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This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions during Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

6:00am-7:00am Edit

JB S6 1

Jack back from China

At the beginning of Day 6, America was suffering from a series of terrorist attacks, that began 11 weeks earlier. Terrorist Abu Fayed was willing to give up the leader of the attacks, Hamri Al-Assad, if he received two things in return, $25 million and Jack Bauer. President Wayne Palmer was forced to agree with Fayed's terms and the Chinese agreed to release Jack into CTU Los Angeles's custody.


Buchanan leaves Jack for Fayed's men

Bill Buchanan and Curtis Manning picked up Jack from Cheng Zhi and they told him about the exchange. Learning that Kim and Audrey didn't know about his release, he agreed to be used as a sacrifice. Jack was let go into the custody of Fayed and he was brutally tortured. Jack then learned that Fayed was responsible for the attacks and Assad came to America to stop him and bring peace between his organizations and the West. When Jack learned of this, he escaped and contacted CTU with the information.

7:00am-8:00am Edit

When President Palmer learned that Assad wasn't responsible for the attacks, he was reluctant to call off the strike. With pressure from Tom Lennox and Karen Hayes, Wayne decided to go through with the strike. However, Jack was able to arrive and warn Assad about the attack. Together they managed to escape in time and they decided to stop Fayed on their own.

After Jack stopped a train bomb from occurring, CTU and President Palmer learned that Jack was right about Assad and they agreed to work with him and Assad on the case.

8:00am-9:00am Edit

The lead Jack and Curtis were followed committed suicide and Assad didn't know any other information that would give up Fayed's location. It was very clear that Curtis was uncomfortable working with Assad.

9:00am-10:00am Edit

While Jack was investigating the scene, he got a call from President Palmer, who decided that Jack is the best man to run the operation and he agreed to do it. When a woman named Jillian Wallace claims that her son Scott Wallace is being held hostage by a terrorist, Jack realizes she is telling the truth when she mentions Fayed's name. Curtis and Jack follow up on the lead, but unfortunately the terrorist, Ahmed Amar died before giving any information up. However, Scott was able to tell them about an address his father, Ray Wallace, was forced to go to by Ahmed.

JB S6 2

Jack approaches the Wallace household

Assad agreed to work with CTU on the case if President Palmer gave him a pardon for his past crimes. Palmer agreed, but Assad told him he wanted it in writing just to be sure. Jack told Curtis about this, who only reluctantly accepted this turn of events. Chloe O'Brian then contacted Jack and told him about Curtis and Assad's history: Assad's men had killed Curtis' squad in the Gulf War, and one of Assad's men had personally beheaded captured soldiers in Manning's squad. Jack was stunned and immediately asked one of the agents if he had seen Curtis, and the man replied that Curtis had just walked out. While outside, Curtis approached another agent who was escorting Assad to a vehicle and took over from him. He then made his move on Assad: he asked if he remembered him yet. He pushed Assad against the car and identified who his Desert Storm unit, then drew his gun on him. Before Curtis could kill Assad, Jack exited the garage of the Wallace house with his gun drawn and ordered Curtis to put his weapon down. Curtis declined and Jack told him, under the President's orders, he had to put his weapon down. Curtis then took Assad as a hostage and told Jack to stay out of the situation. Jack said he couldn't, as he gave Assad his word that he would protect him given the stakes of the current crisis. Curtis refused to comply, seized with the desire for revenge. Jack begged him one last time before taking aim. Curtis replied he couldn't let Assad live, and right before he could execute his hostage, Jack shot Curtis in the neck. Surrounding agents quickly grabbed Assad and medics rushed to Curtis' aid. Jack looked on in disbelief for a few moments, and dropped his gun. He shambled away from the scene with his hands on his head, to the lawn of neighboring residence and vomited. He then leant on a tree, in shock, but received a call from Bill Buchanan. Bill said the situation was explained to him by Sprague and that Curtis didn't leave him any choice. Jack responded that was what he was trying to tell himself. Bill said he wanted to get Jack picked up, but Jack said he couldn't do the job anymore. Bill tried to tell Jack that they were going to find the nuke because of him, but Jack could speak no more; he hung up the phone, and began to cry. Only one thing brought his attention back to the threat: the flash of a nuclear detonation in Valencia. The field team had evidently failed. Jack looked on in horror as the twisted pillar of the mushroom cloud rose up.

10:00am-11:00am Edit

After the nuclear bomb went off, Jack saw no other choice but to continue working on the case, despite being forced to kill one of his close friends. After saving a civilian from a helicopter taken down by the nuclear blast, Jack learned that his father, Phillip Bauer, had recent contact with Dmitri Gredenko, a name that Assad gave up. Jack decided to follow up on this lead himself and when Phillip was missing in action, he decided to confront his brother Graem Bauer, who unknown to Jack, was responsible for the events that took place 20 months earlier.

When Graem didn't give Jack any answers on their father's location, Jack was forced to torture his brother by suffocating him with a plastic bag.

