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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions on Day 4.

Day 4[]


Jack and Audrey

Jack and Audrey Raines kiss.

Jack's day began in the arms of Audrey Raines, daughter of his boss, Secretary of Defense James Heller. As part of his day's duties he was to go CTU for a budget meeting with CTU Director Erin Driscoll, the woman who had fired him. Audrey asked him if this would be uncomfortable and if he missed his old job. Jack answered that he could have joined other agencies but he didn't because he wanted something different from his life. He added that the connection he had with her was something he couldn't have before. He went on to say that they should tell her father of their relationship, but Audrey asked that they wait a while longer. As Jack was leaving the room, she told him that she was falling in love with him. While leaving from the hotel, Jack was informed of the train bombing and Secretary Heller asked him to find out all the details from CTU.

When he arrived, he found CTU in the middle of an active protocol in response to the train bombing earlier in the morning. He was greeted however by Chloe O'Brian and Curtis Manning. During his meeting he disagreed with Driscoll on several points but was cut short by an ongoing operation, led by Ronnie Lobell. Watching the feed Jack noticed the suspect's nervousness and alerted Driscoll to this, which resulted in Tomas Sherek's (the man CTU was after) apprehension, seconds later. A few minutes later Jack called Audrey and told her about the arrest. He continued to tell her that since Teri died he never though he would feel this way, but that he was falling in love with her too. When Sherek was brought in, Jack recognized him under his alias, Jann Bolek. He advised Driscoll that Sherek would not expose himself for a simple train-bombing, but she declined his assistance. Jack then asked Chloe for help and was told of a time discrepancy in the attacks (the bombing happened at 7am whereas the mentioned attack was supposed to happen at 8am). This fact convinced Jack that something was going to happen at 8am. He took matters into his own hands by neutralizing the guard of Sherek's interrogation room, entered and disabled the door controls. Despite Driscoll's threats over the intercom, Jack proceeded to shoot Sherek's knee, shouting at him to reveal the primary target. Sherek relented and told him that the target was Secretary of Defense Heller. Jack frantically tried to call Audrey, while Driscoll informed Secret Service. When he finally got through to her, it was to late. He listened helplessly as Audrey and her father were abducted.



Jack watches Ronnie Lobell die while handcuffed.

As soon as Driscoll had activated CTU's protocols for the recovery of Secretary Heller, she detained Jack for the torture of Sherek. While isolated Chloe approached Jack with information about her friend, Andrew Paige who had stumbled on some dangerous computer codes planted on the Internet from Turkey. She asked him to help her because she did not trust Driscoll to do the right thing. They called Andrew who was at Union Station and Jack offered to come and bring him in. Andrew seemed reluctant but Chloe reassured him that this was the best course of action. Acting on the fact that Driscoll had previously abandoned Andrew as a lead in the investigation and that he was the one that broke Sherek, Jack confronted Driscoll and demanded to be reinstated until Heller's rescue, also telling her that he was the only one who new Andrew's location. Driscoll reluctantly agreed but added that he was under the authoroty of Director of Field Operations, Ronnie Lobell and that she would hand him over to Division as soon as the crisis was over. Jack and Ronnie left CTU to meet with Andrew, despite Ronnie's objections.

In the car Ronnie asked Jack what made him quit field work, to which Jack answered that he was trying to get a life of his own. When they arrived at the station, they headed to the meet point but Andrew was nowhere to be found. When Jack called Andrew and was cut of he alerted security to look for him and the terrorist holding him hostage. When the terrorist was spotted leaving the parking lot Jack and Ronnie moved there but had a heated argument about whether or not to apprehend him or let him lead them to Heller's location. The argument turned violent and Ronnie handcuffed Jack to a pipe, before moving in to arrest the suspect. He was however seen and shot by the terrorist, who escaped. With the last of his strength, Ronnie gave Jack the keys to his cuffs, allowing him to follow Hasan.


While following the suspect, Kalil Hasan, Jack called Driscoll and told her that Ronnie was dead and that he was following Kalil. She informed him of Heller's impending "trial" and execution and ordered him to arrest Kalil. Jack refused to do so, believing that Kalil would eventually lead him to Heller's location. Driscoll disagreed and repeated her order but Jack hung up. When Kalil made an unexpected exit off the highway Jack was forced to exit off an on ramp, driving on the wrong side of the road, but managed to find Kalil again and continued trailing him. He then called Chloe, informing her of Andrew's condition and asking her to get satellite coverage before Kalil got to the canyons and it became impossible for him to follow. Despite her reluctance she agrees to help him. A while later Kalil pulled his car over beneath a bridge and two men approached him.


Jack watches Andrew's torture, unsure whether to interfere or not.

Then Chloe called Jack, telling him that it would be a while before the satellite was available. Jack gave her his location, took a rifle out of the car and proceeded to observe the suspects, who were beating up Andrew. Chloe pleaded with Jack to do something, but he refused to do so. When Kalil left them with Andrew, Jack started to return to his car but stopped, not wanting to leave Andrew to a certain death. He shot the terrorists with the rifle, told Chloe to send paramedics and then ran back to the car to follow Kalil. When he called Chloe again to ask about the satellite coverage she refused to help him but Jack managed to talk her into helping, telling her she knew he was right and Driscoll wrong. A few minutes later while Jack was on the phone to Chloe, asking if he would have coverage within 5 minutes, Kalil drove into a gas station. Chloe said that it would be at least 20, Jack decided to take matters into his own hands. Grabbing a mask and a gun, he entered the gas store and staged a robbery.


403 JackRob

Jack is forced to stage a robbery.

Jack urged everyone in the store to stay calm, and proceeded to block out the security cameras with foam. When he demanded everyone give him their phones and wallets and Kalil did not he searched him, finding his gun and acting surprised. He then told the owner, Doug to give him the keys to the store. When a woman approached the store he turned her away, saying the store was closed. He then locked the door and called Chloe, only to find out that the satellite coverage was still being delayed. In order to buy more time, Jack ordered Doug to open the safe and asked when the next armored truck delivery was scheduled. Pretending to want to wait two hours for the truck Jack moved everyone to the back of the store. While being moved, Kalil made an attempt at escape by spraying Jack with bug repellent but failed. Moments later Jack noticed a police officer approaching and got Doug to send him away. Doug tried to convince the officer that everything was okay but when he became suspicious Jack pulled him into the store, disarmed him, took his radio and put him in the fridge with the rest of the hostages. A little later, when the officer was summoned on the radio, Jack told him to lie and say he was on the way to another crime in progress, but Doug shouted into the radio, alerting the dispatcher.

When the police arrived and an officer called the store, Jack threatened to kill the hostages if the police attempted to enter. Moments later Chloe called him, telling him that satellite coverage was now available. He gave her the suspect's possible location in five minutes, and went to the fridge were he "randomly" chose Kalil to act as his human shield when he exited the building. When outside he threatened the police to let him escape and took Kalil to his car, telling him to drive. While driving, Kalil expressed his disbelief that Jack was a simple thief and Jack said the safe was supposed to be a drop off for a large sum of money. He then let him go and drove off alone. He called Chloe who told him that she was now tracking the suspect. When Chloe called back, Driscoll (who had just arrested Chloe for working with Jack) was on the line and she informed him that she was sending teams to pick Kalil up, despite all his efforts over the past two hours. Minutes later, the police caught up with Jack who was surrounded forced out of his car.


Jack informed the police officers that he was with CTU and they called to confirm it. By now Driscoll had decided to follow Kalil and told the officer to release Jack and put him on the phone. When Jack learned that Driscoll planned to follow Kalil he offered to coordinate the ground units and she accepted. Jack was put in charge of the police units and immediately ordered the APB on Kalil's car canceled and asked for his CTU vehicle. While waiting, Jack was patched through to a call Kalil was making to his superior, Omar in which they discussed the trial and Kalil's arrival - in thirty minutes. To Jack's relief they also mentioned that Audrey was still alive. When it arrived, he continued his pursuit of Kalil. Several minutes later Jack watched as Kalil stopped at a traffic light, behind a station wagon. While stopped the occupants of the wagon (Dan, Jim, and a third angry man) exited and started harassing him due to his ethnicity. At that moment a police car arrived, and Jack asked CTU to patch him through to local CHP dispatch for confirmation that the APB had been recalled. He anxiously watched as Officer Goodwin talked to Kalil and was informed by dispatch that the cancellation order had been sent but might not have been received by all units. The second trooper exited the police car and started walking towards Kalil, but was alerted moments later of the cancellation via his radio. Kalil was sent on his way and Jack continued to trail him. Moments later, Kalil made another call. He reported to Omar the events with the police and expressed his belief that he was being followed. Jack immediately ordered all units to move in and apprehend him since their cover had been blown. Kalil and Omar said their final goodbyes, while Jack accelerated trying to close the gap in time. He watched as Kalil drove head on into a cement truck, and as his car then burst into flames. When the fire teams had made the crash site safe Jack informed CTU that he did not think he would find anything in the wreckage, but that they should scan the area thermally with satellite since Kalil had said that he was thirty minutes away. When Edgar Stiles told him that the area had a high concentration of electric power transmitters, Jack remarked that if they overlaid old scans with the new one, the differences would indicate recent activity.


