took out a shotgun and fired a beanbag on Mohsen's neck, disarming him. Just as Jack was about to restrain him, Mohsen swallowed a cyanide capsule embedded on one of his teeth, killing himself. Since they had no idea who Ali was, he needed Kate Warner to identify him. However, she was very traumatized, so Jack consoled her and calmed her down, questioning her. She told him that the man Jack shot was not Syed Ali. She described him and attempted to interpret the Arabic the two were saying before Ali left. She heard the word "prayer", meaning Ali had possibly went to a mosque. Jack told CTU to look up every mosque on a 25 mile radius. Jack requested Kate to work with him, since she was the only person who knew what Ali looked like. Kate agreed, and they both went to an SUV to a mosque.


Jack, Kate and the team drove to the mosque they suspected Syed Ali had come to pray for his final time. On the way, Kate wanted to know what the whole thing was about. Jack was reluctant to give out information. However, Kate told him that she had to know, since she was tortured. Jack old her about the real threat of a nuclear bomb set to go off by the end of the day, and they needed her help to identify Ali, and stop him in his tracks. Jack then received a call from George Mason, who told him that Kim was sent back to Los Angeles, but escaped. Jack told him to have people look for her. However, George felt he didn't want to waste resources, since she was outside the blast radius, so Kim knew where to go, to avoid the city. He then hung up and told Kate she was not involved in the threat, but was in trouble.


Jack prepares Kate to enter the mosque.

By 6:10pm, the teams arrived in a parking garage, adjacent to the mosque. Jack and Baker argued on what they should do. They couldn't risk a raid, since Ali would take his own life. Also, a surgical strike to ambush Ali after the service was over would take too long. Kate offered to come into the mosque, dressed with a hijab, as Muslim women would, so Ali would not notice her. Jack hesitated, but Kate told him she was the only person who saw Ali, and would clearly identify him. Jack was hesitant, but allowed her to enter, wearing a hijab, and would see Ali. Jack gave her the layout of the mosque to tell her where to go after she made the ID. At 6:25pm, Kate exited the building, met with Jack, and confirmed that Syed Ali was inside the building. Now that Ali had been identified, Jack organized a strike to capture Ali after he would leave the mosque. Jack sent Kate to the roof of the adjacent building for a better observation view.

Once they arrived, Jack received a call from Tony Almeida, who informed him that two agents and Reza Naiyeer, Kate's sister's, Marie Warner's fiancee was found dead trying to uncover information regarding Syed Ali. CTU suspected Marie, as she was the only person who entered and exited the building around the same time Reza was killed. Jack highly dismissed Tony's idea that Kate was working with them, since she was kidnapped. Tony did however, warn him about her, and to keep a look out on her.


Jack realizes the burnt corpse is not Syed Ali.

As night fell over Los Angeles, the prayer service was over. One by one, the Muslims left the mosque. Kate searched for Ali, but couldn't find him, after the greeter left the building last. After a few seconds of suspecting Kate, he assured her that he must have stayed inside the mosque instead. Jack ordered all the teams to storm the mosque. He confronted the mosque's Imam, and told him that a terrorist was hiding inside. He showed him the warrant, and the Imam allowed him access. However, just as he started searching, he heard a noise. He entered a children's playroom, where he found a man set on fire. Jack took out the fire, but the man was already dead. They thought they've lost their chance to capture Ali. However, he discovered that the corpse's pants were too short, meaning that Syed Ali switched clothes, and was still alive. Jack ordered the mosque turned inside out to search for Ali.


Shortly after 7pm, Jack interrupted a dispute between Kate Warner and Tom Baker, telling Baker that Kate needed to stay in order to make the final ID on Ali. Baker then showed Jack the burned document they found in the pocket of Ali's double. He told Baker to photo it and send it to CTU. Jack then approached Imam Al-Fulani and asked if he was protecting Ali. The man replied that he wasn't, and Jack explained that Ali was planning a nuclear strike. The Imam told Jack that he may be able to talk to Ali, and persuade him to re-think his loyalties.

Jack was then called away by an agent who showed him a trapdoor that they had found. Jack explained that he had to go down alone to prevent Ali from committing suicide. He took the agent's baton and climbed down. He then made a noise to attract Ali away from the window, and from his hiding place apprehended the terrorist. He called for backup and pulled a suicide capsule out of Ali's mouth. He then gave Ali's phone to Baker to find out who he was talking to.

At around 7:15pm, Jack started to interrogate Ali. He beat him savagely, asking where the bomb was and telling him he was wasting his time. He assured Ali that he could make him die in more pain than he could ever imagine. At 7:20pm, Jack took a break and let the Imam talk to Ali. He spoke with agents outside, and instructed them to transfer the computer images onto larger monitors. Jack then asked the Imam if there was anything more he could say to get through to Ali. When the Imam was uncertain, Jack had him escorted upstairs, saying that he couldn't be involved in what would happen next. Baker then told Jack the number that Ali last called, and Kate overheard and recognized her sister's cell number. Jack then explained to Kate that Reza was dead and they suspected Marie of killing him. When Kate protested her sister's innocence, Jack asked her to call Marie and keep her on the phone. He then told Baker to set up a call to the cell and be ready to trace it.

At 7:30pm, Jack led Kate into another room and explained to her that they would trace Marie's cell, and she had to be on the line for as long as possible. He then listened in as Kate talked to Marie, and she guessed that Reza had been found. As the trace was locked, Marie ended the call and destroyed the phone, so Jack told the agents to contact CHP and seal off a 10-block region of Sylmar, the area she was last in. Kate then screamed at Jack, saying Marie could have been coerced, but Jack merely apologized for the situation and walked away.

Soon afterwards Baker gave Jack a copy of the burnt fragment from CTU, showing the N34 writing that was on it. Jack ran into Ali’s room and asked him what N34 meant. He told Ali that they were picking up Marie Warner, and that they would find the bomb. Agent Baker then told Jack the live feed was ready, and Jack showed footage of Ali’s family being threatened. He informed him that his family would be killed if he did not reveal the bomb’s location.

Jack read out facts about Ali’s family. He told Ali that he knew what it was like to have a loved one killed in front of him. As they began to discuss whether or not Ali was doing Allah’s work, Baker walked in and told Jack the president was on the line. Palmer told Jack he couldn’t let him kill Ali’s family. Jack said that it was his only weakness, but Palmer said his decision was final and hung up. Jack than continued speaking into the phone, giving the impression that Palmer was authorizing the executions.

