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Today is not the day to try to prove to everybody that you're all better. It's about to hit the fan, you know that and I know that. So do what you gotta do, man. Get your head straight, so we can do our work.
Chase Edmunds to Jack Bauer, Day 3: 1:00pm-2:00pm

This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions on Day 3.

Day 3 Edit

Throughout Day 3, Jack was involved in an elaborate sting operation with Gael Ortega and Tony Almeida, and all of his actions are governed around a pre-determined plan.

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit


Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds at the Federal Building

Shortly after 1:00pm Jack arrived with Chase Edmunds at the prison holding Ramon Salazar. After passing security they arrived outside an interrogation room where Luis Annicon informed Jack that Salazar was willing to give up the terrorist cells he was involved with for a reduced prison sentence at a non-maximum security prison. When Salazar's lawyer requested he be held in Florida, Annicon and Jack disagreed over the idea. Jack said that they needed Salazar to talk and that he did not lose a year of his life to arrest a drug dealer. Annicon didn't back down and gave Salazar's lawyer the deal as it stood. They observed through the two way mirror as Salazar was offered his deal. Salazar, assuming Jack was present, addressed him saying he wouldn't wish the things Jack had to go through to arrest him on anyone. He then asked for a pen to sign the document and praised his lawyer's good work, but added that he did not have what it took to keep his mouth shut. He then used the pen to stab his lawyer in the neck and as Jack ran into the room he told him that it was his fault and that "what happens next is on you too".

A few minutes later, after watching the security footage of Salazar's actions Jack asked why he chose that day to kill his lawyer and called Tony Almeida at CTU to ask him if there had been any threats made. Tony informed him of the potential biothreat to Los Angeles and asked if Salazar was involved. While leaving the prison Jack was told by Annicon to stay and interrogate Salazar, but Jack refused saying that he had to get back to CTU. In the car Chase asked him about the details of the threat and asked him again how he was doing but was interrupted by Jack's phone ringing. It was Kate Warner who told him that she found his jacket he had lost. Jack told her he would send someone to pick it up and then asked her how she was. She answered that it was hard and that she missed him. Jack said he was sorry and to take care of herself. When Chase asked about Kate he brushed him off.

When they arrived at CTU, Jack went straight up to his office. When he was alone he started shaking and bent over in pain. Finally catching his breath, he answered his phone and was told by Michelle Dessler that the teleconference with the NHS was about to begin. During the conference Dr Macer explained that they were dealing with a weaponised strain that killed in 24 hours. The casualties after a week of the release would be over 1 million. She added that they did not know how the virus was planned to be released. A few minutes later Jack yelled at Chloe O'Brian for not having the Salazar files where he wanted them, even though she was following proper procedure. Chase, noticing this behavior, confronted Jack, who was now demanding that Chloe be replaced. Chase told him that he was acting strange and that he needed to know if he was up to leading during an active protocol. Jack took offense at this but relented and called Chloe to apologise. They were then called down to the conference area for some new information on Salazar.


Jack is about to inject heroin

There they heard a message that had been given to the FBI demanding the release of Ramon Salazar within the next 6 hours or the virus would be released into a populated area. Jack explained that they were dealing without a doubt with Ramon's brother Hector, who was next in command of the cartel. He explained that they needed to ID the body that was dropped off at the NHS earlier, since this was the only lead they had. Michelle then informed them that they had a match on the body and that his name was David Goss, a street dealer. Back in his office Jack was still having problems with his system and Chase helped him but then said that although he looked up to him he had to talk to him. He said that Jack had been under with the Salazars for six months and that he knew that Jack did drugs to maintain his cover. He added that something like that did not go away over night and that today was not the day to prove that he was all better. He suggested Jack "do what he had to do" in order to do get through the day. When Chase left, Jack shut the blinds in his office and took a case which was strapped to his locker. He opened it and frantically began the procedure of injecting himself. Just as he was about to inject the needle, his phone rang. It was Kim asking if she could come up to tell him something important. Although he told her not to come he forced himself not to take the drug and threw the syringe away.

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit


Jack and Zach Parker

Jack kept looking over at the syringe that he had thrown to the floor and eventually sat down on the floor and picked it up. He smashed the needle before throwing it away. Picking up the vial he noticed it wasn't empty and after some doubt put it back in his case. He then received a call from Kim who told him that they would have an address on Goss soon and reminded him that she wanted to talk to him about something personal. He answered that as soon as he could he would come down. Chase then entered the room and noticed that Jack hadn't shot up. When Jack said that he was trying to quit, Chase told him that it was not a good day for him to be needing a fix. He suggested that Jack enter a program but Jack refused saying that he was not going to go on record with his addiction. He told him to keep it to himself and sent him away. Moments later Kim came in and told him that Chase said he was stressed and that she needed to talk to him. Jack agreed and sat down with her. Kim told him that she and Chase had been going out for three months and that it was starting to get serious. She added that Chase had wanted to tell him but was worried about how it would affect their work. Jack expressed his surprise but said he was glad she told him. A few minutes later Michelle called him, telling him that they had a two month old address on Goss. Jack and Chase headed down to get ready and said goodbye to Kim. On their way to the car Chase told Jack that he wished he could have told Jack about Kim but he couldn't find the right time.

