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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

This is a description of Jai Singh Rathod's actions on Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

10:00am-11:00am Edit

In2x01 Jai wakes up

Jai wakes up

On the morning of Day 2, Jai was sleeping in an the Hotel Sadanand in Pune city. His alarm went off at around 10:05am, and he grabbed a gun for protection as he woke up. He watched the news of Roshan Sherchan's impending execution date, then got up and poured himself a large whiskey. He then got a call from Kiran, who asked how he was getting on in rehab. He said he was fine, and Kiran told him that Veer was returning to Mumbai and they could all live together again. Jai told her that Veer was no longer speaking to him, and said he would return home after his treatment. He hung up, then looked at a picture of Trisha in his wallet. He poured the whiskey away, and spoke to Gyan Thakkar on the phone, saying he would be leaving soon.

In2x01 Abu killed

Jai kills Abu Tandoori

Jai then left and made his way to Siddesh Nagar. He asked around for the location of Abu Tandoori, and as he made his way through the alleys he began to be watched by guards. He reached Abu's building and was searched, before going upstairs and greeting the mob boss. Jai claimed that Muzzaffar had sent him, then snuck behind Abu and strangled him with a wire concealed in his watch. He took a machete from the wall and decapitated Abu, which caused blood to drip down to the room below. Four of Abu's men ran upstairs, but Jai subdued all four of them and took one of their watches.

He then drove to BEST Shankar's workshop, who noticed the blood on his hands. After Shankar regaled Jai with the story of how he got his name, Jai gave him his bag containing Abu's head. Shankar was repulsed, but satisfied that Jai had completed his job for Muzzaffar. He then led Jai into his back room and showed him the plastic explosive he was planning to hide in a soap bar to deliver to Muzzaffar.

In2x01 Jai at jail

Jai arrives at Pune Central Jail

Jai then made his way to Pune Central Jail, and asked to be let in to question Roshan. Girish Joshi greeted Jai and introduced him to Superintendent Bhonsle before leading him inside. Jai asked to speak to Roshan, saying that he put in a request with the Home Ministry the previous day. Jai explained that he needed to know about Roshan's drug racket, foreign accounts, assets, and his brother Haroon. When they got to Roshan's cell, they found it empty, as Laxman Marathe had taken him for a fake execution. Girish and Jai interrupted this, and Roshan stared at Jai as he was led back to his cell.

Joshi then took Jai into his office, and admonished Marathe in front of him. Once Marathe left, Jai was taken to Roshan's cell, where Roshan tried to strangle him. Jai calmly explained that he was planning to break Roshan out of the prison. ("10:00am-11:00am")

11:00am-12:00pm Edit

In2x02 Jai strangled

Jai explains his plan to Roshan Sherchan

Jai then explained to Roshan that Haroon sent him, and he should be ready to move in one hour. Roshan was doubtful and called for the guards, and Jai was taken back to Joshi. He received a call from Maya on his phone, but rejected it. Joshi took him back to the office, and on the way they passed the cells, where Muzzaffar called out to Jai, praising him. Jai gave him a secret signal and walked on, back to Joshi's office.

In the office, Joshi told Jai that his son Rahul was a big fan of Jai's, and asked if he could come in and meet him. After Joshi left the room, Jai called Maya back, who told him Haroon was expecting a consignment soon. Jai asked Maya to find out what it was, and then Haroon came on the phone and Jai promised Roshan would be out soon.

In2x02 Jai breaks out

Jai sneaks around the prison

At around 11:25am, Joshi received orders to move Roshan into solitary confinement. Realizing this would ruin his plan, Jai suggested that Joshi help Marathe with the move, and after he left Jai snuck out of the bathroom window. He called Gyan and explained that he needed to stop Muzzaffar detonating the bomb, as Roshan would not be where they expected. Jai avoided the guards and made his way across the prison rooftop, as Gyan sent him the layout of the facility.

He climbed into a ventilation shaft and through the air ducts, and made his way to the washroom. Watching Muzzaffar plant the soap bomb on a wall, Jai crept up and silently disabled it. He then got a call from Gyan, who said he would brief him on the new plan. ("11:00am-12:00pm")

12:00pm-1:00pm Edit

In2x03 Jai and Rahul

Jai knocks out Rahul Joshi

Jai then quickly made his way back to Joshi's office, making it back just in time to meet Girish Joshi's son Rahul. He chatted with Rahul for about ten minutes, then told him he had to leave for a meeting in Khadki. He invited Rahul to come along with him, and Rahul accepted the offer.

They left the prison and drove away, and Rahul told Jai of how he joined law enforcement and wanted to work for the ATU. They took a side road, and Rahul questioned where they were going, so Jai knocked him out with his gun. He then called Salim to update him on the situation.

In2x03 Jai steals ambulance

Jai steals an ambulance

He then drove to Salim's garage, and on the way called Maya, promising to get her and her father away from the Sherchans. He reminded her to find out information about Haroon's consignment. When he arrived at the garage, Salim and Deepak took care of Rahul and Jai left to go to an emergency room.