11:00am-12:00pm Edit

Eventually Graem caved in and told Jack that their father was at the family company, BXJ Technologies. Jack learned that Graem had access to give Soviet suitcase nukes and an employee, Darren McCarthy, sold them to Fayed. Graem and Jack's father sought out to handle the mess, hoping to prevent Graem from facing prison time.


Jack investigates Elegra Global

Jack contacted Chloe and told her to send two field units to Elegra Global. After arriving at the company, Jack handcuffed Graem in McCarthy's office and was attacked by a guard. He then came face to face with his father, who eventually agreed to let CTU in the loop of the situation. Just as Jack began calling CTU, Graem had his father's guards take Phillip and Jack into custody. Phillip was shocked to see that his son was responsible for killing CTU agents, and he was loaded into a van with Jack.

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

Jack and his father were brought to a remote location to be killed, but Phillip refused to get on his knees. He began yelling at one of the guards, while Jack struggled with the other, which ultimately lead Jack to shooting one of the guards. Jack planned on interrogating the other guard, but Phillip shot and killed him before he had a chance. Jack then contacted Bill Buchanan at CTU and gave him an update of what was happening. Jack told Bill to see field units to surround his brother's home.

Jack and CTU stormed into Graem's house and Graem ultimately surrendered, realizing he was out-numbered. Jack had Rick Burke set up an interrogation, and he told Marilyn about the current situation. Marilyn was new what her husband was capable of, but was furious with Jack's actions. She warned him to keep her son Josh out of it, by not telling him anything. Jack then began to interrogate Graem, demanding for the location of Darren McCarthy.

Burke told Jack that the machine showed deception and Graem was holding something back. Jack ordered for Burke to give Graem more than 8 cc's and eventually Graem confessed to a crime that had nothing to do with McCarthy. Graem revealed he ordered the assassination of President David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler nearly two years earlier. Jack was willing to kill Graem, but when Phillip looked in, he stopped himself.

Jack headed back to CTU, and he told Burke to transport Graem back to CTU once he was physically capable of doing so. While heading back to CTU, Bill called Jack and told him that the engineer Fayed needs to retrigger his suitcase nukes is Morris O'Brian, who left to visit his brother in the hospital. Chloe was able to contact Morris on the phone, but McCarthy showed up and kidnapped Morris before he was able to escape.

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit

Jack arrived back at CTU and went into a chopper, planning to rescue Morris before he is forced to do the unthinkable.

After losing Fayed's location, Jack was able to intercept a call that was placed to LAPD. Jack discovered Darren McCarthy's body, and a witnessed identified that a blond woman shot him and drove off with someone matching Morris' description. After looking through McCarthy's cell phone, Chloe was able to find the location of Fayed. Jack and Agent Al Turner were able to lead an operation to storm Fayed's apartment.


Jack disarms a suitcase nuke

After taking out all of the hostiles, Jack discovered that Fayed had managed to escape and Morris was critically injured. When Jack discovered a suitcase nuke, he managed to disarm it with help from Chloe. Jack then learned from Morris, that Fayed has a device that will allow him to detonate the remaining three bombs.

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit

After arriving back at CTU, Jack was questioned by Buchanan for his actions in Graem's interrogation. When Bill wanted to cover up the report, in order to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation, Jack refused to allow this to happen. It then became apparent that Gredenko was involved with Fayed, and was somewhere in Los Angeles.

After questioning his father about Gredenko, Jack spoke to Marilyn and she revealed that she followed Graem to a house one evening, and overheard her husband speaking to men with Russian accents. Jack and Marilyn left the building, in order for her to identify the house, and Milo and a CTU team was placed 6 blocks behind them. When Marilyn identified the wrong house because Phillip threatened to kill Josh, Jack and CTU stormed it and discovered a bomb was inside. Jack jumped out of the window moments before the house was blown up.

3:00pm-4:00pm Edit

Jack contacts Buchanan and tells him about the ambush, but of them speculate that Gredenko was behind it. Jack is then lead to a junkyard, killing two hostiles and in the result saving Milo's life. Kozelek threatens to kill Marilyn, but Jack claimed if he wanted her dead, she would be dead already. After Jack threatened to use his weapon on Kozelek, he decides to surrender and Jack has Milo watch him.


Jack is shocked to learn his father is behind the ambush

Jack then grabs Marilyn and throws her against the fall, accusing her of tipping of Gredenko. Marilyn eventually confesses that it wasn't Gredenko's man who ambushed Jack's team, it was Phillip's. Marilyn tells Jack that Phillip was the one who killed Graem and he threatened to kill Josh if she didn't take Jack to the location he gave her. After Jack promises to do everything in his power to rescue Josh, Marilyn gives up the location of Gredenko's home.

Jack calls Bill and tells him to send a TAC team to Gredenko's home, and send a smaller unit to the junkyard. While Milo is being treated, Jack has Kozelek call Phillip and tell him Marilyn won't give up Marilyn's location. Jack informs Marilyn to not negotiate with Phillip and only agree to cooperate if she gets Josh back. With no other way of finding Gredenko, Phillip agrees to Marilyn's terms and tells Kozelek to bring Marilyn to the hotel he is staying at.

