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This is a description of Jack Bauer's actions during Day 8.

Day 8Edit


Just after 4:00pm, Jack Bauer sat watching cartoons on the television with his granddaughter. Falling asleep, Jack reminded Teri that she should call him "grampa" rather than Jack, but she said he did not look like a grampa. Jack laughed, and changed the channel after Teri said the cartoon was boring. He flicked to a news channel about the Middle Eastern summit that President Taylor was holding, but Teri insisted that he changed it to a different cartoon. He obliged. Kim called and said she would be there soon to pick Teri up. Jack said that she reminded him of Kim as a child. At ten past four Jack went to the lobby with Teri to meet Kim and Stephen. When they arrived, Jack announced that he was going to move back to Los Angeles with Kim as she had asked. Teri was overjoyed when Jack said he would fly back with them tonight, as and he walked them to the car Jack said he just had a few more things to pack. They drove away and Jack agreed to meet them in an hour.

Moments later, however, Victor Aruz came to Jack's room. An old informant of Jack from when he worked at CTU, he hoped that Jack could help with an assassination attempt against President Omar Hassan of Kamistan. Aruz had been shot and was bleeding. Jack said he needed an ambulance, but Aruz explained that he was the one who got the hitter into the country, but then the hitter tried to have him taken out, so he wanted him found out. He asked Jack to call CTU and vouch for him so he could cut a deal. Jack eventually agreed to help, but Aruz refused to give the name of the hitter. He said he knew how to find him and stop him before the assassination attempt took place, but he wanted a signed immunity agreement first.

8x01 Cops

The police question Jack and Aruz

Jack called Chloe O'Brian at CTU New York and told her about the hit. She informed Director Brian Hastings, who spoke to Jack. He asked how viable the intel was, and Jack said the threat shouldn't be taken lightly. Hastings spoke to Aruz and agreed to bring him in. He said he would send a chopper to pick them up. He told them to go to the 12th Precinct and they agreed to go there. Jack and Aruz began to make their way across the blocks to get to the chopper's location. Jack called Kim and said he might be late but he would still get the flight with them. As they continued on their route, Aruz collapsed from pain. Jack tried to redress his wound, but before he could get far he was intercepted by a New York policemen suspicious of the wounded man. However, the police were killed by the men chasing Aruz. Jack managed to fend them off for a while but he ran out of bullets and had to run.

They made it to a stairwell and called CTU, saying that they would not make it to the chopper's location as they were being pursued. Jack spoke to Cole Ortiz in the chopper who said that he would redirect the chopper to a closer pickup location. As they progressed up the stairs Jack told Aruz to tell him everything he knew about the hitter in case he didn't make it, but Aruz refused. Jack managed to take out the two men using a fire extinguisher from the wall. He took one of their submachine guns. They made it to the roof and met with Ortiz, who said that Jack needed to go in for a debrief. He refused, knowing he had to meet Kim at the airport. However, before the chopper could leave it was shot with a rocket launcher by Davros from a building opposite. Jack checked on Aruz, who was close to death. He said that there was someone on the inside close to Hassan, but he died before he could say anything else.


At the site of the chopper explosion, Cole announced that the two CTU agents, Johnson and Torres he was there with were death. Jack asked to speak with Hastings. He told him what Aruz had said before he died, and suggested that he trust him. Hastings said Jack had to go back for a debrief, and he eventually agreed. They arrived back at 5:16pm and Jack insisted that the debrief occur as fast as possible. Hastings informed him that they had the insider already; Meredith Reed, a journalist doing a profile on Hassan. Jack quickly called Kim to explain that he would be late as he had to give a statement for CTU. She said that they could pick him up as it was on the way. Jack said he would ask Chloe to get them a security pass, then he proceeded with his debrief with Chloe.

8x02 Jack Kim

Kim tells Jack that he would never be able to forgive himself if something terrible happened to Hassan and he did nothing to stop it

In the debrief, Chloe insisted to Jack that Meredith Reed, the woman they had in custody, was not the one working against Hassan. Jack said that it was not his problem, and asked to get on with the debrief. She showed him some evidence, which Jack pointed out was not substantial. He said that she should take it to Hastings and not her, but Chloe was sure that he would be more likely to listen to Jack than her. Jack agreed to talk to Hastings, who had the same opinion about the veracity of the evidence as Jack had. He refused to waste resources looking into the theory. Jack told this to Chloe, who said that she never let him down with all the things he asked her to do, and that he owed her this. He refused, and walked away. Meeting Kim outside, she told him that he should stay at CTU if he could help, and that he would not be letting her down. He eventually agreed to go back, and said he would get on a plane to Los Angeles as soon as he was done.