At 7:45pm, Jack spoke to the operative in Ali’s country on a satellite phone. He told him to start with the oldest son and then move onto the younger. He gave Ali one last chance, before authorizing the shooting of Asad. Ali still refused to relent.

At around 7:50pm, Jack told Ali that he was about to order the execution of his last son. He gave him ten seconds, then ordered another shooting. At the last second, Ali shouted for Jack to stop, and then revealed that the bomb was at Norton Airfield. He said the plan was to fly it over Downtown Los Angeles. Jack immediately called CTU and passed the information to Mason.

Jack then had Ali dragged out of the room, and Kate Warner held against the wall. When Ali accused Jack of murdering his family, Jack asked for the satellite to show its normal feed. He then confirmed that Asad was still alive, and the staged execution had left him unharmed. He then talked to Baker about the operation, and asked Kate to come with him to help him talk to her sister. He led her into a waiting car, and drove towards the airfield.


Tony called Jack, who was with Kate Warner on his way to the airfield. Tony told him to meet up with the assault team at the airfield, who were sweeping the grounds as they spoke. Jack changed the subject to Kim, and Tony said that every resource available was being used to try to find her. Mason called Jack soon after, and told him that a paramilitary team known as Coral Snake, led by Colonel Ron Samuels was stopping the ground forces at the airfield. Jack recalled that it was the same unit that attacked his and Nina's plane earlier in the day. Mason explained that the team wanted to find them bomb themselves, and would treat anyone who stood in their way as an adversary. He went on to say that the team went dark three hours ago, and that Jack was the best bet of getting past them to the bomb. Jack arrived at the airfield and told Agent Tom Baker to take Kate to a secured area and to make sure she was comfortable.


Jack searches for the Coral Snake team at the airfield

Jack then met Steve Goodrich, the leader of the assault team, who gave him individual profiles on each of the Coral Snake members. Jack said that the team would treat them as hostiles, so they had to do the same back. Jack then announced to the whole assault team that they must wear I.D. tags at all times as they would be working in a large, uncontrollable area. He then showed the team the schematics of the airfield and split the men into three teams, each of which had different assignments in terms of finding the nuclear bomb. By 8:22pm the teams had found tracks of boots that led into one of the hangers that did not exit. Jack was alerted, and teams fled into the hanger. However, all that was found was the dead bodies of Roger Stanton's Coral Snake team, evident by the tattoo on the left forearm. Jack realized that one of the Coral Snake members was missing: there was only six when in fact there should have been seven.


Jack chases after Omar with the nuclear bomb

CTU managed to find the tail plate of the plane, and Michelle tracked it to being at the airfield, in hangar MD7. Mason called Jack and updated him, and Jack set off with a team to the hangar. As they approached, they saw the plane leaving the hangar. They pursued the plane and managed to catch up to it after it was blocked off by a secondary team. Jack shot the wheels of the plane from his position alongside it, then shot the pilot, Omar. The plane pulled to a stop and was surrounded by CTU teams. Jack saw the nuclear bomb in the back of the plane and called in NEST. By 8:55pm the team was working on defusing the bomb. However, all their efforts could not revert the trigger being set permanently to default. The NEST team leader confirmed to Jack that the bomb could not be defused. Jack radioed one of the teams and told them to clear one of the runways, explaining to the team leader that if the bomb could not be defused, it would have to be flown away from Los Angeles. Suddenly, the beeping of the bomb began to quicken, and the team guessed that they had activated something to speed up the detonation. However, they soon discovered that in fact it was a trick, and was not a bomb at all; it was just a mechanism that had been rigged to look like one. Jack radioed the teams and explained that it was a decoy, and they did not have possession of the bomb.


Whilst the NEST team backed away the fake bomb, Jack questioned Omar as to where the real bomb was. However, he could not speak English, and so Jack requested a translator to come to the hangar. Jack called Mason and updated him on the situation. Jack noticed that Mason did not appear fully functional, and suggested that he stepped down, suggesting Tony take over as CTU Director. Mason said that he could handle it. Jack hung up, and Omar tried to talk to him. Jack remembered that Kate could speak rudimentary Arabic, and asked her to help translate. She attempted to do so, but did not get much response from Omar, who she guessed spoke a different dialect to what she knew. Melinda Kale, the official translator, arrived and Jack told her to ask Omar about a second bomb. However, he claimed to know nothing.


Jack questions Marie Warner

Jack was contacted by an agent who told him that Marie Warner had been found by her sister, Kate. Jack found Kate just before she was shot by Marie, saving her life. Kate demanded that Jack gave Marie something for the pain for where Jack shot her, but he refused until she told him where the bomb was. Jack began to question her, but she refused to say anything. Jack tried to force Marie into telling him where the bomb was by scaring her about the bullet that was still lodged in her arm. However, she still refused to talk.

Marie began to drift out of consciousness, and Jack decided to give her something for the pain. He asked Kate to talk to Marie, to try to bring her back to reality. She did so, but Marie still refused to talk, saying that she did not care if Kate or her father died because of the bomb. As the pain medication began to wear off, Marie began to wail. Jack told her to tell him where the bomb was, and she finally submitted, saying that it was in a van going downtown. She said the bomb was set to go off in three hours, and she knew because she saw the timer. Jack inferred that a bomb that size would not have a visual timer, and that she was lying to him. He then deduced that the bomb was still at the airfield and began to send teams to search through every hangar at the site. Jack learnt that gunfire had commenced outside one of the hangars, and headed down there. He discovered that the van had been found, with the nuclear weapon inside. The NEST team were called back in, and confirmed that it was the nuclear bomb. However, the team leader informed Jack that there was no way the bomb could be disarmed, and there was no way to tell when it would go off.