After giving Marilyn a bullet proof vest, Jack enters his father's hotel room with Kozelek and Marilyn. When he discovers Phillip isn't there, he gets a phone call from his father. Marilyn and Jack discover Phillip is in the building across the street, pointing a gun to Josh. Jack offers his father a deal, he will surrender in exchange for Josh's release. Phillip agrees to these terms, but demands for his son to come alone and unarmed. When Jack arrives and it is proven he is unarmed, Josh is released and Jack tells him his mother is waiting in the stairwell.

Phillip tells his son to get on his knees, preparing to execute him. Phillip admits that Gredenko blackmailed him when he learned about Phillip's role in the assassination of David Palmer. Jack then confesses to the real reasons why he left the family all of those years ago, and he then realizes that Phillip left. Jack runs out to the roof and notices his father left a PDA behind, with a number on it. When Jack calls it, he is shocked to learn it is Charles Logan's cell phone. Logan tells Jack to meet with him if he wants Gredenko.

4:00pm-5:00pm Edit

Jack had Marilyn and Josh brought back to CTU, and he assured Josh that once the crisis is over, he would explain to him everything that happened with his father and grandfather. Jack called CTU and told Bill that he has a new lead and it was Charles Logan. Buchanan sent a chopper over to Jack's location and he also set a 5-block perimeter, so Phillip Bauer could be found and arrested. Bauer arrived at Logan's estate and told him that he didn't trust him.

Logan with Jack

Jack and Charles Logan work together

Logan told him that the Russian ambassador was involved in the Sentox conspiracy and he also had dealings with Gredenko. Logan told him that the ambassador wouldn't give up any information, unless he spoke with him. Jack called President Palmer and told him the only way to find Gredenko and Fayed would to give Logan provisional freewill. Palmer reluctantly accepted and Bauer dressed up as a Secret Service agent, in order to go undercover with Logan.

5:00pm-6:00pm Edit

While Logan and Jack were on their way to the consulate, Jack was contacted by Buchanan. Jack learned that there was an assassination attempt on President Palmer, and it was too early to know the extent of his injuries. Buchanan informed Jack that the biggest lead they had was Assad, and Jack felt that didn't make any sense. Buchanan told Jack that it didn't matter if Assad was responsible or not, as he was killed in the explosion. After Jack and Logan arrived at the consulate, Jack agreed for Logan to speak to Consul Markov himself, but Logan must stay within 20 feet of him.

Logan told Jack that Markov claimed to not have spoken to Gredenko in over a year, but Logan was convinced that he was lying. Jack decided to go back into the consulate and interrogate Markov himself. Logan advised Jack that would be a foolish decision, as he spent two years in a Chinese prison for raiding the Chinese consulate. Jack felt this was the only way to get to Gredenko and stop the suitcase nukes from going off.

With help from Chloe, Jack was able to have the power at the consulate shut off and he managed to sneak into Markov's office. Markov noticed Bauer snuck in and set off his alarm, and Jack held him at gunpoint. Jack told the guards that he would kill Markov if they attempted to intervene and attempt to apprehend him. Jack interrogated Markov, but he insisted that he hadn't spoken to Gredenko in over a year. When Jack began to cut off Markov's fingers, Markov confessed that Gredenko was somewhere in the North Valley and planned on releasing the nukes through drone planes.


Jack tries to convince a guard to call CTU

Jack attempted to call CTU to share his Intel, but the Russian guards set off a bomb and apprehended Bauer. Markov instructed for Bauer to be kept under watch and for him to speak to no one. Jack managed to convince a guard to call CTU and give them the information he found out about. The guard attempted to warn Bill Buchanan about Gredenko's whereabouts and plans, but Vasili killed him and hung up the phone.

6:00pm-7:00pm Edit

Under the orders of Markov, Vasili brought Jack to a lower level floor and planned on executing him. While Vasili was distracted, Jack was able to get Vasili's gun and kill him. Jack escaped to a phone and was able to get in touch with Morris. Jack told Morris that he knew where Gredenko was, but Markov had the communications shut down before Jack could give Morris his Intel. Jack eventually found a room to hide in, where Elena and Leon. Jack claimed that he didn't kill Stovich and had Leon get him a mobile phone.


Jack gets a phone from Leon

By the time Leon came back with the phone, a TAC team raided the consulate, under the authorization of Buchanan and Russian President Yuri Suvarov. Russian guards infiltrated the room Jack was in and Leon was killed in the crossfire. Jack eventually ran out of ammunition, but CTU field agents were able to diffuse of the remaining hostiles. Jack was confronted by Mike Doyle, the new Director of Field Operations, and he gave Doyle his Intel.

7:00pm-8:00pm Edit

After Jack left the consulate, he wanted to join the CTU search for Gredenko. Doyle told him that he had to go back to CTU and be checked into medical. Once Jack arrived at CTU, he learned from Buchanan that Gredenko and Fayed managed to escape, but in the process they launched one of the drones. Buchanan told Jack that CTU could handle the situation and he needed to be examined in medical.