Back in CTU, Jack told Chloe that they needed to find out where the suspect went after he left Reed's apartment. Chloe couldn't find the car after searching through all traffic cameras within a five mile radius. She said that she could try looking at the drone archives but they were in Arlo Glass' station. Jack told her to hack in, which she did. She found out that the man hailed a cab after leaving the apartment, so they called the cab company to find out where it went. While she did that, Jack went to the armoury to get a weapon. Just as he collected it, Hastings arrived with armed guards and demand that Jack give the weapon back. When he explained that he was following the lead he brought to Hastings, the director said he was wasting time and resources. Jack threatened to say in his debrief that Hastings did not provide sufficient support during the operation which resulted in the death of two CTU agents unless he let him pursue the operation. Hastings agreed to let him go, saying that he would regret blackmailing CTU. Chloe told him where the cab dropped the hitter off, and Jack set off.


Jack tasered

Jack is tasered by Mazoni

Jack arrived at the location in Queens, but was unsure of which house the hitter went in. He saw some teenagers playing basketball nearby. One angrily told Jack to go away and that they hadn't seen anything. When Jack offered some money, Jay said that he saw the man Jack was asking about go into a house, which he pointed out to him. Jack headed over to the house and saw two dead bodies through the window. He called Chloe and told her, but he was confronted by Officer John Mazoni who thought him to be the man who killed the residents (after being called by a neighbour that heard gunshots). Mazoni tasered Jack, despite Jack's pleas to his partner, Phil Lu, that he was working with CTU.

Mazoni took Jack down to the basement and strapped him to a chair, preparing to beat him for being a cop killer (as one of the people killed in the house was a police officer). Phil was unsure, trusting Jack's story about working for CTU. Mazoni said that he was sick of "creeps" like Jack getting out on a technicality, and that Phil should wait upstairs if he had a problem. He told Phil not to call it in until he said so. Phil went upstairs, telling Mazoni not to kill him.

After a while Mazoni was still attacking Jack, but Jack managed to ram the police officer through a wall and small the chair he was chained to into a wall so it broke. He hit Mazoni with a piece of wood to keep him down but before he could do so again Phil came back and pointed his gun at Jack. Mazoni told Phil to shoot him, but Jack said that everything he told him was true and he was a former federal agent. Phil decided to call in the attack, and Jack told him to ask his superior what the dead police officer's assignment was for that day. He realised that he was part of President Hassan's security detail, which resulted in Jack realising that the person who filled in for him was the hitter getting close to Hassan. Phil agreed to take Jack to the UN and let him call CTU, which he did. Jack told Chloe that he knew who the assassin was, but Chloe said that the UN building was being evacuated. Jack got through to Cole and said that he needed to stop Hassan's car because the threat that caused the evacuation was a ruse so the hitter could get close to Hassan. Jack talked Cole into moving out of the motorcade and driving in front of Hassan's car, just managing to get there before Davros' bomb went off.


Jack made it to the site of the attack and managed to shoot Davros before he could kill Cole. Jack looked at the dead man's tattoos and realised that he must be a part of some gang. He sent images of the tattoos to CTU New York where they found out that the FBI had an agent, Renee Walker, who had worked undercover with the Russian crime syndicate, Red Square, that the tattoos showed membership of. As Jack arrived at CTU he told Cole to go to medical, which he said he would once the body of Davros had been brought in. Jack said he would debrief then try to catch a flight to Los Angeles. Cole thanked him and said it had been an honor.


Jack sees Renee at CTU New York

Back inside CTU, Jack met with Chloe who told him that they were bringing Renee in. He said that he had tried to call her a few times but she never returned his calls, so he left it. He asked Chloe not to tell her that he was there, and he went to a room ready for his debrief. However, Jack saw her as he was leaving his debrief and, after hearing that she was going back undercover with the gang, he decided to go and talk to her. She seemed pleased to see him and apologized for never getting back to him. She said she was glad he was OK, and he told her that he didn't think it was a good idea for her to go back undercover as she was not ready. He said it was too important, but she ignored him and left for a briefing.