Jack goes into the base on his own.

A few minutes later Driscoll called him to tell him that they had found a probable location. Jack asked where the marine strike force was and head out to set up a staging area. On his way there he spoke to Curtis who informed him that while the plan called for two teams to enter the building the only priority was Secretary Heller. He then told Jack that the terrorists were ready to begin the trial and had begun the broadcast. When Jack arrived at the compound Driscoll called him to tell him that the marines would not get there on time and that the president had authorized a missile strike, despite the fact that Heller and Audrey were still inside. She told him to stand down and not go in alone. Jack didn't say anything and prepared to go in.



Jack raids Omar's hideout

Jack began his infiltration of the compound, silently killing three guards on his way towards the buildings. He disarmed a lone terrorist and threatened to kill him if he did not show him where Secretary Heller was on his PDA. When he did he knocked him out. When he got into the buildings, Driscoll contacted him to tell him that he had six minutes to rescue the secretary and that there were approximately 16 hostiles in the compound, while urging him to get out. Jack declined and continued. He heard Audrey talking to one of the guards, and called her name from behind a grate in her cell. He asked her if she was hurt and Audrey told him to rescue her father first. Jack gave her a knife and told her to use it if she had to. He promised to return for her and moved on. He approached the room of the trial and hid behind some boxes where he signaled secretary Heller, who was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. As his execution was about to take place, Heller moved his chair back, giving Jack a clear shot to kill four more guards and untie him. Jack gave Heller a gun and they moved to save Audrey. When they got to her cell it was empty and they were forced outside the building by a grenade, where they were pinned down behind a car. Despite killing several of the terrorists the eventually ran out of bullets and Jack was shot but saved by his vest. As the terrorists closed in, the Marine helicopters made a pass, killing several more of them, followed closely by the strike force. Jack and Heller stayed behind cover as the Marines cleared the compound. As Jack stood up Omar came out of a door behind him, holding Audrey hostage. He demanded that they drop their weapons and Jack told him that it was over, while secretly took out a knife. As Omar was ready to kill her, Audrey stabbed him in the thigh with the knife she had, and Jack through his own knife at him, killing him. Heller ran to Audrey as Jack secured Omar's body.

A few minutes later, Heller told Jack that he just got off the phone with the President. He added that he and Audrey owed Jack their lives, and was impressed in his abilities. Jack told him that there was a helicopter waiting to take them all back to CTU. He then went over to Audrey to see how she was, and she told him that while inside she had recognized one of the men holding her. Jack told her that as soon as they were back at CTU she could look at the casualties. Jack then got a phone call from CTU saying that Paul Raines was on the line for Audrey. Jack gave her the phone and moved away to give her some privacy. When she got of the phone Jack told her that they needed to go and they held hands.


Jack and Audrey share a moment alone.

When they arrived at CTU, Jack sent Audrey to medical to get checked out and began setting up the computers so that Audrey could make her ID of the unknown man. Jack was present at the debriefing when Heller thanked Driscoll for her part in his rescue, and asked to see his son Richard but was told that he was being held at CTU and was withholding information. When he left to see him Driscoll thanked Jack for not telling Heller about their differences and offered Jack the position of Director of field ops until the crisis had been averted. A few minutes later, Jack went to medical to see Audrey, but Paul Raines was already there. Audrey introduced the two and Paul thanked Jack for saving her life. When Jack told Audrey that the photos were ready she told Paul that they would talk later and he left. Jack and Audrey then kissed and Audrey said that she was ready to go.

When Audrey looked at the pictures of the men from the compound and didn't find him, she remembered that she had met him at a Heritage Foundation dinner two months earlier. Audrey said she could get the guest list and Jack left to go to the Situation Room where Driscoll, Curtis and Sarah were ready to begin a conference call with John Reiss, an executive of McLennen-Forster - the defense contractor whose empty case was found at the terrorists compound. Reiss explained that the case contained a Dobson Override - a devise they developed which could remotely control and shut down any Nuclear power plant in the United States. Jack asked him if the terrorists in possession of the override could remotely access them and initiate a meltdown. Reiss admitted that it could but that they would have to hack at the reactors firewall, something that he believed would be easily detected. Jack speculated that the firewall breach could stay hidden due to unusually large traffic on the Internet. He added that less than an hour ago millions of users were watching the live feed of Secretary Heller's trial, and asked if the terrorists could use this to access the reactors. When Reiss admitted that this was possible Driscoll asked him how many nuclear plants would be vulnerable. He replied that all 104 plants could be targeted. Driscoll said to assume that this was the terrorists intention and they left the room.


Jack and Audrey conversed about the fact that she recognised a man from the warehouse. Jack said that the security footage was kept by a private company, Felsted Security. Jack said he would have to go there, pick up the tapes, and bring them back for Audrey to look at. She offered to go with him after he explained that the attack on Secretary Heller was a diversion to distract CTU from what the terrorists were really planning to do; melt down the reactor plants. Just as they planned to leave, Heller expressed unhappiness with Audrey leaving after the ordeal she went through earlier in the day. Audrey fought her cause, emphasising the need for urgency in the situation to prevent the terrorists from achieving their goal. Heller said he would hold Jack personally responsible if anything happened to Audrey. Paul Raines approached Audrey just before she left, saying they needed to talk. She insisted that they had to go, and walked away from him.

At 1:17pm whilst in the car, Audrey apologized to Jack for Paul's behaviour at CTU. They held hands and she confided that she was filing for a divorce as soon as she got back to Washington, D.C. Soon after Paul called Audrey, trying once again to ask her to give him another chance. Jack listened uncomfortably to Audrey's half of the conversation, but made no comment as she hung up.

They soon arrived at Felsted, and Jack told Audrey that as soon as she recognised the man from the function she attended it would be put through CTU's database and he could be identified. He then received a call from Marianne Taylor, who told him to send the information he got from Audrey straight to her system.


Jack calls "the only person I can trust right now"

An office worker for Felsted assisted Jack and Audrey pinpoint a time and location that Audrey met the man. Soon they were able to find him, and the image was enhanced so that it could be put through CTU's facial recognition system. Jack soon realised that his team had been taken out, seconds before the office worker was shot by two men who broke into the room. Jack found out from the worker that the image could be transferred to a flash memory stick, which he successfully did before the man died. Several men approached and Jack decided the best course of action would be to not contact CTU, as it must be compromised. He and Audrey made their way through the building to a safe room, where Jack got out his phone. Audrey questioned who he was calling. Jack responded, "The only person I can trust right now."

After making the call, they decided to leave the room and head towards the parking lot. As they arrived, Jack shot several men. They ran for cover behind a car and he took out two before he ran out of bullets and began to receive fire. Audrey covered him, much to her dislike, whilst he ran to grab a killed enemies' gun. He ran back to Audrey, but found himself to be out of ammo once again. Just as the terrorists were converging on Jack and Audrey, they were all shot by Tony Almeida, who appeared at the parking garage in the nick of time. Tony called and ensured Jack was alright before the three ran away from the scene back to Tony's car.


Whilst in the car, Jack called Secretary Heller and apprised him of the situation. He said that no-one at CTU could know about their situation as he presumed there was a mole within the agency. Jack advised Heller to go ahead with a protocol they had previously prepared to deal with a similar situation, and Heller told Jack to keep Audrey safe. After hanging up, Jack comforted a crying Audrey. Tony told Jack that they could go back to his place as they had the necessary facilities, and Jack thanked him for anything. He filled Tony in on what had happened so far throughout the day, and Tony asked why Jack was in the field again after leaving CTU, and Jack said that he got caught up in the events. Tony emphasised that he did not want to "get caught up in it", which Jack said he understood.


Jack, Tony and Audrey work at Tony's apartment

They arrived at Tony's apartment, and Jack began to check the room so that the building was secure. Suddenly, Jen Slater appeared out of one of the doors and Jack pulled his gun on her. She screamed, attracting Tony's attention. He came over and explained to Jack that she was alright, and Jack apologized. She attempted to leave for work, but Jack stopped her, saying that until he finished his work on Tony's computer she could not leave. Jen was clearly angered at the situation, so Audrey told her that she could have her boss killed if he did not fire her for arriving late. As they conversed Jack began to look at the surveillance video. They found the man Audrey recognised and Jack called it in to the Washington DC Department of Defense office to run the face through recognition software.

Soon after, Heller called Jack and informed him that the mole was Sarah Gavin. Jack said that he would inform the DoD office that CTU channels were now open and information could be shared. He suggested that Heller send a car to pick up Audrey, which he agreed to do. After hanging up Jack informed Audrey of what the plans were. He then went over to Tony and turned off the television he was watching to ensure Tony's full attention. He asked Tony why he didn't call him and ask for guidance; he had been there himself. Tony explained that he was considered a traitor to his country and his wife left him; how could a conversation with Jack help? He said that today he repaid his debt for Jack helping him with an early release from prison, and he did not want to see Jack any more. Jack, clearly hurt by the words, stood up and turned the television back on, walking away.