The bomb was taken into Hangar 12, and the NEST team leader reconfirmed his suspicions that the bomb could not be disarmed. George Mason arrived at the bomb site and told Jack that he wanted to see when the thing that killed him. Jack explained that the bomb could not be defused, and told Steve Goodrich that it needed to be flown out of the airport. Jack told him to find the fastest plane available at the airfield, and then he called the President. Whilst he waited to be connected, one of the NEST team members told him that they had 55 minutes before the bomb detonated. The President told and Jack decided that the best place to fly the plane would be the Mojave Desert, as it would cause least fallout and damage to civilians. Palmer questioned what would happen to the pilot, and Jack said that he would have to die in the explosion, and the plane would have to be flown to a very specific location. Palmer said that whoever flew the plane would have the undying gratitude of everyone in the nation, and any family members he were to leave behind would be well cared for. Jack did not tell Palmer that he himself was planning to fly the plane.

Mason approached Jack and said that he could fly the plane, but Jack said that he was not able to land it in the specific location as was needed. Jack ended the conversation by walking away and radioing Goodrich, who he told to prepare the plane. Jack called CTU and asked Tony if Kim had been found yet. Tony told Jack to wait until the plane took off, but Jack revealed that he was planning to fly it. Tony was astonished, saying that someone who didn't have a daughter should fly the plane. Jack said it was too late, and told Tony about a safe in his apartment that had a will and a letter to Kim if something ever happened to him, and asked him to collect them, which Tony agreed to.


Jack talks to Kim before his impending death

As Jack prepared to take off, the NEST team leader gave him a timer that showed Jack exactly how much time he had left before the bomb went off. As Jack climbed into the plane, Kate Warner called to him. He looked back at her as she was held back by Tom Baker, and closed the door. At 10:25pm, Jack took off in the plane. Whilst in the air, Tony called Jack back and explained that they had managed to get in contact with Kim. He patched her through, and explained what was happening to her. As she began to cry, Jack said that he loved her more than anything in the world, and that he did not want her to change. He told her to live her and to be happy. He told her that he had to go, and she said she was proud of him, and she loved him. He told her that he loved her, and said goodbye.

Suddenly, George Mason revealed himself from the back of the plane. He gave Jack a parachute, and told him to leave the plane. He said that the hard part was over, and all that was left to do was take the plane into a dive. Mason said that Jack should go back and patch things up with Kim and stop blaming himself for Teri's death instead of taking the "easy way out" and dying in a blaze of glory. Jack asked George if he was sure he could pilot the plane, and Mason said that he was "supposed to do this". He strapped himself in next to Jack as the latter began to explain what he had to do to make the correct dive. Mason said that he understood, and Jack thanked him.


Jack protects himself from the blast

Jack called Tony and explained the change of plans. He told Tony to send a chopper to pick him up after he bailed out of the plane. As the countdown reached four minutes from detonation, Jack put on his parachute and prepared to jump. He asked Mason if there was anything he could do for him, to which Mason said that he had everything under control, even managing to spend some time with his son. Jack was shocked by this, explaining that he never knew Mason had a son. Jack thanked him once more, and Mason said that it was time for him to go. Jack climbed to the back of the plane, put on his helmet and jumped out, taking one last look back at George Mason. As the timer reached 1:30 from detonation, Mason pulled the plane into a diver, and Jack landed on the ground. He dove behind a rock and counted down the last four seconds on his watch before a light explosion filled the sky. Watched by David Palmer, Kim Bauer and hundreds of people across the country, the nuclear bomb exploded.


Jack threw three flares around him to help the helicopter to detect his location. It landed soon after and he jumped on. The pilot explained that his orders were to take him back to CTU, and Jack agreed. Jack asked the pilot to contact Tony at CTU, so he could tell Kim that he was still alive. However, the co-pilot said that transmissions were out because of the blast, and he would have to wait until they arrived back at CTU.

Jack walked back into the CTU Los Angeles offices just as Syed Ali was being transferred out. Ali became agitated when he saw Jack, muttering Arabic insults at him. Jack was unbroken by the insults and greeted Tony, who said that he was glad that Jack was alright. Tony gave Jack the number of the sheriff who was assigned to finding Kim, and Jack congratulated Tony on becoming the new CTU Director. Jack left to call the sheriff, but found that he was not in his office, and decided to try calling back later. As he hung up, Michelle Dessler approached him and informed him about the major military action the President was planning to take based on a recording found in Ali's apartment that implicated three countries in the Middle East. However, Michelle goes on to say that Ali says it is a fake recording, and she is convinced that he is telling the truth. She said that they need to be sure before engaging in a war with three countries. Jack said that it was Tony's call, and that he needed to get in contact with Kim. Michelle persisted, saying that Jack could read Ali better than anyone else, and so he agreed to talk to him before he left, telling Michelle to try to get in contact with the sheriff in charge of finding Kim.


Jack talks to Syed Ali

At 11:25pm Jack went outside to talk to Ali just before he was taken away. He told Ali that he did not kill his son as he had convinced Ali to believe, and he would be able to talk to him soon. Jack then asked him if the Cyprus recording was fake, and Ali repeated that what he told Michelle was true: he never met with the three leaders as was indicated in the recording. Jack thanked him, and immediately afterwards Ali was shot by a sniper from an opposing building. Agents swarmed the area, looking for who could have shot. Jack told an agent to radio in to CTU and say that there was a shooter in one of the south west buildings, which he did. Tony came outside and said that it must have been someone from one of the three countries implicated in the recording, but Jack said that he believed Ali's claim that the recording was falsified. Jack enforced to Tony that he needed to make sure that the recording definitely was real, so that the decision the President made would be the correct one. Tony said that he did not need to be told how to do his job by Jack, and said that Jack should go and look for Kim, as he was no longer needed at CTU. Jack walked away.

Jack decided to call President David Palmer to inform him of his concerns. Palmer explained that he was in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs, and Jack said that what he had to say was important enough to interrupt whatever he was doing. He went on to say that Syed Ali had been assassinated, and explained about the possible forgery of the Cyprus audio recording. Palmer said that it had been verified, but Jack retained that Ali's word was strong enough for him. Palmer said that he did not want to act unnecessarily, but could not stop it based on conjecture. Jack asked how much time he had to get the President some proof, and Palmer said that the military response was scheduled for a few hours time.

Jack explained to Michelle what the President said, and asked her how they could prove that Ali was in Berlin when the recording was created, as he had claimed. Michelle told Jack about Yusuf Auda, an intelligence agent from one of the three countries, who was at CTU presently. Michelle said that he might know something about the recording, and Jack decided to run a background check on him. As he began to do so, Kate Warner approached him, shocked to see him alive. He explained that someone else took over as the pilot of the plane and the bomb was detonated safely. Tom Baker told Jack that Kate needed to be debriefed, and as she was being taken away, she told Jack that he was glad he was alright.