Before Jack got checked out by CTU's medical staff, he met with Marilyn. Marilyn told him about how she regretted how things ended with them, and Jack told her he was with someone before being kidnapped by the Chinese. When Marilyn realized he was referring to Audrey Raines, she told him that she was dead. Marilyn revealed that Audrey died in a car accident in China, making Jack realize that she was looking for him.

Jack was outraged over not be informed about Audrey's death and he demanded for Chloe to get him her file. Chloe told him that she would have to go to archive and she revealed that Audrey was the one who figured out Jack was in China. Audrey spent the last year looking through back channels, trying to find him. Jack glanced over at Buchanan in anger, as Buchanan concealed Audrey's death from him during the entire day.


Jack looked over Audrey's file while recovering in medical

After being checked out by the doctors, Jack looked over Audrey's file in one of the medical rooms. When he noticed that a TAC team was preparing to leave, Jack learned that CTU had a location on the drone. Jack confronted Buchanan and insisted to allow him to finish the investigation. Buchanan met his request and Jack also revealed that once the nuclear crisis was over, he would go after the people who murdered Audrey, as he was convinced it wasn't a car accident.

Jack and Doyle arrived at the location and managed to kill two hostiles. The pilot attempted to retaliate, but he was shot and was barely breathing. With help from tactical support at CTU, Jack was able to prevent the drone from hitting San Francisco. The drone landed in an industrial park, but the crash landing caused the suitcase nuke to expose radioactive poisoning. The casualty rate was minimum and chemical support teams were sent to the park.

8:00pm-9:00pm Edit


Jack talks with Brady Hauser

After learning about the situation in San Francisco from Doyle, Jack also learned that the hostile died from his gun shot wound. Jack was then contacted by Chloe, who was able to intercept a call between Gredenko and a contact. Chloe relayed a location over to Jack and Jack asked Doyle if he was heading the operation with him. Doyle told Jack that he had to stay back and handle some things. Jack left the area with a TAC team.

When Jack arrived at the house, Mark Hauser attempted to retaliate with a shotgun and he ended up getting shot. Jack entered the other room and found a man named Brady working on the computer. Brady was upset and Jack told him that he was a police officer and everything would be all right. Jack realized that Brady was autistic and Mark was using him in order to get Gredenko's Intel and make some cash.

Jack told Mark that he, nor Brady, would be prosecuted if they helped CTU capture Gredenko. Mark agreed to Jack's terms and Jack told Brady that he would be able to be with his brother once he helped CTU. Mark called Gredenko, who was on his way to the house. Mark told Gredenko that he had to go to the office and he would have to leave the Intel behind with Brady. Gredenko didn't want to delay things, so he agreed to meet with Brady across the street. Jack gave the go ahead on having Mark being brought to the hospital.

Jack spoke to Brady about the sting operation and put him on com. When Gredenko arrived, Jack realized that Gredenko's men would kill Brady once they got the information. Jack's men didn't have a visual on Gredenko and he told Brady to duck once he said so. When Jack told Brady to duck, Brady hesitated and took a moment to do so. The moment after Brady ducked, snipers took out the hostiles and Gredenko was knocked out with a tranquilizer gun.


Jack confronts Dmitri Gredenko

Jack had Gredenko brought into Brady's home, tied up to a chair. Jack knew that Gredenko knew about him, and Gredenko affirmed that when he clearly knew Jack's last name. Jack told Gredenko that he would hand Gredenko over to President Suvarov once CTU captured Fayed and the remaining suitcase nukes. Gredenko agreed to help capture Fayed in exchange for presidential immunity and transport to any country, except Russia.

9:00pm-10:00pm Edit

Jack learned from Buchanan that President Palmer regained consciousness and Vice President Daniels was challenging him by having the 25th Amendment revoked. Jack told Buchanan about Gredenko's immunity plea and Jack asked for Attorney General Graves to draw up the agreement. Jack told Buchanan that he didn't plan on being faithful to the agreement.

After Gredenko's lawyers confirmed that the agreement was legit, Gredenko called Fayed. Fayed was convinced the call was being monitored, but Gredenko insisted that they were safe. After Fayed learned that Gredenko had the security detail for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant, he told Gredenko he would meet him at the Santa Monica pier at 9:40 PM. Jack had Gredenko loaded into a CTU vehicle, and he lead a TAC team to the pier.

Jack learned from Buchanan that Doyle and his team were still awhile out, so Agent Ryan's team would have to put Gredenko into play before Doyle's team arrived. Ryan put an isotope device into Gredenko, that would track Gredenko's every movement. When Gredenko entered a warehouse and cut communication off with CTU, Jack ran after him and learned that Gredenko cut off his arm, and planned to escape with Fayed.


Jack goes after Gredenko and Fayed at the Santa Monica pier

Jack arrived in a bar and discovered that Fayed was beat to the ground by civilians. Jack shot his gun in the air and announced that he was a federal agent, bringing Fayed into custody. Jack reported to CTU that he had Fayed and a civilian needed medical attention. He also told CTU that Gredenko had managed to escape and he had the area locked down.