DoD called Jack back and informed him that the man was Henry Powell, and he was in Los Angeles. He learnt that Powell was trying to leave LA via a helicopter at Van Nuys Airport, and decided to go there to stop him himself. At the same moment the Secret Service arrived to pick up Audrey. She left for CTU, and told him to be careful. The agents left Jack with a car, and drove away. Jack talked to Erin Driscoll at CTU, who said the soonest she could send a team was half an hour. Jack said that was too long and decided to handle it by himself. Tony heard Jack's half of the conversation and offered to help Jack, which the latter accepted.

Jack and Tony pulled up at the helipad just as Powell was about to take off. They each went around the chopper and forced the man out of the helicopter. Jack escorted Powell to his vehicle and took his cellphone. As he cuffed him, Powell was shot dead by a distant sniper. Tony checked his pulse, but realized that Powell was dead. Jack cursed loudly, keeping cover in case of another attack.


Jack called Erin Driscoll and told her that Powell was dead. He said that he was able to get the last 10 calls he made off his cell phone, several of which were to Marianne Taylor. He gave her another number to trace at CTU. She said she would get back to him as soon as she got an ID. She did so, and Jack rallied Tony to go along with him. Tony protested, saying that CTU backup had arrived and he no longer was needed. Jack said that he had to help or they would never find the override, and Tony eventually agreed. Jack told the teams to take the body back to CTU, then drove away with Tony.


Jack has a word outside with Lee Castle

They arrived at the hotel in Chatsworth where the cell was located. After meeting up with Lee Castle, Jack had to defend Tony's position with him as Castle felt it was unjust for an out-of-operation agent to be there. He eventually went along with it, and explained to Jack and Tony that there were two people in the hotel room; a Middle-Eastern woman and child. Jack pointed out that it was imperative that they were kept alive. A camera was placed through a hole in the wall by an agent, who got a visual on the woman. Jack and Tony broke in, and managed to stop Dina Araz shooting herself before they could get to her. Castle ran up to her and, seeing she had a gun wound, pressed his thumb into her arm and asked where the override was. Tony ran over and pulled Castle off, saying that she would go into shock before revealing anything. Jack ordered Castle outside, then asked for Dina's prints and photos to be sent to CTU. Jack then went outside for a private word with Castle, saying that Tony did the right thing, and it would be better to find leverage over her than to torture her, as she was clearly willing to die for her cause. He called CTU and had Hudson get him Driscoll. He informed her that he had the suspect and he wanted all relevant data and communications on her. He hung up and asked Castle to give Tony a break, out of respect for Jack.

Jack received information about Dina, including the name of her husband, Navi, and her son, Behrooz. He sent an agent to their house and the electronics store they owned, then filled Tony in on what he had found. Driscoll then called Jack and showed him a phone conversation between Dina and her son, and Jack realized that he could use Behrooz as leverage. He went through to Dina and tried asking her about the operation, but she gave no helpful information. Jack said that he could give Behrooz immunity from prosecution if she gave Jack information that would lead to the override. Dina said that she would help them if they showed her the document.


Jack calls President John Keeler and asks for an immunity agreement for Behrooz Araz

Jack called the President and asked for the immunity agreement for Behrooz. Despite feeling uncomfortable with granting immunity to a probable terrorist, he said that he trusted Jack's judgement and went along with it. Jack gave Dina the pardon, signed by the President. She told them where Behrooz was so they could bring him in and protect him. A perimeter was set up around his location, and Dina called Behrooz to explain what was happening. They agreed to meet in the emergency room where it was crowded. As they arrived, armed guards were running around and Jack and Tony realised something was wrong. They set up a perimeter. Jack went in and found out that Navi Araz had his son hostage and was heading for the parking garage. He called Tony and told him to meet him on the East side of the building with backup. Tony, driving, told Jack that they were in the parking garage. Jack ran into the garage just as Navi was trying to drive away with Behrooz. Jack shot at the car, but to no avail. Navi continued to drive and went straight into Jack, who smashed the windscreen and fell off. He shot again and took out the car's wheel, sending Navi into a spin. He exited the car holding Behrooz hostage. He dragged his son into another room and despite Jack's pleas he ran down to the basement. Jack told Tony to call CTU and set up a link with them to keep them updated. Driscoll called him and told him that there was only three exits from the basement and they were all covered. Jack said they needed to get in contact with Navi and try to reach an agreement. Dina, who had exited the vehicle, said there was no point as Navi must have assumed that Dina was helping them, which is why he has not killed Behrooz. She said that if they could not save Behrooz, she would be happy to see the reactors melt down.


Jack brought Secretary Heller up to speed on the situation. Jack asked Driscoll for a thermal satellite scan of the building, looking in remote areas of the basement. Dina pleaded for Jack to save her son, and Jack told some agents to bring her with them. She called back a few minutes later and informed him that there were two thermal objects appearing in the north wing of the basement. The room they were in was a laundry room, which was accessible via a chute. Jack and Tony set off in the direction, and Jack called for two teams to meet them there. He told Castle to bring Dina there as they could not put her into play.

Outside the laundry chute, Jack prepared to lower him down as Tony dealt with Dina, telling her to call Navi and keep him on the line as long as possible to distract him. Jack made it into the room, but as the rig that lowered him in was being retracted, it knocked onto the chute and made a noise that Navi noticed. He proceeded to try to see what it was, and Jack took him into custody. Navi fought against him, but before Jack could re-secure him, Behrooz shot him dead. Jack coaxed Behrooz into putting the gun down, then demanded to know where the override device was from Dina. She said she only knew where the work that was planned for the day had been done, and gave the address. Jack sent an advance team to stop anyone leaving the perimeter, and set off.


Jack and Tony arrive at the location provided by Dina

They arrived at the location and met with Agent Solarz. The three went in, but found the single-room building to be empty. Tony assumed that Dina was lying, but Jack suggested that she was desperate to save her son. Tony then guessed that the building had been cleared out. Jack ordered Solarz to bring in a forensics team to search for fingerprints. Jack then noticed a cable leading under the floorboards. Tony lifted a few away and the two realized that there was a room below the apartment. Inside, Jack turned on a light and found maps and plans that related to all the day's schemes, from the train attack to Heller's kidnapping.

Sarah Gavin called Jack and told him that she recognized a name on the deed to the location they were in; Galaxy Financial Services. She said that Paul Raines owned the company. Jack asked her to patch Audrey through to him. Jack brought her up to speed, and she was adamant that Paul had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Jack said that Paul would have to explain some things. He asked her to call Paul and not tell him what Jack knew, just to find out where he was. She agreed, and hung up.

Jack left the room and told Solarz to get a forensic team into the room. He found Tony and told him that he wanted Tony to take Dina back to CTU and to head up the interrogation. Tony said they would not even let him set foot in CTU, even if he wanted to. Jack said that Tony was the only one he could trust to do it. Tony continued to seem unsure, and so Jack walked away. Just before he left, Tony called him back and thanked him for the offer as a way of accepting it. Jack smiled and told Castle that Tony would need his car. Audrey then called him and explained where Paul was, and that she was going there herself. Jack said that Paul could be dangerous, but she said Paul was about to leave and she had to tell him that she was going to go. After some arguing, Audrey told Jack to "get there as soon as you can", and hung up despite Jack's shouts.

Jack called Driscoll and told her to make sure the teams went in as soon as they arrived. He asked about Curtis' interrogation of Marianne Taylor. Driscoll said that they were going to look at some computer files which supposedly would aid the investigation. Several minutes later, Jack arrived at the hotel, bursting into the room just as Paul was getting angry. He shouted at Audrey, saying that she set him up. Jack yelled at Paul to put his hands on his head, and said that he wanted answers. Paul said he would not talk to Jack, so Jack knocked him out.



Audrey Raines watches as Jack Bauer interrogates her husband

In Paul's hotel room, Jack tied Paul to a chair and told Audrey to leave the room. She told Jack that she was staying after he said he would do whatever he had to him to get the information. Jack unbuttoned Paul's shirt, then put some water over him to wake him up. Jack explained about the nuclear power plants, and about the fact that his name was on a lease for the building that the terrorists used to plan the operations for the day. Paul said that he owned many companies, and that he knew nothing of the building. Jack said he did not believe him, but Paul responded that he had nothing to say to Jack. Jack pulled a cord out of a light and prepared to electrocute him. Audrey protested, but Jack said there was no other way. Jack asked one more time, and sparked the ends of the cable together. Paul accused Jack of bluffing, so Jack put the cords to his chest. Paul screamed and Jack took them away again. Audrey pleaded for Jack to stop, but when Paul did not respond Jack put the ends to him again. He threatened to do it again on Paul's head, which triggered the latter to tell Jack that he could find out about the building in the corporate records on his laptop. Jack agreed to let Paul access the files, saying that if he wanted Jack to believe that he was not involved, Paul should show him who is.