Jack speaks to the unknown man

Jack found Yusuf and asked him if he thought the recording could have been compromised before he brought it to CTU. Yusuf demanded that Jack should tell him what he knew before he would say anything. Jack said that he was unable to tell him, within with Yusuf inferred that the evidence incriminated his country. Yusuf left, saying that Jack was asking too much. As he left, Jack's phone called. An unidentified man greeted him and said that he was the only person who could prove that Syed Ali was not in Cyprus when the recording was made. Jack asked how the man knew the recording was fake, and he told Jack that he was the one who planted it in Ali's apartment. He said that he was the one who killed Ali so that Jack would be forced to deal with this man. Jack asked what the man wanted, and he replied, "Kate Warner". Jack asked what he wanted her for, but the man did not respond, saying that he should get her out of CTU and bring her to a warehouse within thirty minutes. Before Jack could respond, the man hung up.


Tony tries to make Jack tell him where he is going

Jack went back to Michelle and told her that his conversation with Yusuf had been of no avail, but explained about the man who wanted Kate. Jack asked Michelle to distract Agent Tom Baker, who was debriefing Kate, so that Jack could take Kate away. This was noticed by Carrie Turner, who informed Tony. Tony chased after Jack and told him to stop. Jack told Tony to get out of the way, but Tony pulled a gun on Jack and told him to explain what was happening. Jack told Tony that he could not, and that Tony would not be able to shoot Jack. When Tony refused to put the gun down, Jack knocked him over, breaking his ankle, and ran away with Kate.


Jack ran out of CTU, dragging Kate Warner with him. She pulled herself away from him and asked what was going on. Jack told her to trust him, and said he would explain everything in the car. She reluctantly agreed and they went to the car. Jack arrived at the security gates just as Carrie Turner called and told them not to let Jack out. However, he had already escaped and managed to get away before the guard could close the gate.

In the car, Jack explained about what Palmer was planning to do in retaliation to the nuclear weapon that was detonated earlier. Kate asked what it had to do with her, and Jack told her about the supposed forgery of the Cyprus recording and the man who called him to inform him about the forgery. Jack said that the man wanted Kate in return for more information about the recording, and what they were doing could help to prevent a war. Jack told her that she needed to decide whether she would accept the risk, despite the dangerous nature of the situation. Kate agreed to go ahead with the plan, as long as Jack protected her.


Jack talks to Jonathan Wallace

By 12:19am, Jack had arrived at the meeting point. He unloaded a weapon from the back of his vehicle, and told Kate to wait in the car as he advance inwards. Jack made his way into the warehouse and approached the man from behind, holding him at gunpoint. Jack told him to interlock his fingers, which he did, whilst Jack searched him for a weapon using his Dunlop metal detector. The man identified himself as Jonathan Wallace, the captain of the Coral Snake brigade, which he proved with the tattoo on his right forearm. Wallace explained that he was responsible for making sure the bomb went off, and making sure that the Cyprus recording would implicate the three countries, so that the United States would attack the Middle East and gain much needed oil. Jack demanded to know what Wallace wanted for Kate, and Wallace explained that the people who hired him tried to kill him, and so he needed to find an alternate way out of the country; he decided that the connections that Warner Industries upheld would suffice. Wallace concluded that he would give evidence against the Cyprus recording, for his free passage out of the U.S.

Wallace asked for Jack to take him to Kate, but Jack demanded to know more about the recordings first. Wallace explained that he had the source recordings that proved it was fabricated. He insisted that Jack took him to Kate, but when Wallace said he would kill Kate once he had managed to get his transport sorted out, Jack said that the deal was unacceptable. Wallace walked away, but Jack stopped him before he could leave. He called Yusuf Auda and told him to bring Kate in. Whilst they waited, they talked about how their deal would go down. Wallace wanted to get on the plane before telling Jack where the evidence was, which Jack was unhappy about. Kate and Yusuf arrived before the conversation could progress. Jack told Kate that she had to go with Wallace, and that he would not be coming. She refused to go with Wallace until Jack told her to remember everything he said in the car, and that she would not get hurt if she went. Eventually Kate agreed to go, and Wallace forced her into the boot of his car. Just as Wallace prepared to leave, Yusuf informed Jack that a tracker that was on Kate was in place and was picking up a signal. Suddenly, a shot rang down that pierced Wallace's car window. All three men fell to the floor, Jack and Wallace taking up positions to return fire.



Jack shoots at the attackers

Jack informed Wallace and Yusuf that they were being shot at from both sides of the alley as more bullets were shot down. All three men opened fire on the attacking commandos from the buildings above. As Yusuf gave him cover, Jack unlocked the trunk and got Kate out, telling her to keep down. Jack took out an attacker as Kate ran back into the warehouse. Wallace and Jack followed, and Wallace explained that the attackers were follow-up teams sent by his employers. As another vehicle of men arrived, Jack convinced Wallace to let him call Michelle Dessler who would help them get infrared images of the area and determine where the commandos were. He called her and explained his position, and despite her worries that Tony would hinder the operation, she agreed to help.

Whilst they waited, Jack explained to Kate why Wallace needed her. However, he explained that he would not let it get so far as to endanger her life. Michelle got back to Jack and informed him that there were eleven men in the surrounding alleyways, including Yusuf. She sent Jack the positions and hung up, worrying that staying away from her desk for too long would alert Tony. Jack and Wallace devised a plan and prepared to make their exit. Outside, Yusuf threw several smoke bombs to disorientate the commandos, which Jack, Wallace and Kate used to get out of the warehouse. As smoke filled the alley, the three ran out of the warehouse, shooting at the commandos. They headed towards the vehicle, which Yusuf was readying. Whilst returning to the vehicle, Wallace was shot in the neck. Jack realized that there was no exit wound, and told Wallace that they needed to go to a hospital. However, he refused and told Yusuf to drive to Los Angeles Airport. Jack tried to patch up the wound whilst Yusuf drove. Tony managed to get through to Jack, but Jack explained that he would not bring Wallace in, as he would refuse to co-operate under those circumstances. As they drove to the hospital, Kate called and arranged the transport, giving the name "William Patterson" as an alias for Wallace. Wallace began to lose consciousness, and Yusuf stopped off at an urgent care center.