At the hospital, Jai got a call from Gyan who told him that Roshan killed Laxman Marathe. Jai pointed out that this ruined their plan but Haroon, who was also on the call, told him to watch his tongue. Jai then left his car and hot-wired an ambulance, driving it away. ("12:00pm-1:00pm")

1:00pm-2:00pm Edit

Jai returned to the garage with the ambulance, and Salim brought him tea, doubting that their plan would work. About ten minutes later he called Maya again, who had no information on the consignment. She told him Haroon had gone crazy, but he urged her to find out about the consignment. Jai then took a bag from Salim and left, warning him to go underground if anything went wrong.

In2x04 Jai and Shankar

Jai returns to BEST Shankar

At around 1:30pm, Jai spoke to Gyan and told him to send an e-mail to the jail as part of his new plan. Jai then drove to BEST Shankar's workshop, giving him a bag full of money and explaining that he needed to blow up the electrical box in the prison's high security wing.

Jai then called Girish Joshi and said he was coming to the prison to get his signature on a form. Joshi asked about Rahul, and Jai said he left an hour ago. Once he got to the prison, Jai got a call from Maya, who asked why he was helping Roshan escape. Jai assured her he would help her, and Maya told him Haroon was meeting some people at 8pm. Jai said he was on his way and would be there then.

In2x04 Jai threatens

Jai threatens Girish Joshi

He then entered the prison and made his way to Joshi's office. After he picked up his form, Joshi got a call from Zara Owais at the ATU who told him that Jai has been on leave for six months. Jai realised he was compromised, and ended the call. ("1:00pm-2:00pm")

2:00pm-3:00pm Edit

Joshi alerted the prison guards, but Jai showed him a picture of his son tied up. Joshi dismissed the guards and followed Jai's instructions. Jai then spoke to Gyan, who planned to take out all of the prison's telephone line. Jai then told Joshi to order Shinde to transfer custody of Roshan Sherchan to him. Jai then gave Joshi a walkie talkie jammer and told him to set it off in the prison's control room. He threatened Rahul's life, causing Joshi to attack him.

In2x05 Jai fighting

Jai attacks Roshan's guards

Shinde then arrived and took Jai to Roshan's cell. On the way, they passed BEST Shankar heading to the kitchens. When they reached the cell, Jai ordered the guards to release Roshan, and led him out. As he did, a guard reported that a fire had started in sector 21, so Jai urged Shinde to go and investigate. Once he had left, Jai attacked the remaining two guards, knocking them out and getting the key to unlock Roshan's handcuffs.

A riot then broke out in the prison, led by Muzzaffar, and Jai and Roshan got caught up in the chaos. Jai protected Roshan from prisoners who recognised him, and they made their way through the prison avoiding guards. As the prison was locked down, they confronted two riot guards, knocking them out and taking their uniforms. Bhonsle then stopped them, believing them to be guards, and ordered them to go to the North Wing.

In2x05 Jai captive

Jai is captured by Mussa

As they went there, they were attacked and captured by Mussa and a group of prisoners. They were taken into a laundry room, and threatened to be killed, so Jai explained he was a retired officer and Roshan was a prisoner. BEST Shankar was also captured, and Jai was forced to play Russian Roulette against him. On Jai's first shot the gun was empty, and he persuaded Shankar to pull the trigger: when Shankar did, he killed himself.

In2x05 main

Jai is forced to play Russian Roulette

Next, Mussa selected Roshan to play against Jai. Roshan threatened Mussa, saying his brother would avenge his death, but he went ahead and survived his first round. Jai then took the gun, and sensing that the bullet was there, used it to shoot Mussa dead. ("2:00pm-3:00pm")

3:00pm-4:00pm Edit

At that moment, the door to the room was blown in and guards ran inside. Jai and Roshan ducked behind a table for cover, and Jai grabbed a gun before they made their escape. They made their way to a corridor, where they were confronted by Shinde. Jai was forced to drop his gun, but Muzzaffar then appeared and stabbed Shinde to death. Roshan then grabbed Muzzaffar's knife and killed him, despite Jai attempting to stop him. Roshan explained Muzzaffar was a snake, and they continued their escape.

In2x06 Jai with hostage

Jai holds Girish Joshi hostage

Realising all the doors were locked, Jai made his way to the control room and knocked out two guards, before taking Girish Joshi at gunpoint. He marched him out of the room, as the alarms went off throughout the prison. Jai made his way to the courtyard, where he was surrounded by prison guards. Bhonsle ordered him to give up, but Jai threatened to shoot Joshi. Bhonsle did not believe him at first, so Jai shot Joshi in the shoulder and Bhonsle opened the main gate. Salim then drove a van inside, and Jai got in with Joshi and Roshan. They drove away at speed.

