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This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions on Day 5.

Day 5[]



"Frank Flynn" looking for work.

In the opening moments of Day 5, Jack - who is using the alias of "Frank Flynn" - is at an oil field in Mojave, California verifying if there's work available for him. However, he is told by his boss that he doesn't have any work today since one of the oil pumps went offline. Jack thanks him anyway and tells him he'll try the next day. After heading to his apartment, Jack is shocked to learn that President David Palmer was assassinated in Los Angeles. As he watches the news crying, Diane Huxley knocks on the door and invites him to have some breakfast with her and her son, Derek.

As they are eating, Derek starts questioning Jack's alleged past work where he claimed to have worked at an oil rig in Alaska. Diane tries to keep him quiet, but Jack tells him it's ok and starts asking Derek about his claims. Derek prefers to excuse himself and leaves. Diane apologizes to Jack, and he tries to explain what Derek asked him. However, Diane stops him and tells him that she knows he doesn't want to talk about his past, but that she trusts him anyway.


Jack gathers his things to help Chloe.

At around 7:23am, Jack receives a desperate call from Chloe O'Brian. Jack excuses himself from the table, telling Diane he doesn't have a good signal, and walks outside of the house. Chloe then tells him about the car bomb targeted at Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler, and how it all might be connected to Palmer's assassination, and the fact that they're the only ones who knew he was alive. When she tells him she is being pursued as well, Jack decides he needs to help her and instructs her not to contact anyone, especially CTU. He then tells her to meet at an abandoned oil refinery on Variel and Topanga and wait for him by the large cooling tanks on the north. Jack then goes to his room and takes out a bag with his weapons and leaves.

Jack then stops by a station where a rescue pilot is preparing his helicopter. Jack manages to knock him out by punching him in the face. But as he drags him, he hears a noise. As he knocks down some crates, he finds Derek hiding. As Jack points the gun at him, Derek quickly apologizes, but Jack grabs him and tells him he has to take him. He then takes him to the helicopter and flies away. Derek then asks Jack who is he, but Jack refuses to answer most of his questions. On his way, he calls Diane and tells her he's with Derek. He then asks her to start driving towards Los Angeles to pick him up. When Diane gets really nervous, Jack assures her everything will be fine and reminds her what she told him that same morning about trust.

Eventually Jack arrives at the refinery and tells Derek he has to help a friend. As he walks out of the helicopter, he is reunited with Chloe. As they embrace, he asks her if she would be able to access the CTU servers remotely. Chloe tells him they could do it from a research loft at Caltech. As they are talking, the group of terrorists that were chasing Chloe arrive at the gate of the refinery. Jack quickly prompts Chloe to get in the helicopter, but he isn't able to launch it on time. Jack then gives Chloe a gun and tells her to hide with Derek in the refinery.


Jack calmly shoots Conrad Haas.

As they run, Jack throws some smoke grenades to give them cover. Hiding in the smoke, he approaches Kohler, one of the thugs, and knifes him in the back. He then walks towards the refinery, when the car with the other two men approaches him. He faces the speeding car and shoots at the windshield, killing the two occupants. As the car crashes, he approaches it to make sure they are dead. He then returns to the refinery interior, and sees Conrad Haas approaching Chloe and Derek, and shoots him in the leg. Startled, Chloe fires three additional shots at Haas in the stomach. As Haas falls, Jack tells Chloe and Derek to walk away. Jack then starts interrogating Haas promising he'll take him to a hospital if he answers. Jack asks him why they were looking for him and what were the motives. Haas tells him he was hired to take out Palmer, and that the other three were a diversion to frame Jack. Realizing that Haas killed Palmer, Jack asks him who was behind it, but Haas tells him they never used names. After that, Haas pleads him to take him to the hospital, but Jack decides to kill him in cold blood.


After killing Haas, Jack tells Chloe that he is being framed as Palmer's assassin. Although Chloe recommends him to disappear, he tells her he wants to find out why Palmer was killed and that he will investigate the crime scene at Wayne Palmer's apartment. He then asks her if she can access building schematics and a deployment grid of the agents there, and Chloe tells him she can. Jack then apologizes to Derek for what he just saw and tells him they're leaving. When Derek refuses to go with him, Jack grabs him by the throat and tells him the only reason he's still conscious is because he doesn't want to carry him. He then orders him to get in the van.


Jack talks to Diane.

As they are driving, Jack calls Diane and assures her Derek is ok. He tells her that he will contact her shortly to tell her where to pick Derek up. Diane, who is desperate, asks him if she can speak with Derek and Jack hands him the phone. As they arrive at the place, Jack tells him to hang up. While Jack and Derek hide in the back of the van, Chloe drives to the checkpoint in front of Wayne Palmer's apartment building. After handing her credentials to the agent at the checkpoint, she drives to the parking garage where Jack gives her a comm unit to stay in touch. He then knocks down an FBI agent and takes his jacket.


Jack and Wayne Palmer.

With the help of Chloe, Jack manages to get in the elevator, trying to avoid the security. When he walks into the apartment, he is shocked and angered to see Palmer's body lying there. Composing himself, he then sneaks into the studio where he finds a computer with an encrypted file. While Chloe hacks into it, Jack hears a noise outside. As he prepares to confront whoever it is, Wayne Palmer discovers Jack and blasts him for killing his brother. Jack assures him he is being set-up and that he wouldn't do that to his brother because David was his friend. To prove it to him, Jack gives Wayne his weapon as he slowly returns to the computer. Eventually, Wayne realizes Jack might be right and lets go the gun.