Jack interrupted the briefing to say that Renee was not fit for going undercover. Hastings said that there was no other option, and so Jack said that he would go undercover with her. Hastings agreed, and he left to set up the cover. Jack and Renee left to go to an informant of Renee's. In the car, Renee said that Jack didn't trust her, a claim he did not refute. They arrived and Renee went in to talk to him. Jack listened on comm, where after a brief conversation Jack heard screaming. He ran into the building and saw that Renee had cut off the thumb of her informant. Jack tried to shut down the operation but Renee refused, telling him to find something to stop the bleeding.



Jack suspects that Renee is unstable

Jack and Renee managed to cauterize Ziya's wound. Jack planned to call Hastings to shut down the operation, but Renee said this was the only play and Ziya would go ahead with the buy because he loved money. After much debilitation, Jack agreed to go ahead with the plan. He went back to the car, just before Ziya woke up. He reminded Renee that he was listening to everything Renee said and did. However, she managed to talk Ziya into taking her to Vladimir Laitanan, the man who led Red Square and who could lead them to the uranium that the men attacking President Hassan wanted. Chloe called Jack and said that she had just found out that Ziya had a tracking bracelet, but Jack said Renee had taken care of it and not to worry.

While they were in the car, Ziya said he was surprised that Renee would want to see Vladimir after what happened. Jack called Chloe and asked what Ziya was talking about, and she began to look into it. She said that his cover profile was finished and she sent him the details. After they arrived at Vlad's location, Ziya went in alone to explain about Renee's deal. While he was away Jack asked Renee as to what Ziya was talking about, but she refused to explain. Instead, she insisted they went over the cover profile, which eventually Jack agreed to do, without questioning about Vlad further. Chloe later got back to him and said that Vlad had beaten Renee, and even tried to rape her. Jack said that he didn't think Renee was past all that had happened to her in the past, and she did not care what happened to her.

Ziya came back out and Renee went in with him. Jack listened as she gave random facts that Vlad asked her about to check her cover, details of which Jack assisted her with through her comm. However, Vlad shocked her by telling his men to tie her and Ziya up and put them in the trunk of his car. Jack lost comm on Renee, realising that the car must be reinforced breaking radio signal. Jack saw a car leaving and began to pursue it. He told Chloe that he would need tactical support and that they needed to assume that they were taking Renee somewhere to kill her. Jack spoke to Hastings and said that Vlad did not go ahead with the deal and the operation was over, so they had to engage with the vehicle. Hastings authorised the engagement, but just before they intercepted Jack received Renee's comm again. He realised that the car he was following was a decoy, and told her to find the real one. Jack heard on the comm Vlad and his men shoot Ziya and threaten to shoot Renee. She said that she did not care if she was killed because she had nothing to live for besides the deal. Eventually, Vlad decided not to shoot her and said that he wanted to make sure she was serious. Jack realised that her cover had worked and began to drive towards Renee's destination.


Jack arrived at where Vlad nearly executed Renee. He called Hastings at CTU and told him that Renee needed to be pulled out because she was a danger to herself and the mission. Hastings suggested that she was playing him and that they needed to find the nuclear rods. Jack said that he could force Vlad to tell them where they were, but Hastings was angered at the suggestion of torture. Jack then suggested offering him immunity; anything to get Renee out. Hastings reminded Jack that the syndicate were very secretive and unlikely to cooperate. Jack said that they had to find another way because he would not let Renee die because CTU did their job poorly. Hastings said there was no other way, and Jack said he could remove her when he goes in as the buyer and remain under in her cover. Hastings agreed as long as it didn't interfere with the mission. Vlad began to head back to his base to talk about the buyer, and Jack followed.

Renee told Vlad that the buyer wanted weapons grade uranium. She said she knew someone had smuggled some in recently and wanted some for the buyer. Vlad said he knew nothing about it, but could look into it depending on how much he would make out of it. She said that she trusted her buyer, Ernst Meier (who Jack was posing as), and had worked with him for years. Vlad demanded a good faith payment of $5 million from Meier, and to meet him. Renee said she would ask him, and Vlad gave her the room. Jack said he could be there within 30 minutes; he had to meet agent Ortiz at a staging area first. She said it was hard to be in the same room as Vlad, but she could handle it. Jack said he would be there as soon as he could.


