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This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions during Day 7.

Day 7Edit



Jack Bauer in the Senate hearings

Following the subpoena served by Frank Trammell, Jack Bauer attended a Senate investigation headed by Senator Blaine Mayer at the Russell Senate Office Building, and was questioned for his torture of Ibrahim Haddad and human rights violations committed by the now-disbanded Counter Terrorist Unit. The investigation was interrupted by FBI Agent Renee Walker, who transported Jack to the FBI headquarters and briefed him about the national security threat presented by Tony Almeida; Jack's former friend who had been presumed dead for nearly six years. Jack simply refused to believe that Almeida was still alive, so Renee explained that the body in Tony's grave was in fact not his.

Despite Jack's constant insistence to the contrary, Renee said that Tony was involved in some illegal activities, not working in assistance to any government agency. She encouraged Jack to work with Sean Hillinger to track down Tony's whereabouts, which led them to Gabriel Schector, a former off-books supplier of Jack and Tony from their CTU days. They went to see Schector, but he was assassinated by Alan Tanner, one of Tony's men, before he could say anything. The building was sealed due to a call from Renee to try to track down the sniper.

Tony then called Schector's apartment and Jack answered the phone. Tony told Jack to stay away and hung up before Jack could ask any questions.

9:00am-10:00am Edit

Jack demanded that there must be a mole within the FBI who told the sniper that Jack was going to be there. Renee said she knew he had a history of not trusting people and he was not brought in to run the operation. He was forced to surrender his gun and sit with Agent Kilner while he waited for Renee. Kilner told him that he did not think the Senate hearings making an example of Jack was fair, and that a lot of people respected Jack for his actions over the years. Jack asked about Renee, and Kilner said she was a good agent.

Jack left the car for some air, and Renee told him that Tony used the CIP device to cause a near-collision between two planes. As she continued to talk Jack noticed a supposed FBI agent wearing improper shoes. He explained to Renee that one of the FBI agents must have helped him to escape. Jack said that she could not bring anyone else into this as they did not know how deep the conspiracy ran. He said that the two of them had to follow him on their own. Renee and Jack took an agents vehicle and began to follow Tanner, the fake agent.


Jack watches as Alan Tanner arrives at the cargo ship

Larry Moss, Renee's boss at the FBI, called Renee to find out where she was. Jack encouraged her to make up a story about following a lead, but Moss was not convinced. In the car she asked him how far he would have gone to get the information out of Schector. Jack said that it did not matter now. He said that he was simply trying to help her find Tony, and it had to be done his way because the FBI had been compromised.

Renee and Jack tracked Tanner to a cargo ship, where they pulled over to stop from being seen by him. Renee gave him a gun. They followed Tanner and Jack removed his weapon and began to interrogate him, asking if Tony was on the boat. Renee held him back and said Tony was not the priority; the CIP device was. Jack knocked Tanner out and they headed over towards the ship. Jack managed to shoot out a surveillance camera, which attracted the attention of some of Tony's men. Jack took Tanner hostage but he was shot by one of Tony's men in an attempt to get Jack. Renee killed him and they both took out Masters. Jack and Renee split up inside the ship and Jack found Tony in the Pilot Room, but Tony ran. Jack chased him outside and yelled for him to stop, but he refused. The two had an intense fight but Jack managed to overpower Tony. Renee arrived and told him that the CIP device was gone. At that moment, Moss arrived in a helicopter after tracking Renee's phone. Jack asked Tony, "what happened to you? What the hell happened to you?"

10:00am-11:00am Edit

Tony was taken to FBI HQ on Larry's chopper with Jack and Renee. As they arrived back Larry asked for an explanation from Renee. Jack explained that there was a leak in the FBI, evident by the fact that there was a sniper at Schector's office before they even got there, and that the tip had to come from the FBI and whoever it was helped Schector's killer to get out of the building. Larry asked who it could be, but Renee was unsure. Larry agreed to limit access to Tony to Level 4 Clearance and above. He received a call from the White House and left, but not before berating Renee for leaving him out of the loop. Jack asked her if she trusted him, and she said that he did.


Jack interrogates Tony in the FBI holding room

Jack went to Tony's interrogation room and looked at him through the glass. He looked at his former friend, comprehending why he had committed acts of terror. Larry entered and informed Jack and Renee that Tony was working with the Juma regime, and that the White House just received a set of demands from Colonel Dubaku, Juma's second in command, saying that they would use the CIP device to wage more acts of terror if Taylor did not remove US troops from Sangala. Jack said he could get the CIP device if Larry led Jack talk to Tony. He agreed and let Jack into the room.