Paul found the building, explaining that he was about to get rid of the company as it was failing, but a man named Harris Barnes offered to buy 51% of the shares. Paul did not remember who Barnes was, saying that his attorneys dealt with most of the clients. Jack yelled that he did not believe him but Audrey intervened, saying that it was true. Jack glared at her, then called CTU and asked Sarah Gavin to run a search on the name Harris Barnes. She said she would call him back, and Jack excused himself from the room. Sarah called back and informed Jack that Barnes was an alias, most recently used by a man named Habib Marwan. Sarah went on to say that Marwan was on the name of a lease of another building, that Marianne Taylor and Curtis Manning were investigating as they spoke. Jack got the address and decided to head over there. Jack decided to take Paul and Audrey along with him.

Jack spoke to Sarah in the car, learning that Curtis was not answering his cell. Realizing he was in trouble, Jack asked her to ensure that field teams had set up a staging area outside the building before he arrived. He hung up, and Paul told Audrey that he had nothing to do with her kidnapping. Audrey said that it was a big coincidence, but Jack said that the terrorists may have wanted to set Paul up to distract the authorities. Paul apologized to Audrey, and Jack noticed a lingering look between the two. Tony Almeida called Jack and said that Dina Araz had admitted that the override was at the Rockland building where he was headed, as was Marwan. He also said that there was 20 minutes before the plants started to melt down, and Jack asked Tony to tell Castle to prep for an assault on the building.


Jack and Curtis have no idea who Habib Marwan is

Jack arrived at the building just as he was called by Curtis, who said he was in the building and had escaped from custody from Marwan's men. They agreed to meet on Curtis' floor with Jack taking the elevator. Jack then told Castle to post men on the first floor in case things went wrong. They went up the elevator and proceeded through a door where they came into contact with Curtis. Jack and Curtis went to find the override whilst Castle and his team secured the floor. They went up a flight of stairs and entered a large room full of office workers. Suddenly, they realized that Marwan could be anyone, and they had no description of him.

They walked around the room, attempting to find possible suspects. Jack saw a man he thought to be Marwan, but as they approached they saw he was merely playing solitaire on his computer rather than working. They continued to search, and Jack noticed another suspicious looking man. He tracked back a few steps, and the man who was still looking at him, suddenly shot his gun into the air. Office workers screamed and ran everywhere, and Jack and Curtis were unable to get to Marwan before he slipped away. Curtis secured the override whilst Jack pursued Marwan. Jack found a man down, and another with no CTU gear. Jack radioed that Marwan was impersonating a CTU officer, and asked Solarz if he copied, but there was no response.


Curtis Manning informed Jack that Marwan was working under an alias for McLennen-Forster. Jack said he would go to McLennen and check it out, whilst Curtis took Paul and Audrey back to CTU. Jack informed Paul and Audrey of this, and Paul said he should go with Jack as he used to be a systems analyst there and he could easily get into their database. Jack agreed to let Paul go with him. In the car, Audrey and Jack spoke on the phone. Audrey asked him to look after Paul as he was not like Jack. Jack agreed, she thanked him and they hung up. Paul told Jack that he did not resent him, and that what happened was fair. He then said that he could tell Audrey still had feelings for him, and he would fight to keep those feelings alive. Jack said, "Well you're gonna have to do what you're gonna have to do."

They arrived and met with Dave Conlon who said that Gene McLennen was in a meeting but had asked him to assist Jack and Paul. Jack said that it was important that he spoke with Mr. McLennen as it was a matter of national security. As Conlon walked away, Jack said that something was not right to Paul. Conlon took them to McLennen, and Jack explained about Marwan and said that they needed to take the IT systems offline so Paul could look into Marwan's directory. McLennen agreed and one of his operatives took Jack and Paul to a place where they could do it. At 6:32pm, Jack and Paul arrived at Marwan's station. Paul began to work, not realizing that upstairs Conlon was working to ensure that he found no incriminating files so that McLennen-Forster would not be associated with terrorism.


Jack tries to stop the EMP

Paul worked out he could rebuild some of the files Marwan had purged. He began to do so, but as he did they realized the phone lines were not working. Tony contacted them through the network, and Jack learnt that phone lines as far as 8 blocks away were not working. Paul managed to find the files, so Jack told him to print it off. Jack learnt through the system that an EMP was active. He told Tony, who discovered where the EMP was. Jack ran off to stop the EMP, and told Paul to meet him at the front of the building. He arrived at the room and knocked out two guards. Inside the room, the saw the EMP begin to arm. It lit up, and the blast door began to close. Jack pulled against it, but to no avail. The electronic systems continued to close the door and the EMP detonated, destroying every electronic device within the vicinity.


Jack watched as the men tortured Paul, trying to find the location of the page he printed with the encrypted information on. He shot one of the men, and managed to take out the second one who was taking Paul hostage. Jack learnt where the data print out was from Paul, and they went to get it before the men from McLennen-Forster did. Paul directed Jack to the room, and they got the data. Jack put the sheets in his pockets and said that they needed to get back to CTU. They left the room and headed for the exit. They got outside at 7:15pm and saw a chopper in the air, not realizing that it was a team sent to dispatch them. Jack saw the chopper land and watched as armed mercenaries exited from it, realizing what was happening.

Wandering through a destroyed street where cars were afire and shops had been ransacked, Jack and Paul reached a weapons and ammunition shop. As they approached they were shot at by the occupants. Jack explained that he was a federal agent and needed their help. They did not believe him, and so he pretended to leave. He suddenly spun around and smashed the door down, taking the shotgun from the man by the door and forcing the second man to drop his weapon. Jack then called Paul into the room. He told the men to show him where the rifles are.


Jack in the weapons and ammunition store

One of the men, Naji, told Jack that he could take what he needed and leave. Jack said that he would have to stay as it was a strategically good location with weapons and ammunition. Once Jack explained that the people chasing them were responsible for the terror attacks, the brothers decided to stay and defend the shop with them. Whilst they conversed, Jack explained his plan to Paul; if they create a big enough fire-fight CTU would be able to pick up the radio frequencies of the commandos and track them down. Paul questioned engaging the McLennen-Forster army, but Jack said that they would only have to hold out long enough until CTU arrived.

Jack, Paul, Naji and Safa prepared for an attack with the commandos. They saw the McLennen-Forster men begin to come into their sight, and Jack said that it was time. Jack shot at Specter, making sure not to shoot him but so that he would give his position away on his radio. Jack apologized to the brothers for doing this to their store, and Safa told him that their father left it to them when he died. He said that the store was his legacy, but had his father still been there, he would be fighting alongside them. Jack went back to Paul, who thanked him for saving his life. Suddenly, all the men noticed the commandos arriving and positioning themselves near the store.

The men suddenly started their attack, and Jack, Paul, Safa and Naji began to engage them. They took out several of the men, but others advanced forward to the shop. Naji was shot, but hit his weapon clip. Jack called for the men to fall back in the shop. They retreated to the counter. The mercenaries blew their way into the shop and searched the aisles for the men. Jack told the others to shine their flashlights in the commandos eyes to blind them with their night vision goggles. The four men managed to take out almost all of the men, leaving only Conlon. The CTU teams finally arrived and took out the final man. Jack revealed himself and Lee Castle said that they were clear; all hostiles dead.

Jack thanked Safa and Naji for their help, and said he would assist in putting their store back together. Jack took the data to Castle and said it needed to get to CTU. As he was talking to him, Paul noticed Conlon, on the brink of death, picking up a gun and aiming it at Jack. Paul yelled and pushed Jack out of the way, saving his life but getting shot himself. As he began to fall into unconsciousness, Paul told Jack that he owed him.



Jack with Paul Raines on the chopper to CTU

Jack travelled with Paul on a chopper back to CTU. On the way he called Audrey and informed her what had happened. He explained that Paul saved his life, and they were almost back at CTU. Jack said that they would do everything they had to, then apologized. She said she had to go, and hung up.

He arrived soon after and Audrey, crying, asked Jack to tell her that he was not going to die. Jack hugged her, and said that he didn't know. She then ran away to see Paul. Michelle Dessler and Tony approached Jack and said that they had decoded a name from the list he sent; Joseph Fayed, a university profession who came to the US in 1995. In the Situation Room the briefing continued. Michelle said that a tactical team was being sent in to pick him up, but Jack said that was a mistake. It would be better to send someone in undercover as it had become obvious that Marwan had chosen men who were willing to die. He suggested sending Dina Araz in, and said that he could convince her to help them stop Marwan. Michelle said that he had five minutes, otherwise Curtis would go in with a tactical team. Jack entered Dina's holding cell whilst Michelle and Tony watched. Jack showed her a picture of Fayed, and she claimed not to recognise him. Jack explained who he was, and Dina said that she had no reason to help him. Jack said that unless she helped them get to Fayed she would never see Behrooz again. He said that if she helped, she and Behrooz would be put in a witness protection programme and would be given new identities. She then agreed to help, asking what she had to do.