After decrypting the file, Wayne realizes it's the first chapter of David's memoirs. With help from Wayne, they manage to find a name and address - "Chevensky - 16 Transport Way" - written within the text of the document. At this point, Chloe informs Jack that the agents are on their way to the apartment. As he is about to leave, Wayne offers his help, but Jack refuses to get him involved. Again, with the help of Chloe, Jack manages to get down to the parking. As he gets in the van, though, FBI agents led by Agent Jennings flood the garage. Jack asks Chloe to create a diversion by driving away, while he and Derek escape through another exit. As Chloe gets arrested, Jack finds a car and he drives away with Derek.

As he is driving to Ontario Airport, Jack calls Diane and tells her to meet him there. On the road, Derek asks why did he lied. Jack tells him that after his mother rented him the room, he started feeling what it was like to have a family again, and that he thought he might have a second chance. He also assured Derek that he cared about him, despite what he might think. When they arrive at the airport, Jack lets Derek reunite with Diane. As they hug, he gets out of the car and apologizes to her for bringing them into this. He then tells her that he lied about a lot of stuff, but that he would explain later. He then gives her the address to CTU Los Angeles and tells her to go there and ask for Bill Buchanan. When Diane asks her what to tell them, he says "the truth". Jack then walks into the airport to find Chevensky.

After asking a security guard, Jack finds Chevensky's office. When he walks in, Chevensky is startled. Jack quickly asks him about Palmer, but Chevensky claims he doesn't know anything. When Jack is distracted by an explosion outside, Chevensky manages to swallow a suicide capsule and dies. Jack then looks out the office and sees armed men leading people around and realizes he's trapped.


As the terrorists take over the airport, Jack remained in Chevensky's office to seize up the situation. At some point, two of the terrorists came to the office looking for Chevensky. Jack remained hiding until they left. He then climbed up some shelves and went into the air ducts. From there, he called Bill Buchanan at CTU Los Angeles to inform him of the situation. Although Bill hadn't received any notification, he did shortly after Jack told him. Bill then suggested for him to find a way to get out of the airport and surrender himself. However, Jack reminded him that he didn't work for him and that he would still do what he had to do. He offered his help to Bill and he, reluctantly, agreed. Jack told him he would take some pictures of the terrorists with his cellphone and send them to CTU, plus he also asked for a schematic of the airport. After some time, Spenser Wolff sent it to him.

Jack called Curtis Manning when he arrived at the airport and informed him of the situation. When he overheard Diane's name, Jack asked Curtis to speak to her. Diane told her that Derek was inside the airport, so Jack went through one of the gratings to spot him. After seeing him, he came back to the phone and told Diane that he was okay and unharmed. Jack also promised her he would bring Derek safe to her. He then told Curtis to keep her safe at the command post.

At around 9:22am, Jack saw the leader of the terrorists, Anton Beresch, execute one of the hostages in front of the camera. Beresch then took Derek and threatened to kill him in 15 minutes if President Logan didn't comply to their demands. Jack quickly called Curtis to see how much time he needed, but Curtis still needed half an hour for some reinforcements to arrive. Jack told him that wouldn't be enough and pressured him to hurry.

As Jack was looking at the terrorists, he noticed a device in one of their vests. He took a picture of it and then called Chloe to send her the picture. Knowing the device was a detonator, he asked Chloe to find the frequency and configuration for him to detonate the vest from his cellphone. As Chloe started looking for it, he brought to her attention that Derek was in danger of being executed. After several minutes, Jack called Chloe to check her progress. As she hurried her, she and Spenser gave her the steps to reconfigure his cellphone. After doing so, he managed to detonate the vest of one of the terrorists causing Beresch to run and reorganize his people.


Jack surrenders to Anton Beresch.

When Buchanan and Curtis started wondering what happened, Jack told him what he had done. He then continued relaying information to them about the terrorists positions. As Curtis readied his team to raid the airport, Jack noticed Beresch moving his people again. However, just as he was about to notify Curtis about it, Beresch sent a feedback signal through the airport that scrambled his phone. Jack then heard Beresch calling his name ordering him to come out or he would execute Derek. Angered, Jack walked out to the terminal and surrendered himself. Beresch then had one of his men handcuff him.


After confiscating Jack's phone, Anton Beresch demanded to know CTU's plan of attack. Jack refused to speak, but Beresch threatened to kill Derek to force him. Jack gave in and revealed that an assault team planned to storm the north entrance of the terminal. Jack insisted that the White House wouldn't negotiate with terrorists, but Beresch decided to execute another hostage to prove them they were serious. As he ordered Vlad to guard Jack, Beresch ordered his lieutenant to choose a hostage. Jack saw how the terrorist forced a man with a yellow tie up from the crowd, but Beresch told him to pick someone else. Then, despite Jack's pleas, Beresch shot a second hostage in front of the camera.

After this, Beresch and his man watched live coverage of the crisis, while Derek started blaming himself for the situation telling Jack that if he hadn't gone into the airport, Jack wouldn't have had to surrender. Jack told him to stay calm and assured him that it was not over. Beresch then came and gave Jack his phone forcing him to call CTU and told them to direct their teams to an emergency door south of Gate 12. Jack told him that he needed to give them an explanation for such a drastic change of plans, but as Beresch pointed the gun at Derek, he told him it was up to him. Jack then gave in and took the phone.

