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Jack escapes from CTU and police forces across Los Angeles.

Summary Edit

The following takes place between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

Michelle Dessler notices an intruder alert at the Agency branch, and informs Tony. Jack suddenly calls him and explains that he is the reason for the alarm. He explains that Peter Madsen has Kim and forced him to upload a method of decrypting the harddrive. However, he says that it will be several hours before they are able to crack it, and CTU will have it back in their possession by then. Tony asks what Jack needs from him, and Jack asks him to trace an IP address and to see what he can get from it: He says that he will call back when he escapes the Agency, and hangs up.

Two guards arrive and say that they have located the breach on the main floor entrance. Jack heads for his car as the guards grab their weapons. Jack gets into the SUV, and follows the map to the freeway. He takes the second exit ramp, follows the roads and gets into Korea Town. Once in Korea Town, he heads through the streets, trying to lose the police pursuit. He manages to get to his destination with no tail from the police, and enters the safe house.


Mission targets Edit

  • Driven Vehicle Damage: $3500
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 3

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