Jack decided upon a plan where Dina would go to Fayed with Jack as a prisoner and demand to see Fayed as Jack would be useful to him. Tony suggested that Jack told Audrey what he was going to do and how risky the operation was, but Jack said that she had enough on her mind. They went through to Dina's room, who demanded to see Behrooz. They agreed to let her do so, and she was taken to Behrooz. Jack listened as Dina gave rough details about her plan to her son. Jack said that they had to go and she left her son.

Jack and Dina pulled up outside Fayed's house at 8:30pm, at which point Jack stabbed himself in the stomach to make it look like he had been injured during the attack. He then gave Dina his gun. She said that he must know that she wanted to kill him, but Jack acknowledged that she would not because of Behrooz. They wanted to the house, Dina pulled Jack along. They knocked on the door, but Fayed refused to open or even acknowledge that he knew someone named Marwan. When Dina said that she had a hostage he finally caved and opened the door. Fayed searched Jack, then knocked him to the floor. Dina explained the story they had decided upon. Fayed placed a call to Marwan and explained Dina's story. Marwan was interested in getting Jack, and told Fayed to bring them to him.


Dina Araz is forced to shoot Jack by Habib Marwan, which results in her death

Whilst on the way to Marwan, Fayed, Dina and Jack drove under a tunnel. Under the tunnel, Dina and Jack were snatched from the car by Marwan's men and pushed into a truck. At 8:56pm they arrived at a location, bags over their heads. Marwan walked out and revealed himself to Jack. He then berated Dina for working with the authorities, explaining that Fayed had killed himself when CTU agents tried to take him in after realizing that Jack and Dina were no longer in the vehicle. He gave her a gun and said that to prove she did not betray him, she had to shoot Jack. She aimed the gun at Jack, but just before shooting it changed the aim to Marwan. She shot, but the gun had no bullets in it. Marwan, realizing that this proved Dina's allegiance to CTU, had her killed. He then had Jack taken away.


Jack was taken into a van and pretended to be unconscious while overhearing a conversation between Marwan and "Mr. Anderson" (on Marwan's cell phone). Marwan said that the target window would close within an hour. They arrived at a warehouse and Jack was strapped to a pole. Marwan said to Jack that he had a few simple questions, and if Jack answered them he might be able to get away alive. He asked if Joseph Fayed was the only link CTU had to him, but Jack refused to answer.


Marwan asks Jack some questions, which he refuses to answer

Jack said that whatever he had planned next would fail like everything else, but Marwan reminded Jack of all the people who died in the train crash, and at the San Gabriel nuclear plant meltdown. Jack then mentioned that CTU managed to stop most of what Marwan planned, which is what America will remember. Marwan said that the attack on Secretary James Heller would result in public leaders no longer wanting to appear for fear of an attack. Jack denounced this, saying that would never happen. Marwan then left, but returned shortly after. He asked about Behrooz Araz, and Jack said he was safely in custody. Marwan called CTU and offered to exchange Jack for Behrooz.

After Marwan left again, Jack noticed a fuse box near him. He began to play with the wires in it. Marwan returned and told Jack to speak to Michelle on the phone, proving him to be alive. Marwan said that the trade would go ahead in 30 minutes. After he hung up, Jack told Marwan CTU would not go ahead with the exchange; he was expendable. Marwan agreed that he was. As the terrorist left, Jack altered the wires some more and managed to disconnect some. Two guards came in to take Jack for the exchange. He knocked them both out with the use of his legs. Another came in and stopped Jack. As he was pulled away, the fuse box he meddled with continued to spark.

Jack was transported to the point of exchange. He was pulled out of the van by two men and faced by Curtis Manning and Behrooz. As Jack began to walk, so did Behrooz. The two passed each other, Behrooz asked where his mother was. Jack claimed not to know. Just as a sniper was about to take Jack out, CTU teams killed the sniper. Jack screamed at Curtis, asking why they gave up Behrooz. Curtis reassured him that Behrooz was being tracked. Jack called Tony and explained that he short-circuited a phone line in the building he was being held, and so it could be tracked with a search for two service obstructions. Tony agreed and did what Jack said. They got in their van and checked the tracking device, but soon it cut out when the terrorists found both of the devices.

Tony discovered the location where Marwan was holding Jack and told Edgar to download the coordinates to tactical.


Jack arrived at the location tracked by Tony. He called Audrey and apologized for how he handled things with Paul. She said that they would have to talk later, and they hung up. Jack and a TAC team member decided plans on how they would break into the building and capture Marwan. The building was raided by the CTU teams who killed several hostiles. They reached a control room and killed the last remaining terrorists. Jack searched the bodies and informed the teams that Marwan was not present and other teams should seal off the perimeter. Jack approached the computer and found that a self-delete programme had been run and he could not stop it. He then noticed a bomb under one of the desks and realized what it was. Yelling for all the men to exit the building, Jack and the TAC teams escaped just before Marwan detonated a device blowing up the room.


Jack learns that something will be happening "within the hour"

Michelle called in to Jack to ask what was happening. He explained that Marwan was just trying to cover his tracks by destroying all evidence of him. Jack the noticed one of the hostiles was still alive. The man said, "you can't stop it". Jack asked what, but the main merely said, "...within the hour". He died before he could say any more. Jack called in to CTU and informed them that some printed data including names and faces had escaped the damage of the blast, and told them that Lee Castle was uploading them to the CTU server. Buchanan agreed to cross reference them with their watch list. Michelle called back moments later and informed him that one of the names had checked out; Mitch Anderson. Jack requested details of Anderson's home and the contact details of an FBI agent who had already been sent to the home.

Jack then called FBI agent Drake and updated her on the situation. She asked a number of questions about why CTU was involved before the call was ended. Jack said he would advise her more when he arrived, and hung up. He arrived with Agent Hart at the apartment. The two were confronted by Drake at gunpoint, but after identifying themselves they agreed to help each other search for what her sources had suggested was a backup hard drive with data pertaining to Marwan's next move on it, hidden in the apartment somewhere. As they searched, Jack looked suspiciously down at Drake. He found a clue that suggested that Anderson was posing as a military officer, despite being dishonourably discharged four years prior. He told her to let the FBI know, and told his partner Hart, to scan the evidence for prints and sent the data to Chloe at CTU. Jack called Tony with the evidence and Tony agreed to update his profile to see if anything came up.


Jack faces off with the FBI agent impostor Nicole.

Jack heard some suspicious noises coming from downstairs and looked down to see the dead body of agent Hart. He drew his weapon against Nicole, the terrorist supporter posing as Drake, who began to shoot at him. He managed to take her out, and immediately started to examine the hard drive which Hart has discovered hidden inside a wall. He connected it to the computer, but found all the drives locked. Edgar helped him to unlock the directory, and Jack found out that Anderson had specs for a military stealth fighter, and inferred that he was trying to steal the plane. Tony investigated and found that a plane had taken off on a scheduled mission about thirty minutes before. The pilot did not call in on schedule. Jack said that Anderson was likely flying that plane. Tony began to work up a list of obvious possible targets. Michelle remembered that Air Force One was in the air near where Anderson was, and Jack concluded that they were going after the President.

Tony sent the details of Anderson's profile to Jack, and patched him through to Anderson in the stealth fighter. Jack tried to talk Anderson out of what he was doing, but the latter did not respond. After a few minutes, Anderson terminated the call and disallowed any more calls from coming through. He proceeded with his attack upon Air Force One and managed to successfully take it down.


Jack arrived at CTU moments after Air Force One crashed to the ground. Jack called a DOD Secret Service number to try to contact some of the personnel on the flight, something no one else at the office had thought of. One of the agents, Patterson, responded. He informed Jack that Air Force One was down and that he did not know the status of the President. Jack said that teams were on the way and for him to hang on. Michelle and Buchanan briefed the agents at CTU, saying that they all had to be dedicated to finding Habib Marwan.

Audrey approached Jack and explained that the nuclear football was the new priority for him, not finding Marwan. It fell out of Air Force One with other debris during the crash and the Secretary of Defense wanted Jack to retrieve the football himself. Audrey stressed the importance of the football and so Jack agreed to obtain it. Audrey was about to leave, but Jack noticed something was wrong and called her back. She explained that the bullet did more damage to Paul Raines than the doctors had anticipated and he had to go back into surgery. She began to blame herself for what happened to him, but Jack said it was his choice to involve Paul. He told her to stay focused on what she had to do, but she countered this by saying that she was unable to block things out as he could. Edgar informed Jack that a chopper was waiting for him, and he left to prepare for take-off.


Jack talks to Jason Girard

In the chopper, Jack called Audrey and said that he did mean he didn't care, just that the country was under attack and he did not have a choice but to put it aside. She said she understood, and was glad for his call. He was then forwarded a call by Tony from a man named Jason Girard who, whilst on a camping trip with his wife, had recovered the football. Jack told him to wait and he would arrive within 20 minutes, but Jason noticed some headlights coming towards him. Jack assessed that there was no government operatives in the region and so it must be some of the terrorists looking for the football, and had managed to lock onto the device's tracking device frequency that CTU were also using. Jack told Jason to remove the transponder and take the football as far away from where he was as he could. Jack directed him as to how to do this then told him to start moving. He then asked Tony to put up surveillance of the whole area on his screen.