In2x06 Jai hiding

Jai hides from the police

In the van, Jai dressed Joshi's wound and he and Roshan got changed out of their guard uniforms. Salim gave him a watch with a signal and tracker in it. Roshan wanted to call his brother, but Jai told him it was too dangerous and threw his phone away. He then gagged Joshi, and Gyan Thakkar called to warn him of a police roadblock up ahead. Salim parked the van under the expressway, and they got out, before Jai set it alight with a flare. He also set the horn blaring, and they got into a car on the back of a transporter truck. Salim drove it to the roadblock, and an officer checked the cars as Jai hid and readied his weapon. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

4:00pm-5:00pm Edit

In2x07 Girish freed

Jai lets Girish go

At the last minute, the officers were called away to investigate the burning van, and Salim drove through the blockade and onto a patch of land. They removed the car from the back of the truck, and Jai put Joshi into the cab of the transporter. He told him where his son was, then drove away with Roshan, explaining that he needed to keep Joshi alive for him to see what car they were driving.

Salim then drove them to a hut, where the ambulance Jai stole was waiting. They switched vehicles, and Jai called Gyan to ask if he had uploaded a form yet. Gyan explained he didn't have enough bandwidth and would do it as soon as possible. As Salim drove them away, Jai put on doctor's clothes and lay Roshan down on a stretcher in the back of the ambulance.

In2x07 through toll point

Jai poses as a doctor

At around 4:25pm, they reached a toll booth and Salim explained they were taking the Home Minister's chief secretary to a hospital for an urgent kidney transplant. Gyan uploaded the security form at the last minute, and the officers allowed them through. A short while later, a helicopter tracked them down, and started shooting at them. They entered a tunnel and Jai and Roshan exited the vehicle. Jai told Salim to continue the chase with the helicopter to give them enough time to escape. Jai then led Roshan back down the tunnel on foot and they made they way into the woods.

In2x07 Jai with Roshan's men

Jai delivers Roshan to his men

As they walked, Jai called Gyan to update him, and Gyan directed him to an alternative meeting point. Jai then took a photo of himself and Roshan and sent it to Gyan as proof Roshan was free. They reached a road, and Jai explained to Roshan he was helping him in exchange for 250 million Rupees. A truck then pulled up, and Vasu and Balraj greeted them. Roshan got into the back, and took Jai's gun and smashed his phone. Jai joined him in the back and the truck drove away.

During the journey, Roshan looked threateningly at Jai, eventually announcing that he did not believe Jai was on their side. Vasu vouched for him, but Roshan dismissed him and began attacking Jai, smashing him into a crate and knocking him unconscious. ("4:00pm-5:00pm")

5:00pm-6:00pm Edit

In2x08 Roshan at knifepoint

Jai takes Roshan at knifepoint

Roshan told Vasu he had been longing to kill Jai for two years, but Vasu told him Haroon wanted him kept alive. Jai remained unconscious for about an hour, until Roshan took a knife and tried to cut off his fingers. Jai jumped up, disarming Roshan and holding the knife to his neck. He asked Vasu for some rope, and tied Roshan up. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

6:00pm-7:00pm Edit

In2x09 watch press

Jai sends a signal after reaching Haroon

The truck was met on the road by Haroon Sherchan and his men at around 6:05pm. He asked why Jai had tied Roshan up, and Jai explained it was the only way to deliver him alive. Roshan tried to attack Jai again, but was restrained by Haroon. On the way back to Haroon's villa, Jai sent a signal from his watch to Gyan, indicating he had made contact with both Sherchan brothers.

As Haroon drove them back, he told Roshan that Jai was their ace in the hole to get him out of prison. They arrived at Haroon's villa where Roshan met Maya, and they all went inside. Just before 7pm, Jai interrupted Roshan and Haroon drinking whiskey. Haroon offered Jai a glass, but he refused it. ("6:00pm-7:00pm")

7:00pm-8:00pm Edit

In2x10 Jai Maya kiss

Jai kisses Maya

At 7:10pm, Jai was washing his face when Maya entered and they shared a kiss, Jai reminding her of his promise to get her out of there. Haroon then called for Jai, and Maya warned him that she overheard Haroon plotting to kill him. As they left the bathroom, he held her and told her he would be fine, and both Roshan and Maya's father Omkar saw them from afar.

Jai joined Haroon and Roshan later and Roshan asked if Jai found comfort in another woman after his wife died. Roshan gave him a glass of whiskey which he made Jai drink, before pulling a gun on him. He accused Jai of playing them, throwing him against the bar and breaking the tracker in his watch.

In2x10 Roshan threatens Jai

Roshan threatens Jai

Roshan then told Haroon that Jai and Maya were in love, and began choking her. Jai tried to explain, but Omkar then burst in and explained that he and Maya were planning to escape, and Jai overheard them. He explained that Roshan saw Maya pleading with Jai not to tell Haroon. Roshan doubted the story, and suspected that the three of them were in it together. He ordered Jai to beat the truth out of Omkar, while Maya watched.

In2x10 main

Jai is ordered to shoot Omkar

Jai beat Omkar up while Maya pleaded with him to stop. They were interrupted by a call from Gyan Thakkar, who asked Jai to sync his watch with the Coast Guard time. Jai realised his watch was broken, and Gyan told him he needed to repair it or their plan would fail.

