Wiki 24

Jack and Kim escapes from Madsen's base.


Jack and Kim get in the SUV. Jack does a quick 360-degree spin and sets off. He is quickly pursued by one of Madsen's trucks. Speeding down the storm drain the truck bashes and bashes into Jack's car. Michelle calls and tells him that a roadblock has been set up ahead.

A CTU chopper arrives and blasts the roadblock, allowing Jack and Kim to pass. They then drive onto the freeway where several other trucks and vans begin to pursue. Michelle calls again and Jack tells her that Chase Edmunds, a DC CTU agent, is still in the facility at Burbank. After getting off the freeway Jack arrives in the Financial District. He calls Michelle and tells her they escaped the Madsen's compound in Burbank and on their way back to CTU. Michelle is surprised when Jack said he was calling from Burbank as she is picking up Jacks cell signal in Pasadena. Jack works out that during Madsen's takeover of CTU he scrambled CTU's tracking signal so they couldn't find the focal points if they found out about his plan. Jack ends the call as the battering from Madsen's men becomes more intense, but Jack successfully manages to navigate the SUV back to CTU.


Mission targets[]

  • Driven Vehicle Damage $3500
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 3