Jack finds the chip

They took Wallace inside and demanded to be taken to a doctor. Dr. Spire explained that Wallace needed a hospital, but Jack said that there was no time and he had to do what he could. He managed to stabilize Wallace, and took an X-Ray which showed that the bullet caused a lot of damage, despite missing the jugular vein. Spire explained that the bullet could only be removed in surgery, which Jack repeated they had no time for. Spire feared for the future of his practice, and asked what was going on. Jack told him that it was to do with the nuclear bomb that went off earlier, but could not tell him more than that. Spire agreed to do what he could, and Jack said that he could not be sedated, as Jack needed him to talk. Wallace pushed the doctor away whilst he was being treated, and told Jack that he knew he was not going to make it. He said that he recordings were on a memory chips, saved as two AIF files. Jack asked where the chip was, but before Wallace could say more than "It's inside..." he went into ventricular fibrillation. The doctor tried to revive him, but his efforts were unsuccessful. As Jack turned away from Wallace, he looked at the X-Ray and noticed something under Wallace's ribcage. He took a scalpel from a medical tray and cut into a stitch wound in Wallace' chest. After passing through several layers of flesh, he uncovered the memory chip from inside Jonathan Wallace.



Jack is tasered by Ronnie Stark

As Yusuf tried to identify the chip, Jack tried to contact President David Palmer. However, he was in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs, and the operator refused to interrupt it. Jack then called Tony Almeida at CTU and explained that Wallace was dead, but they had secured the evidence. Jack said that he would bring in the chip in now, and that Tony should try to get in contact with the President, but he refused until he saw the evidence. Jack hung up as Yusuf called him over and showed Jack a tracker that was embedded on the memory chip. Yusuf said that he would try to remove the chip before they left.

Jack noticed that some of Wallace's former employer's men had arrived to get the chip back. He told Yusuf to give him the tracker, which had been removed from the chip, so that Yusuf and Kate could take the chip to CTU. Kate told Jack to be careful, and he set off. Jack led the attackers down to the basement of the medical center, and climbed out of a window. By the time the attackers found the tracker, Jack was away, half way down the street. Two cars approached him, and despite killing the driver of one, Jack was tasered by Ronnie Stark, who drove the other vehicle. Stark told his men to take Jack back to the medical center. He was stripped, searched and given drugs to induce vomiting to ensure that Jack did not have the memory chip on him. Jack was then hung up by his arms, and was handed a phone. Peter Kingsley spoke to him, and told him that he would give Jack a large sum if he told Kingsley where the chip was. Jack said that Kingsley could not justify starting a war, and Kingsley demanded that Stark began methods of torture to get the information they needed. As Stark prepared a scalpel, he asked Jack one last time where the chip was. Jack did not respond, and Stark began to torture him.


Jack's heart stops

At 2:40am, Stark was still torturing Jack, even pressing a cauterizer into his skin. One of Stark's men held him back, telling Stark that was going to kill Jack. Stark told the man off for disobeying him, and prepared to go back to torturing Jack. Before he could do so, Kingsley called back. Stark explained that they had not progressed yet, and Kingsley said that he had to get the chip immediately. After more torture, Jack fell unconscious. He was woken up, and Stark threatened to do something to Kim unless he talked. He then began to use a stun gun on Jack, which knocked him unconscious again. After trying to wake him up, Stark's men began to realize that they had killed Jack. They took him down, and looked for some epinephrine to revive him with. Whilst Raymond O'Hara went to look for the drug, Stark pumped Jack's chest, trying to get his heart beating again.


Stark tried to revive Jack with a defibrillator, but he did not return to consciousness. One of Stark's men brought Dr. Spire down to the basement and he was instructed to inject Jack with epinephrine. Spire told the men to put Jack on the gurney, which they did, and he was injected. He began to defibrillate Jack, but was convinced that he was dead. On the third shock, Jack regained consciousness. O'Hara, on instructions of Peter Kingsley, shot Stark for pushing Jack too far. He turned to Jack and demanded to know where the chip was, but Jack did not respond. O'Hara continued to tell Spire to inject Jack with epinephrine, despite the doctor's worries that he had already had too much. O'Hara then instructed him to prepare a syringe of Beroglide, which Spire said would collapse his lungs. However, he submitted. As he did so, Kingsley called and O'Hara went to speak to him. Whilst the leader was distracted, Jack pleaded that Spire loosened Jack's ropes as it was his only chance to escape. Spire agreed to do so, and undid Jack's ropes.


Jack kills Raymond O'Hara

O'Hara returned and told Spire to inject the Beroglide, which he did, causing Jack immense pain. By 3:25am, O'Hara told Spire to double the dosage. As he prepared the syringe, Jack said that he would tell O'Hara where the chip is. He leapt towards Jack, who murmured something indistinguishable. Whilst he was distracted, Spire injected O'Hara with the Beroglide, paralyzing him. Jack whipped off the ropes and took the O'Hara's gun, promising him a quick death if he told him who he worked for. O'Hara told him the name Peter Kingsley, and Jack shot him through the chest. Jack collapsed, using the gurney for support. He then pulled on some clothes and left the medical center.

Jack called CTU and explained that Kate and Yusuf had the chip, and he was going to a meeting place that he had with them. However, the connection was unclear and Michelle was unable to hear what he said. He arrived at the location soon after, and could not seen Kate or Yusuf. As he was pulling away, he saw a body in a phone booth. He went over and recognized a beaten and injured Yusuf, who told Jack that some men took the chip, and took Kate, and went to her house, as she offered to exchange money for the chip. Jack tried to get Yusuf to go with him, but he realized that he would not make it, and told Jack to go. Jack tried to take him, but Yusuf died. Jack apologized to the dead body of Yusuf, and drove away.

Jack arrived at Kate's house just before Rouse, with Marcus and Cole, could execute Kate, whom they assumed would go to the police as they critically injured Yusuf and stole money and possessions from her. Jack shot Rouse, but the other two ran away and locked themselves in a room. Jack yelled that all he wanted was the chip, and that he was a federal agent. He said he would let them go if they gave him the chip. Marcus threatened that if Jack tried to go in, he would crush the chip.