Jack as Ernst Meier

Jack arrived at the staging area and Cole told him that the money was ready to be wired. He was confused as to Hastings orders about pulling Renee out once Jack was undercover, but Jack brushed it off and said he did not have time to explain. Renee told Jack that Laitanan was coming back. Jack listened as Vlad tried to apologize for abusing her in the past, but Renee angrily refused his apology. He tried to make a move on her, but Renee told him that was not what she came for. Vlad asked why she came to him then, and she said it was simply because he was connected. Renee asked if there was a place she could clean up, and managed to get out of the room. Jack began to move to the staging area.

As Renee got out of the shower, Vlad forced her to have sex with him. Jack told her that she did not have to do it, but she said it was the only way. She took her comm unit out of her ear and flushed it down the sink. Jack arrived at the meeting point, after having changed clothes and donning some glasses, introduced himself to Vlad's men as Meier. After proving himself to Lugo, Jack demanded to speak to Laitanan before giving them the money. He did so, and asked to talk to Renee but Vlad refused to let him. Jack prepared to transfer the money, and Lugo gave him the account number. After he transferred the money, Lugo and his men tried to take out Jack but luckily Cole was watching with a sniper from a distance and shot the three Russians. Lugo, on the floor, was forced to call Vlad by Jack, who told him to give him proof that Renee was alright. Vlad said he was willing to reconsider his attempt to kill him, and that he would go ahead with the deal. Lugo took Jack back to Vlad, after the latter said that he had underestimated Jack.

10:00pm-11:00pm Edit

In the car, Cole called Jack who confirmed that he was heading to Laitanan's base without revealing who he was talking to Lugo. Cole offered to send a backup team to the location but Jack warned him against it, fearing for what they might do to Renee if Laitanan and his men found out Jack was working with the government. By 10:05pm they had arrived at the base. Jack went in, holding Lugo hostage. Laitanan said there had been a misunderstanding and he wanted to do business, and Renee told Jack that he had already begun calling his contacts to ask about the nuclear rods. Jack demanded to speak to Renee alone, which Laitanan allowed once Jack gave him his gun.

Jack told Renee that they were going to try to take her out safely because he didn't think she was fit to continue with the mission. She said that she would continue and that if she stopped everything she had done so far would be for nothing. Laitanan came over and took Renee into his office with him, saying that they had to continue making calls. However he was unsuccessful with the calls, and began to drink more than Jack cared for. Jack said he should focus on the calls and stop drinking, but Laitanan said that he did what he wanted. He then went over and chastised Renee, who he had asked to cut bread, for chopping pieces too small. He guided her, pushing his body against his and looking to Jack to see his reaction. Laitanan then went over to Jack and asked about their relationship, but Jack told him to get on with the calls. Laitanan agreed but told Jack he had to leave the room.


Renee accidentally stabs Jack

Jack waited until 10:45pm for Vlad to progress with the calls. After hearing nothing for all that time, Jack suddenly heard a scream from inside Laitanan's office. He went in and saw Renee stabbing Laitanan in his chest multiple times. He ran over and pulled her off but Renee, confused, turned around and plunged the knife into Jack's stomach. Renee looked on, horrified, as he keeled over to the floor. Lugo came in and prepared to shoot Renee after seeing Vlad's mutilated body, but before he could do so Jack pulled the knife from his stomach and threw it directly into the henchman's throat, killing him. He shot another henchman before running over to Renee and hugging her as she wept.

Jack called CTU who were on their way to the scene. He explained that Laitanan called all his contacts and said that none mentioned the nuclear material. Renee said that Jack had been right and she could not handle it. As she began to cry she said that all she wanted was her life back, and that she had no-one. He told her that she still had him. They heard cars arriving and were surprised at the speed at which CTU had got there. They then realised that it was a group of Russians, and Jack deduced that they were one of Vladimir's contacts and had planned to kill him for finding out about the rods. Jack made Renee hide and explain the situation to CTU when they arrive, telling them to track him. She did so and Jack gave himself up to the Russians, saying he just wanted to do business. They took him, and several minutes later CTU arrived. Renee explained what had happened but Chloe said that they had seen no vehicles leave the compound, and so they could not trace Jack. Renee was horrified; worried for Jack's life. They were unaware that the Russians had escaped underground with Jack, leaving him on his own.