Jack entered the interrogation room and asked a guard standing by to leave. Tony looked up at Jack, nervously. Jack asked Tony how he was still alive, but he did not respond. "Didn't think so," Jack quipped. He said that he knew Tony was working for the Juma regime and that he would never let Juma use the CIP device to attack America. He told Tony to save himself some time and pain by telling him what he knew. He told Tony he would get the death penalty for aiding a genocide. Tony said that Juma was willing to pay for the CIP device and Tony had the means of getting it. He said that he had nothing to live for besides money thanks to the government, and that Charles Logan wasn't responsible for Michelle's death because the government poisons everything in its path. Tony then questioned why Jack was helping the same government that was putting him on trial for saving the country a countless number of times. He reminded Jack of all he has lost because of the government, which angered Jack into pushing Tony against the wall and strangling him. He demanded that Tony tell him where the device was, but he refused. Just before Tony died from suffocation, he whispered into Jack's ear "Deep Sky". Before he could say any more, Larry stormed in and forced Jack to let him go. He did so and Larry demanded that he left.

Jack was taken to a room on his own, where he took out his phone and dialled a number. He said into the phone that he was Jack Bauer and was told to call this old CTU emergency phone code by Tony Almeida. The muffled voice on the other end was replaced by the voice of old colleague Bill Buchanan. Buchanan said he would call Jack back on a secure line, which he did a few minutes later. He explained that there were people inside President Taylor's government assisting the Juma regime and Tony was working deep cover to bring them down. They were not working with a government and Tony was supposed to stay with the CIP device the whole time to keep control of it to bring down the conspiracy. Buchanan said that they had to try to break him out of FBI headquarters. Jack suggested using Renee to help get Tony out, but Buchanan said it would be putting her at risk. Jack said that he thought he could get Tony out but Chloe - who was revealed to be working with Buchanan - would have to get them out of the building.

Chloe set up a series of loops for the security feed for the FBI to trick them into thinking that Jack and Tony weren't in the corridors when they would be. She hung up just as Renee Walker entered the room Jack was in. She told him that they were going to continue without him, but thanked him for helping to find Tony. Jack then put her in the sleeper hold and took her gun and badge. Using Chloe to guide him, Jack navigated his way through the corridor avoiding agents. He broke into the interrogation room and forced the agent guarding Tony to put his weapon down, as well as Larry Moss. He told the guard to uncuff Tony, then knocked out Larry as Tony knocked out the guard. Tony understood that Jack had got in contact with Buchanan, and Jack explained that he was going to get him out. Whilst hiding from some guards Tony apologized for bringing up Teri earlier, and Jack apologized for almost breaking his neck.


Jack drives the car out of the FBI Washington Field Office parking lot

Just as they were about to get to the stairwell and get out, Janis Gold cut Chloe's surveillance feed preventing her from being able to walk Jack and Tony out. They managed to get to the stairwell by the time Chloe regained the feed and warned them of a team heading their way. Using a fire extinguisher they smashed a window out and got to the parking lot. Tony managed to escape out of the parking lot as Jack gave him cover fire. As agents began to flood the parking lot Jack managed to break into a vehicle and hotwired it. He set it going, lying down on the gas pedals. The vehicle drove off the edge of the second-story parking garage onto another car, seriously injuring Jack but securing their escape from the agents. Buchanan arrived and Tony and Jack got in his van. Jack reminded Buchanan that he had done everything he had asked, and wanted to know what was going on. Buchanan said he would tell him as soon as they arrived.

11:00am-12:00pm Edit

When back at their headquarters, which Buchanan nostalgically referred to as "CTU, or at least what's left of it," they explained that Tony had been revived by men hoping that he would turn against the government and become an asset, which he did. However, when the crew's plans changed to steal the CIP firewall and work for Ike Dubaku, Tony felt they had gone too far and turned to Buchanan and Chloe for help in bringing them down and discovering who the moles within the government were. Jack pointed out that to put Tony back undercover as Buchanan suggested needed to happen to get to Dubaku, they had to have a plan of how Tony got out of FBI custody. Jack realized that they wanted him to help get Tony back undercover, saying that he wanted to be part of the crew. He agreed to help them because they were the only people that he trusted.