Jack called Jason back and directed him to an abandoned facility just north of his location. He also told Jason to remove the batteries from his cell phone to prevent him from being tracked. Jason agreed, hung up and began to move. About five minutes later Jason called back and said that he was at the facility, but the terrorists had just pulled up too. Jack called Tony and told him to get the schematics of the building, which he did. Jack directed Jason to the south east corner of the bottom floor of the facility and said he would meet him there.


Jack gets into a firefight with one of Marwan's men, whilst also telling Jason Girard the code to get into the nuclear football

Jack one other agent landed at the facility several moments later. Jason called him and Jack informed him that they had just landed. Before he could continue Jack's man was shot and someone else continued to fire at him. Jack called Audrey and retrieved the last code for the nuclear football; *76114. Jack called Jason and told him the code and to open the case, whilst returning fire at his attacker. He told Jason to remove a book with coloured pages in it—known as the playbook—and then to separate from his wife and the two parts were useless without the other. Jason protested, but his wife said they should trust Jack, and so Jason agreed.

Jack tricked his attacker by placing some shells in a can and setting them on fire, tricking the terrorists into thinking Jack was still shooting at him. This allowed Jack to sweep around and take out the man whilst he was not looking. He then made his way into the facility and tried to locate the couple. Kelly called Jack and informed him that they had captured Jason. She hung up before saying more. Jack arrived at their location just before one of Marwan's men was about to execute the couple. He asked them what happened and they explained that they had to give Marwan the football. They apologized but Jack said it was alright, and left to try to find the terrorist. He saw Marwan and another man get into their jeeps. He informed air support of this and told them to take the jeeps out. They did so and the lead jeep fell to the ground. Jack approached it and took out the terrorist. He searched the vehicle but could not see the football. He found it eventually but discovered that the important page from the playbook that contained the nuclear device locations had been removed. Jack called Mike Novick at the White House and informed him of the situation. He agreed to tell now Acting-President Charles Logan.


Jack worked with Fred Laughton to recover the files from the stolen Red Chapter. He called Michelle at CTU and informed her that they had been partially successful, but Marwan only needed to get to one nuclear warhead to launch an attack. In the chopper on the way back to CTU, Jack called Audrey. She said 72% of the nukes had been accounted for, but they were having problems getting confirmation from the Mid-West. Jack said to keep trying and told her he would be back in twenty minutes.


Jack talks to Prado's lawyer, David Weiss from Amnesty Global, and realizes that something strange is going on

At 12:40am Jack arrived back at CTU and learnt that Marwan had gained control of a warhead in central Iowa. Chloe also informed him that a lead Curtis had uncovered, a man named Joe Prado who had connections with Marwan, was not being interrogated as he was being protected by Amnesty Global. Jack asked Buchanan what was going on, but he said that Judge Norton refused to go back on his signing of the court order protecting Prado. Jack angrily went to Prado's holding cell and rebuked David Weiss, the man from Amnesty Global, for protecting a man associated with a terrorist. Jack asked to speak with Weiss privately, and he told him that the terrorists would not stop until millions of Americans were dead, but Weiss refused to budge. As Weiss went back into the holding cell, Jack had a thought. He also went back in and questioned how Weiss knew that Prado was at CTU and who asked him to represent Prado. Weiss refused to answer and Jack inferred that Marwan had sent Weiss. Jack went to Buchanan and suggested calling the President, as Prado clearly knew something Marwan did not want them to know.

They called the President and explained the situation, but he was unwilling to authorize a physical interrogation of a US citizen with no criminal record. He agreed to call the Justice Department and discuss the situation and have an answer in twenty minutes, but Jack said it could be over by then. Logan ignored Jack's pleas and said he would get up to him as soon as he could. He hung up and Jack said they could not waste time like this. Jack offered a way to get around the situation that would implicate noone else but him; if Prado was released Jack—who would resign—could interrogate him on his own and therefore have no affiliation with CTU.


Jack tortures Joe Prado

Jack was just about to leave CTU when Audrey approached him and asked him what was going on. He said he would explain later but she persisted until he told her to stop. As Prado left CTU, Jack took out the marshal escorting him and held a gun to Prado's head. He forced him to handcuff his arm to the dashboard, then began to break his fingers when he persisted in saying that he did not know Marwan. Eventually he broke and said that Marwan was at a nightclub called The Hub in downtown LA. Jack knocked him out and left.


After Prado's confession, Jack prepped a team to apprehend Marwan. Jack told Curtis not to use LAPD to lock down the area as it may alert Marwan to their plan. Audrey approached Jack and angrily asked him when he assaulted Prado. Jack said it was the only way to get him to talk. She stressed that he directly acted against the President, but he said that he had no choice. Curtis informed Jack that they were ready to set off, and before he departed Audrey assured Jack that he could not keep working outside the law and not experience the consequences. He said that he understood the consequences better than anyone. Curtis noticed the tension and, as they walked away, told Jack that he did the right thing with Prado. Jack thanked him and glanced back fleetingly at Audrey.

As Jack and his team arrived at The Hub, Curtis told Jack that they needed to make sure that Marwan was inside. Jack said that he would send in the remote camera so they could get a visual. As he set it up, CTU teams secured the area. Jack entered the building and put the camera in an air vent. As he did so, Jack received a call from Buchanan saying that Logan had called for his arrest and Secret Service were heading to his location as they spoke. Buchanan said that they had to catch Marwan before Secret Service arrived there. Jack placed the camera into the air vent and began to control it. He found a possible associate of Marwan, and continued to search. As he did, two Secret Service agents arrived. Jack finally got a visual on Marwan just as Agent Castle was entering the building to replace him so Jack could be taken into custody. The CTU teams moved on the building as Marwan attempted to escape. Jack made his way through the building as well. They followed Marwan and his men to a lower level, and they exited through a hidden tunnel. Jack took out one of Marwan's men but the others escaped. As Jack investigated the tunnel, he noticed a bomb set to destroy the entry from the club to the tunnel. He dove out just in time and the bomb exploded, sealing Marwan's exit.


Jack realizes that Habib Marwan has successfully escaped

Before Jack could continue, the Secret Service agents arrived and took Jack into custody. He gave them his weapon and was handcuffed. Jack angrily rebuked him for blowing the mission. The agent said that he was just following orders. Around fifteen minutes later, and to his surprise, Jack was released from Secret Service custody. The agents told him that Logan realized his mistake. The agent apologized, but Jack said that did not help with their situation. Jack angrily screamed, "damnit, we had him!". Jack then ordered everyone back to CTU.

As he arrived back Edgar informed him that Chloe, who was at a location to decrypt a computer with a potential lead on it, was being shot at. Jack spoke to her and she said that their agents were down and she was with the informant. Jack called for LAPD assistance at the location, and Curtis informed him that the nearest TAC team was fifteen minutes away. Jack said that was too long. Chloe called back and said that they were in the car. The attacker was shooting at them but the vehicle was bulletproof. Jack directed her to some weapons in the back of the vehicle. Just as the man began to ram their car, Chloe shot him with an assault rifle.


Chloe contacted Jack and Edgar at CTU and informed them that she had unlocked Sabir's harddrive. Jack said that someone must have sent him the details of the warhead, and Chloe said that the files came from someone within the US. She forwarded them to Edgar to run a trace. Jack then took Chloe off speaker and asked her how she was. She said she wasn't used to killing people but she could do her job. They hung up, and Edgar managed to traced the files to Lee Jong, a Chinese research scientist. They discovered that he was working as a freelance agent and so therefore probably knew where the warhead was. Jack got a call from Dr. Besson who said that Paul Raines was in recovery and Jack could see if he wanted. He left to do so.

He arrived but interrupted a moment between Audrey and Paul. Paul insisted that he say, and Jack apologized for causing this. Paul said that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Jack reminded him that he pushed him out of the way. Buchanan arrived and told Jack that Lee Jong was in the Chinese consulate, the one place they could not get to. He then handed Jack a phone and said it was David Palmer who had been enlisted by Charles Logan to help with Presidential duties as he was overwhelmed with the events of the day himself. Jack said that would good. Palmer said it was good to talk to Jack, and that he wanted to be the one to personally take Lee Jong into custody and bring him back to CTU. He also said that if the political approach did not work he would leave it to Jack to make the "necessary preparations". He said they needed Lee whatever it took. Jack hung up and told Buchanan to get Curtis, one of his best agents and a Chinese interpreter ready to go to the consulate.


Jack enters the Chinese consulate

By 2:24am Jack and his team were waiting outside the consulate. David Palmer called him and asked if there was any doubt in his mind that Lee was working with Marwan. Jack said there was none. Palmer said that they had to move on the consulate, but noone associated with the government could be connected to this, and that they would be tried under Chinese law if caught, so he could not help them. Jack said that he understood. Palmer wished him good luck, and Jack thanked him. Jack called Tony and said that he needed real-time updates of infared on the consulate, explaining to Tony that they had to go in and get Lee as the consulate would not release him in time. Jack told Tony that it was a covert operation and he was the only person at CTU who could know.

