Wiki 24

Jack Bauer finds Madsen's base.


The following takes place between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

Del Toro is hanging by his arms. Jack Bauer is watching him when he receives a call from Michelle Dessler. She tells him that she just spoke to Kim who is at Madsen's compound. She says she is alright but she is not sure where it is. She explains about the earthquake that Chase told Kim to tell them, and also mentions that there is someone working with CTU on the inside, but they are unsure of his name. Michelle mentions a tracker that Kim took with her when she left CTU. She says that it only has short range frequencies, but Jack tells her to send it to him, and that he will know where to look. She does so, then joins in a briefing, led by Tony Almeida. He pulls up a live video feed with Dr. Jennifer Wright, from a meteorological survey agency. Ryan Chappelle is also present. Dr. Wright explains the seriousness of the threat, and says that it is immensely possible to be able to occur. Chappelle asks where the specific focal points are that the terrorists could use, and Dr. Wright sends over a map showing the locations. Tony asks what the best chance of succeeding in such a situation is, and Dr. Wright says large concentrations of explosives close to the focal points, deep below the Earth's surface. She says that heavy machinery would have to be used to accomplish such a thing. Tony tells Michelle to cross reference the focal points with all construction sites, and she begins the process. Chappelle thanks Dr. Wright and ends the conference.

Jack gets in his SUV and heads over to Korea Town. However, just as he arrives near a church the signal frequency changes, sending him back in the opposite direction to Neilson Park. Once again, just as he reaches the location the signal changes and he goes to a third location in South Korea Town. He speeds to it only to have it change a final time. He drives into the storm drains and does a 360-degree turn, following them under a road. He finds himself heading off the drains again, towards a gated complex. He pulls to a stop outside Madsen's compound, an abandoned recycling facility outside of Burbank.


Mission targets[]

  • Time: 02:40
  • Driven Vehicle Damage: $15
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 0

Background information and notes[]

  • The player has four minutes to do this mission.