Jack holds Morgan at gunpoint, demanding to be a part of Emerson's crew

Tony called the head of his crew, David Emerson, and said that Jack had broken him out and now wanted to be part of the crew so he could disappear to escape the Senate hearings. Emerson agreed and Tony and Jack went to meet him at a house on 2211 Chesterfield. However, when they got there Emerson changed his mind and decided to kill Jack as he was too much of an unknown. Jack overpowered Emerson's two guards and Emerson, impressed by the scene, decided to allow Jack to be part of the team. As they prepared for the mission, Emerson questioned Jack as to why he returned to the US after travelling around so much before the Senate hearings. Jack said that he wanted to prove everything he did was right and to set the record straight.

Emerson told the crew their plan; to kidnap former Prime Minister Ule Motobo from his house in DC and deliver him to Dubaku. They arrived at the house and killed many of Matobo's men. They found a safe room where Matobo was hiding but realized it was reinforced with concrete and could not be opened from the outside. Tony reminded Jack that without Matobo they had no chance of getting to Dubaku.

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

Jack watched as Emerson beat up Matobo's Head of Security, Zeze Eto'o, trying to force him to open the door. Jack tried to break in from the back, but his efforts were unsuccessful due to the reinforced concrete. Emerson threatened Eto'o, telling Matobo that if he did not come out, Eto'o would be killed. Eto'o said he would be willing to die. Just as Emerson was about to shoot him, his phone rang; the FBI. Emerson realized that the FBI knew they were there, and Tanner must have talked. Litvak said that they had to go, but Jack said that he had a plan of how to get them out. He said he could flush out the Matobos by combining some substances that should be in the kitchen to make ammonium dysterate. Despite Litvak's protests, Emerson told Jack to go ahead, and for Tony to help him.

Jack prepared the substance with Tony, and by 12:15pm, he put a bowl with it into the ventilation system. As the smoke of it went through the ventilation system and into the safe room, Emerson informed Matobo of what they had done. After some time passed, Litvak became anxious and told Jack to put more gas in. However, Jack said it would kill them instantly if they did so. Inside, Matobo's wife, Alama, finally gave in and opened the door. The two were hauled out by Jack and Tony and taken to their van outside.


Jack convinces Emerson not to shoot Renee, as Tony watches

As they got in, Litvak approached Emerson and showed him the FBI Agent, Renee Walker, he had found at the location. Renee rebuked Jack for betraying her. Emerson planned to shoot her, but Jack stopped him arguing that they should find out what the FBI had gotten from Tanner. The crew drove away, and Emerson called Nichols, asking him to use their asset in the FBI to discover what Tanner told the authorities. Nichols explained that Walker knew nothing apart from the attack on Matobo, and he advised Emerson to kill her before they arrived.

Emerson told Litvak to go to Morrison Avenue as there was a construction site there where they could dump Renee's body. Around 12:55pm, they arrived at the construction site, and Emerson told Jack to shoot Renee and put her in a ditch. Jack forced Renee out of the van and took her over a ditch. He turned her around, and whispered in her ear, "If you trust me, I will get you through this alive." He pushed her to her knees, and shot her close to the neck and then kicking her into the ditch. After covering her with a plastic sheet, he and Tony buried her.

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit

Emerson arrived with Jack and Tony at Northwoods Airfield, where Emerson realized that he was set up and held Jack hostage. During the confrontation, Tony shot Emerson in the arm, and then proceeded to shoot him fatally in the neck, saving Jack. After this, Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian arrived, after rescuing Renee. Bill told Jack about the plane crash at Washington, DC and he explained the situation to the Matobos and asked them to cooperate with them in order to capture and stop Iké Dubaku. Jack also apologized to Renee and explained why he did what he did.

As Chloe wired the Matobos, Jack took cover with a sniper rifle in one of the hangar's higher levels. Shortly after, Nichols arrived to meet with Tony and pick up the Matobos. After taking them, Nichols signaled for one of his men to shoot Tony, but Jack shot him first. Tony then told Nichols to leave.


Jack and Renee attack Dubaku's base of operations

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit

Using the transmitter on Matobo, Jack and the rest tracked Nichols to the Ritter Building where Dubaku was directing the attacks. As they entered the building, Jack and Renee went through a crawlspace that led to Dubaku's server room, while Tony and Bill waited outside the room. When the time was right, they raided the room killing Nichols and his men and destroying the CIP device. Dubaku, however, managed to escape.