Tony overlayed the infared with a satellite map of the consulate and sent the data to Jack. The two worked out where Lee Jong was by searching for a populated area, and they decided to move in. He hung up and Curtis asked how he planned to deploy. Jack said that Curtis and his agent, Howard Bern, would cover the perimeter whilst Jack would go in alone so he could deny involvement with the government. Jack headed over to the consulate and reached a door. He used a device to break into it and went down a corridor towards Lee's room. Before he could go far Tony stopped him and said someone was approaching him from the west side. He began to move away and Jack went forward. He bypassed several other guards and got closer to Lee. He saw the man talking to consul. He tranquillized two guards, knocked out another man and took Lee. Knocking him out, he took the man over his shoulder and began to run out. Guards were alerted and began to move towards him. He told Curtis on his comm to bring the van around to the front to meet him. Jack got out as guards began to open fire on him. Curtis and Bern arrived to provide support. In the process, the consul was killed by one of the Chinese agents fire. Another agent pulled up Bern's mask.

They got out successfully but found that Lee had been hit. As they drove away Tony asked for a status on Lee. Jack said that he was shot in the back and they were about 15 minutes out. Jack gave him a shot to ease the pain, then asked where Marwan was. Lee said he would tell them if they gave him a guarantee of protection. Jack agreed he would be immune from prosecution if the information he gave them would lead them to the warhead in time. Lee said he wanted a written guarantee from the President before he would tell them where Marwan was. Palmer called Jack and, as Jack explained about the guarantee he said that they did not have time for that. Jack agreed but said that it was the fastest way to make this happen. Palmer said he would get the agreement from Logan.


Jack forces Dr. Besson to operate on Lee Jong, which leads to Paul Raines' death

Lee's lungs began to fill with fluid and they arrived back at CTU. He was put on a gurney and rushed to medical, where Paul Raines was in surgery. Dr. Besson said that he could not operate on Lee, he already had a patient. Jack pulled his gun on the doctor and told him to start working on Lee. Besson said that Paul would die if he left him, but Jack, in an effort to comfort himself, said that wasn't for sure. Besson eventually moved over to Lee, and Jack continued to hold him at gunpoint. Audrey demanded that Jack stop what he was doing. He said he was doing his job, but she tried to pull his gun away from him. Two agents held her back and took her into the corner. Paul began to crash and Curtis started CPR on him. Jack used a defibrillator on him but Paul did not come back. He gave him a shot of epinephrine but still it did not work. Curtis told Jack that he was dead, but he continued to try to pump his heart. He didn't stop until Curtis physically pulled him off him. Audrey realized what had happened and walked over to Jack, pounding him and yelling at him for killing Paul who had saved his life. He asked Dr. Besson if Lee would make it. He said he was doing the best he could, and Jack simply looked on.


Some medics covered up the dead body of Paul Raines as Marc Besson continued to work on Lee Jong. Jack told him that he only needed the man long enough to talk to him, but Besson rebukes him for sacrificing Paul Raines' life. Curtis toldto Jack that they should leave, and Jack reminded Besson that he would be right outside. In the corridor Jack saw Audrey crying. He apologized but she asked him how he could kill a man who saved his life. She cried in his arms, but then broke away, telling him that she could not be near him. As she faced the other way, Jack went to touch her back in comfort but decided against it. He asked her what she wanted him to do, and she told him to leave.


Buchanan talks to Jack

Bill Buchanan approached Jack in the corridor, informing him that Mike Novick wanted him to contact him at the White House. Jack explained what happened with Paul to him. Bill asked if he was alright, and Jack said no. Buchanan left and Jack called Mike Novick's office. Mike doubted the valubility of Lee when Jack told him that they have not been able to get anything out of him yet due to the surgery. He reminded Jack that they took a huge risk in doing what they did, then informed him of the death of the Chinese consul, Koo Yin due to friendly fire. He told Jack to fake an alibi for each of the members of his team. Jack informed Curits and Howard Bern that the consul had been killed in the extraction and that they needed to make plausible alibis for each of them. He told them that the US government could not be dragged into the situation.

Jack asked Chloe to free up a server for a large DOD block transfer. She asked if it had been authorized, and he said he still has to talk to Audrey about it. She made the situation uncomfortable by pointing out how hard it would be for Jack to talk to Audrey after he caused Paul's death. She told him that if he ever needed to talk to anyone as a friend, she was there for him, and he awkwardly thanked her. He left her to ask Audrey to authorize the block transfer. She agreed to do so and inquired about Lee, who Jack said was stabilized. As he was walking away, he turned back to her and said that she should get some rest. She asked him not to tell her what to do, and, realizing she has taken what he said the wrong way, he left the matter alone.

Buchanan told Jack that the head of security at the Chinese consulate had contacted Michelle, and it seemed like he had evidence linking CTU with the kidnapping. Jack thought that they were bluffing, and told him that they did not have time to deal with the Chinese right now. Buchanan said that they did not have much choice, and asked Jack to help him figure out how to deal with the situation. He asked to check on Lee's condition first, and, after a glace at Audrey, went to go to the CTU medical clinic.

Cheng Zhi from the Chinese consulate arrived at CTU. Jack quickly changed into a suit then greeted Cheng in the Situation Room. Cheng asked why Jack was not with Secretary Heller, and if anyone would be good at leading a covert operation, Jack would be the idea candidate. Before he could go further, Jack assured Cheng that neither he nor CTU had anything to do with what happened.


Jack speaks to Cheng

Cheng showed the men the information he had on Howard Bern, including the photograph from the surveillance cameras. Jack accused Cheng of altering the photograph, but he responded that it was only to improve the quality. The two sides continued to challenge each other until Jack noticed that Howard Bern, who Bill had told Cheng was not in the building tonight, was outside the Situation Room talking to Chloe. Jack covertly faked a phone call so he could exit the room to tell Bern to get out of sight. Jack called Chloe and told her to make Bern meet him in the East Corridor, and to get a chopper ready. Jack explained what happened to Bern, who apologizes for not bringing it up earlier.

Jack told Bern there was a chopper waiting for him, so he left. Jack received a call from Curtis, telling him that Jong was ready for questioning. In medical, Jack questioned Jong about Marwan's location, and was told that Marwan might be in a factory in 6th street. Jack told Chloe that was the location they wanted, and for her to set up a team to head out now. Audrey saw Jack about to leave for the mission and he explained to her her that Lee gave them a probable location on Marwan and that they are going to pick him up now. She asked if any of Jack's protocol-breaking has been working, and Jack reminded that Audrey and her father were alive, and that they stopped all but one of the nuclear plants from melting down.


Jack finally finds Habib Marwan

On the way to Marwan's location, Jack received a call from President Palmer who asked about the Chinese. Jack told him how they had one of his team member's masks up and got a face, but told him that it wasn't conclusive enough. Palmer wished him good luck. Jack and Curtis broke into the location and began firing. All of Marwan's men were killed, and Marwan was captured by Jack. He told Jack that it was too late, so Jack shot Marwan in the arm. Marwan told Jack to kill him - it would not stop the missile. Curtis looked at Marwan's computer screen and told Jack that Marwan's people did have a missile. They contacted CTU and send the feed to their screens. Jack asked Curtis how much time they had. They saw there was 52 seconds before launch. Tony and CTU desperately tried to track the location of the missile, with Chloe doing a geographical scan, and Edgar trying to pick up a heat signature. Before they could do anything, however, the missile was launched.


As CTU was unable to stop the missile launch or locate it, Jack told Tony that he would bring Marwan in for questioning. He hung up and told Curtis to try to decrypt Marwan's computer files while he prepped a team to search the facility. He came back several minutes later and Curtis told him that he had been unsuccessful in finding anything on the laptop. Charles Logan called Jack and asked about the cruise missile that had been launched. Jack said that they did not have a lot to go on to find it and that Marwan likely would break as he believed strongly in his cause.


Jack interrogates Habib Marwan

Jack approached Marwan and explained that he could offer him a deal and said that they would listen to his terms. Marwan said that he had no interest in having a political discussion with Jack. Jack said that Marwan had the power to make any kind of deal he wanted as Jack was in direct contact with the President. If he told Jack where the missile was heading and helped to stop it, he could talk directly with the President and get what he wanted. Marwan said that he already had what he wanted. He ensured that from now on the world would see that the US was vulnerable.

Curtis approached Jack and told him that Richard Heller called Marwan a week before and that he was being brought in to CTU. Jack said that he wanted to question him, and told some agents to put Marwan in the vehicle. As they did so, a rocket was launched at a different CTU car which exploded, after which some of Marwan's men who had been hidden before began to open fire on Jack and Curtis. They managed to take out Marwan's men but not before another one got in the CTU vehicle and drove Marwan away. Tony called Jack a few moments later and told him that Marwan had escaped their perimeter by dumping their vehicle and getting into another car. Jack told them to hold off on interrogating Richard until he arrived.