Marcus refused to give his name to Jack, who demanded that he return the chip. Jack explained that it was vital for the investigation to find out who set off the nuclear bomb around five hours before. When the men continued to stay silent, Jack said that he would give them the opportunity to walk away, no questions asked, if they gave him the chip. As Jack heard the two men begin to bicker between one another, he burst into the room and stopped them from shooting him. He retrieved the chip and told Kate Warner to get some rope so he could tie the men up.


Jack uses Kate's computer to try to find the data on the chip

Jack called Tony at CTU and said that they ran into problems which delayed him from bringing the chip in, but he was now in possession of it. He told Tony that there appeared to be a problem with the chip as he had inserted it into a computer but was unable to access files. Michelle, who was also on the line, said that she could talk him through a method of bypassing a security system the chip was likely to have. Before she did so, Jack told Tony to run a check on Peter Kingsley, the man O'Hara was working for, and to contact the President to tell him that they had possession of the chip. Tony said that the military action on the three countries had been reverted by Palmer, but Ryan Chappelle thought it might be reinvoked, but did not divulge, which suggested to Tony that something was happening with the President. Michelle then began to help Jack try to access files on the chip, but Jack soon discovered that the chip was damaged. Michelle told Jack to send the files to her screen, and if the audio files were on there, she would find them.


Jack reassures Kate

Tony entered the conversation, telling Jack that Kim was on the line for him. They spoke, with Kim saying how pleased she was that Jack was still alive. Kim explained that she was being taken to the Matheson's house to gather her things, and Jack said that he would see her soon. They hung up and Jack smiled, pleased to see his relationship with his daughter was finally improving. As Marcus and his friends were arrested, Jack noticed Kate crying over the events of the day. She worried that the faults of the day were caused by her, but Jack reassured her that if it was not for her, they would not have found the nuclear bomb. She said that if she had seen what her sister was doing she could have stopped her, but Jack said that there was nothing she could have done. They stared at each other longingly for several moments, but Jack's phone broke the silence. It was Tony, telling him that the chip was too damaged to retrieve the audio file from it. Jack was angry after going through so much to get it, but Tony said that there was some information that might be worth looking in to. He said that Michelle had found out that the hacking sequence that could have produced the audio was made by a hacker named Alex Hewitt, which she had managed to decode from the chip. Tony said that Chappelle would not let them talk to Hewitt, so Jack would have to do it on his own. Tony gave Jack the address, and they hung up. Jack told Kate that he had to go to follow a lead, and when she was ready an officer would take her back to CTU to be with her father. She thanked him, and he walked away. As he did, she told him to be careful. He nodded and walked away.

In the car, Jack was patched into a call with David Palmer, where he explained that the chip was damaged. Palmer said that he needed some concrete evidence, and Jack said that he was following a lead to the man who created the audio file. Palmer asked how sure Jack was that the recording was faked, and he told Palmer that he was absolutely sure. Palmer thanked him and hung up. Jack arrived at Hewitt's loft just before 5am. He knocked on the door, but found it unlocked. He entered with his gun holstered, but found no-one there, the apartment ransacked. He heard someone approaching, and hid in a concealed location. He watched as a man and woman entered, shocked to see the woman to be Sherry Palmer.



Jack threatens Sherry Palmer

Jack could only watch as Sherry's bodyguard searched the loft and confirmed that Hewitt was not there. Sherry sent him down to check if Hewitt's car was still in the garage, and he returned to say that it was not. As they prepared to leave, Jack exposed himself and knocked out the guard, keeping his weapon trained on Sherry. Jack searched her for weapons, and found none. Jack asked her what she was doing there, and she said that she was trying to help David Palmer. Jack asked how, and she said that he had asked her to find anything she could out about the bomb using her many resources and contacts. Jack said that he did not believe her, and she retorted that she did not care. She asked him who had ransacked Hewitt's loft, and when he didn't respond she inferred that Jack was there for the same reason she was: to find Alex Hewitt, the engineer of the fake Cyprus recording. Jack continued to ask questions, but Sherry became defiant, prompting him to shoot a hole in a wall near her to shock her.

He forced her into explaining the connection between Hewitt and Kingsley, the latter hiring the former so that the U.S. would go to war and would be able to secure oil in the Caspian Sea. Whilst she spoke, Jack noticed that there was a fake wall in the loft, seeing light coming through the hole he shot. He shot some more times into the wall, shouting that whoever was there should come out. Eventually a man walked out, who instantly recognized Sherry, who she identified as Alex Hewitt. As Sherry told Hewitt not to say anything in front of Jack, Jack grabbed the hacker and pushed him up against a wall, demanding to know what Hewitt knew.

Jack explained to Hewitt that Kingsley and his associates would keep coming after Hewitt until they killed him, and his only way to stay alive was to explain about the Cyprus recording. He demanded to speak to Sherry, explaining that she had promised to help him when they met earlier in the day. Jack said that she could not help him, and that Jack was the only one who could. Hewitt still demanded to speak to her, and Jack finally agreed. He locked Hewitt in a cupboard whilst he went to speak to Sherry, asking what she was doing there. She said that she was doing it to protect herself, as some of the conversations that Hewitt recorded for Kingsley were incriminating ones of her. Jack inferred that she had been collaborating with Kingsley, but she said that he assured her that the bomb would never go off. Jack then called CTU, saying that she had just confessed to a crime. She said that she was the only one who could get Hewitt to cooperate, and to do that she would want full immunity. Jack hung up the phone, and she agreed to tell him everything.


Jack calls Tony Almeida whilst Sherry talks to Alex Hewitt

She said that she wanted to bring down Palmer's presidency, angered after he divorced her. She then said that Kingsley wanted money, and she was only there so that she could not be connected to him. She said that unless Jack got her full immunity, she would not get Hewitt to cooperate. Jack unlocked Hewitt, allowing him to speak to Sherry. Jack called Tony, asking if the President was still holding off on the attack. Tony updated Jack with news that Vice President Jim Prescott had evoked the 25th Amendment and taken over office so the attack could commence. Tony said Jack needed to get the evidence as soon as possible, and Jack told him to send a chopper to Hewitt's loft, so he could be brought back to testify. Tony mentioned problems about commissioning a chopper because of Ryan Chappelle, but Jack restated that it needed to be done. Sherry approached Jack, explaining that Hewitt would testify, demonstrating the technology in court. Jack informed her that the chopper was on its way. As Hewitt prepared his computer to demonstrate the process, he noticed that Jack had become considerably nicer to him, and surmised that he was being set up by the two of them.