Shortly before 8pm, Roshan gave Jai a gun and ordered him to kill Omkar. Jai pointed the gun at him, and Roshan told Maya it was her last chance to tell the truth. ("7:00pm-8:00pm")

8:00pm-9:00pm Edit

In2x11 Jai asks for Maya's help

Jai asks for Maya's help

Jai pulled the trigger of the gun, but it was empty. Roshan was satisfied that Jai was telling the truth, and had his men take Omkar to the warehouse. Jai snuck into the warehouse where Maya was tending to her father, and he apologised to Maya for what he did, explaining it was their only way to survive. He asked her to get Haroon's phone, and then removed the transmitter from his broken watch.

Roshan and Haroon then prepared to leave, and Haroon took his phone back from Maya. Jai asked to go with them, saying he had staked everything on the success of the deal. As they drove to the virus meeting, Jai tried to get Haroon's phone, but Roshan took it to check the route. Haroon handed it to Jai to navigate with, and Jai plugged his transmitter into the phone to send his location to the ATU. He then used the phone to direct Haroon to the meeting place.

In2x11 Jai hands up

Jai convinces Mehr he is no longer with the ATU

When they arrived, Jai checked the inside of the building to make sure it was safe. Dhruv Awasthi, the virus broker, arrived but panicked when he saw Roshan as he was worried law enforcement would be tracking him. Jai persuaded him that the area was secure, and Dhruv called Mehr to have her bring in the virus.

Mehr entered the building and drew her gun when she saw Jai. She identified him as the head of the ATU, and Jai explained that he was fired 6 months ago and started working for Haroon. She sent men out into the undergrowth to check, and when they reported it was clear she brought out the virus, which Dhruv tested.

In2x11 Jai at deal

Nikhil Kamath looks for a signal from Jai

As the verification of the virus was being performed, Roshan began to barter with Dhruv for more money. He raised the price to 20 billion rupees and they started to argue. The ATU troops waited for Jai to give a signal to attack, but instead he kept watching the verification machine, and got out Haroon's phone. ("8:00pm-9:00pm")

9:00pm-10:00pm Edit

Jai then subtly dialled Gyan Thakkar's number, and then spoke out loud, saying not to make any mistakes in haste. The ATU then cancelled the assault on the virus meeting, and Dhruv told Jai to stay out of the argument. Jai told Dhruv to agree to Roshan's new terms, but Haroon became angry with Jai and cancelled the deal. Roshan and Jai exited the building with him, and Jai ended his call to Gyan.

In2x12 Jai in headlights

Haroon accuses Jai of messing up the deal

Outside, Haroon accused Jai and Roshan of messing up the deal. They were called back inside and Dhruv told them he needed time to consider the new offer. He left, and Haroon took his phone back from Jai. They then made their way back to the Sherchan villa.

Jai then located Maya, and he told her the deal was still going on, so they couldn't leave yet. He asked her to find him another phone, then returned to Roshan and Haroon. As they waited, Jai told them that Dhruv would be fine with the 20 billion price tag, and Roshan questioned whether Jai had really changed.

In2x12 Jai calls

Jai makes contact with the ATU

At around 9:45pm, Maya gave Balraj's phone to Jai. He called the ATU, explaining that he needed to verify whether the virus was weaponised, but the deal went wrong before it was verified. He told them to track the next exchange point through Haroon's phone and wait for his signal before attacking.

Just before 10pm, Haroon grew angry with Jai, accusing him of ruining the deal. However, Dhruv then called, and confirmed that he would pay the 20 billion rupees. ("9:00pm-10:00pm")

10:00pm-11:00pm Edit

In2x13 Maya and Jai

Maya discovers that Jai is still with the ATU

After the second exchange location was confirmed, Jai snuck out to a barn and called the ATU, telling them the details. Vedant Acharya told him it would take time for Nikhil Kamath to reach the location, so he had to delay the deal. After he hung up, Maya appeared behind him, shocked that he was still working with the ATU. He said he couldn't tell her for her protection, but promised to take her and her father to the Delta Team.

Jai then got in the car and Haroon drove them to the pump house for the exchange. They went inside and met Dhruv, who told them all 6 virus vials had been tested. Roshan asked him to test one of the vials in front of them, and once it was verified, Jai signaled to the Delta Team outside the building. Roshan drew his gun to kill Jai, but Kamath shot him in the shoulder, and the ATU troops opened fire on the building.

In2x13 Jai stabs Haroon

Jai stabs Haroon Sherchan

Dhruv escaped the building and Jai gave chase, but Haroon attacked him with a chair. They fought, and Jai stabbed him in the chest with a screwdriver. Jai then got a gun and shot Roshan in the chest, before exiting the building killing two of Dhruv's men. He got into a car and pursued Dhruv, calling Gyan Thakkar on the way, telling him to send backup teams to help him catch Dhruv and to secure the virus in the pump house.

