Wiki 24

Jack Bauer finds one of the bombs.


Tony calls in to Michelle and tells her that he has defused his bomb and there is a little over half an hour until the others go off. Michelle calls Jack to pass on the information. Jack tells her that he is almost at his site, and hangs up. He gets out of the car at the site and speaks to the bomb squad team: Agents Evans and Landis. Jack tells them to get moving, but a shot suddenly rings out across the area and a TAC team member is taken down. Jack tells the bomb squad to stay down, and they run to cover. The two agents head towards the bomb while Jack defends them against the shooters. After he takes them out he heads to another position and destroys a blockade, allowing the bomb squad to get closer to the bomb. He takes out some snipers that go position themselves to take out the bomb squad, them moves to a new vantage point to better protect them. He has to shoot some opposing forces who try to kill him, but Jack reaches the new point and neutralizes all the snipers.

He then moves to find a new point, telling Evans that he will meet him.


All three meet in front of a door. Jack bursts through just as he receives a call from Michelle. She says that Jack is now the only one who has not disabled the bomb. Jack says that they have come under fire, and Michelle offers to send a team. Jack says they wont get there in time, and hangs up. He gets further into the complex, killing more and more men. They eventually reach the bottom floor and the drilling equipment where the bomb is.