Hewitt asked to speak to Jack in private, where he asked Jack if Sherry was trying to set him up. Jack said that she was not, and was trying to help him because he got tricked into doing something he did not fully understand. Hewitt seemed convinced by Jack's words, and went back to work. Jack then received a call from David Palmer, who asked how the investigation was going. Jack explained that he had Hewitt, who would testify. Jack went on to say that Sherry was there with him, but from Jack's tone of speech Palmer concluded that he could not talk freely. Palmer warned Jack not to trust Sherry. Jack thanked him, and they hung up. Hewitt said that he needed 6 minutes before his preparations would be ready.

Whilst they waited, Sherry said that she was not being completely egotistic; if the President's wife were to go to prison it would not be good for Palmer. Jack explained to her about the invocation of the 25th Amendment, and she was shocked. Tony called Jack and told him that the chopper was on its way. Jack said that Sherry wanted to cut a deal, and Tony should involve the Attorney General. As he ended the call, Sherry rebuked him for misinterpreting their deal, saying that she had made an agreement with him to get immunity. Jack told her not to test his patience, and instructed her to sit down.


Jack chases after Alex Hewitt

Moments later, Kim called Jack, explaining that she was at the Matheson's house, and Gary had arrived, killing the officer that brought her there. Kim told him that she had knocked Gary unconscious, and he instructed her to get out of the house. However, he began to move. Jack told her to shoot Gary whilst she had the chance. Eventually she agreed, and when she told Jack, he told her to shoot him again. She did so, and began to weep. Jack told her that he would send someone to pick her up, and told her to go downstairs and wait. As he called Kate Warner to do so, Hewitt and Sherry began to have a heated debate, Hewitt becoming worried that he was being set up. He stabbed Sherry to get past her, alerting Jack to the situation. He saw Sherry, who pleaded for his help, but Jack left her and set after Hewitt who had escaped through a hole in a wall.



Jack looks for Hewitt on the roof

Jack chased through a small corridor behind Hewitt, who was smashing light bulbs as he went to prevent Jack from being able to track him. Jack shouted after him, telling him that Kingsley would kill him if he did not go with Jack. Hewitt did not respond, and Jack continued to follow him using his torch. Jack told Hewitt that his only way out was to let Jack take him to CTU. Hewitt clambered up some steps and through a window that led to the roof. He pulled away the boards to get through, allowing rays from the rising sun to stream into the room. Jack shouted to Hewitt that if he helped Jack stop the war, Jack would help him to stay alive, but Hewitt did not stop. Jack followed him out onto the roof, but could not see where he had gone.

Soon Jack managed to see Hewitt, who had climbed up onto a secondary roof. He pulled up the ladder that got him there, hindering Jack's chances of getting up. Jack found a drain pipe close by which he climbed, but was clearly having problems with his heart after his death and resurrection several hours before. He chased Hewitt across some roofs, and trapped him by a drop. Jack said that he had nowhere left the run, and Hewitt began to submit. However, Jack noticed a gun in his hand, forcing him to draw his own. Hewitt pointed the gun at Jack, prompting the latter to say that if Hewitt shot at him, Jack would shoot back; and would not miss. Jack was unsuccessful in coercing Hewitt to drop the gun, leading him to shoot Hewitt in the leg. The force knocked Hewitt backwards off the edge, and he fell down to a lower level of the roof. Jack chased down to see him, realizing that he had badly injured Hewitt's head. Jack told him that the chopper would be there soon, ad that he would not bleed to death as the bullet did not hit an artery, neglecting to mention the damage to his head.


Jack questions why the chopper flew away

Jack called CTU and asked Tony what medical equipment there was on the chopper. Tony said that there was just a medkit, and Jack questioned as to whether that would be enough. Tony told Jack that he had to take Ryan Chappelle out of play, as he was becoming a problem, so Jack might not be able to contact Tony again. He told Jack that he would be able to contact Michelle if he needed something. Jack hung up and went back to care for Hewitt. Jack encouraged Hewitt to keep talking to him to ensure that he stayed conscious. Hewitt said that everything was getting blurry as blood began to flood out of his head. Jack heard the chopper approaching and went away to wave it down to his position. Just before it landed, the chopper turned around and flew away from the location, despite Jack's shouts. He called Michelle and asked what was happening. She explained that the chopper had been recalled by Chappelle, who had been found by agents who detained Tony. Jack told her to get the chopper back because Hewitt was dying, and hung up the phone. He went back to Hewitt's side, and found that the man had fallen unconscious. He felt for a pulse, but realized Hewitt had died.

Jack called Michelle and told her that Hewitt was dead, and that he would try to use Hewitt's computer to interface with Michelle to use Hewitt's technology. Jack reentered the loft and examined Sherry's stab wound, telling her that it was superficial and would heal easily. She asked where Hewitt was, and Jack told her that he was dead. Jack said that they still had one last way to stop the attack: Kingsley. Sherry said that he was far too dangerous, and that Jack would not get close to him. Jack reminded Sherry that she could, and said that if she told Kingsley that she could deliver Hewitt to him, his attention would be caught. As Jack and Sherry began to argue, Jack collapsed, clutching his heart. Jack explained to her that his heart had been stopped several hours before during interrogation, and she said that he needed to get to a doctor. He said that they needed to get Kingsley first. She asked what Jack's plan was, and he said that she would tell Kingsley that she would give him Hewitt for any evidence that incriminated her. Jack said that he would convince Kingsley to go ahead with the deal using the program made by Hewitt that emulates voices, as had been used on the Cyprus recording.