In2x13 Jai with flare

Jai corners Dhruv Awasthi

Jai continued to chase Dhruv north, but as he got close Dhruv shot his tyres out, causing him to crash into the bank. His car became stuck, so he called Shibani Mallick and told her to send Bhaskar and Vivek to catch Dhruv. He made his way onwards on foot, arriving just as Bhaskar and Vivek were killed by Dhruv's sniper. Jai launched a flare to illuminate Dhruv's men, taking them out one by one. He then chased Dhruv into the woods, shooting him in the leg. ("10:00pm-11:00pm")

11:00pm-12:00am Edit

Jai then arrested Dhruv, and called Shibani to tell her he was successful. He took Dhruv to an airstrip where he passed him over the the ATU, and Shibani called him back to tell him that one of the virus vials was missing and Nikhil Kamath was killed. Jai spoke to Aarif, who was at the pump house, and asked him to confirm Roshan's death by cutting into his leg and checking for an iron rod. Aarif told him the body had no metal in his leg, and Jai realised Roshan was still alive and in possession of the last vial. He told Siddharth Saigal to put Mumbai on high alert.

In2x14 Jai returns

Jai returns to the ATU

At around 11:30pm, Jai returned to the ATU, and told Mihir and Vedant Acharya that he overhead the name Yotam while undercover with the Sherchans. Saigal told Jai to step into the conference room, and explained that the Home Ministry ordered a high-level investigation against him. He explained that Abhilasha Grewal and Roy were coming from RAW to question him.

Jai then met Kiran and Veer, and Kiran told him how Veer had saved her life. Veer confronted Jai about him lying to his family, becoming an alcoholic and having an affair with a woman half his age. Jai explained that he needed to do it for the good of the mission, and Veer accused him of setting a terrible example. Kiran took Veer out of the room, and Jai told her he loved them both.

In2x14 Jai inquiry

Jai is questioned about his secret operation

Abhilasha and Roy then arrived, and Abhilasha reminded Jai of her warning to him three years ago not to get into any more trouble. Roy told Jai he had studied his case, and they accused him of breaking protocols, and illegally keeping the agencies in the dark about his mission. ("11:00pm-12:00am")

12:00am-1:00am Edit

Jai's interrogation continued, with Roy suggesting that strict action be taken against him. Jai argued back, saying that he knew Roshan's network well and needed to be allowed to do his job. Abhilasha claimed that the job could be done without him, and told him he was responsible for the deaths of the people at Pune Central Jail.

In2x15 Jai angry

Jai argues his case

Roy questioned Jai on his drinking, which Jai claimed was part of his plan. Jai denied having had a drink in the last 24 hours, but when Roy asked him to take a blood test he remembered that Roshan had made him drink whiskey. Abhilasha told him he should have given his mission a legal status, but Jai said that the ideals of law did not always apply in the real world. Abhilasha told Jai that law applied to him the same as anyone else, but at that moment the alarms at the ATU went off. Jai ran out of the conference room and Zara Owais directed him to the medical bay, where the alarm started.

In2x15 Dhruv shot

Dhruv Awasthi is shot after a stand off with Jai

Jai realised Dhruv Awasthi had escaped, and chased him to the parking garage where Dhruv had a hostage. Jai negotiated with him, telling the other agents there to lower their guns. Dhruv tried to shoot himself in the head, but Veer shot him from the side and Jai called for the medics.

Shibani Mallick then told Jai that they traced Yotam to Martin's Club in Colaba. Abhilasha tried to stop him, but Jai asked them to consider what they had seen and how necessary he was to stopping Roshan. Roy let Siddharth Saigal decide whether Jai could return to the field, and Saigal agreed.

Jai prepared to leave, and thanked Shibani for her influence over Saigal. He also asked her to make sure Veer was alright after shooting Dhruv. Saigal then came and gave Jai his ID and gun back, and told him to not make him regret his decision to reinstate him. Jai promised he would not.

In2x15 Balraj caught

Jai catches Balraj

Vedant Acharya then accompanied Jai to the club, and they arrived at around 12:45am. They met agent Abhishek, who was maintaining contact with agent Pillai inside the club. After they lost contact with Pillai, Jai and Vedant made their way inside, exchanging fire with some of Roshan's men, but Roshan himself escaped. Balraj attacked Jai, but Jai managed to subdue him and hold him at gunpoint. Balraj revealed that there were now 6 more vials of the virus, and no-one could stop them.

Jai and Vedant took Balraj into a back room and interrogated him, with Jai offering to protect his family. When he stayed silent, Jai ordered Vedant to cut his hand to torture him. Abhishek approached with a laptop they had found, on which Jai found the blueprints to the Hotel Gateway Residency. Jai reported to the ATU that the hotel was one of Roshan's targets, and advised them not to evacuate it but to set up a soft perimeter. ("12:00am-1:00am")

1:00am-2:00am Edit

In2x16 Jai interrogates

Jai interrogates Balraj

An agent informed Jai that they found the door that Roshan had escaped through. Jai told Vedant that Balraj was their only lead, so they tied him to a pipe and threatened him. However, he stayed silent for the next half an hour, despite Jai beating him savagely. Shibani Mallick then called Jai to tell him that the virus had been released at the hotel.