11:00pm-12:00am Edit

Jack was taken to Sergei Bazhaev's compound. Bazhaev himself spoke to Jack, who had been tied up. Jack said that someone in Farhad Hassan's party had told him about the fuel rods, and he wanted to do business with Bazhaev. He offered him double what Hassan could give him; $250 million. Bazhaev asked Jack about the men he claimed to represent, but Jack said he was not at liberty to say. Bazhaev's men beat Jack, but he still refused to talk. Bazhaev said that he had never heard of Jack (still posing under the name of Ernst Meier) and suspected that he was a cop. Jack said that he was not, citing his merciless killings of Laitanan and his men as a reason why. Bazhaev said that as a child he had seen the KGB throw an entire family off the roof of a building, and therefore did not doubt he was a policeman. Bazhaev left, telling his men to torture Jack until he talked.

At 11:11pm, Jack had been hung by a bar to the ceiling and was being electrocuted by Bazhaev's men. He still refused to talk. The interrogator continued for over ten minutes, at which point Jack managed to turn the electricutor on the man and shock him enough to knock him to the floor, unconscious. After great strife, Jack managed to break the bar he was hanging on and took out the man by breaking his neck. He took his gun and tried the phone, but found it out of batteries.


Jack shoots at Sergei Bazhaev

He went along the corridor and found a fuse box. He short-circuited it, cutting the lights to the facility. Using the darkness to his advantage, Jack took out another member of Bazhaev's team, this time finding a phone that worked. He called Chloe and told her to trace the line and send a TAC team. He continued along the corridor and went up a flight of stairs, eventually coming across two more of Bazhaev's men. He shot them both and was attacked by Bazhaev himself, shooting a shotgun. Jack picked up an assault rifle from one of the dead men and barrel rolled under a table, shooting at Bazhaev. The Russian shot at the table several times, and eventually was convinced that he had Jack. As he came close to the table, Jack jumped out from under it and pushed it over Bazhaev, knocking him unconscious.

The TAC team arrived and gave Jack some intel on Bazhaev. He read it and went to speak to the man himself. He offered Bazhaev a deal, saying that he could reduce his prison sentence if he told Jack where the fuel rods were. Bazhaev said that if Jack could offer an immunity deal to him and his son, Josef, then he would tell him where the rods were. Jack spoke to the President, who agreed to give him it. Bazhaev gave the location of the rods, and Cole and his team went in. They found no rods there, and Bazhaev realised that his son Josef must have taken them to go ahead with the deal with Farhad.

12:00am-1:00am Edit

Bazhaev called his son and told him that the police had found them out. Jack told Josef that he could have full immunity if he brought the rods back to them now. Eventually he agreed, and at that exact moment Farhad Hassan and his men shot him dead, taking the rods for themselves. Chloe was unable to trace the call directly in the time that Bazhaev was on the phone. Hastings ordered Jack and Bazhaev back to CTU. Jack spoke to Chloe on the phone on the way back to CTU, and asked about Renee. Chloe said she was still in medical, and patched Jack through to her. Renee was thankful that Jack was OK, and Jack made sure that she had answered well with regards to killing Laitanan. He said that she had done nothing wrong. After a few moments, she asked what Jack had meant when he said that she "had" him. Jack said that it meant as it sounded, and Renee smiled. He said he would see her soon.

8x09 JackRenee

Jack tries to leave the interrogation room with Renee

Jack arrived back at CTU and heard that someone from the Justice Department was talking to Renee, sceptical about her story with regards to Laitanan's death. Angry, he went to the interrogation room and knocked out a guard, storming in and threatening Kristen Smith. He said that Renee was the only one who managed to get them close to the rods. He took Renee and left the room, intimidating a guard into backing down from shooting him. However, another guard came at Jack from behind and tasered him, stunning him to the floor.

Hastings summoned Jack to his office, where Jack rebuked him for selling Renee out to the Justice Department. Hastings said that they were just trying to establish the facts, but Jack inferred that it more of an attempt at a criminal prosecution, and that he was defending himself. Jack reminded Hastings that he had been the one to ask Renee for help and she provided it, and Jack was willing to call the White House to help Renee. Hastings said that the President wouldn't defend Renee on a murder charge. Chloe interrupted and said that Farhad Hassan was on the line, and put him through. Hassan said that his men had turned against him and now planned to use the rods against America in New York. He said that if CTU could help save him then he would help them get the nuclear material. Hastings agreed and hung up, telling Jack that he had to leave CTU.