After returning to Bill's safe house, Jack agreed with Chloe that they needed to contact other agencies for help. Bill refused to do so because of the corruption, but then reluctantly agreed. When Matobo assured them that they could trust President Taylor, they arranged a meeting with her at the White House. As Jack prepared to leave with Bill and Matobo, Tony told them he would stay behind because he was still a fugitive. Jack told him that he needed to surrender himself and Tony assured him that he would after they captured Dubaku.

3:00pm-4:00pm Edit

Jack, Bill, and Renee arrived at the White House with Ule Matobo and explained their operation to President Taylor. Despite being angered by this, she agreed to help them. During the meeting, she received a call from Dubaku explaining that he had Taylor kidnapped and that she should retire the American forces from Sangala if she wanted him to live. Jack convinced the President to let them find her husband, and she agreed.

Renee convinced Jack to involve her boss, Larry. After meeting with him, he fetched the phone records from the deceased agent Brian Gedge. Using this, they found out that another agent, Edward Vossler was probably involved. Renee went to Vossler's house and took his wife and kid hostage, while Jack tracked him with the help of Larry. After forcing him to give Dubaku's location, Vossler drew a knife on Jack but he ended up killed in the struggle. Jack then met with Renee again as they entered Dubaku's new hideout at 12451 Arlington Avenue and eliminated all of his men. However, Jack couldn't stop Elemu, one of Dubaku's men, from shooting Henry Taylor in the chest.

4:00pm-5:00pm Edit


Jack shows Dubaku's picture to Marika and Rosa Donoso

Jack called for an ambulance and they took the First Gentleman away to the hospital. Following a lead from the hard drives on Dubaku's hideout, Jack and Renee went to an apartment, where they encountered Marika and Rosa Donoso. They discovered that Marika was in a relationship with Dubaku, but did not know about his violent past. Renee showed her pictures of what Dubaku had done in Sangala. Since Marika had arranged to meet with Dubaku to leave the country, Jack asked her to go to him so they could track her and find Dubaku. When Dubaku's driver arrived to pick up Marika, Jack and Renee used Chloe's help from the FBI to track her. Chloe's satellite was disabled momentarily when Janis Gold breached the system to see what Chloe was doing. As they continued to track Marika, Jack and Renee were stopped and detained by several policemen who had a warrant issued for their arrest from the FBI.

5:00pm-6:00pm Edit

After Larry Moss managed to clear the matters with the Washington police, Jack and Renee told Chloe to follow traffic cams for Dubaku's location. When they intercepted him, they continued their pursuit. After Dubaku noticed, he ordered his driver to speed up. Marika, still reluctant about going with Dubaku, covered the driver's eyes causing the car to flip over and crash. As Jack and Renee arrived at the scene, the driver walked out of the wreckage and drew a gun on Jack, but he shot him. Jack dragged the injured Dubaku out of the car, while Renee tried to dragged Marika but her leg was pinned in the wreckage. Renee then drew a gun on Jack to coerce him into helping her. However, it was too late since she was already dead.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, Jack ordered one of them to pt a shot of epinephrine on Dubaku to reawaken him. When the paramedic refused, Jack drew a gun on him. As Dubaku opened his eyes, Jack questioned him about the people involved in the attacks, and threatened Dubaku's son if he didn't talk. Dubaku told him that he had a list with incriminating evidence about everyone, but fainted after this. When the paramedics were about to use the shock paddles to revive him, they noticed Dubaku had something under his ribcage. Jack ordered him to open him up and retrieved a memory stick from his body. Jack called Larry and informed him about this and sent the stick with an officer, while he went to the hospital with Dubaku.


Renee falls on Jack's arms

While at the hospital, Renee blasted him for his responsibility on Marika's death. Jack reminded her that Marika made a choice and that it helped them capture Dubaku. Renee, unable to deal with the grief and the guilt, screamed at Jack if he ever felt anything, if he had felt anything when Teri was killed, which offends Jack. She then slapped him twice and started crying. Jack coldly embraced her but then left her.

As Jack was sitting in front of the United States Capitol, Tony sat beside him and informed him about the lead he was following. He told him that he found out that General Benjamin Juma had an attack planned against an important target in the next few hours. Tony asked Jack for his help, and he agreed. Tony also told him that Blaine Mayer's Senatorial Chief of Staff, Ryan Burnett was implicated.