Jai and Vedant then set up a charade, planting a tracker in Balraj's shoe. They then pretended that they needed to move on, leaving Balraj alone with insecure restraints. They let him escape and watched him take a taxi from outside, and Zara sent the tracker signal to Jai's phone. Jai and Vedant pursued him from afar, to see where he led them. ("1:00am-2:00am")

2:00am-3:00am Edit

In2x17 explosion

Balraj is blown up

They continued to monitor Balraj, who drove around attempting to lose any tail. At 2:10am he began to speed up, and Jai moved, pursuing him as he returned to the parking lot at Martin's Club. As Balraj was directed to switch into another car, Jai realised something was wrong, and ran towards him. However, as Balraj started the car it exploded, throwing Jai into the air.

Jai then called Shibani to update her, and returned to the ATU office with Vedant. When he got there, he saw Kiran and Mihir talking, and asked what was going on. Shibani and Siddharth then took him to the conference room and explained that Veer was in the hotel when the virus was released, but he didn't want Jai to know in order to not distract him. Jai was shocked, and asked Shibani to set up a video call.

In2x17 Jai and Siddharth

Jai learns that Veer is infected

Kiran joined Jai for the call, and Veer told them he was fine. However, during the call Veer's nose started to bleed, and Kiran became upset. Jai told Veer to stay strong, and offered to come to the hotel, but Veer asked him to track down the people responsible. Jai told him that he loved him, and Veer said it back, before he was called away. Shibani told Jai that they had no more leads on Roshan, and Jai angrily knocked a phone of a desk.

Siddharth then found out that Dhruv's fiance Devyani Bhowmick was being sent to the ATU for interrogation, but Jai told him that they needed to focus on Haroon's men. Siddharth replied that Omkar Shrestha was killed in the raid and Maya was refusing to speak to anyone but Jai.

In2x17 Jai and Maya

Jai interrogates Maya

Jai then spoke to Maya, telling her he was sorry about her father. She blamed Jai for his death as well as the situation at the hotel, due to him breaking Roshan out of jail. Jai showed her footage of the hotel, and she identified Jai's son among the infected. She then told Jai that Roshan sent money to a woman named Anjali Sharma every month. ("2:00am-3:00am")

3:00am-4:00am Edit

In2x18 Jai at apartment

Jai and Vedant go to Anjali Sharma's apartment

Zara Owais tracked down Anjali Sharma's address, and Jai set off there with Vedant. When they arrived, they made their way upstairs but found Anjali shot dead in her apartment. They searched for the killer, but Anjali's phone started ringing and Jai answered and heard Roshan's voice. Roshan asked to speak to Aditya Singhania, and told them all that he was planning another virus attack which would only be stopped if Jai killed Shibani Mallick before 4am.

After Roshan had hung up, Jai explained to Aditya that Roshan wanted revenge on both himself and Shibani. He advised Aditya to go along with the demands, which Aditya agreed to but told Jai that nothing should happen to Shibani. Jai and Vedant returned to the ATU, where Jai told Shibani about Roshan's demand. She was shocked, and Roshan then sent a video of a timer counting down from 40 minutes.

In2x18 Jai at ATU

Jai works to narrow down the virus location

Jai connected the video feed to the main screen on the ATU floor. Shibani grew angry when Zara couldn't locate the source, so Jai comforted Zara and worked with her to narrow down the location to a weighing machine at a railway station. Jai got a list of the busiest stations, and told Zara to scan the CCTV footage of them all. Shibani then informed them that Gyan Thakkar had died due to virus exposure at the hotel.

Siddharth Saigal confronted Jai about Roshan's demand, saying they should not comply with it, and Jai assured him they would find the virus vial before then. Zara then identified a hack of the CCTV server at Dadar Station, and Jai told her to focus on the weighing machines there. Roshan then called him, and told him to stop monitoring Dadar Station or the virus would be released instantly.

In2x18 Jai and Shibani

Jai comforts Shibani

Jai then told Zara and the team to only use techniques that Roshan and his hackers could not spot. He then went to see Shibani, who was looking at a picture of her son. He told her the risk was part of their job, and gave her a bulletproof jacket. He then went downstairs to brief a team of agents heading to Dadar Station. Siddharth came up and informed him that they had tracked Roshan's location and were sending a team. Roshan then called Jai and told him to take Shibani to Ray Road.

On the way, Siddharth sent Jai a live feed of Vedant's operation to arrest Roshan. Jai arrived at Ray Road and Shibani recalled that Dhruv Awasthi showed no signs of fear when threatened with virus exposure. Jai told her to concentrate on the Roshan operation, and Roshan then called and directed Jai to a cement warehouse.

Jai made his way there, and Vedant completed his infiltration of the building, finding only a switching node. Roshan called Jai and said that he had been underestimated. He taunted Jai, saying there was nothing he could do to save Shibani. He then gave them the location of the virus dispersal device, but would not give the disarming code until Shibani was dead.

In2x18 gun to head

Jai executes Shibani Mallick

They then exited the car and made their way into the warehouse. Shibani told him that her son was allergic to peanuts, and she had a message for him on her phone, which she asked him to pass onto Siddharth. Roshan called again, ordering Jai to take out his gun and shoot her. Jai was reluctant, but Shibani got on her knees and guided him. Just before 4am, Jai pulled the trigger and killed her. ("3:00am-4:00am")

4:00am-5:00am Edit

Jai sunk to the floor, mourning Shibani, and a van arrived to take her body. Roshan ordered Jai out, and he got back in his car and returned to the ATU. En route, Aditya Singhania called to express his sympathies, and urged him to find Roshan and not accept defeat.