In the car Chase told Jack he was sorry if Jack though he wasn't good enough for Kim. Jack answered that he gave Kim her job so he could keep an eye out for her and make sure she was safe, not so she could date a field agent. He added that their job had ruined every relationship he had. When Chase said that was Jack, he snapped that it was not his fault but the job's. When Chase asked if he though he shouldn't have a relationship with anyone, Jack said yes and especially not his daughter. He then received a call from Annicon who asked why he couldn't move Ramon in the prison and why Division was protecting him. Jack tried not to tell him but when Annicon insisted, Jack admitted that Ramon might walk due to his brother Hector. When they arrived at the building they were approached by an agent who said that there were 30 people inside spread out on all floors. Jack asked that they maintain their perimeter and he and Chase went in. While searching the apartments they were confronted by a guard who Chase pinned against the wall. He shouted a warning and Jack broke down a door just as someone shot at him. In the gunfight one of the men was killed and Jack ran after the other. When he caught up with him in a stairwell he shot him in the leg. At first the man protested his innocence bu after Chase stood on his wound he admitted that the supplier's name was Carlos Corretja - one of the Salazar's mid-level men - paid him to find a person to bring a bag of coke over the border and added that he was paid more than the worth of the coke. When Jack asked where the coke was he said that Kyle still had it. Outside, Jack told Chase to take Parker back to CTU, but Chase wanted to go with him to get Singer. When Jack walked away, Chase asked him if this was about Kim. Jack told him that if Singer had the virus and didn't know it, it could be dangerous. He said that if he wanted to be with Kim he had to stop putting Chase in harm's way. When Chase protested Jack ordered him to go to CTU and left.

3:00pm-4:00pm Edit


Jack informs CTU that the virus is out

While waiting for the HAZMAT teams that would accompany him to Kyle Singer's apartment, Jack again began the procedure of injecting himself. Before he could do so, the team's vans arrived and he hid his case before Nicole Duncan entered his car. They greeted each other and Nicole said that she had tried to reach him since Teri's death. Jack thanked her and pulled out, accompanied by the NHS vans. Nicole then informed him that the new casualty projections were twice as bad as previous ones. She asked hi if he was ok since he was perspiring but Jack shrugged her off. When they arrived at the apartment, Jack and other NHS agents - wearing HAZMAT suits - broke through the front door and he began searching the house, calling out Kyle's name, while other agents secured Sam Singer. Jack broke through the bathroom door where Helen Singer was flushing a bag of "drugs" down the toilet. He was unable to stop her and called Tony to inform him that the virus was out and told him to lock down the sewage system.

After the apartment had been securely isolated, Jack informed the Singers that they had been infected by a virus Kyle had brought from Mexico, thinking it was drugs. He then received a call from from Tony, who told him that they had an APB out for Kyle and informed him that Luis Annicon had been murdered in the prison. After hearing this Jack hung up and ran outside the isolation area, where he took of his helmet and bent over in pain while coughing and panting. Still trying to catch his breath, Nicole approached him without going through the decontamination process and took her own helmet off. When Jack aksed her what she was doing she informed him that they were safe and that the powder did not contain any of the virus, neither did the Singers. Jack said that this made no sense but then speculated that Kyle had been infected in Mexico and added that the latency period of the virus - 14 hours before he became contagious - coincided with the deadline they had to release Salazar, since Kyle was in Mexico 11 hours ago.

A few minutes later he informed Kyle's parents that they were not infected but that they needed to find Kyle. When Helen told him that Kyle had her phone on him, he called CTU and had them trace it. He then asked Sam to call Kyle and keep him on the line as long as possible. Sam talked to his son and told him about the virus. Kyle didn't believe him and hung up when he heard that the authorities were involved, but CTU managed to trace his location to Los Feliz Mall. Tony told Jack that he could get a team there in ten minutes, but Jack told him not to take Chase. On their way to the mall Nicole confronted Jack with her suspicions that he was a drug user. Jack admitted it but insisted that he was clean now. She agreed not to turn him in, on the assumption that he was more of an asset than a liability. As Jack arrived at the mall Tony - who was already there - told him he was going to grab Kyle. As Jack ran towards their location, Tony was shot by someone and Kyle ran away. Jack informed his units of the incident and ordered the exits be covered since Kyle was not in custody.

4:00pm-5:00pm Edit

Jack called Michelle at CTU and informed her that Tony had been shot in the neck and that he was being taken to the hospital. He told her to decide whether to go to the hospital or stay at CTU and assume Tony's command. A few minutes later Jack called President Palmer and informed him of the situation with Singer. He told him that they could not find Singer within the two hours left. Palmer refused to negotiate with Salazar and ended the call. Jack called the President again after a few minutes and asked if the line was secure. He then went on to offer Palmer a "third choice", one which would protect his policy of non-negotiation with terrorists. He proposed that he brake Ramon Salazar out of prison, an act which while preventing the virus's release, would not be viewed as a capitulation on the government's part. He asked for Palmer's approval by his silence. Palmer said nothing and Jack bid him good luck and hung up.


Jack escorts Ramon Salazar out of the prison

On his way to the prison, Jack called Kim and asked her to make a prisoner transfer document for Salazar, asking her not to tell anyone at CTU. He then asked to talk to Chase but was told that he had gone to the prison to interrogate Salazar. Jack called Chase and ordered him back to CTU. Chase refused, telling him that Jack's being angry at him about Kim was not going to stop him from doing his job. He went on to say that Jack was in no condition to give him orders and that although he respected him, he was done covering for Jack's addiction from everyone at CTU. Chase then hung up. When Jack arrived at Salazar's cell, Chase was beating him for information. When he inquired what Jack was doing there, Jack said that they were out of options and that Ramon was their only lead. Chase told Jack that they should team up in the interrogation and when Jack agreed he asked if they were ok, regarding their argument. Jack said that they were ok and asked if the security cameras were off. When Chase said they were he told him to get Salazar out of his cell, but as Chase turned his back Jack grabbed him and choked him. He then told Ramon that he would deliver him to his brother and they moved Chase into the cell. On their way out Ramon taunted Jack on his motives, commenting on his condition. Jack told him to keep his mouth shut in order for them to get out of the prison. A guard stoped Jack and Warden Mitchell arrived to tell him that the transfer papers had yesterday's prefix on them. Jack asked him to overlook this and told him that Chase, who had stayed behind to check Ramon's cell would help him with the paperwork. Mitchell agreed and sent him on his way. As Jack received his gun and badge, alarms sounded and the building began to lock down. Jack knocked out a guard and entered the central command room where at gunpoint he ordered the guard to open the cell blocks. With prisoners free and running around, Jack and Ramon made their way through the building.