6:00pm-7:00pm Edit

Tony drove Jack to the White House, but when Tony offered to help, Jack reminded him that he was still a wanted felon and he would be arrested. Jack also decided not to bring Bill into it. Jack then called Chloe and asked her to delete Burnett's name from Dubaku's list. This would give him enough time to interrogate him before the authorities. After entering the White House, Jack found Bill and held him at gunpoint asking him where Ryan Burnett was. When Bill refused to give him the information, Jack looked it up in the manifest, and knocked Bill unconscious. When he found Burnett, he tortured him with a taser.


Jack Bauer tortures Ryan Burnett with a taser.

When Larry found about Jack's actions, he had Chloe arrested and called President Taylor to inform her that Jack was probably torturing Burnett at that moment. Precisely when Burnett was about to reveal the target to Jack, the President and his guards arrived. Taylor pleaded to Jack to stop what he was doing, but Jack refused. The guards blew the door and had Jack arrested. Saddened, Taylor told him he should've come to him first with the information about the attack.

7:00pm-8:00pm Edit


Bill visits Jack at his holding cell.

Bill visited Jack at the holding cell of the White House and briefed him on the latest information. Jack then told Bill that he still had time to interrogate Burnett to find out what the target was. Bill, however, refused to do so and told him Burnett was about to be transferred to a hospital.

When Bill was transferring Jack, they were informed by the FBI that the White House was the target and that Benjamin Juma was already in the building. Bill quickly ordered a lockdown. When Jack told him he could help, Bill uncuffed him and gave him a weapon. As they looked for a way out with the President, they realized that Juma was tracking them with her transmitter. Bill took it off her and went in another direction to confuse Juma and his men, while Jack was left protecting President Taylor.

Jack managed to lead her into the White House's safe room just when Juma's men arrived. Inside, Jack short-fused the door's circuit panel to avoid Juma's men from opening it. However, when Juma found the President's daughter, he threatened to kill her if the President didn't walk out of the safe room. Although Jack tried to prevent her from doing so, Taylor opened the door and faced Juma. Jack was put with the other hostages.



Jack mourns Bill Buchanan.

When General Juma ordered President Allison Taylor to read a statement live, Jack informed Bill that he had opened several canisters of CH-4 that were inside the safe room with the intention of sparking an explosion. His original plan was to draw the soldiers fire while Bill secured the President. However, Bill told Jack that he was the only one that could stop the threats and sacrificed himself by grabbing the gun of one of Juma's men, firing it to create an explosion. Jack then grabbed a gun and started killing Juma's men, with the help of Aaron Pierce who went to secure the President and her daughter.

When Jack found Juma, he faked surrendering but instead went for his gun. Jack then shot him repeatedly in the chest. When the Secret Service Emergency Response Team and FBI tactical team stormed the White House killing the remaining soldiers, Jack sat by Bill's body mourning him. Jack then told Renee Walker that Bill had told him he saw Juma obtaining outside intel from someone on the phone. Jack maintained that Ryan Burnett was now their only lead. Renee informed Larry, but he decided to hold Jack into custody. Ethan Kanin then called Larry and ordered him to let Jack interrogate Burnett, with his supervision.

Larry, reluctantly, took Jack to Kennedy Memorial Hospital. After doctors brought Burnett back from his unconscious state, Jack was allowed in the room, while Larry monitored from the outside. While Jack was interrogating him, a professional hitman, Quinn, hired by Greg Seaton, came through the ceiling and immobilized Jack with a nerve gas. He then slashed Burnett's throat with a shard of glass that had Jack's fingerprints to frame him. Jack regained his movement as Quinn disappeared and after seeing Burnett dead, he deduced they wanted to frame him so he went through the ceiling as well just as Larry stormed in the room. From outside, he called him and told him what had happened.


While fleeing from the police, Jack stole a car that had a laptop inside and got a picture of Quinn from the surveillance camera CD he got at the hospital. He then sent the image to Renee Walker and called her to tell her what really happened. Renee identified the man as a Starkwood employee and suggested him to talk with Senator Blaine Mayer, who had been investigating them for years. She then found out Mayer's home address and sent it to him.

Jack arrived at Mayer's house before he did, and started checking his computer. When Mayer arrived, Jack ordered him to give him access to his Starkwood files. Mayer did and Jack then told him everything that had happened. Mayer was led to believe in Jack after this and after a truthful conversation where Jack revealed how much he regret all the things that have happened to him. When someone claiming to be DC police knocked at Mayer's house, Jack was tempted to flee, but Mayer convinced him to surrender himself and assured him he would help him. When he opened the door, Quinn shot and killed him and started pursuing Jack who escaped through a window.