As Jack calls CTU, they transferred his call to the Situation Room where Buchanan was. With Curtis also on the line, Jack explained that he had to end the transmission when a hostile got too close. Jack then rerouted Curtis' men to a new breach point telling him that Beresch had moved the hostages to the kill zone. Despite Curtis' reluctance, Jack told him to use an emergency door south of Gate 12. He also warned him he was on a "flank 2" position.


Jack is threatened by Anton Beresch.

As they waited, Jack tried to calm Derek, who kept blaming himself for what happened. Again, Jack assured him it wasn't his fault and told him that it was not over. Later, he noticed how Beresch secretly handed out a key card to the same hostage he had refused to execute earlier. At 10:40am, Curtis called Jack to confirm everything, and Jack stressed again that he was in a "flank 2" position. When Curtis asked him about their time of entry, Jack told them to enter at their discretion. Curtis warned him they would go in in 60 seconds, but as time passed by, Beresch started losing patience and pointed the gun at Jack demanding to know what was happening. Jack told him he knew nothing and Beresch ordered him to call CTU again. As Buchanan took the call, he told Jack that they had to reset the detonators and that they would be entering the airport at any moment.

When CTU tactical teams finally stormed the terminal, Jack tried to cover Derek from harm. He then grabbed a shard of glass to break his bindings. After freeing himself, he grabbed a gun and shot two terrorists. When Jack saw Beresch was about to shoot himself, he shot him in the hand to make him drop his weapon. However, as he approached him, Beresch reached the detonator of a fallen comrade and blew himself. Jack then returned to check on Derek. He then took him to CTU SWAT Agent Smith and asked him to take them to CTU. When Derek asked him what would happen, Jack embraced him and told him he had to finish this.

Jack then returned to the terminal and started looking among the hostages for the man with the yellow tie. When he didn't find him, he asked the civilians if they saw him, but nobody had seen him. When Jack saw Curtis, he told him about the "sleeper" terrorist and offered to help find him. However, Curtis told him he had orders to bring him back to CTU under custody. Reluctantly, Jack gave the man's description to Curtis as they headed to a helicopter.



Jack escorted back to CTU by Mara Tyler.

Jack was being escorted back to CTU by Agent Mara Tyler. On the way, she commented to him how unbelievable was it that he had remained "dead" for so long. However, he remarked that he obviously didn't succeed. At this point, Curtis called Mara and asked to speak to Jack. Curtis then asked specific information about the location of Ivan Erwich so he could locate him on the airport's surveillance cameras. Jack told him he was closer to Gates 6 and 7, and Curtis thanked him for the information.

When Jack arrived at CTU, he quickly approached Chloe and thanked her for her help at the airport. Lynn introduced himself at this point and gave him a Level 2 clearance. He then brought him up to speed on the theft of nerve gas. Jack told him that whoever planned the theft must've been behind Palmer's assassination as well. Lynn agreed but told Jack he had to debrief him first to look for any lead. As Lynn went to talk to Division, Bill came in and greeted Jack. Jack also apologized to him for Michelle Dessler's death. Bill then told him that Audrey was working with them and told him she was debriefing Diane Huxley.


Jack meets with Audrey Raines.

Jack went upstairs and met with Audrey. He apologized to her, but assured her he couldn't tell her he was alive. Audrey then told him the hardest part was thinking he had died while she was angry at her. Audrey then told him she didn't blame him for Paul's death and that she knew he had made a hard decision. Jackie interrupted them because Lynn was looking for Jack.

Lynn then started questioning Jack about the people involved in his fake death. Jack also confessed that 18 months earlier, Palmer had contacted him to tell him that someone inside Logan's administration wanted to kill him. This prompted Jack to fake his own death. Lynn, however, can't believe that someone so close to the President would be behind such a plan, and also remarked that an investigation into Logan's people would take months.

Their conversation was interrupted by a call from Dr. Paulson, who told them Tony Almeida had regained consciousness and wanted to speak with Jack. He walked out and stumbled upon Derek Huxley on the hallway. Derek apologized to him for the way he had treated her. Jack told him he understood and knew that he was trying to protect his mother. He then assured Derek that they would talk about everything as soon as the crisis finished.


Jack fights with Hank.

When Jack entered the clinic, he asked the doctor about Tony, and he pointed his bed. As he approached Tony, he noticed he was still unconscious, and was able to see Hank's reflection pulling a gun. A fight ensued, during which Hank kicked Jack in the torso breaking his rib. During the struggle, Jack managed to grab a pair of surgical scissors and stab Hank on the neck. As Buchanan walked in, Jack told him the man was a professional hitman. Bill told Jack that they had found a "mole" inside CTU, and Jack headed there to question him.

As he walked inside holding, he showed Spenser the video of the dead hitman, and started questioning him about his involvement. Spenser, scared, assured them that he was working under orders of Walt Cummings, who had recruited him to investigate CTU from the inside. He also told them that Cummings had asked him to clear Hank past security, but that he thought he would only tap the servers. Jack then told Lynn that Cummings was probably behind everything. Lynn told him they could set a videoconference with President Logan, but Jack told him he would personally look for Cummings.