5:00pm-6:00pm Edit

Jack uncuffed Ramon and, spotting a group of guards coming, told Ramon to fight him for his gun. Jack shouted for help and they knocked out two guards and stole their uniforms. As they made their way through the prison they ran into a gang of prisoners and entered the fight, However the prisoners overpowered them and took them hostage. The group was soon intercepted by Chase, who watched as Jack was used as a shield to allow the prisoners to leave the hallway. Later, in a laundry room the prisoners gathered their hostages and discussed their options. The leader, Peel, pointed out that they would not be allowed to escape, even with hostages, and suggested they "have a little fun" with the hostages.

Buchanan (Day 3), russian roulette

A guard is forced to play Russian roulette

Addressing the hostages, Peel asked them who wanted to live. When no one answered he killed one of them and repeated the question. A guard volunteered and was forced into a chair. Peel then looked at Jack and commented that he hadn't seen him before. Jack answered that he was new and was also taken to a chair opposite the guard. Peel then emptied his revolver of all but one bullet and gave it to the guard, commenting that he had a one in six chance. When the guard refused to play, Peel pointed the revolver at his own head and pulled the trigger, but was not killed. He gave the gun back to the guard, saying that the chances were bow one in five. The guard was hesitating and Peel ordered him to be shot but Jack intervened, telling him to do it as at least this way he had a chance. The guard reluctantly pointed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun went off, killing him, and Peel announced Jack's victory in this round. A few minutes later Peel chose Ramon as the new player. Ramon revealed his identity and Jack confirmed it, bu Peel was not deterred. Jack was handed the gun and with little hesitation, pulled the trigger, to no effect. As Ramon was handed the gun he threatened Peel that if he died his brother would find him. He then pulled the trigger, but survived. As Jack was handed the gun again, he noticed a snake camera in a vent, indicating rescue. He picked the gun up, but shot at Peel. Luckily the gun fired, killing him. Ramon attacked one of the men guarding him and at the same moment the wall behind them blew down. Guards came through and a gunfight ensued, allowing Jack and Ramon to slip away.


Jack uses Ramon to force his way out of the prison

When they reached a back door, they looked outside, into the courtyard, and saw numerous police vehicles, guards and a helicopter. Ramon asked what the plan was, but Jack told him they were pinned in. Jack then noticed Chase and asked Ramon to trust him, if he wanted to get out. They entered the courtyard, Jack using Ramon as a human shield, and Jack shouted to Chase to get the guards to pull back and let him use the chopper. Chase told him not to do this, saying that CTU had almost found Kyle Singer. Jack said that Singer would not be found soon enough, and he had to save hundreds of thousands of lives by handing over Ramon. After Chase talked to the warden, the guards began to stand down. He assured Jack that he would not be stopped and Jack made his way to the chopper. When in the helicopter Jack disabled the comm and locator. As he began the engines, Chase received a call from CTU and as the chopper was taking off he desperately tried to convey this message to Jack, but to no avail. In the air Ramon turned to congratulate and added that now Jack was a bigger enemy to his country than himself.

6:00pm-7:00pm Edit


Jack and Ramon are tailed by military choppers

In the chopper, Jack explained to Ramon that they would fly over the city of Los Angeles to stop them from being able to be shot down by military helicopters. They came within range of the military, but Ryan Chappelle told them to stand down until he had confirmation from David Palmer, a close personal friend of Jack. He called Wayne Palmer, who interrupted a debate that Palmer was in, in preparation for re-election to inform him of the news. David was torn between national security and sacrificing Jack Bauer, but Wayne talked him into telling Chappelle to shoot down the chopper. Chappelle passed the news on to General Blanchard, but Jack managed to reach downtown Los Angeles before he could be fired upon. Blanchard told the military teams to stand down to avoid collateral damage. Jack and Salazar landed in the middle of the street just as Chloe O'Brian hacked into the chopper's hailing frequency. Chase talked over the radio to Jack, telling him that they had found Kyle Singer and that the virus was no longer a threat, but once again it was a few seconds too late, and Jack and Salazar had already bolted out the chopper and headed for the subway. They got out through a maintenance exit and stole a car, heading for Santa Margarita Airstrip and an airplane that was arranged by Hector to pick up Jack and Ramon after the escape. They arrived at the airport and two of Ramon's men jumped Jack, and Ramon held a gun to his head to kill him. However, Tomas, one of the men from the airplane, told Ramon that Hector wanted Jack in Mexico alive, so Ramon made his men bring Jack onto the plane.