Quinn dies beside Jack

Jack hid at a nearby construction yard and when Quinn entered a trailer to look for him, Jack used a tractor to flip the trailer with Quinn inside. When he tried to jump out, Jack jumped on him and they started fighting. Eventually, Jack grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed Quinn in the chest, and then knocked him face down with a 2x4 to impale him. While he was on the floor, Jack asked him about the weapons Hodges was expecting, and Quinn told him they had already arrived. Jack then called Tony and told him to meet him at the Port of Alexandria.



Jack prepares to save Carl Gadsen.

Jack met with Tony at the Port of Alexandria at around 10:10pm. After surveying the area, they took the sole guard, Carl Gadsen, hostage and asked to see the port manifest. They then went to the office to find information about the shipments.

When Stokes and his men arrived at 10:25pm to pick up the container with the bioweapon, Jack told Carl to play along so they could spot the container with the bioweapon. When Carl asked Jack if they would protect him, he promised him they would. After they took him to the container area and identified the container, Tony told Jack that they should go to the car to be ready to follow the truck. However, Jack didn't move, intending to hold his promise of protecting Carl. When a terrorist called Cooper was about to execute him, Jack shot him with a silenced rifle.


Jack is exposed to the bioweapon

When the rest of the terrorists found out, a shoot-out ensued with Jack taking control of the truck with the weapon. As he drove out of the port, he found out that Tony had been taken hostage. He called Larry Moss and informed him he had the bioweapon and told him to send teams to the port and to a second place where he would drive the truck. While driving, he stopped to check a hissing sound and noticed a big gash on the container. As Jack looked inside, he saw that one of the tanks had been breached and was releasing the chemical, exposing Jack. Seeing he was in a populated area, he held his breath to prevent further exposure and entered the container to close the tank.

As he walked outside, Stokes and his men returned with a helicopter and began firing at him. As he sought cover, they took the bioweapon out of the container with the helicopter. As they flew away, Jack called Larry again and informed him what had happened. He also told Larry that he had been exposed. After Larry told him to sit still, he just waited by the truck for help.



Jack is hosed down by CDC teams.

When CDC teams arrived at Highway 236, Jack was hosed down and cleaned to treat him for exposition. Dr. Sunny Macer took a blood sample of him and sent it for preliminary tests. As they drove back to the FBI Headquarters, Macer received the results which said that Jack was positively infected although he was not contagious. After arriving at the Headquarters, Renee Walker told him how sorry she was for him. Then she said she had to brief him regarding what he had seen about the bio-weapon.

When Jack saw that Larry Moss and a tactical team were leaving for Starkwood he asked to go. Larry understood his concern but said he wouldn't allow it since they weren't sure when he would start showing symptoms. As Moss and the FBI raided the Starkwood compound, Jack and Renee watched through cameras and saw how they were deceived by Greg Seaton into an ambush by Stokes and other Starkwood men.



Jack starts showing symptoms.

After Larry Moss and his men were ambushed at Starkwood, Jack started revising Blaine Mayer's files and found information about Doug Knowles, chairman of the Board of Directors of Starkwood. Since he was collaborating with Mayer's investigation, Jack thought it might be their only chance and called him. After he agreed to help them, Jack put him in contact with Tony Almeida, who managed to slip into the Starkwood compound. Jack later called President Allison Taylor and informed her of the situation. He assured her that the weapons were there and that they would find them. Since he had seen the canisters, Taylor requested of him to get a visual confirmation before authorizing an air strike on the compound. She also thanked him for his service knowing that he had been infected by the pathogen.

Later, while giving satellite intelligence to Tony and Knowles, Jack collapsed due to the symptoms of the chemical. Dr. Sunny Macer treated him with an injection of pandopamine, which will mask the symptoms. She gave him a package of syringes for him to inject whenever the symptoms resurfaced. She also mentioned some experimental research with prion diseases being carried out at Bryden University which might involve the use of blood from a close relative. When Macer mentioned Jack's daughter as a possible alternative, he quickly rejected it not wanting to get her involved. When Renee Walker insisted, he refused to again.

When Tony found the canisters at the Starkwood basement, he took a picture and sent it to the FBI. There, Jack identified the weapon as the one that had been smuggled out of the Port of Alexandria.