10:00pm-11:00pm Edit

Jack tried to interrogate Fayed, but none of his tactics would work. He called Buchanan and both of them agreed that Fayed would need a pharmaceutical interrogation from Rick Burke. After Jack got off the phone, he discovered that Doyle lost control and had his firearm on Fayed. Jack demanded for Doyle to stand down and he told him that Fayed was being brought to CTU. Doyle was convinced that he could get the information if he interrogated Fayed himself. Jack told him those were his orders from Buchanan.


Jack is "shot" in a sting operation

During the transportation, the CTU vehicle was ambushed and both sides of the vehicle were cut off. Jack ordered Doyle to get Fayed and he would provide cover. During the ambush, both Jack and Doyle were shot. When the area was clear, Jack and Doyle got up and TAC units arrived. The ambush was part of a sting operation, as the men who rescued Fayed were undercover agents. They posed as a terrorist cell that was sent out by General Mohmar Habib.

Fayed refused to lead the cell to the suitcase nukes until he got confirmation from Habib. With help from President Palmer and the ambassador of Fayed's country, the call was able to happen. Nadia translated the call, as Mohmar couldn't speak English. Shortly after the call, Nadia discovered a possible distress signal in the call and Jack was informed. He called Agent Jamal and warned him, but the call was cut off. Chloe revealed it was because the van was in a tunnel, but she told Jack that the van should have exited about now.

Jack and Doyle arrived in the tunnel and discovered that Fayed had escaped. Jack asked Doyle to stay with Jamal until medical arrived, as he was in critical condition. Fayed made a call to Halil and announced his plan on having the nukes detonated in downtown Los Angeles. Fayed stole a sanitation truck and Jack climbed on the bottom of the rig. He told Buchanan his Intel, but the signal was too weak to understand.


Jack traps Fayed in a metal chain

After Fayed arrived at his safehouse, he went inside and had one of his men stay outside. Jack killed the man and entered the warehouse, and he had a visual on the nukes. Jack ambushed Fayed's men and killed all of the hostiles. Fayed attempted to manually detonate the bombs and Jack ran out of ammunition. Fayed also ran out of ammunition and Jack ran towards him. Fayed and Jack ensued in a brutal battle and Jack was able to catch Fayed's head and arms in a metal chain. He raised the chain and Fayed was killed. Doyle later arrived with TAC units and told Jack he found him through satellite.

After the nukes were secured, Doyle got a call that was relayed to him through CTU. The call was for Jack and Doyle handed him the phone. Jack was shocked when he heard Audrey's voice on the other end of the line. Audrey handed the phone over to Cheng Zhi, who had staged Audrey's death. Cheng told Jack that Audrey would remain alive if he called a number on a secure line in ten minutes.

11:00pm-12:00am Edit

Jack received medical attention and the medic suggested for Jack to check himself into the medical center at CTU. The medic prescribed a drug to Jack that helped him stabilize his pain. Mike Doyle then showed Jack appreciation and gratitude for his hard work, and he commented on how he knew Jack had been through a lot in the past few years. Jack called Cheng and offered to turn himself in, for Audrey's freedom. Cheng insisted that Jack was useless to China, as he was an uncooperative prisoner. Cheng wanted a circuit board from one of the recently secured suitcase nukes. The component would give China access to military technology that Russia concealed from them for years. Jack was convinced that this would start an international crisis, possibly World War III, but Cheng insisted that was for the diplomats to decide. If Jack didn't have the component by the end of the hour, Audrey would be killed.


Jack promises Audrey that he will rescue her from Cheng Zhi

Jack called Chloe, who began to congratulate Jack for all that he had accomplished. Jack told Chloe that Audrey was alive and he revealed to her that the Chinese faked her death. When Jack asked for a schematic to one of the suitcase nukes, Chloe told him that she would have to hack into Morris' system to access it. Chloe began to upload the schematic to Jack's cellular device, but it was still loading when the briefing Buchanan held was over. Morris began to walk back to his station and luckily the schematic uploaded to Jack's phone. Chloe exited out of the window and logged out of her ex-husband's system.

Jack arrived at the compound where the nukes were being held and he approached the two guards. The guards refused to give him access to the bombs and Jack revealed that the building had been infiltrated, and that he had a presidential order to secure one of the circuit boards. When Jack threatened to call President Palmer and hand over the guards names, they allowed him access to the bombs. Jack took the circuit board out of the nuke, when Doyle demanded for him to stand down. Jack claimed that he exceeded his authority, but one of the guards knocked him out when Doyle gave the order.

Jack was arrested and he asked for a moment in privacy when Buchanan wanted to speak to him. Buchanan told him that he knew about Audrey and CTU would do anything to rescue her. Jack asked for Buchanan to call President Palmer, and Buchanan agreed to it. Jack told President Palmer about the situation and asked him to authorize the operation. President Palmer was convinced Russia would know the US government gave China the circuit board. Jack told him that once Audrey was safe, he would destroy the component with a package of C4, which could very well kill him. Since Palmer owed Jack and had trust in him, he agreed to authorize the operation.