Later, as Jack was leaving he heard the plan to try to extract Hassan. He quipped that the plan that agent Owen had devised would be insufficient, then walked out. Hastings followed him and asked what he meant. Jack said that by sending two teams after the rods and leaving only one to find Hassan would end up in firefight. Hastings said that Owen had his full confidence, but Jack rebutted that Hastings would not be talking to Jack if that were true. He offered to do the mission properly, so long as Hastings dropped the charges against Renee. Hastings said that he couldn't, but Jack told him that as CTU Director he had more pull than he was exerting. Hastings said that if Jack stayed until the whole threat was over, he was willing to drop the charges against Renee. Jack agreed.

1:00am-2:00am Edit


Jack arrives at Farhad's position

At about 1:07am, Jack was briefing a TAC team, en route to the position of Farhad Hassan, on how to extract Farhad from his compromised position. He gave them each their positions during extraction of him. Agent Owen then told Jack that a call was being routed through CTU and that it was Farhad. They had a brief conversation about the ETA of the TAC team, and Farhad told Jack that someone was looking for him and begged him to hurry. Approximately 10 minutes later, they arrived on the scene. Jack and the team moved around the scene and found Farhad had been shot and that the shooter had fled the scene. Jack told Owen and the others to search the area and told Chloe they found Farhad, but he had been hit, and demanded the IRK files. While Jack was browsing through the files a medic told him Farhad was bleeding out and that he wasn't gonna make it. Jack told him to stabilize him so that he could talk. Jack went over to Farhad and told him that they were gonna show him photos of IRK operatives as soon as they were uploaded. Farhad agreed and Jack went to check on the status of the upload. A medic then said Farhad was going into shock. Jack angrily told the medic to keep Farhad alive and the medic yelled back at him to let him do his job.


Jack tells Renee he wants to be with her

After Farhad died, Jack called Hastings and said there was another play: they could lure the conspirators out by releasing a statement that Farhad had survived and was being treated at St. Julian's Hospital. A little after 1:40am, Jack received a call from Renee, who told him that she knew what he did to get her released. Jack assured her she did nothing wrong and she had to let it go. He then said he meant what he said before that he wanted to be there for her and with her. Renee said she would like that and Jack said a CTU agent would take her back to his apartment and that he would meet her there when the crisis was over.

When Marcos Al-Zacar arrived at St. Julians', he captured Agent Owen and used him to gain access to Farhad. Jack told Chloe he had a vest and needed to disarm it. Chloe told him that it was a type of variant that is used in many different functions. Jack informed Owen that, in order for CTU to disarm the vest, he needed Marcos to show it to him underneath a security camera so CTU could identify it. Shortly after 1:53am, Owen got Marcos to show him the vest and Choe told him that Owen did it. Chloe gave Arlo the frequency and he was transporting it through comm. When Marcos and Owen arrived at Farhad's room, he made Owen get face down on the floor and prepared to detonate his vest. Just before he could. Arlo deactivated it and Hastings told Jack it was clear to move in. Owen realized Marcos' vest wasn't working and tried to jump him, but Marcos knocked him down. He shot Farhad's body three times, but saw his heartbeat monitor was still normal and that he had been set up. Jack bashed through the door and told him to be calm, but Marcos smiled at him and jumped out the window, only to still be alive. Jack traced him back inside the hospital, but found Marcos had locked himself inside an oxygen chamber. Jack told him through the intercom he just he wanted to talk, but Marcos smashed the screen disabling the video feed.

2:00am-3:00am Edit

3:00am-4:00am Edit

4:00am-5:00am Edit

Jack called Phil Holden at the NSA office in Washington, D.C. and told him about CTU being attacked with an EMP and the fact that because of it they could not track the IRK splinter cell that was trying to smuggle weapons-grade uranium into New York. Phil told him that all surveillance of the Metro-area was routed through CTU, but said that he would try and look at traffic cameras. Jack told him that the terrorists were at the Williamsburg Bridge and got off at the West Broadway Rollin Street exit. He said that they were in a grey van, and asked Phil to also shut down traffic getting in and out of the city via bridges and tunnels. Phil agreed to do so. Jack hung up and made a sharp left turn, explaining to Cole that the only way into the city now was across the East River.


