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Jack in the Limo is a recurring piece of composed music by Sean Callery included on the first soundtrack released. It occurs throughout scenes from Season 1 and Season 2.

In the booklet for the soundtrack, Callery talks of the track. He says "Jack spends nearly the entire episode inside a limousine grilling Ted Cofell, a local businessman and potential key figure in the Palmer assassination plot. Disguised as Cofell's driver, Jack parks the limo in the bone-dry concrete of the L.A. River while a steady and mysterious rhythm establishes the episode's mood. The groove here is relaxed and very prodding. There is a kind of diffusing calmness in the air; Jack has this man trapped and is taking his time with him. One way or the other, Jack will get the information he needs."

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  • At around 1.12 of the song, it includes a refrain of the 24 theme.
  • Both main occurrences of this song appear in the 9:00am-10:00am hour.
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