Diane kisses Jack goodbye

Realizing the threat Cummings imposed, Jack convinced Bill Buchanan and Lynn McGill to allow him to meet secretly with Mike Novick at the presidential retreat. However, Cummings learned about the meeting thanks to James Nathanson, and convinced President Logan to have them detained. On his way out of CTU, Diane stopped Jack and asked him if he would return. Jack told her he wasn't sure, and admitted he was still in love with Audrey Raines. They were interrupted by Jackie, who told Jack they were expecting him and he left after Diane gave him a kiss.

As Jack arrived at the outskirts of the Presidential retreat, Audrey called him and told him what Diane had told her. Crying, Audrey asked him if it was still true that he still loved her. Jack assured her he had never stopped. Jack told her they would talk later and hung out to meet with Novick. Just as Jack greeted Mike, a team of Secret Service agents arrived and detained both.


Jack threatens Walt Cummings.

Some time later, Aaron Pierce came by to transfer Jack to a special holding facility. But Jack was able to convince Pierce to let him go and interrogate Cummings, by appealing to his loyalty to David Palmer and the Presidency of the USA. Aaron then took Jack inside the retreat, and allowed him to go inside Logan's office. Jack told President Logan about Cummings being involved with terrorists, and started beating Cummings when he tried to reach the phone. As Jack kept beating him, Logan admitted that Cummings had confessed but claimed not to know the location of the stolen nerve gas. Jack assured him he was lying and threatened to cut Cummings' eyes out, and he gave up the location.

With the new intel, Jack contacted CTU and told them about the canisters of nerve gas being hidden in a container at the Port of Long Beach. Jack and Logan watched a live feed as a team of CBP stormed the container, only to find empty boxes and the dead body of Schaeffer. Jack asked Secret Service to bring Cummings, but Walt assured them he had given them the right container. When he saw Schaeffer's picture on the screen, Cummings revealed that he was his inside man. At this point, Ivan Erwich called Cummings accusing him of betraying them, and revealed he was planning to us the stolen canisters of nerve gas on US soil.



Jack and Logan interrogate Walt Cummings.

After Erwich hung up, President Logan and Jack started questioning Cummings. He then confessed the extent of his involvement to them, telling them his contact was a CIA agent called James Nathanson. Logan roughly chastised him, blaming him for the events so far, but Cummings kept claiming that their goals were patriotic and in the best interest of the country. When Chloe O'Brian called Jack, they prepared to contact Nathanson, but were unable to get a signal. Seeing as he was no longer of help, Logan asked Aaron Pierce to get Cummings out of his sight.

As Jack was about to leave, Logan asked him what could they do. Bauer told Logan that he needed to be debriefed and then he would disappear again. Logan begged him to help CTU, but Jack explained to him that his daughter didn't know he was alive and he needed to disappear again. He also assured Logan that CTU would be able to handle the situation. However, Logan pleaded for him to help them until the crisis was over. Jack agreed, reluctantly.

As Jack was returning to CTU, Bill Buchanan called him with new information after they intercepted a call from Erwich to a man called Jacob Rossler. Bill had Jack redirected to Rossler's address and asked Chloe to pull the building manifest. Jack asked Bill to have Curtis meet him at the address with a small team of four. Jack then gave the address to the pilot.

As they prepared to raid Rossler's apartment, Jack called Audrey and told him about Logan's reinstatement. Audrey told him she didn't like it and assured him that CTU could handle the crisis. However, Jack wanted to ask her a favor, and told her to contact his daughter, Kim, and bring her to CTU so he could finally talk to her. Audrey agreed, and asked if she should tell Kim that he was alive, but Jack said he wanted to do it himself.


Jack meets with Curtis nearby Rossler's apartment.

Jack met Curtis in the rooftop of a nearby building, as he gave Jack a comm unit. They then prepared to raid Rossler's apartment with the help of Chloe and Spenser at CTU. Although Jack was surprised to find out Spenser was reinstated, he agreed to work with him. After Spenser temporarily disabled the cameras, Jack and Curtis entered the lobby and forced the security guard to give them access to the elevator. Once they were inside, Jack knocked the guard unconscious. Once they arrived at the penthouse, Jack identified as a federal agent but the security guards there opened fire anyway. After they hit Curtis on his vest, Jack returned fire killing them. They then entered the apartment and managed to detain Jacob Rossler after injuring him on the leg. When Chloe informed Jack that someone else was in the apartment, Jack entered the bedroom and found Inessa Kovalevsky, a 15-year old girl that was Rossler's sex-slave.


Jack interrogates Jacob Rossler.

Jack Bauer talked to Inessa to calm her down, and then told a CTU agent to get a medic for her. He also asked him to get her information for a full background check. When he saw the medic working on Rossler's wounds, he told him not to give him any pain medication. Jack then told Curtis to put Rossler in a chair for the interrogation. Jack introduced himself to Rossler and told him about the phone call they intercepted. He then asked him about what Erwich wanted. Rossler simply demanded his lawyer, but Jack told him he would get a lawyer after he talked. Rossler still refused to cooperate and told Jack to go to hell. Jack responded by hitting him, and then ordered Curtis to step on his wound. Rossler then asked for full immunity, unfreezing of all his assets, and transport to a foreign country. Jack refused to, but Rossler added he also wanted Inessa. Jack clarified that they weren't making a deal and had Curtis step down harder on Rossler's wound. However, Lynn McGill - who was listening from CTU - ordered Jack to accept the deal. Jack told him they could break him, but Lynn insisted telling him they didn't have time to break Rossler. Reluctantly, Jack walked over to Rossler and told him that he had been instructed to accept the deal. However, Rossler sayd he would wait for a certified agreement signed by the Attorney General before talking.