In2x19 Jai attacked

Siddharth Saigal attacks Jai

At around 4:10am, Jai arrived back at the ATU and went to Siddharth's office. He passed on Shibani's message about her son, and Siddharth could not believe that Jai killed her. He called Jai a murderer and attacked him, so Vedant came in and restrained him. Jai went down to the conference room, and Vedant followed him, saying that he was worried about Jai's mental state. Jai said he had to keep going, as this would be the last mission of his life.

In2x19 Jai and Vedant

Jai and Vedant review footage of Dhruv Awasthi

Jai then asked Vedant to get footage of Dhruv Awasthi's interrogation. They zoomed in on his face and confirmed Shibani's thought that he was not scared by the virus. Jai then deduced that Dhruv must have had a vaccine or treatment making him immune to it. Jai then spoke to Mihir, who said Shibani's last order was for him to look into Anjali Sharma's file. Jai took the file, and wondered if Shibani was killed because she was getting close to discovering something about Roshan.

Jai then went back to interrogate Maya, asking if she had any more information about Anjali Sharma. Maya asked for a pardon signed by the Prime Minister, so Jai called him up and had one prepared. He took it to her and she revealed that when she was 10 Roshan took her to Starlight Apartments with Anjali Sharma, and that was probably where Roshan was now.

In2x19 ATU raid

Jai leads a raid on Starlight Apartments

Vedant and Jai then made their way to the apartments, and Jai briefed the other ATU agents that there would be civilians inside. They infiltrated the building, making their way to the right apartment, but just as they were about to break the door down, it was opened by two young girls. ("4:00am-5:00am")

5:00am-6:00am Edit

Jai and his team entered the apartment to find a party going on. One of the partygoers tried to run, but Vedant caught him and Jai assured him it was not a drugs raid. He asked who owned the apartment, and was directed to Vaidehi Sharma. She asked if Jai had a warrant, but Jai said he needed to know who owned the apartment. She then called her mother, but the phone in Jai's pocket started ringing.

In2x20 Jai with phone

Jai discovers Roshan's daughter Vaidehi

She asked him how he had her mother's phone, and he explained that her mother had been killed. When he asked her about Roshan, she excused herself to go to the bathroom. Jai updated Siddharth Saigal, and told them to clone Vaidehi's phone and monitor all calls.

Mihir and Saigal called later to tell Jai that Vaidehi had sent an encrypted message to a third party. Jai instructed them to intercept all of her communications, and get a female ATU agent to pose as Roshan's daughter, as he believed Roshan had never spoken to her before. Agent Samira, who was most familiar with Anjali's file, was unable to answer the phone in time, so Jai told them to use anyone.

Vaidehi returned from the bathroom at around 5:20am, and Jai sent her back to the ATU. Saigal told Jai that they had traced Roshan's location and worked out he was headed for the docks. Vedant and Jai then made their way for the docks, and on the way Zara told them that someone was monitoring all radio frequencies in the dock area. Jai ordered Abhishek and the other men to turn off all communications. ("5:00am-6:00am")

6:00am-7:00am Edit

In2x21 Jai scopes

Jai and Vedant scope out the docks

Just after 6am, Jai and Vedant reached the docks and met an ATU team, who Jai briefed, reiterating the importance of catching Roshan alive. He and Vedant then made their way to some high ground, where they staked out Roshan's position. Jai watched Roshan speak with a ship captain, and then saw Vasu arrive in a car with the agent posing as Vaidehi: Jai's daughter Kiran.

In2x21 Kiran at gunpoint

Jai uses Kiran in a standoff with Roshan

Vedant was shocked, thinking they had been compromised, and Jai put a suppressor on his gun. He asked Vedant to cover him, and then jumped down from the high ground and invaded Roshan's camp. He killed Vasu and took Kiran at gunpoint. He told Roshan he would kill her, and Roshan's men all put down their weapons. He asked where the remaining four virus vials were, and Roshan explained that two were at the docks and two were in the city. He had Mohsin take two vials to Jai, and Maddy went to find out the location of the other two.

However, when Maddy returned she told Roshan that Kiran was not his daughter, and starting shooting at them. Jai took cover behind a car, and the ATU troops moved in. Roshan escaped into a building, and Jai gave chase with some men. Roshan blew up a door to cover his exit, and Jai ordered Vedant to turn communications back on and surround the area.

In2x21 Jai and Kiran

Jai checks up on Kiran

Jai then went to check up on Kiran, who had been shot in the arm. Jai spoke to Saigal, who apologised for using Kiran and sent him satellite pictures of the area. Jai then put Kiran into a car, for her to go and see Veer, and he told Abhishek to block all the exits to stop Roshan escaping. The ATU then narrowed down Roshan's location to building number six, so Jai and the teams made their way over.