Jack threatens to shoot Mike Doyle

Buchanan had Doyle informed to give Jack everything he needed. Jack called Cheng and was given a location. Once Jack reached that destination, Jack would give further instructions. Jack also asked Doyle if he could be the agent to help him secure Audrey's safety. During the drive, Doyle received a call from Buchanan and Jack became suspicious. Jack pulled out his firearm and threatened to shoot Doyle, just like he did to close friend and ally Curtis Manning. Doyle pulled over and Jack took his cellular phone. He abandoned Doyle at a fencing site and drove off.

12:00am-1:00am Edit

Jack realized that Doyle would eventually get into contact with CTU and that CTU could track him via satellite, due to the transmitter being embedded into the sub-circuit board. Jack pulled over to a pair of satellite dishes, which killed the tracking signal. He removed the transmitter from the component and went back on the road. Jack called Cheng and told him that he would pick the meeting place. Cheng insisted that they could both get what they wanted if he would cooperate. Jack revealed that he was a fugitive from CTU and he knew what area CTU satellite covered. Cheng agreed to meet at the location of Jack's choice: the Calderone Motel.

When Jack arrived at the site, he placed a call to a cab company. He asked for a cab driver to wait at a specific location, in order for Audrey to get transportation back to CTU. Jack then placed a call to Buchanan's cell phone, as he was unaware that Bill was forced to step down as CTU Director. Jack gave up his location on an unimportant voice mail and he also thanked Buchanan for being a good friend. Before Jack sent the voice mail, he asked for Buchanan to take care of Audrey for him. Jack then rigged the small building with a charge of C4.


Jack is reunited with Audrey

When Cheng arrived, he entered the building alone. Jack refused to handover the component until he knew that Audrey was safe. Cheng spoke Chinese to one of the hostiles and Audrey was brought into the building. Cheng had Audrey approach Jack and he removed a gag from her month. They had an emotional reunion, but Audrey didn't speak a word. Jack told Cheng that he would handover the component once Audrey was out of the sniper's range. Cheng reluctantly agreed to the terms and Jack gave Audrey instructions and informed her about the cab driver. When Audrey began to walk towards the bridge, Mike Doyle shot a hostile and Jack tossed the component over to Cheng. Jack was shot in the vest, and Cheng escaped from the building, as tactical units arrived.

Cheng escaped in one of his hummers into the mountains and air support began to follow him, but a hostile took the helicopter out. Though all of the hostiles were killed, Cheng wasn't captured and Jack blamed Doyle, as he had the building rigged with explosives and he revealed the detonator. Under the orders of Nadia, Doyle was forced to place Jack into his custody. Audrey then entered the room and asked for Jack to help her. Jack realized that Audrey didn't recognize him and was emotionally unstable.

1:00am-2:00am Edit

When Audrey became unresponsive, Jack pleaded to Doyle to allow him to speak with her. Jack insisted that he was the only one who could get through to her, as he was tortured by the same people. Doyle had orders to take Jack in and arrangements could be made for Jack to see Audrey once he was back at CTU. Once Jack and Doyle arrived at CTU, Jack was brought to a holding cell. Jack consoled with Doyle and asked for him to watch over Audrey. Shortly after, Doyle returned to the holding cell and revealed that Dr. Bradley, the psychiatrist from Division, had a method to cure Audrey. The process involved drugs that would bring Audrey out of her catatonic state and she would be responsive, with a possibility of Cheng's location being revealed. However, the side effects of the drugs could include death. Doyle uncuffed Jack and told him to "make it look good." Jack slowly overpowered Doyle to the floor and then grabbed his firearm and key card.


Jack is visited by Former Secretary of Defense James Heller

After Jack knocked out a guard, he arrived at medical and after he received confirmation that Bradley didn't administrate the drugs yet, he escorted Audrey to a lower level room. Bradley ordered a lockdown when he pulled an alarm, and Audrey became frantic. Jack assured Audrey that he would protect and take care of her. He then began to remind her of her past and asked if she could help find Cheng in anyway. When Nadia arrived with security, Jack was ordered to stand down. Audrey revealed some sensitive information—Bloomfield—but Bradley still planned on going forward with the drug process. Nadia ordered for Bradley to meet him in her office, reminding him that Audrey was her witness, and Jack thanked her for intervening. He was then escorted back to his holding cell.

Shortly before 2:00am, Former Secretary of Defense James Heller arrived in Jack's holding cell. Secretary Heller told Jack that he wanted him to cut off contact with Audrey. Heller claimed that Jack was cursed and that "everything [he] touch[ed], one way or another, ends up dead."

2:00am-3:00am Edit


Jack sits in sorrow after his confrontation with Secretary Heller

Nadia entered Jack's holding cell and informed him that Secretary Heller left CTU with his daughter. She also revealed that she was aware that Heller planned to lift a restraining order against Jack. When Jack asked about the validity of Audrey's lead, Nadia told him that Bloomfield was a copper facility in Jefferson Heights, and copper particles were found on Audrey. Jack wanted to keep his promise to President Palmer and he asked if he could be reinstated, in order to clean up his mess. Nadia refused to grant the order and she threatened to have him restrained if he couldn't control himself. Nadia then told him that he could bring the issue up with the Division replacement once they arrived.