As the certified agreement was being prepared, Jack told Rossler he needed something, and asked him where Erwich was. Rossler told him he didn't know, that he just talked to the man for the first time 30 minutes ago, and that they were put in contact by a mutual friend in Russia, a separatist leader known as Sergei Voronov. Rossler did tell Jack that what Erwich wanted was the chip for the canister trigger mechanism. He also told Jack that Erwich was supposed to call him back in an hour with the identification keys of the canisters. When Jack asked him when they were meeting, Rossler told him they hadn't agreed on a place. When Jack asked for the chip, Rossler told him it was in a safe place and that he wouldn't reveal the location until he had the signed deal. Jack told Curtis to be ready to fit the chip with a transponder as soon as they got it.


Jack finds out about Inessa.

Jack then called Buchanan and asked about the status on the agreement. Buchanan told him the Attorney General already agreed to it and that he should have the documents soon. Jack then asked if they found anything about the girl. Bill told him her name was Inessa Kovalevsky, a 15-year old girl who was reported missing 19 months ago from Kiev, believed to be a part of the sex slave trade. Jack hung up with Bill, and approached Rossler to tell him he couldn't have the girl. Rossler threatened to back from the deal, but Jack insisted that he would have his immunity and freedom. However, Rossler told him that Inessa was all he cared about.

As they waited for Erwich's call, Curtis told Jack that they had given Rossler medication for the pain and that they had units ready to move. Jack excused himself and called Audrey, asking her if she got a hold of Kim. Audrey told him she was unable to reach her, but had left a message. Jack asked her to try again. After hanging up, Inessa approached Jack and asked to contact her family, since they should be worried about her. Jack asked her to sit down and tried to explain to her that they needed her to go with Rossler until they could track him, then they would separate the two of them. Inessa was distraught by the plan and refused to be left alone with Rossler. Jack insisted that they wouldn't allow him to be alone with her, but she refused to go with him. Jack said he couldn't let her go, and Inessa said to him that he was just as bad as Rossler. Jack promised Inessa that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and asked her to get dressed.


Jack steps in front of Inessa Kovalevsky after she shoots Jacob Rossler.

After Erwich called, Jack told a CTU agent to prepare a wire for Rossler. Jack went to the bedroom to take Inessa out. As they were walking out, Curtis stopped him and told him they weren't able to trace Erwich's call but managed to narrow it down. At this point, Inessa drew a concealed weapon and shot Rossler twice. As Curtis and the CTU agents drew their weapons on Inessa, Jack stood in front of her ordering them to put their weapons down. He then faced her and took her gun, subduing her. He then asked Curtis if Rossler was alive, but Curtis told him he wasn't.



Ivan Erwich gives "Rossler" a meeting place.

When Erwich called, Jack decided to pose as Rossler and was told where to meet Erwich's men. When he proposed the idea to CTU, Lynn McGill and Audrey think it's too risky, but Bill Buchanan gave him the green-light. When Curtis handed him the chip, he told Jack that the chip was genuine and would activate the canisters with the correct unlock code. He told him the tracker was built into the chip itself. When Curtis asked Jack about his plan, Jack told him he would present himself non-threatening, and make the terrorists think that he was afraid of them. Curtis gave Jack a new comm-unit so that CTU could hear within 20 feet of him and also told him he would be watching his back.

Jack drove to the meeting location, while Curtis followed closely. Jack drove to the upper level of the parking garage and parked there. When the blue van with the terrorists arrived, he told CTU that two terrorists got out. He then walked out to meet them. Jack pretended to be nervous and upset that there were two terrorists, stating that he was told there would only be one. Polakov told him not to worry since he had his money. Jack asked to see it, but he showed them the chip first. When Polakov showed him the money, they asked him to install it.


"Rossler" meets with Polakov and Komar.

Polakov and Komar opened the back of the van and told Jack to come closer. Following directions from Chloe, Jack installed the chip into the remote trigger. When he was finished, Polakov told Jack that he was coming with them, just to make sure it worked. Komar punched him and threw him in the back of the van. As they drove down Nordhoff Street, Jack asked Polakov where they were going, but he wouldn’t say. He told Jack that it would take as long as he made it and told Jack that they planned to test the remote trigger. Jack looked down as Polakov uncovered a canister of nerve gas. Jack reacted surprised and told Polakov that he didn’t want to be there when it went off. Polakov insisted, and Jack tried to find out the target. However, Polakov wouldn’t say.


Jack posing as "Rossler"

The van parked at the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall and the terrorists put the canister in a gray box. Polakov told Jack that they would pose as maintenance workers supposed to be working on the air conditioning. Jack, tried to stall for time, refusing to go in, but Polakov wouldn’t care. Jack pointed out that there were hundreds of video cameras in the mall, but Polakov told him they wanted Americans to know who did it. Jack continued arguing that this wasn’t part of the deal, and that he didn’t want to be caught in a terrorist act. Polakov held a gun to Jack and told him that he would live only if he cooperated.

When Audrey told Jack that the tactical teams would recover the canisters before they went in the mall, Jack complied, as he and the terrorists put on jackets to disguise themselves. They then walked into the mall and through the hallways, passing many people, including several children. Audrey told Jack they were still waiting for the President to call. Jack hesitated as he saw a group of kids, but Komar forced him to continue.