7:00pm-8:00pm Edit

Soon after Ramon threw some champagne over Jack's face, waking him up. As he did, Jack realized that he was in a side cabin on the plane, and was handcuffed. Ramon threatened to shoot Jack, but Tomas reiterated that Hector wanted him alive. Ramon left Jack and his guard, Pedro, who Jack recognized from his undercover mission. He faked a spasm and forced Pedro to come close to him. He used the opportunity to break Pedro's neck with his legs. He then took the keys and unlocked himself, and took Pedro's gun. Ramon came in again and Jack smashed the gun out of his hand and took him hostage, forcing all the other men on the plan to holster their weapons. The plane landed and Hector was angry to see that Jack had Ramon at gunpoint. However, he told all of his men to put their weapons down, and he let Ramon go back to Hector. Jack and Hector embraced, to Ramon's surprise, and Hector thanked him for all the work he had done. Ramon demanded to know what was going on, and Hector promised to explain everything. As the brothers were distracted, Jack pressed a button on his watch to inform Tony and Gael that he was back in with the Salazars.

8:00pm-9:00pm Edit


Palmer watches the recording of Jack

At CTU Gael was being tortured as they thought he was a traitor working for Hector Salazar. Tony explained that he was not, and the whole thing was part of an operation organised by the three agents. They called President Palmer and Tony tried to explain the situaton. He showed the President a video file of Jack, in which he explained that there were some Ukrainians who were trying to sell a weaponized virus on the open market to a buyer with money and credibility. Jack suggested the Salazars to the sellers, and they appeared interested. Jack then had to get the Salazars to agree, and allow CTU to seize the virus as the sale took place. Jack felt that the easier way to do this would be to break Ramon out of prison.

He went on to say that the virus is, without a doubt, the most lethal threat they have ever faced. Jack apologized for deceiving the President, and assumed complete responsibility for his actions. The video ended, and Palmer told Tony that keeping him in the dark on a matter of national security was inexcusable. Tony tried to explain that it was the best way to protect him, but Palmer said it was a mistake and Tony, Jack and Gael will take responsibility for it when the situation is over.

In Mexico, Jack and Hector explained the situation to Ramon. Jack said that he had to call a man named Michael Amador who represented the sellers within one hour or he would walk. Ramon tried to shoot Jack, saying that they should not trust him, but Hector stopped him, explaining that they could have $1 billion by selling the virus on to other buyers. Ramon still seemed unsure, and Jack left the room for the brothers to talk alone.


"You used to be a man, do you remember Jack?"

Whilst Hector and Ramon decided what to do with Jack, he waited in a room a short distance away. Claudia, Hector's girlfriend, brought him some food and a drink. She rebuked him for not taking her away from Hector like he promised when he was undercover and they had an affair. She told him that he had no soul, because he betrayed the Salazars, and then betrayed his own government. She then appeared more affectionate, and Jack asked her if she told Hector about their affair, but she said if she had done, he would have killed her. She said that Hector and Ramon were downstairs deciding whether to kill Jack or not, and Jack began to shake. Claudia asked if he was still a junkie, and sarcastically offered to get him a fix of heroin. He refused, and she left, saying that he used to be a man, and asked what had happened.

At the same time Chase was following a lead that took him to Las Nieves. He arrived in a plane, and informed Kim. He asked her not to tell anyone, but then she learned that what her father was doing was all part of the sting operation, and so she told Tony about him. He deduced that Chase would ruin Jack's cover, and so attempted to contact him. However, he was caught by the Salazar's people before Tony could explain what was happening. Jack was forced to shoot him to show his loyalty to the Salazars, but luckily the gun had no bullets in it. Unfortunately, Chase tried, in vain, to attack Jack. He did succeed in smashing Jack's watch, which was Tony and Gael's method of tracking Jack so they would know when to send the CTU teams in.

9:00pm-10:00pm Edit

Later Jack found Claudia again and explained what was happening in terms of the operation. He asked her to look after Chase, who was being tortured by the Salazars' men, and to get Jack a phone. She found Chase and explained to him that Jack was still working with CTU, and that she would help him to escape. However, she was unable to smuggle Hector's phone to Jack as he noticed it was missing and demanded it back.

Amador contacted Jack soon after, and Jack, Ramon and Hector traveled to the meeting place. As Jack prepared to hand over the money, Amador explained that a complication had arisen, and another buyer was interested. At first angry, Hector lunged at Amador, but he explained that he was simply following the orders of his clients. Amador told them that they would write down a number on a piece of paper and the highest bidder would get the virus. The other bidder pulled up, and it was revealed to be Nina Myers. She insisted to Amador that Jack was a federal agent and that he was not to be trusted, but Amador assured her that the perimeter was being watched and that all radio frequencies were being detected, so there was no chance of anyone coming within 25 km of the area. She walked away, but Amador reminded her that her client would not be happy if she did not get the virus, so she returned. Ramon questioned Jack, asking whether it would be a problem that he had a history with Nina, but Jack assured him it would not. Each party made their bids, and Nina's was higher by $15 million. Angered, Hector and Ramon planned to shoot Jack, but he managed to talk them out of it. He said that their family name would become a joke when their buyers of the virus realized that they did not have it and did not try to get it. He promised to find Nina, and then assured them that they would be able to steal the virus from her. Ramon told Hector that they should play it out for a while longer, and Jack was spared.

10:00pm-11:00pm Edit


Jack has to convince Nina

Hector Salazar called Gael, which allowed CTU to trace the call and find Jack's location. He wondered why Gael had not spoken to him in two hours, but Gael managed to make a fake excuse up, convincing Hector. He discovered that Jack and Ramon had set off to find Nina and get the virus from her, and they also got the cell phone number of Amador, allowing them to track it and discover where he was. Tony then sent the Delta teams that were on standby to move in and get the virus to the new coordinates, ready to intercept at any time.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ramon arrived at Amador's location, an old abandoned church. Jack got close to the location and listened in on Amador and Nina's conversation in which Amador gave Nina updated instructions as to how to collect the virus. He left, and Jack took out all of Nina's guards except one. He was confused by the final guard allowing Nina to knock him out and tie him up. When he regained consciousness he told Nina that the Salazars would pay her ten times the amount she was being paid by her current client, and so she agreed to go through with his deal. However, she still appeared unconvinced, sure that Jack was still working with CTU. He tried to tell her once more that he no longer was, and she told him to convince her, leaning in. They look at each other for a second, then kiss.