Jack exchanges fire with Samir's men

They arrived at the East River, and Cole noticed movement on his infared binoculars. Jack told him to contact NYPD to get agents down there and Jack attempted to call NSA and see if they could get surveillance in the air. However, neither could get through with their phones. Just as Jack realized that someone was there blocking their signals, they began to be fired upon by Samir's men. Jack tried to reverse away. The armoured vehicle stayed protected despite the constant machine gun fire. Jack attempted to spin the vehicle around to escape but hit a container and broke the engine. He tried to start the car again but it did not work. He told Agents Owen and King - in the back seats - to pass some weapons to the front. He told Cole to take the sniper to his north and to maintain coverage until they were clear. He told Owen and King to unload weapons from the back. They got out of the car and began to attack. Jack shot at men to their south.

Jack told Cole to use his infared and to call out the snipers as he saw them so Jack could take them out. Cole did so and Jack shot, but was unable to kill any of them. Cole noticed two men getting into a boat with a package the size of the rods on his infared, but Jack said that they were too far out of his range for him to get them. Jack said that they needed to contact the NSA and warn them, but Owen said that he had tried all radio frequencies and none could get through. Jack noticed a landline phone across the courtyard from them. He suggested pulling the metal from the vehicle and using it for cover to cross the courtyard and make a call from the phone. He told Owen and King to start working on that while he and Cole continued to shoot at the snipers.

The terrorists moved in closer on Jack, Cole, Owen and King. Jack, now assisting Owen and King, said that they were almost finished to Cole, who was left defending them alone. After a few moments Jack announced that he was finished. He told them all that they have to trust that the armour will protect them, no matter how many times it seems they are being shot.

They got into pairs, each taking a chunk of metal long enough to protect both of them, and made a triangle shape. They began to cross the courtyard, ignoring the shots from Samir's men. Inside the defences, King looked more and more frightening, saying that the armour would not hold up. Jack reaffirmed that it will. As they got closer to the courtyard, King began to move faster. Jack told him to hold formation, but King made a break for it. He was shot instantly, but did not die. Owen ran for cover, and Jack and Cole shot at several men before following him.

Owen looked towards Jack who said that it was too late and they will have to leave him; if they went and tried to get him, all four of them would die. Jack told Cole to cover the north, Owen the east, but Owen was still looking at King. Owen ran out to try to get King. Jack and Cole reacted fast, having to cover him unprepared. Owen almost made it back to their cover before he was shot. Jack shot one of the terrorists then dragged Owen back, and Cole brought King. Owen apologized and said that he could not leave him behind. He asked if King made it, but Cole shook his head. Jack lied to Owen, saying that King was alive to make his own fate seem worthwhile. Cole told Jack that the terrorists were repositioning. Jack continued to try to keep Owen alive, but he died shortly afterwards.


Ali prepares to kill Jack

Cole told Jack that he lost two of the snipers, and so Jack said that they had to give the terrorists something to shoot at. He planned to make a break to the north to draw their fire while Cole went for the phone. Cole said it was a suicide play, but Jack said that there was no other option. Eventually Cole agreed, and Jack asked him to make sure that Hastings keeps his promise not to bring Renee back in. Cole wished him good luck and Jack ran out and began firing. He immediately received enemy fire but managed to sustain himself. They shot at him from all angles, and Jack managed to hold out for several moments before he was taken down.

On the floor, Jack continued to shoot, and took down one of the men. Another, hiding behind a container, shot at him. Jack's machine gun ran out of ammo so he switched to his pistol. He was unable to take out his attacker before being shot. Luckily, Renee Walker arrived just before the sniper could shoot Jack again and confirm his kill. As Renee ran over to Jack and helped him up, Cole called CTU. Jack spluttered that the terrorists had the rods in a boat crossing the river. Renee calmed him as Cole arrived and said that he contacted CTU and NYPD choppers were on their way. As Cole got into one of the choppers a few moments later, Renee held Jack upright, waiting for ground support.





A few seconds into the hour Jack contacted President Taylor about President Hassan's death. He apologized to her and said he had failed her. She assured him that it was Hassan's choice to give himself up to the terrorists and not to put the responsibility on himself. Jack told her she had to keep the agreement alive, but the President told him that there can't be any agreement with Hassan dead. Jack told her that if she gives up it means the terrorists win, even though he made a case, she said it was impossible. She said goodbye to Jack and hung up the phone. About a minute later Renee approached him. Jack told her that Taylor was about to announce the end of the agreement. Renee told him he did all he could, but he said it wasn't enough. Jack proceeded to tell Cole that he was leaving Cole in charge with transporting Samir, and told him he was going home. Cole said that he might still have to be debriefed, same with Renee, but Jack said Hastings knew where to find him. Jack thanked Cole and told him he was a good agent, then he and Renee left. At about 8:08, Jack and Renee were being followed by Pavel Tokarev.