Jack and the terrorists arrived at the security station and Polakov asked Jack to get the attention of the security guard. After Jack knocked on the glass, he came out of his office. He asked them who they were and Polakov told him they were there to work with the HVAC units. The guard told them he wasn't informed, and asked for some paperwork. Komar opened his bag to draw a pistol, and shot the security guard twice, in front of Jack. They then started inspecting the air ducts to find a place to put the canister. Meanwhile, Jack was patched through his comm unit to the conversation between CTU and President Logan. Jack listened as Lynn and Bill briefed the President and, after hesitating for several minutes, Logan decided to allow the terrorists to release the nerve gas.


Jack is knocked unconscious

As the terrorists placed the canister inside the air duct, Polakov asked Jack for the unlock code. Bill then gave it to him through the comm, but Jack hesitated. Lynn ordered Jack to give Polakov the code, but Jack gave him a false code instead. When the trigger failed to work, Polakov got angry and asked Jack to do something. Jack argued that the trigger might be damaged and didn't know what to do. Polakov then knocked Jack unconscious.


Jack shoots at Polakov.

Jack woke up handcuffed, after several minutes and saw the terrorists finishing working on the canister. He tried to reach the keys for his handcuffs from the body of the security guard, but couldn't. When Komar approached him to kill him, Jack pretended to be unconscious. He then kicked Komar’s feet from under him and grabbed the terrorist’s neck with his legs, breaking his neck. As the gas started to escape into the air duct, Jack grabbed Komar’s gun and shot at Polakov. However, Polakov moved out of the way and escaped. Jack took Komar's mask and put it on, grabbing the keys to the handcuffs and freeing himself. He then walked to the canister and broke the wiring, disabling it. He then told Lynn that he had stopped the flow of gas, but some still escaped into the mall. He also told them that he had killed one of the terrorists, but the other one escaped.


Jack looking for the power room.

As Jack walked out to the mall, he came across the mall manager and told what was happening, so he could evacuate the mall. The manager hesitated, scared, and Jack puts the gun on him forcing him to react. He also asked the manager where the power source for the ventilation system was, to shut it off. He then headed for the food court while telling Curtis that they should try to capture Polakov. As Jack entered the food court, he saw people collapsing due to the gas. He went into the power room and shut down all the power.

When he walked back into the food court, he told Curtis that the gas had concentrated in the food court, and there were at least eleven people down. He saw a little girl, lying on the floor and ran towards her. He asked her if she could hear him, and told her to hold his mask to her face. He picked her up and ran out of the mall as fast as he could. Outside, he met Curtis and asked a medic for a shot of atropine for the girl. As they put her on the floor, Jack injected her with it to stabilize her.

Buchanan told Jack that they had secured the perimeter but weren't able to locate Polakov. Jack told him that he still had the remote trigger with him, so CTU could track him. He then left the mall with Curtis and Agent Walsh's team to find the terrorist. Chloe gave Jack and Curtis the location, and they arrived at Cal's Bikes right behind Polakov. After donning gas masks, they raided the shop. Jack entered just as Polakov was committing suicide. As he screamed for a medic, he angrily told CTU that they had lost their lead.("Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm")


Lynn McGill then ordered for Curtis to bring Jack in, for disobeying a presidential order, and Curtis was forced to comply.



James Nathanson gives Jack a computer chip.

When Audrey gets a call from James Nathanson, Walt Cummings' contact, he asks to speak to Jack and Audrey patches him through. Nathanson tells Jack that he is willing to help him stop the gas from being released on US soil. Jack is forced to knock Curtis out, and escape from CTU custody.

Jack and Nathanson meet, but before Jack arrives, Nathanson is pursued by gunmen. Nathanson is able to take him out, but a plane attacks him while he is on the rooftop. Jack arrives and is able to take the plane out, but Nathanson is critically wounded. Moments before Nathanson died, he gave Jack a computer chip that housed information about the nerve gas. Jack transmitted the chip over to Chloe's station, and she learned Omicron supplied the gas. Jack asked if Christopher Henderson was an employer there, and Chloe clarifies it.

Jack later revealed that Christopher Henderson was the man who recruited him to CTU, and Henderson was one of the men Jack busted years ago taking bribes. With help from Chloe, Jack is able to gain access to the Omicron building, but Henderson finds him and knocks him out with a stun gun. When Jack accuses Henderson of being complicit of the selling of the gas, Henderson agrees to help Jack's investigation, and he claimed that either Nina Myers or George Mason set him up for those bribes.


Jack threatens Christopher Henderson.

When Henderson locks Jack inside a bunker, Jack realizes that he has been double-crossed and that the bunker has been rigged to explode. After surviving the explosion, Jack decides to head over to Henderson's home and see if he can pull information of his personal computer. Despite Jack bad-mouthing Christopher, Miriam Henderson continued to believe that her husband was a good and genuine man, who was never guilty of anything.

When Henderson arrives at his house, with a suitcase full of cash, Miriam begins to wonder where he got the money from. Jack then interrogates Henderson and demands to know his connection to the nerve gas, but Henderson won't budge. When Jack shoots Miriam in the kneecap, Henderson still won't reveal his information. Jack then ties Miriam's knee up with a bandage and calls for an ambulance. He then takes Henderson into his car and transport him back to CTU.