Nina said that she could feel that Jack still despised her, and he tried to say that he did not and just wanted to make the deal. However she refused to believe him. Whilst she was distracted Jack headbutted her then smashed the chair he was tied to. He forced Nina to agree with his deal, saying that she would still get the $20 million he promised her.


Ramon questions Jack about the plan

Jack called Ramon and told him to come to the church. He arrived, and whilst Jack was distracted Nina tried to convince him that Jack was still working with CTU. However, he was convinced of Jack's veracity, saying that the Salazar brothers were not foolish enough to fall for that. He received a call from Hector, who had discovered Claudia's body, and told him that Chase had escaped. He pleaded with Ramon to call off the deal, saying that Chase would call CTU as soon as he found a phone. He was unaware that Chase had already called a CTU and chopper and had long since left the region. Ramon said that the risk was not enough to blow $1 billion, and told Hector to keep some men searching for Chase, while he come and join himself and Jack.

Soon after Amador called Nina, and Gael and Tony tracked it at CTU. They confirmed that several vehicles had come close to Amador, and probably dropped off the virus with him. Amador told Nina to meet him in a little over one hour, and after the call ended Ramon said that they would leave as soon as Hector arrived. However, when Hector did arrive he insisted that they call off the deal. Ramon tried to tell him that Hector was no longer in charge now he was back. Whilst the brothers argued, Jack covertly called CTU, and they heard details of the meeting. Tony ordered the Delta teams to be moved to accommodate the new location. In Mexico Chase managed to be the spotter, close to where the deal would take place so he could call upon the rest of the Delta teams to storm the area once Jack was in possession of the virus. Jack had to terminate the call soon after when Ramon demanded his phone back. Ramon was forced to shoot Hector when he tried to walk away from the deal. Jack watched, shocked that he would go to such extremes to go through with the deal.

12:00am-1:00am Edit

Ramon, Jack, Nina and the Salazars' men travelled to the meeting point. Ramon positioned his men in hidden positions so Amador would be unaware of their presence. Nina persisted that Jack was still with CTU, but Ramon refused to believe her. After half an hour Amador arrived, and Ramon sent Nina in, informing her that there were three snipers positioned in the mountains trained on her incase she made a wrong me. Jack watched as Nina and Amador approached each other. Amador handed her the virus and she performed a verifiability scan, confirming that it was, in fact, the virus. Amador took it back until Nina transferred the funds to his account. After doing so he gave her the vial back and left. Watching from afar, Chase confirmed that it was the virus and told the Delta teams to go in.


Jack is double-crossed by Ramon

Nina went back to Jack and Ramon, and handed Ramon the virus. Jack advised Ramon to leave, but Ramon pulled a gun on Jack, blaming him for Hector's death. Jack stepped back and put his arms up, saying that they had a deal. Chase realized what was happening and began to shoot at Ramon and his men, realizing that the Delta teams would not arrive in time. Chase shot Ramon through the shoulder, and with the combined efforts of Jack, they took out most of the Salazars' men. The Delta team arrived shortly after and assisted in taking them all out. However, Nina escaped. Jack also saw Ramon running away with the virus, and began to pursue.

After a short distance Jack lost Ramon's track, but joined up with Chase. Together they followed a path and found Ramon. Jack told him to stop, and that there was nowhere left to run. Ramon said that he would not go back to prison, and Jack offered to cut him a deal. Ramon held the vial, prepared to open it. Jack thought that he managed to talk him out of it, but was unsuccessful when Ramon did open the vial. However, no virus was emitted as expected: an explosion blew Ramon, Jack and Chase to the ground. Ramon was killed due to his contact with the explosion.

Jack immeditely called CTU and informed that they did not have the virus in their possession, and Amador had tricked them. He asked if Amador was captured, but Amador himself had set up a plan, and had men prepared that took out the Delta team that had tracked him. He set off, destroying his phone in the process, ruining CTU's chance of tracking him. Jack, Tony and Gael realized that their whole operation had failed.

1:00am-2:00am Edit


Jack tells Nina that CTU stopped the virus from destroying their systems

Jack decided that their best move would be to find Nina. He split up with Chase and they searched the perimeter. Chase found her first, but she took him hostage. However Jack found them soon after and knocked Nina over, allowing Chase to leave. He prepared a plane whilst Jack began to interrogate Nina. She said she could help find the virus and Jack reluctantly accepted her help. They got onto a plane prepared for by the Navy. Nina said that it is likely Amador would go to Los Angeles, and that CTU should check on the name "Alvers", because she checked up on Amador before the deal took place and it kept coming up. Jack told the pilot to fly to Los Angeles, and called Tony to tell him to check on the name "Alvers". Tony soon reported back that they had a match on the name: Marcus Alvers had been spotted with Amador several times over the last few years. Jack told Nina that her information had checked out, and she said that she knew more that she originally told them. Nina gave Jack a complex number to type into a phone to call Alvers. At the said, she said there would be a series of numbers; Alvers' IP address. However, Jack heard no tone. Actually, Nina had triggered a worm at CTU that had shut down all systems, and she was the only one who knew how to reverse it. She demanded that the plane be turned around and when she is safely away from Jack she will get CTU the codes to stop the worm.