Jack arrived back at CTU. As soon as he did Audrey angrily told him that he could not interrogate her brother. She asked for five minutes with him to try to see what he knew, and Jack eventually agreed. Richard claimed to know nothing, and Secretary Heller who had just arrived asked to speak with him himself. He eventually confessed that he slept with a man whose girlfriend was also there and probably had time to use his phone. Heller realized that he was set up and asked him about the details of the night but he remembered nothing. Jack told Curtis to get a sketch artist and call the cab company that the couple used. A few minutes later Chloe and Edgar pinned down the couple, who were staying at an apartment in the Mercerwood. Jack went to take a team there, with Tony as part of the team.


Jack prepares to enter the hotel room

Jack called Audrey from the chopper and said that he knew she did not walk to talk to him but he had a few things to say. He said that the things he had done today were the things he was running away from and the reason he moved to DC. He said the last thing he wanted to do was to push her away and he did not want to stay in this life. He told her that he loved her but this was how the job had to be done and he was sorry it involved her and the people she cared about. He asked her to promise that they could talk things over when all of this was done. She did not respond as Jack had to hang up.

The chopper landed near to the hotel, and Jack, Tony and the team were driven there directly. Tony and Lee Castle took up positions on the roof while Jack went in towards the room. Jack met with a TAC team members by the apartment door. They entered and found a body on a chair on the location. It was the man who Richard had slept with. Jack called Tony and said the man was dead and the girl was nowhere to be seen. Jack called Tony on comm a few moments later and said that they were initiating a search. Tony did not respond, nor did Castle. Jack ran to their location and found Castle's body and Tony missing. Jack informed CTU and said that he needed more tactical units.


Jack, still on the phone with CTU, said that the female accomplice could not have escaped the perimeter and that they had to search the Mercerwood room by room; over 600 to go through. Michelle and Buchanan agreed to call more men from Division and LAPD. As Jack directed more men to search the complex, Buchanan called him and explained that the hostile contacted Michelle and tried to use Tony to make her clear a path on the north-east drive way. Jack said that he would move all units away from that area and put them in concealed locations.

Curtis arrived and Jack told him to help search the apartments. Curtis questioned the point when Michelle had been contacted by the hostile but Jack reminded him that they had to pretend that they did not know Michelle had been contacted. Jack moved all his men away from the north-east drive way in compliance with the hostile's demand.

It began to rain. The hostile contacted Michelle again, this time being listened by Jack and Buchanan. She said that she hoped Michelle had done as she said because she would kill Tony otherwise. She then hung up. Jack, with his team, was watching the vicinity from a multitude of angles, with recording equipment ready to follow everything that happened. One of his men noticed two people walking out from a building under an umbrella. The hostile called Michelle again and said they were on their way, confirming it was her and Tony. She said to Michelle as soon as they got away she would call her and tell her where she could find Tony. As soon as they got in the car Buchanan ordered for the men to move, but Jack said not yet. The men moved out hesitantly and the hostile saw them. She said she would not be taken alive and blew up the car, killing herself and Tony. Michelle screamed and Jack and Curtis ran down towards the car. Jack confirmed that the car was destroyed and she and Tony were dead.


Jack refuses to believe that the hostile killed herself and Tony

Edgar called Jack and told him that Buchanan said the field mission was over and to bring back their troops. Jack, however, refused. Buchanan spoke to him himself, and Jack, who was watching the destruction of the car over and over again, told Buchanan that killing herself did not make any sense in relation to the hostile's previous actions; her next step would be to negotiate for a deal. Jack said that he was unconvinced it was her and Tony, but Buchanan said he needed to focus and there was nothing to suggest they were deceived. He hung up after saying that Jack had ten minutes. Jack watched the video again, this time listening to the audio through a headset. He realised that you could not hear the rain on the hostile's side of the call despite the heavy rain that was pouring down around them. They realised she must have been making the call from somewhere else where you could see the car. Jack and Curtis told their teams to move in on the most likely building.


Jack interrogates Mandy

Jack was informed of some fresh blood found outside one of the apartments. He went there and found the location left empty. Jack noticed the blood continued in a trail and followed it to the parking lot. The hostile, Mandy, took Tony and pointed the gun to his neck, asking if Jack had what it took to let her shoot him whilst he was looking in the eye. Jack said that he did and she believed him. Before she could do anything Curtis crept up behind her, pulled the gun from her and punched her in the face. Jack made sure Tony was OK before giving him a phone to call Michelle and tell her that he was alive. Jack called in and informed Buchanan that they had apprehended the hostile and that Tony was OK. Buchanan said he would call the White House, and find Michelle—who he had sent home—and patch her through.

Jack and Curtis talked about Mandy and said that they needed to structure a deal. Jack told him to contact President Palmer. Mandy regained consciousness and Jack asked her where Marwan was. She did not respond so he said he could offer her a deal granting her immunity from past and present crimes. She agreed to help if Jack showed her the deal.


Mandy told Jack that she would talk when her "representatives" confirmed her immunity. Her lawyer, Todd Richards, called and said that the document was in order. Mandy then told Jack that Marwan was at the Global Center and was waiting for a helicopter to take him away. Jack and Curtis left to go to the building. As they went to their chopper, Jack told his team that lethal force should be used under no circumstance. As their chopper got close, Jack told the pilot to take a south-east approach and stay below the building so Marwan could not see them. They pulled up and Jack began to shoot at the helicopter, and managed to take out their engine. Jack and his team landed but Marwan had run away before they reached him. They found his cell phone, but it had been shot and destroyed. They chased after Marwan and down into the lower levels of the building.


Jack shouts in anguish after Marwan commits suicide

Marwan engaged them and took out one of the team members. Curtis went over to him and was shot in the arm himself. Jack advanced towards him, using cars as cover. He managed to shoot Marwan in the foot, which led to Marwan hobbling over towards the ledge of the parking garage. He tried to jump off, and so Jack ran towards him and grabbed him just before he could fall. Jack demanded to know where the missile was, but Marwan did not respond. He took out a knife, and cut Jack's hand until he could not hold on to Marwan any longer. He fell to the floor and died.

Jack returned to the chopper and learnt that there was a tracking programme on Marwan's destroyed cell phone that may be able to be recovered. Jack called Buchanan and told him that they were forwarding them some data from Marwan's cell. Chloe and Edgar worked and managed to find a flight path in the data and discovered that the missile was coming for Los Angeles and it would be there within half an hour. Buchanan called the military and informed them, and they said they would be able find the missile. Moments later, Jack and Curtis saw the missile explode in the air after it was shot down by the military.

Jack arrived back at CTU and saw Audrey. He told her that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but she told him that he belonged there at CTU doing what he did best. But she said she could not cope with that world. She said that she loved him, but after today it would not work. She kissed him, apologized and walked away. He looked on, speechless. Suddenly his phone rang; it was David Palmer. He informed him that the Chinese had proof that he led the assault on their consulate; Howard Bern made a full confession. Jack understood that the Chinese now wanted him, but Palmer told him that they really wanted him to implicate the government. Jack said that would never happen, and Palmer said he understood, but they would put him in prison for a long time. He told Jack that it was "unfair to say the least", and that he was ashamed of his part in it. He said that he would make it his life's purpose to bring Jack back as soon as possible. An agent was being sent to CTU to put him under house arrest, and he would have some time to put his affairs in order. Palmer thanked him, and Jack reciprocated.


Tony revives Jack

Whilst Tony changed, Jack entered and took some belongings from his locker. Tony said he was sorry that Jack had to take the fall for everything that happened at the Chinese consulate, and Jack thanked him. David Palmer called him again and told him that he should not go with the man who comes to take him into custody because he had orders from Walt Cummings to kill him. Palmer told Jack to get out of there, and Jack thanked him. He thought of a plan and conversed with Tony about faking his death to evade capture.

Tony ordered a lockdown and called Buchanan, telling him that Jack had escaped during their debrief. Jack got to Section C of CTU, where he began to be pursued by Tony and Dale Spalding, the agent assigned by Cummings to take him into custody and execute him. Spalding decided to take a shot, and he took Jack out and killed him. Tony rebuked Spalding for shooting Jack, who clearly did not want to shoot them or else he would have hit them. Spalding was taken away and everyone left apart from Michelle, Tony and Chloe. Michelle then handed Tony some epinephrine and he injected Jack, bringing him back to life all as part of their plan.


Jack is forced to leave his old life at the end of Day 4

Tony and Michelle drove Jack away from CTU, avoiding all other agents. Jack said that they needed to get back to CTU before anyone got suspicious. Tony told Jack that they had secured him a new identity to get him across the border, as well as a clean phone. Jack thanked them for everything, then got out of the car. Just as he walked away Tony called him back and told him to be careful. Jack said that he would, shook hands and thanked them again. Tony drove away back to CTU. Jack then called David Palmer and told him that he had successfully got away. He thanked Palmer for saving his life, who said that this would be the last time they would ever speak. Palmer told him that "for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead". Jack said that it had been an honour to know him, and Palmer responded in kind. Jack hung up, put on his sunglasses and began to walk away down some train tracks towards the sunrise.

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