Jack is reunited with Kim Bauer.

After bringing Henderson to CTU medical, Jack reunites with his daughter Kim, who was brought into CTU by Audrey at his request. When Barry Landes refuses to allow Jack alone with his daughter, Kim convinces him she is fine. Jack claims that he only lied about his death in order to protect her, but Kim still feels hurt and betrayed over him staging his death and not telling her.

When Lynn McGill reveals that his key card was stolen hours earlier, Buchanan initiates a lockdown and Jack discovers Ostroff. When Jack learns that Ostroff set nerve gas to go off, he has Buchanan order an evacuation. When everybody isn't able to get out of the building, Jack has Chloe seal off some of the areas. After getting into one of the sealed areas, Jack witnesses the death of Edgar Stiles, who mutters Chloe's name before dying.


When Jack tries to get confirmation on Henderson's survival, Rick Burke doesn't respond and Jack is startled to hear Tony is taking control of the situation. Learning that Henderson was responsible for the death of Michelle, Tony wanted to kill Henderson in cold blood. However, Jack was able to convince Tony to hold his anger back long enough for Henderson to be cracked.

After accusing Barry of taking advantage of Kim, Chloe learns that the nerve gas is breaking through the seals. Jack decides to climb through the walls and get to the CTU server, in order to shut down the air condition system. When learning he won't be able to get to the computer, Jack convinces Lynn McGill to do the task. McGill agrees and is successful and stopping the nerve gas from breaking through the seals. McGill and guard Harry Swinton die as a result of being exposed.


Jack holds a deceased Tony Almeida.

Realizing Henderson entered a coma and was no longer any use to CTU, Tony planned on killing him by taking a syringe full of Hyoscine-pentothal. Tony couldn't bear himself to go through with it, and Henderson woke up and stabbed him with the syringe. Tony fell on the floor and Jack found him. Jack held Tony in his arms, moments before Tony died from the overdose.

After the name Collette Stenger is found on Henderson's computer, Jack and a TAC team raid her hotel room. Stenger is nowhere to be found, and Theo Stoller threatens to kill Curtis if Jack doesn't stand down. Jack stands-down and learns that Stoller is a German Intelligence Agent, who has been working undercover. Stoller agrees to work CTU on the operation, if Jack gets him the WET list, which has names of undercover agents around the world.

When Karen Hayes, who has taken over CTU, learns that Chloe gave Jack the WET list, she becomes furious at Jack, but allows him to go forward with his operation. Jack is able to bring Stenger into custody, and the WET list is detonated when Stoller attempts to send it to his superiors. Stenger then claims that she got her information from a DOD informant. The name she gives is Audrey Raines, and Jack threatens to kill her if she is lying.


Jack interrogates Audrey Raines.

With help from Bill Buchanan, Jack is able to convince Hayes to allow him to interrogate Audrey. When Audrey claimed that she was innocent and gave no information, Jack is convinced she is telling the truth. However, Hayes has Burke interrogate her by giving her cc's of Hyoscine-pentothol. When Jack is able to prove that Stenger was lying, her pardon is broken, and he learns that Vladimir Bierko plans on releasing nerve gas through the Wilshire Gas Company.

Jack and Curtis lead a team to the Wilshire Gas Company, and find Bierko there. Bierko has the nerve gas released through gas pipes, but Jack is able to stop the attack by blowing up the building. While attempting to bring Bierko in custody, the two get caught in the explosion. Luckily Jack is able to survive it, and Bierko becomes unconscious. While Bierko is brought back to CTU, Jack decides to find Henderson.

Jack learns through Aaron Pierce that Wayne Palmer came back to Los Angeles, after learning First Lady Martha Logan's assistant Evelyn Martin had recent contact with President Palmer. Evelyn told Wayne that she had proof of who is behind the day's events, and she will give it if he is able to save her daughter Amy, who was grabbed by Henderson's men.


Jack kills Brennan.

Jack and Wayne lead a mission to save Amy from Henderson, and their plan is partially successful. They are able to save Amy, but Henderson manages to escape and Evelyn is shot in the leg. After bringing Evelyn to a motel room and applying pressure to her wound, Wayne and Jack learn that Evelyn stored an audio recording in the bank, which implicates President Logan in the assassination of President Palmer.


With help from Carl Mossman, Jack and Wayne were able to gain access to the bank where the recording was stored. After confirming that it was Logan on the recording, Jack discovered that Henderson's men were waiting outside for him. He then set off the silent alarm, hoping that Henderson and the Army would take each other out, as Logan initiated Martial law earlier. Jack's plan worked, though Carl was shot and killed when they were leaving the bank.


Jack is punched in the throat by Secretary of Defense James Heller.

After meeting up with Buchanan and handing off Wayne, Jack goes to meet with Audrey at the airport for the arrival of her father, Secretary of Defense James Heller. While Jack was convinced that the best way to handle the situation was to expose Logan, Heller was convinced forcing Logan to resign was a better idea. Heller handed the recording to one of his guards, and had his guards take Jack and Audrey into custody until he gets back from the presidential retreat.

Henderson is able to find Jack's location, and he has his men distract Jack, while Henderson gets to Audrey. After Jack kills all of the hostiles, Jack discovers that Henderson cut her artery and will kill her if Jack doesn't hand over the recording. Jack is forced to comply to Henderson's demands, and Henderson escapes from the building with the recording. Jack then tied her arm up to stop the bleeding, but Audrey needed immediate medical attention.