However, Chloe O'Brian managed to stop the worm from destroying CTU's systems, and killed the virus before it could proceed. She informed Jack, who had been holding the pilot at gunpoint to stop him turning back and going to Mexico as he had been ordered by Tony. Jack went back into the main compartment and told Nina that the virus had been stopped. She said that she did not believe him but Jack just smiled, telling her that he did not care.

2:00am-3:00am Edit


Jack looks at Nina's corpse

They arrived back at CTU, and Nina was taken to interrogation. However, Jack was taken to the conference room where he was questioned as to whether he was capable to continue his job, despite his addiction. Rae Plachecki questioned him. Jack demanded that he had to use heroin to maintain his cover, and Rae told him that she was on his side. Chase soon interrupted, saying that Tony had got nowhere with Nina, so she was being interrogated by Eric Richards. In the Interrogation room Nina forced a needle into her neck, splitting an artery. She was rushed to medical.

Back in the conference room Rae finished questioning Jack. Tony entered and informed them that Nina tried to commit suicide, and that she was at medical. Jack asked who was with her, and Tony assured him that she was safe, but Jack was unsure. Alarms began to sound and a look of anger crossed Jack's face. He, Tony and Chappelle sprinted off to medical whilst the analysts looked around, wondering what was happening. The three men arrived at medical and found the two guards and all the doctors dead on the floor. One nurse stirred, and Jack asked which way she went. The nurse pointed and Jack ran off again. Chappelle ordered a lockdown.

Kim found Nina, but was unable to shoot her. Just before Nina could shoot Kim Jack entered the room and shot her. He ordered Kim to go and tell everyone that they had Nina, and Jack and Nina were left alone. Jack stated that he knew Nina did not have any more information. She tried to plead that she did, but Jack shot her three times in cold blood.

3:00am-4:00am Edit

Jack was questioned by Chappelle about Nina's death: Jack claiming that she was reaching for her gun and so he shot her in self-defense. Chase approaches and says that they have a new lead on Amador: a Zurich bank account was recently accessed in one of his aliases. Jack begins to leave but Chappelle says he will get hell from Division if he lets Jack out during an ongoing investigation. Chase pleads for Jack's case, and Chappelle lets him go, saying that the consequences of everything that has happened will be resolved. Jack and Chase set off to the location of the creation of the bank account.

They arrived, and discovered that a SWAT team member, Jim Wong, had already gone in as an uncover agent. He had sweeped half of the rooms when Jack and Chase arrived. However, the team soon lost contact with Wong. Jack, Chase and team ran in. They blew open a door and took down a guard outside Amador's location. A SWAT team member with a ram blasted down the door and Jack ran straight for Amador, knocking him to the ground. He asked where the virus was, but Amador said he was too late. Jack began to physically coerce Amador into giving information.

4:00am-5:00am Edit


Jack at the site of the explosion

After he received no success, Jack handcuffed Amador to a radiation pipe, and left the room. Amador soon unscrewed the pipe and escaped the building. However, this had been Jack's plan so they could follow him after embedding a tracker on him covertly. At CTU Kim informed her that Amador had found a car and was leaving the vicinity, and so Jack and Chase set off after him. In the car Tony contacted them to update them on Amador's position. He informed Jack that Michelle was in the Chandler Plaza Hotel that had been exposed to the virus. Jack evoked empathy for Tony, then explained that the virus had been altered, as seen in an incubator at the club Amador was at. Tony hopefully asked if Michelle would have a chance of survival, and Jack said that she might do.

Jack and Chase managed to track Amador, despite his attempts to lose any trails, to a parked car. A man working for Stephen Saunders was there with money and travel papers to allow Amador to get out of the country. He opened the briefcase and encountered a bomb, not the documents, and he and Saunders' man were instantly killed. Jack and Chase ran in but nothing could be done: the whole car was ablaze. Jack's cell ran and Saunders was on the other end, however Jack was still unaware of his identity. He told Jack that he wanted to talk to the President. Saunders says that he has 11 vials of the virus, and unless Palmer uses the full power of his office to execute Saunders' demands, the virus will be released.

5:00am-6:00am Edit

At the Chandler Plaza Hotel, Michelle questioned Alvers as to who his employer was. Alvers said he did not know the name, but gave a vague description. Chloe put the parameters into the system and showed Alvers the pictures, but he said none were his employer. Jack told Tony to try setting the parameters to "presumed dead", and soon Alvers recognized Stephen Saunders as the man responsible for the threat. Jack was shocked, remembering that Saunders was a companion on the Operation Nightfall mission, of which Jack presumed himself to be the only survivor. He called Trevor Tomlinson at the MI6 building in Los Angeles, who informed Jack of a connection between Saunders and Diana White, a former escort and lover of Saunders .

Jack and Chase arrived at her house and covertly entered, but Diana detected them and began to shoot. Whilst distracted by Jack, Chase knocked her down and stole her gun. She began to talk about Saunders, claiming that they had a relationship but left when things became too rocky. She denied passing information on to him about high ranking personnel she received as customers so he could blackmail them. However, Tomlinson at the MI6 had suspected this was what had happened, allowing Saunders to finance his campaign, and so he took her into the MI6 for questioning. However, when they arrived at MI6 it was attacked by a chopper, the high office complex destroyed by machine gun fire through the windows. Diana was killed, as was Tomlinson. However, Jack managed to discover the location of the files on Saunders before Tomlinson died. Jack informed them that that information was found nowhere else in the world, and they set off to find it.