When the airstrike on the compound was aborted by President Taylor, Jack supposed that she had been threatened. When Tony contacted him and told him about the RP-7 rocket fuel tanks, Jack inferred that Starkwood was planning on using missiles to attack. He contacted President Taylor and told him what Tony had found and asked for her permission to detonate the fuel tanks. Knowing she shouldn't be related to this operation, Taylor implied to Jack that he should do what's best. Jack then gave the green-light to Tony, who successfully blew the tanks and destroyed the Python missiles.


Kim and Jack hug as they meet again.

When Jack contacted President Taylor to inform her, he suffered a brief lapse of memory loss. He met with Dr. Sunny Macer and informed her of this new symptom, but she told him there was nothing she could do about it. When he walked out, Renee told her that his daughter had arrived. Jack was angered at first and blasted Renee for bringing her daughter after he explicitly told her not to. Renee, however, told her that Kim had been trying to contact Jack all day but wasn't able to. Jack then agrees to meet with Kim.

Jack goes to the conference room where Kim is waiting and they enjoy a brief moment of happiness as they forgive each other for their mistakes. Kim tells him that she has been trying to find him through private investigators, but hadn't succeeded. When Kim brings the experimental treatment to save him, he rejects it not wanting to put her at risk. As he starts to suffer a mild symptom of the pathogen, he pleads Kim to leave and they say goodbye to each other. As she leaves, Jack breaks down in the room.



Jack is being debriefed by Agent Mizelli.

Jack was being debriefed by Agent Mizelli about the events of the day, including the intel that Tony had given him about the attack at the White House. Mizelli insisted on Jack remembering if the source's name was Vincent Cardiff to what Jack agreed. During the briefing he started sweating and repeating himself so Mizelli prompted him to take a break. When he saw Renee Walker leaving with a tactical team, he asked her what had happened and she told him about Larry's death.

When Renee was about to take-off in an FBI chopper, Jack got in without warning and told her he would go with her. When she objected because of his illness, he assured her he would stand down if he started showing symptoms. As they arrived to the site and asked to see Larry's body, Jack noticed his gunshot wounds were from a shotgun. While Renee investigated the incident, taking a statement from Tony, Jack questioned the bullets used in the attack; Tony was hit by a 9 mm slug while Larry was hit by two shotgun blasts, suggesting that a second person aided Robert Galvez's escape.

As the FBI teams swept the perimeter, Jack started to suffer another seizure and stood aside to take a shot of pandopamine. Tony watched this and suggested that he should go back to FBI headquarters. He also told him he was sorry about him being infected. At this moment, Mizelli called Jack to verify some discrepancies with his briefing, but Jack hung up on him when they received a call from an agent that was following the suspect.

Galvez, impersonating an agent Stoller through the radio, was trying to lure the agents into a building he had rigged full of explosives. As the agents stormed the building, Jack asked to see the FBI radio transponders onscreen, and noticed Stoller's transponder wasn't even close to the building, and realized it was a trap. As he ran to warn the teams, Galvez blew it up with most of the agents inside. Jack helped some of the injured agents while looking for Renee. As he walked out of the building, he called Mizelli back who told him that Tony's alleged source, Cardiff, wasn't dead as Tony had told him and that he had been captured by customs agents on the border.


Jack realizes Tony was lying

As Jack realized Tony was behind everything, he went outside to confront him. After Tony placed Galvez, who faked being an injured agent, into an ambulance, Jack drew a gun on him and asked him about Cardiff. When Tony told him it was only a deal he had cut with Cardiff, Jack also brought up the discrepancies with the guns on his testimony, and threatened to kill him himself, if he lied to him. Tony tried to keep him calm telling him that he wasn't thinking clearly. While pointing the gun, Jack started suffering another seizure and collapsed while looking for his syringe pack. As he fell, Tony approached him and showed him the pack that he had took from him. With Jack convulsing on the floor, Tony told him he never wanted to bring him into this and that he had told him to stay out of it. Tony then called some paramedics to tend on Jack as he walked away.


7x20 JackHodges

Jack interrogates Jonas Hodges.

As he was recovering from his seizure, Dr. Sunny Macer tried to calm him and gave him another syringe package. Jack then admitted to Renee that Tony was the one helping Galvez and that he probably killed Larry Moss. She told Jack that Jonas Hodges was on his way to FBI medical and Jack told her they had to interrogate him to find out the names of the conspirators. As they conferred with President Taylor, Jack convinced her to not reveal that Hodges was alive and threaten him with revealing it to the press if he didn't cooperate.