Jack called Michelle, and they began to work together to use Hewitt's program. Michelle found voice samples, that Jack told her Hewitt said he could use and manipulate into saying anything he wanted. Jack and Michelle found a recording of Hewitt and Sherry which had enough of a portion of Hewitt's voice to manipulate using the program. Whilst the program scanned Hewitt's voice, Michelle noticed agents searching through vans looking for her. The scan finished, and she made a phonetic sample of the phrase they wanted Hewitt to say. Before she could do more, she was found by the agents and escorted away. Soon after, Jack convinced Sherry to go ahead with the conversation with Kingsley. She called him and explained that she had Hewitt, and would exchange him for the conversations of herself. She proved that she had Hewitt by playing a recording of Hewitt apologizing to Kingsley, and saying that he told them nothing about him. Kingsley finally was convinced, and agreed to go ahead with the trade. They agreed to meet in the Los Angeles Coliseum in 30 minutes. Jack congratulated her and they left.


Jack's heart problems overcome him

In the car, Sherry asked what support Jack would get from CTU. He told her none, and she said he was insane to think that he could take down Kingsley on his own. Jack said that he had no choice, and as soon as Kingsley incriminated himself, CTU would back them up. Sherry said that it would be too late by then, but Jack said that was the only way it could be. Sherry tried to convince Jack that Kingsley would have people with him, but before she could continue Jack began to wheeze. She told him to pull over, but he refused, saying that they had no time. Jack's heart problems worsened, and his lost control of the car. Sherry tried to take over, but them plummeted through a gate and down into riverbed basin.


Jack regained consciousness after the crash, checking himself and Sherry for injuries. He tried to restart the car, but it would not work. He told Sherry that they had to escape, but his seatbelt was jammed and he could not get out. She tried to slip away, telling Jack that she had to protect herself, and to do that she had to stay away from Kingsley. As she began to run away, Jack told her that she could help Palmer to get his Presidency back, something he would have to recognize, but she continued to go. As he pleaded with her, she finally decided to come back to help him.


Jack prepares a wire for Sherry Palmer

They escaped from the destroyed SUV and stole a civilian's car, driving away to the meeting point. Soon after, Tony Almeida called Jack, explaining that he was back in play and that Kim was at CTU, safe. Chappelle took over, explaining that Jack had full CTU support and asked him to explain the situation. Jack told him about the meeting with Kingsley, and Chappelle told him to stand down until CTU personnel arrived. Jack said that there was no time, and told Chappelle that the best he could do for Jack would be to get a live audio feed with the President to prove the falsification of the Cyprus recording. Chappelle agreed and told Tony to send a SWAT team to the Coliseum. Jack and Sherry arrived, and Jack wired Sherry so that the conversation could be recorded. He put a wireless transmitter on Sherry's left shoulder, telling her that Kingsley would not think to look for it. Sherry said the plan was crazy and they should wait for backup, but Jack said that Kingsley thought that they had Hewitt, which was to their advantage.

Jack collaborated with Michelle at CTU, with Sherry giving enough voice samples so that her voice could be confirmed. There were enough voice samples of Kingsley on Hewitt's computer to confirm him, leaving the proof of his implication down to what he said to Sherry at the meeting. Chappelle told Jack that the backup was eleven minutes away, and Jack said it was too long, telling Chappelle that they had to go in now. After confirming that they had Acting President Prescott listening in on the events, Jack hung up. Sherry worded fears of not making it out alive, which Jack told her was a possibility. However, he said that he would be watching her back. She said that it was not comforting, given Jack's state. She told him that she was doing it for Palmer, and Jack said that he knew and understood. Jack told her that she had to go, and she did. Watching from a concealed position, Jack saw her walk towards the entrance.


Jack listens to the meeting from a safe place

At 7:34am, Kingsley arrived at the stadium with a group of men, one of which was targeting Sherry with a sniper from a roof. Kingsley approached Sherry as Jack found a secure location to watch the meet from. He listened as Kingsley greeted Sherry, searching her for a wire. He asked her where Hewitt was, and she said that he was in a safe place. She accused him of using Roger Stanton and herself to make sure the bomb did go off, and he said that she was correct. She told him that she wanted protection before she gave up Hewitt, wanting safety from the law. He said that she was being pathetic, at which Michelle confirmed that they had a match on Kingsley's voice. Sherry gave Kingsley a phone and said that she would tell him where Hewitt was once she was safely away as a means of protecting herself from Kingsley's men. She said that she also wanted her phone recordings, as well as Cyprus as insurance. Kingsley said that nobody would care about the Cyprus recording once they went to war, and Hewitt was the only one that mattered. Sherry finished his thought, saying that it was because Hewitt made the recording, to which Kingsley agreed. Straight after, Jack told Tony that they had what they needed and asked to go in to help Sherry.

Tony asked Prescott for the next action, but he hesitated. Meanwhile, Kingsley became convinced that Sherry was bluffing, and she did not have Hewitt. He radioed one of his men, the sniper Scott, and told him to take Sherry out. However, Scott did not respond, and so Kingsley instructed one of the other men to do the deed. Before he could do so Jack, who had killed Scott and taken his position as a sniper, shot Kingsley man, and shot at Kingsley. The latter ran behind a pillar, giving Sherry an opportunity to run; prompted by Jack's shouts. Jack managed to take out all but one of Kingsley's men. He ran down to the lower level and met up with Sherry.


Jack tries to shoot Peter Kingsley

As they ran around the inside of the Coliseum, they clashed with Kingsley's final man. He pinned Jack against a wall, but Jack managed to fight back. He told Sherry to run and continued his fistfight with the attacker. He managed to twist the man's neck and sever his spinal cord, killing him. After doing so, Jack stumbled out into the open area of the stadium, his heart causing his problems once more. Kingsley approached him, and Jack tried to reach for the gun of the man he just killed while in a last stand. He managed to reach it, and pointed it at Kingsley. He pulled the trigger, but the gun was out of bullets, and the gun clicked pathetically. Kingsley continued to walk towards Jack, telling him that he had caused him a lot of trouble. He raised his gun to shoot Jack, but before he could do Kingsley was taken out by a sniper from a CTU chopper that had just approached. Jack looked up thankfully and saw hundreds of agents flood into the area, despite the fact that the threat had been neutralized. As Jack fell unconscious, he was found by several agents who took him away to a stretcher.


Kim kisses Jack on the forehead

At 7:54am, Kim arrived at the Coliseum, accompanied by Kate Warner. She ran through the crowds of agents to her father. She began to cry as she saw his injuries, but he said that everything was going to be alright. He stroked her face and told her that he loved her, and she said the same back to him. As he closed his eyes, she told him that she was going to take care of him, and kissed him on the forehead.

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