They arrived at the information storage room, and found two dead guards. Jack located the appropriate volume, and began to unscrew it. Suddenly, he heard the beeping of a bomb, and ordered Chase to leave. However, he refused. Jack quickly unscrewed the volume and they ran out of the room just before being obliterated by the blast. Jack called Chappelle soon after, informing him of the destruction of MI6 and the death of Diana White. He told Chapppelle to assemble a team to destruct the data on the harddrive he recovered as soon as he returned to CTU.

6:00am-7:00am Edit


Jack shoots Chappelle

When Jack returned to CTU Chappelle informed him that he was following a money trail of Saunders, which could help lead to him. Jack received a call from Palmer, informing him that Saunders had demanded Chappelle dead, and that he wanted Jack to undertake the action. Jack said that they would try and find Saunders before then but Palmer seemed unconvinced, and so Jack hung up to go and tell Chappelle. Chappelle was initially angry that the President agreed to such an action, but resolved to help stop Saunders to save his life. All of his work was transferred to Chloe, who managed to find an address on Saunders, proving his location as of 45 minutes before. Jack told Chappelle who was overjoyed, but Jack said they should go to trainyard just in case. Tony sent Chase and a team to the location whilst Jack and Chappelle got in a chopper. During the ride Tony patched Jack and Chappelle in to Chase's field operation at Saunders location. However, it was discovered that Saunders used a decoy node, and was not actually at the location. At the trainyard, Chappelle and Jack received the news. A tear slipped down Chappelle's face as he asked if Jack would allow him the dignity of letting him shoot himself, but when Jack handed over the gun Chappelle was unable to go through with it. He handed the gun back to Jack, who apologized for letting him down. Chappelle shook his head, but did not say anything. Jack paused for a moment, seeming unable to do it himself, but eventually shot him once through the back of the head. Chappelle's dead body fell to the ground as the sound of a train passing echoed around the yard.

7:00am-8:00am Edit

Jack soon called Wayne Palmer and informed him of Chappelle's death, then called Tony who agreed to track the black van that picked up Chappelle's body. On arrival at CTU, Chloe informed Jack that Kim was being briefed for a mission by Tony. Jack stormed into the room, and Tony explained that Kim was a match for the daughter of Stephen Saunders, who they planned to use against him. He explained that they would swap Jane for Kim, and Kim would pose as her for an undetermined period of time whilst CTU used Jane. Jack was angered at the prospect, but after being confronted by Kim he agreed to go along with the mission. Jack escorted Kim to a CTU chopper where they were flown to the library in Santa Barbara where Jane worked. They arrived and were greeted by Agent Rachel Forrester who took Jack and Kim into a van where a wig was given to Kim, allowing her to pretend to be Jane. Jack criticized the darkness of the wig, saying it should be lighter, as her life depends on it, but Kim brushed off his concerns. They arrived, and the team successfully switched Kim for Jane. Whilst Kim pretended to work in the library, Jack questioned Jane. He asked about her father, but she said that she had no way of contacting him, and did not know where he was. Suddenly, Forrester told Jack that a man in a red shirt, whom they thought to be working for Saunders, was trying to question Kim. However, he would know that it was not Jane if he saw her face, so she tried to stay out of his line of sight. CTU sent a librarian to cater for the man, and Jack told Kim to go to a bookcase. When she went she was kidnapped by a man who actually was working for Saunders. He took her out the back exit, forcing her with a gun. Jack ran out to the library, wielding his gun. However, Kim had already shot the man with a gun that Jack had provided for her. Kim assessed that Saunders would know that they had his daughter.

8:00am-9:00am Edit

Jack then showed Jane proof that her father had terrorist implications by showing images of him with terrorists such as Sayid Kolobe, a weapons dealer. He begins to show her images of the dead at the Chandler Plaza Hotel and she caves, saying that she has a phone number Saunders gave her in case she was ever in trouble. CTU used the number provided by Jane to call Saunders, however he soon became aware that the call was being monitored, and told her to put Jack on the phone, whom he presumed to be there. Jack told Saunders that he was willing to go to any length to stop the virus getting out. Saunders hung up, but not before CTU were able to track his location, and so Jack took the chopper to Saunders location, planning to meet Chase there who would arrive by vehicle.

Jack arrived at the site and began to give orders. He told the teams that there needed to be at least three men at each exit, but for no one to go in until he gave the order. They all surrounded the building and, donning a megaphone, Jack told Saunders that he was surrounded, the President would not listen to any more of his demands, and that they still had his daughter. However, Saunders did not come out.

9:00am-10:00am Edit


Jack tells teams to tear gas Saunders' location

Jack ordered tear gas to be released into the building, which was followed by a team, led by Chase, undertaking a raid. However, they got in and Saunders was not there. Jack called Tony when he learned that he had pulled Tom Baker and his team away from one exit, and angrily told him off for overriding him in the field. Jack and Chase decide to go back to CTU to be there when Jane Saunders arrives. They arrived, and Adam explained that he and Chloe presumed there to be a mole working for Saunders within CTU, as the security camera feeds from the time of his escape had been erased. Jack began to correctly suspect Tony to be working with Saunders after leaning that he lied about having a call with Division head Brad Hammond.

Jack confronted Tony who tried to defend himself, but Jack told him that he was taking over command of CTU. Jack called Adam Kaufman covertly, but Tony noticed and listened in on the conversation. Jack asked Adam to send Chloe to his office as he needed to talk to her. Tony locked down Tech 1 where Chloe was working before she can get out. He then took Jane Saunders out of CTU to trade her for Michelle. Jack discovered this and headed into Tech 1. He realized that the plan, but he was too late - Tony had already left CTU with Jane.