Approximately at 2:18am, Chloe entered Jack's holding cell with Marilyn. Marilyn should her condolences to Jack about Audrey's mental breakdown, and she comforted him. When Jack informed her about the restraining order Secretary Heller was going to pick-up, Marilyn told him that she would be there for him once the situation was over. She also asked if Jack could talk with Josh in the morning, as he was still confused on his father and grandfather's involvement in the nuclear detonation earlier in the day. Jack promised her to have a discussion with Josh on the matter. Chloe then excused Marilyn from the room and gave Jack an update on Doyle's progress at Bloomfield.

When an alarm began to siren, Jack realized something was wrong and he demanded for his guard to release him. The guard opened the door, but was shot and killed by a Chinese mercenary. Jack was able to take cover with the guard's body and he shot and killed the mercenary. He then found his way to the room were Marilyn and Josh were. Guards had them in custody and Jack swiftly killed them, and he then escorted Marilyn and Josh into a ventilation room. When Marilyn told Jack that the mercenaries wanted Josh, he was confused on what they would want with his nephew. Jack then stopped the movement of a fan with his firearm and he asked Josh to climb through it, in order to get to the vents. Josh refused to leave his mother behind, but Jack assured her that they would be right behind him.


Jack is ushered to the main floor with the rest of the hostages

When guards entered the room, Jack was forced to surrender and he was escorted to the main floor with Marilyn. Zhou Yong, the leader, refused to give Jack answers to why he wanted Josh. When Jack and Marilyn refused to give up Josh's location, Zhou made an announcement that he would kill Marilyn if Josh didn't surrender. Josh ultimately surrendered himself to one of the guards. When Josh was brought back to the main floor, Zhou ordered for his men to bring Josh down to the underground sewer tunnels. Jack demanded to know why the Chinese wanted his nephew, but Zhou refused to inform him. Marilyn then began to panic and Zhou was willing to shot her in order to shut her up. Jack pleaded to be allowed to calm her down and Zhou allowed it. Jack assured Marilyn that everything would be all right and he would get Josh back.

3:00am-4:00am Edit

Zhou made a proclamation that his team would make a discrete exit and he began to have his men secure the hostages into the conference rooms. Jack confronted Nadia and told her if they wanted to recover the component, they would have to make a move. Nadia and Jack assaulted their guards and Morris joined in. Though Jack was able to handle the guards that surrounded him, Nadia had mild trouble and the Chinese mercenary began to choke her. Doyle and Field Unit Bravo arrived and were able to take control of the situation. Jack then told Nadia he would be set to go after the Chinese and Josh once a protocol was set up. Nadia reminded him that he was still under arrest and Jack convinced her to reinstate him, as he knew the schematics to the building better to anyone. Nadia agreed to Jack's request, but she told him that he would work under Doyle.

Jack, Doyle, and the TAC team arrived at Cheng's base of operations, but Cheng and his men were leaving the parking garage. Jack was able to intervene and stop Cheng's limousine. When Cheng grabbed Josh and used him as a human shield, Jack had Doyle's men hold their fire around Cheng. Jack saw an opening and he had Doyle cover for him. Cheng ran out of ammunition and Jack demanded for Cheng to surrender, but Josh dangled in the air. Jack saw the rescue of his nephew being more important than getting revenge against Cheng. He allowed Cheng to escape when he secured Josh to safe ground. Josh thanked Jack for saving his life.


Jack prepares to leave for CTU with Josh

Josh revealed to Jack that he spoke with his grandfather on the phone. Josh also told Jack that Phillip want to take him to China and start a new life. When Jack asked if Josh heard anything in the background, that could give CTU a lead, Josh apologized and told him he didn't. Jack informed Doyle that his father was still involved in the day's events and he told him to inform Nadia and CTU about the situation. Jack also kept Marilyn up to date on the situation and he allowed her to speak with her son. As Jack and Josh prepared to leave for CTU, Doyle grabbed Josh and brought him to a CTU chopper. Jack began to chase after Doyle, but field agents held him back and slammed him to the ground.

4:00am-5:00am Edit

Jack told Hal Turner that it was a mistake to hand Josh over to Phillip. Turner told him that they have orders from the White House. Jack asked if they were arresting him, but Turner told him that he was in temporary custody to prevent him from jeopardizing the operation. Jack got into the car, placing a call to Chloe O'Brian at CTU. He asked why they were handing Josh to Phillip. She told him that the Vice-President ordered it due to Phillip's possession of the circuit board. Phillip was requesting Josh and safe passage out of the country. Jack claimed that Phillip had no intention of giving up the circuit board. Chloe said that the White House did not have a choice and that Doyle had a plan to get Josh back. Jack scoffed, saying his father would have a better one. He asked to speak with Karen Hayes. Jack begged her to stop the trade with Phillip. Karen asked why he would keep the circuit board, and Jack told her that it was his leverage against the Chinese, and that he was useless to them without it. He said they were likely to be offering him a lot more than whatever the United States was. Karen told him that she disagreed with the operation too, but it was the Vice-President's call and she had no authority to do anything. She said he had to take care of it himself, but Jack told her that he was in custody. They hung up as Jack was taken to a District Detention Centre.