After Chloe picked up Henderson's location through satellite, Jack was able to locate him and take him into custody. Jack then learned that Henderson has a plane following Secretary Heller, and his men will kill Heller if they aren't contacted by Henderson every 15 minutes. When Heller learns what Henderson is doing, he demands for Jack to get the recording and tell Audrey he loves her. He then drives his car off a cliff, ultimately leading to his presumed death.

After learning that Henderson handing the conversation off to someone, who was boarding Flight 520, a diplomatic flight, Jack decided to stow away on the flight. Henderson's men then arrived at Henderson and Audrey's location, but Curtis arrived and was able to save take out the hostiles and bring Henderson back to CTU. Hours later, while sitting in CTU medical, Audrey learned her father survived the accident.


Jack demands for the audio recording.

With help from Chloe, Jack learns the flights details and he knocks out George Avila, the air marshal. Jack then acts as the air marshal and interrogates Hans Meyer, who had a connection to Henderson. When Jack realizes Meyer was innocent, he hi-jacked the plane in an effort to find the recording. After learning co-pilot Scott Evans has the recording, Jack informed pilot Stan Cotter, who was knocked out by Evans before letting Jack in the cockpit.

Jack is able to get the recording from Evans, but he soon learns a distress signal was sent out to shoot down the plane. Despite the fact that Jack wasn't planning on using the plane as a weapon, President Logan wanted to make it look that way in order to cover his tracks. Unfortunately for Logan, Admiral Kirkland called off the fighter jets, as Evans and Jack were able to land the plane safely on a Los Angeles highway.


Learning that Logan would have the military arrest Jack, Karen and Buchanan sent Curtis Manning to pick up Jack and bring him back to CTU. Curtis was able to find Jack, but the military wanted to search his vehicle. Curtis managed to convince the military that he was also looking for Bauer, and they let him go. Jack returned to CTU and handed off the recording to Chloe, in order for her to prepare it for the meeting with the Attorney General.


Jack cuts a deal with Christopher Henderson.

When Miles Papazian learns about Logan being involved in Palmer's assassination, he erases the recording and earns a place in Logan's administration. Jack nearly physically assaulted Miles, but managed to stop himself, and Karen slapped him across the face before he left CTU. Agent Davis then contacted CTU and revealed that Vladimir Bierko managed to escape custody, and his men were talking about a bigger attack.

Realizing Christopher Henderson would be a huge help, Jack offered to give him immunity if he gave up names. Henderson told Jack that he wouldn't be able to touch him, but agreed to help stop Bierko if Jack helped him stage his death. In order to learn about Bierko's plan, Henderson had to go undercover and confront Joseph Malina. When Henderson revealed to Malina that CTU was monitoring them, Jack is convinced Henderson double-crossed him, while it was part of Henderson's plan.

Joseph Malina attempts to escape and he ends up shooting Curtis Manning in the shoulder. Curtis is able to sustain minimal injuries, and Malina gets shot in the hip and is transported back to CTU. Jack then learns that Bierko is planning to take over the Russian ship the Natalia, and he informs Lt. Southern about Bierko's plans.


Jack kills Vladimir Bierko.

Bierko is able to kill the entire crew of the Natalia by releasing a canister of nerve gas, and the only way to stop Bierko from releasing a warhead missile is by having fighter jets destroy the ship. However, this will be prevented if Jack, Henderson, and Agent McCullough are able to gain access to the ship and stop Bierko's plans.

With help from surviving Petty Officer Rooney, Jack is able to get in the ship and he is forced to give Henderson a weapon. While Henderson worked on stopping the missiles, Jack took out the hostiles and killed Bierko by snapping his neck. After successfully stopping the warhead missiles from being launched, Henderson used his firearm against Jack. Henderson learned that his firearm was empty, and Jack killed him in revenge for the deaths of President Palmer, Tony, and Michelle.

Petty Officer Rooney witnesses Jack killing Henderson in cold blood, but he remains silent. Jack then informs Buchanan about Henderson's death, claiming that Henderson fired on him first and he had no other choice. Jack tells Buchanan that he is headed back to CTU, while he tells Chloe that he plans on getting President Logan to confess to his crimes.


Jack threatens President Charles Logan.

With help from Aaron Pierce, Mike Novick, and Martha Logan, Jack is able to gain access to the helicopter transporting Logan to Palmer's memorial. Jack lands the helicopter and brings Logan into a warehouse, while Morris O'Brian hands off communication equipment. Logan refused to confess and Jack couldn't find himself to kill him, and he ultimately was forced to surrender. Jack was taken into custody, while Logan was transported to Palmer's memorial.

However, getting Logan to confess in front of him was never Jack's plan. Jack planed a transmitter device on Logan's pen, and had Logan confess to his involvement in Palmer's death and the supply of the nerve gas in front of Martha Logan. Chloe played the recording for the attorney general and he ordered Secret Service to take Logan into custody.


Jack is abducted.

After being released, Jack reunited with Audrey and they shared a passionate kiss. Jack was then informed by an agent that he had a phone call from Kim Bauer. While taking the call, Jack was abducted by masked men and it was later revealed that Cheng Zhi was behind it. Zhi and the Chinese still wanted Jack for the death of the Chinese consul 18 months earlier. Jack was held prisoner on a ship, that was heading towards China.

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