When Jack interrogated him, he was reluctant at first to give out names, but he did admit an elaborate conspiracy between several businessmen that planned on using the prion variant pathogen on the US, hindering the country, and then step in to offer protection. With this information, Jack tells Renee they could use the information and algorithms stored in the old decommissioned CTU servers to find any lead that could help them. Jack called Chloe O'Brian and asked her for her help in reconfiguring the servers.

He then briefed the FBI on the situation as the servers were brought in. As they were connecting them, Janis kept complaining and making sarcastic remarks about becoming CTU until for no reason Jack snapped at her and yelled that she could leave if she wasn't happy. During his rant, he mistakenly mentioned the name of President David Palmer instead of Taylor's.



Jack comforts Chloe.

After the CTU servers are installed, Jack recommended Chloe O'Brian to change the search parameters to fit Muslims in the area, thus widening the scope. When Janis Gold was angered at this and called it "racial profiling", Jack agreed but told her it was necessary to find Tony. Jack retreated to inject himself when Chloe approached him. Chloe, who didn't know about Jack's illness was just informed by Renee Walker. She sat with him and demanded to know why he didn't tell her. He told her that he wanted her to continue working. When he told her that there was no cure for the infection, Chloe started to cry. Jack comforted her and told her it was okay. As they continued working, Chloe found several irregularities in the bank accounts of a man named Jibraan Al-Zarian. As she scanned her Internet history, she found visits to several extremist websites. Jibraan, a Pakistani immigrant, had no real address on his file but had listed a man named Muhtadi Gohar as his contact. Jack and Renee then left to meet with him.


Jack and Gohar get into a heated argument.

At 4:28am, Jack and Renee arrived at the G Street Mosque. When Jack prepared his gun, Renee reminded him that they were just going to question him. Jack, however, told her that this people have been complicit in the attacks of the day. Muhtadi Gohar opened the door and as Renee requested to ask him some questions, he recognized Jack from the Senate hearings that morning. As they got inside, Renee asked him about Jibraan. Muhtadi demanded to know what was this about and Jack yelled at him to answer the questions. Muhtadi defended himself saying that they had no warrant and no reasons to be there. As Jack started losing his temper, Muhtadi kept himself steadfast not believing the accusations on Jibraan. At this moment, Janis called Renee and told her about the police report on Jibraan's apartment a while ago. As they are about to leave, Jack decided to take Muhtadi with them so he doesn't warn Jibraan.

As they drove to the address, Chloe called Jack and told him that the bank deposits on Jibraan's account and the extremist website visits she had found were planted in the last few hours. As Jack realized Jibraan was being incriminated, he recognized his mistake. Jack then proceeded to uncuff Muhtadi, who was at his side. He was surprised to see Jack acknowledge his mistake and forgave him for it. When Jack told him he wasn't looking for his forgiveness, Muhtadi told him that perhaps he needed to forgive himself. When Jack told him it was too late for that, Muhtadi assured him it was never too late to turn to God.

At 4:55am, Jack and Renee arrived at Jibraan's apartment. As they met with Tim Moran, who was leading the FBI team already there, they checked with a fiber optics camera to see what was happening inside. When they saw a hostile holding Jibraan's brother inside, they decided to raid the apartment. As they stormed in, Hamid broke a nearby glass and used a shard to stab Harbinson in the neck. Jack warned him to stop because they needed him to find his brother.


7x22 JibraanJack

Jibraan hands Jack the canister.

With the help of Chloe O'Brian, Jack tracks Tony Almeida and captures him. While handcuffed, Jack punches him repeatedly asking him about the last prion variant canister. Even though Tony refuses to talk, Jack manages to track the canister with Jibraan and detonate it in an enclosed space. Afterwards, he collapses due to the symptoms of the pathogen. When Renee Walker advises him to give himself a shot of pandopamine, he tells her that it isn't working anymore and she held Jack to comfort him.

Later, Cara Bowden phones Jack and sends him a video feed of Kim at the airport. She tells him to help Tony escape if he wants to see Kim alive. Jack join Renee and Tony at the security car.


(description 1)


Jack is sedated.

(description 2)


Jack escapes to find sunlight.



Jack hears Tony's true intentions.

(final description 1)


Jack gives Renee advice.

(final description 2)


Kim sits by her father.

(final description 3)

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