10:00am-11:00am Edit

However he soon managed to catch up with Tony and after getting him to confess where the meeting place is, they head over there. Tony received a call at a payphone from Saunders, and they agree to meet under the 6th Street Bridge. They arrived and received a call from Michelle, who had managed to escape Saunders. However, Jack told her to let herself be captured once more so that the exchange can take place. Tony became agitated, but Jack pulled his gun on him and told several agents to take Tony away. Michelle agreed, and went back. The exchange took place, and Michelle successfully went to Tony. However, Jane became worried and ran away. Saunders revealed himself, and Jack sent them CTU teams in. Saunders escaped in the gunfire but Jack noticed him and chased him. He headed to a chopper but an air strike team took it out before he got there, and Jack apprehended him.

11:00am-12:00pm Edit

Saunders initially refused to give locations of the viruses, but then admitted that there were eleven vials across the country who were prepared to release the virus within the hour after Jack threatened to expose Jane to the virus at the Chandler Plaza Hotel. A workbase was set up there, and Saunders gave the locations of all eleven vials and couriers. However, the vial in Los Angeles was unable to be identified. Slowly different CTU branches reported in that they had secured a vial of the virus, but still the one in Los Angeles could not be found. Saunders gives Jack the courier's name, Arthur Rabens and Chloe tracks him down using cell phone signals; he was heading for the Los Angeles Centre, a mall. Jack and Chase entered a vehicle and set off for the mall.


Jack in the subway

In the car, they realized that Rabens was on the subway, not the road. Jack and Chase redirected to the nearest station, telling Chloe to contact the train lines and cause a delay in the train before it reached the station, allowing them to get into place. After assembling 20 undercover men, the train was allowed to resume. Ten men fitting the courier's description exited the train, and using Chloe's tracking it was narrowed down to four by Jack. Finally they narrowed it down to one man, and they took him down. However, after searching his bag Jack realized that it was not Rabens, and a tracker had merely been placed on him. Jack ordered for the station to be locked down, and secured to area before anyone who was on the train managed to get out.

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

Jack began to photograph all passengers loosely matching Rabens description, allowing Saunders to look at them at CTU and identify the man. However, Theresa Ortega shot him just before Rabens was photographed, leaving CTU unable to I.D. him. They were then left to simply search everyone in the station. Whilst the search commenced, Chase told Jack that he did not resent him for his actions in Mexico, and that he planned to quit Field Ops after the day, because he did not want to be detached from life. Jack congratulated Chase on the life that would unfold to him, telling him that he was a good man.

Jack noticed a man missing from one of the officer's unit, deducing that it was Rabens. He and Chase went after him. He found two dead LAPD agents by an escalator, and they headed up it onto the street. On the street a civilian informed Jack of a carjacking, with another civilian dead on the floor. The first civilian pointed Jack in the direction that the carjacker went, and Jack called in for transportation. A car arrived and they got in, and Jack called Michelle, informing her of Rabens' location. He also told her to set up a ground perimeter in a five mile radius. Adam soon informs Jack of Raben's location, and Jack and Chase interact with him, ensuing a car chase. Rabens manages to pull away, but is cornered by more CTU vehicles. Rabens leaps out of his vehicle and heads into a middle school. Jack and several teams enter the school, packed with students. Jack informs a man that they cannot evacuate the school as they run a risk of losing him, and he directs men to different corners of the building.


Jack prepares to cut off Chase's hand

Jack searched classrooms, looking for Rabens but only finding scared children. Chase, in a science laboratory, encountered Rabens. A hand to hand fight ensued, and when Chase did not answer a call from Jack he realized something was wrong and headed to the location. Chase strapped the virus vial to his arm, and Rabens becomes enraged. He found Chase's gun, but just before he could shoot him Jack arrived and killed him himself. However, Rabens had already activated the virus. Jack called Tony at CTU and informed him of the matter, and Tony patched Jack through to Roger Sommers, an engineer who had already disarmed one of the viruses. He began to give instructions to Jack, but they realized the devices did not match when one of the wires Sommers told Jack to cut did not exist in the current vial. A timer was located, citing just over two minutes left before the vial released the virus. Jack noticed an axe on the wall, and Chase saw where he was looking. He figured out that Jack was considering cutting off Chase's hand to put the virus in a contained area, and demanded that Jack do it, Jack went over to the axe and removed it from the wall. After a moment's preparation he swung down and cut off Chase's hand at the wrist in one swipe. He removed Chase's hand and patched his severed arm with some towels before running away with the vial, now at less than 20 seconds to releasing. He found a fridge containing drinks and food and put the vial in seconds before it exploded.

Jack rushed Chase to St. Thomas Hospital, where his hand was reattached. However, it was uncertain if Chase would be able to use it ever again. He received a call from President David Palmer who thanked him for the tremendous work that he had accomplished over the day and in the past. He apologized for putting him in such a tight corner when he was forced to shoot Ryan Chappelle, and told him that he had decided not to seek re-election. Jack said that he thought Palmer was making a mistake, but he said that his decision was final. They both agreed to become better friends after Palmer became a private citizen.


Jack breaks down at the end of Day 3

Kim arrived at the hospital and she and Jack embraced. She asked if Chase would be alright, and Jack said that the doctors were very optimistic. They exchanged words of love, and Jack departed, promising to be back soon. He went to his car and sat for a moment in silence. Jack broke into tears, upset about all the horrible things that had happened over the day. After a moment, someone radios Jack. At first he does not answer, but after wiping away his tears he asks what they need. The agent tells Jack that they are interrogating Saunders' courier, and could do with his help. He says he will be there soon, and pulls away.

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