Jack disarms Turner

On the road with Turner, Jack's car was forced off the road when an oncoming vehicle almost hit them. Turner got out, and Jack quickly disarmed Ryan, asking for his handcuffs. Outside, Turner identified Bill Buchanan as the one who forced them off the road. Bill asked if Jack was in the car, and Turner told him of their orders. Bill asked for Jack to be released. As Bill gets closer, Turner asked him to stop, or he'll be forced to shoot. As Bill lectured him, Jack knocked out Ryan and snuck up behind Turner, knocking him out as well. Jack asked Bill if the exchange had happened yet, but Bill said that it had not. They ran back to Bill's car and drove off. Jack thanked Bill for helping. Bill said they should hope Jack was right about his father, but Jack said that he was.

Jack and Bill pulled up just as Josh was taken by Phillip's men. Jack was unable to fire without putting Josh at risk. They took cover as they were fired upon, and the boat managed to get away. Jack checked on Mike Doyle, who said that he was given a bomb instead of a circuit board. Jack called CTU, informing them that the circuit board was a fake and that Doyle was in critical condition. He said that two men went out to sea with Josh as Nadia realises that the tracker had shorted out, and that tactical teams were five minutes out. She asks about Doyle, and Jack told her that, while his injuries are not life-threatening, he may be blind in one or both eyes. Nadia apologized for not listening to Jack, but Jack said that she was only doing what she thought was right. He asked if the satellite was back up, but Chloe said it would be impossible to find a boat that size in the dark. Jack said that the boat had a limited range, and should be meeting with a larger vessel. As he said this, he saw a small glow in the distance. He then demanded the locations of any off-shore oil platforms within a ten mile radius. Jack said that BXJ Technologies owned leases up and down the coast. Chloe worked at finding the oil platforms, but as she continued not to match any files, she collapsed.

5:00am-6:00am Edit

Jack watched as Doyle was taken from the beach by a medical team. "Get the kid, Jack," he pleaded as he was taken away. Jack then received a call from CTU, who explained that his father and Josh had been found. Jack asked to lead the assault, but learnt that there would not be one, as F-18s were being prepped to take out the platform. Jack and Bill Buchanan were ordered back to CTU. As Jack contemplated, Buchanan asked what was wrong. Jack told him that no one would survive the air assault, and Buchanan replied that he should not risk his life to save Josh. However, Jack managed to convince Buchanan to go along with the plan, and they stole a helicopter.


Jack leaves Phillip on the platform

By 5:20am the helicopter reached the platform. Buchanan moved it above the platform and landed as Jack began to shoot hostiles. Jack blew up a tank on the platform, killing more of Cheng's men. Jack shot at Cheng, and demanded Josh. Cheng told him that he was too late. Bill took Cheng back to the chopper and told Jack that they only have ten minutes before the platform would be destroyed. Jack runs across the platform and finally finds Josh, who had shot Phillip in the shoulder. Jack explained about the F-18s, and told Josh to go the chopper, which he did. Jack then told Phillip to get up, but he refused. Jack reiterated his point about the incoming F-18s, but he said he would rather stay and die on the platform. Jack left him and ran back to the helicopter. The chopper had taken off, and Buchanan dropped a rope from the bottom, which Jack grabbed onto just before the strike team destroyed the platform, sending it into the water in a glorious blaze.


Jack looks out over the ocean at the end of the day

After Buchanan got a safe distance away from the site of the explosion, Jack dropped from the wire into the water, and made it to the shore. He went to James Heller's beachside house and demanded to see Audrey. Heller told Jack that he won't allow him near his daughter; but Jack cut him off, shouting, "You do not tell me what to do anymore!" Jack told Heller that he used to look up to him like a father, but felt insulted when Heller told him that everything he touched ended up dead, even though the only thing that Jack ever did was listen to people like Heller. Heller explained that getting his life back won't change who he is. When he mentioned Jack's deceased wife, Jack was infuriated, but Heller made him realize that he will not be able to take care of Audrey like he used to. Jack demanded again to have Heller take him to Audrey, and eventually he did so. Jack walked over to the bed of a sleeping Audrey and held her hand. He whispered that he would not be able to uphold his promise to take care of her, and said that the best way to do this is to let her go. He told her that he loved her, and kissed her on the forehead. "And I always will," he said.

Jack then left Audrey's room and walked out of the house. He went to the cliffs outside Heller's home, still holding his weapon. Looking down the cliff face at the waves crashing below, Jack contemplated his future, as well as everything that had happened to him over the last twenty-four hours, and everything he had been through over the last ten years.

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