Jack carries Renee to bed

At about 8:20 Jack and Renee arrived back at his place. Renee asked him if he lived there long and he said only during his recovery. He said he thinks he still had some coffee around. While he went to look for it, she saw a picture of Teri and asked her name. Jack told her Kim named her after her mom. Renee smiled and turned around to face Jack. She started mentioning that they said a lot of things to each other and that he made promises to her, and that she wanted him to know she wasn't gonna hold him to them. Jack stopped what he was doing and turned towards her. She said it was a terrible day and they said things in the moment, but before she could finish, Jack put his hands on her face and kissed her. She began kissing back and Jack pressed her against the wall. Then he picked her up and carried her to bed. Later at about 8:52 they stopped going at it. Jack asked her if she was okay and she said perfect. He also said he was very thirsty and asked her if she wanted a drink, she said yes. He got up and walked towards the sink. Renee noticed his phone began to ring and she answered it. While she was on he phone, Jack was getting a glass of water. Renee got up from the bed and told Jack he had to hear something. All she got to say was "Samir's" before she stopped. Jack looked back and saw a hole in the window. He turned around and saw Renee's legs sticking out of the room. He yelled her name and jumped on the floor before he could be shot by Pavel. He quickly got up and ran into the room and tried to help Renee. He picked up the phone and asked who it was. Chloe said it was her and asked what happened. Jack said Renee was shot by a sniper and he needed a trauma team at St. Andrews hospital now. He picked Renee up and ran out of the building. He put her in a cab and they drove to the hospital. On the way there Jack told her to hang on and to breath. When they got their the doctors lifted her on to a gurney and took her into a room to operate on her. The doctors told Jack he couldn't be with her and he had to wait outside. Jack got a call from Chloe while he was waiting. He asked her who was responsible for shooting her and she said that's what she was trying to tell him, Samir was killed and Renee said she may have recognized one of the EMT's as a Red Square operative. Jack asked her if she pulled up the file and she said yes. At about 8:58, before anything else could be said the doctors exited the room. Jack said he would have to call Chloe back. One of the doctors approached Jack and apologized that Renee didn't make it. That there was too much blood-loss and arterial damage. Jack seemed destroyed by this and couldn't say anything. He entered the room where Renee was and approached her. He bent down towards her and kissed her forehead and began to cry as the clock ticked off silently.


8x18 Jack Stairs

Jack is walked out of CTU New York






Jack in full body armor


Jack snuck his way into the U.N intending to kill the Russian President. Chloe, figuring she is the only one who could stop him, approaches Jack and pleads him to stop.


Jack Bauer hurt

Jack crawls out of the wreckage.

With a clear shot on President Suvarov, Jack finally withdraws his gun after being talked down by Chloe. Jack knows that the only way that Chloe can escape the building with the evidence was to force her to shoot him. After threatening to kill himself, Chloe reluctantly shot Jack in the chest. Jack was detained by CTU shortly after and given medical treatment. To bide Chloe time to escape the building and upload the video from the data card, Jack distracts Jason Pillar by pretending to give him the whereabouts of the data card. Jack softly spoken draws Pillar in close and bites his ear off. Jack's ambulance en route to a maximum detention facility had been ordered by Logan to be ambushed. As planned the ambulance was attacked and as Jack crawled out of the wreckage, a mercenary unit stood over and blindfolded him.

Jack Bauer near death

Jack accepts his fate.

Jack was brought to an empty construction yard and forced to his knees by the mercenary leader Nantz. Jack attempts to fight his way out but was easily overpowered. As Nantz was about to pull the trigger, he was interrupted by President Taylor ordering him and his men to stand down. President Taylor explains to Jack on the phone that she pulled the signing of the peace treaty and that she is prepared to face the consequences that lie ahead. Close to tears she explains to Jack that he needs to leave the country because both the Russian and US government are after him. She apologizes to Jack before hanging up.

Jack calls Chloe to make sure that she promises to protect his family from anyone getting to them. Jack then thanks Chloe for being his unexpected saviour all these years, with Chloe in tears she wishes Jack good luck and they hang up. With Jack on the run he looks skyward towards the aerial drone, Chloe orders the drone to be shut down leaving Jack's fleeing figure fading to black.

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