The building was surrounded and Jai spoke on a loudspeaker, telling Roshan to surrender. The ATU troops then fired smoke bombs into the building, and Jai wore a gas mask and led soldiers inside. They cleared the rooms one by one, finding everything empty before reaching the roof. Jai thought he found Roshan on the roof, but it turned out to be Abhishek, who Jai had ordered to stay guarding the exit. Abhishek said that Saigal had ordered him inside, so Jai called Saigal and angrily told him to leave the field command to him. Saigal apologised, saying someone in his team at the ATU had made a mistake.

In2x21 aftermath

Roshan eludes Jai and the ATU

The ATU performed a full sweep of the building and found it empty. Mihir called Jai and told him there was a problem with the satellite feeds and they were trying to access the backups. Vedant asked Jai if Maddy had hacked into ATU's satellite imagery, but Jai told him that would be too hard. He started to realise something else was amiss. ("6:00am-7:00am")

7:00am-8:00am Edit

Jai gathered the ATU troops inside the building and ordered them to check it one last time. Vedant then informed him that Shibani Mallick's body had been found near Byculla, so Jai called Siddharth Saigal and asked him to go and identify the body. Mihir then called Jai to tell him that someone from Saigal's team in the IB offices was logged in when the satellite imagery was deleted. Jai told Mihir to lock down the IB offices, and he and Vedant got into their car and set off.

In2x22 Jai and Vedant

Jai and Vedant try to identify the traitor

On the way, Jai called Veer and asked him to check the logs on the IB server to find the traitor. Veer agreed, and called back several minutes later to report that the data was accessed from a remote server that only Saigal had access to. Jai tried to call Saigal, but couldn't get through, so he had Mihir track the phone. Mihir found that it was still in the ATU building, so Jai told him to lock it down, but security were unable to locate Saigal. Jai asked if Vaidehi Sharma was still secure, and Zara realised she had been taken.

Jai then told Mihir to monitor the traffic cameras. He had Vedant call Shibani's mother Nupur, and we he couldn't get through Jai realised Saigal was helping Roshan to save Nupur and his son Kabir. Jai noticed that the situation echoed his own actions three years ago, and he ordered Vedant to the Mallick house while he returned to the ATU.

In2x22 Jai catches Siddharth

Jai catches Siddharth Saigal

Mihir told him there was no sign of Saigal, but Zara then found footage of his car leaving the ATU. Mihir gave the car details to Jai, who diverted to intercept him, and he told Mihir to put the Delta teams on standby. Vedant called to confirm that Roshan's men had taken Nupur and Kabir, and Mihir pinpointed Saigal's location at Gordon Street. Jai drove there, stopping Saigal's car and holding him at gunpoint. He explained that he knew what Saigal was going through, and they had a Delta Team ready to help save Kabir. Saigal reluctantly told Jai the location of his meeting with Roshan: the lane behind the Capitol Cinema.

Jai went there with Saigal and Vaidehi, and he ordered Abhishek's team there. On arrival, Jai left the car and watched as a young boy approached and gave Saigal a phone. Jai returned to the car and told Saigal to refuse Roshan's first meeting place suggestion, in order to give Abhishek's team time to get there. Saigal did so, and Roshan chose a construction site on MG Road for the hostage exchange of Kabir and Nupur for Vaidehi.

In2x22 Jai and Vaidehi

Jai threatens Vaidehi Sharma

They arrived at the location at around 7:45am, and Abhishek's team were in position. Siddharth was worried that Jai cared more about catching Roshan than saving Kabir, but Jai gave him a bulletproof vest and told him not to worry. He tried to get Vaidehi out of the car, but she complained that they were pawning her to catch her father. Jai reminded her that her father was the biggest enemy of the nation, and explained that he would do anything and use anyone in order to catch him. ("7:00am-8:00am")

8:00am-9:00am Edit

Roshan arrived at the construction site at around 8:10am, and Abhishek reported this to Jai. Jai asked Saigal if he was ready, and Saigal told Jai not to do anything until Kabir was safe. He also warned Jai that Kabir was afraid of loud noises. Jai then waited while Saigal went down and traded Vaidehi for Kabir and Nupur. However, Vaidehi got scared, asking why Roshan killed her mother, and Roshan exited his vehicle to persuade her to come.

In2x23 Jai chases Roshan

Jai chases Roshan

Abhishek reported a visual on Roshan, and Jai ordered an attack. The ATU troops picked off Roshan's men one by one, and Jai ran in as Roshan escaped using Jabbar as a body shield. Jai chased him and Maddy into a half constructed building, and shot some scaffolding which collapsed and knocked Maddy out. Roshan then got into a lift up the side of the building, and Jai chased him on foot via the stairs.

In2x23 Roshan hanging on

Jai lets Roshan fall to his death

They both reached the top of the building at around 8:25am, and they shot at each other. They jumped out and pointed their guns at each other, but both ran out of ammunition, so Jai dropped his gun and attacked Roshan hand-to-hand. Roshan grabbed a metal bar, which Jai grabbed from him and pushed him onto a metal platform. He wrapped a chain around Roshan's neck, then pushed him off the platform, grabbing his hand. He asked where the last vials of virus were, but Roshan refused to say. Raj Singh Bhakta then radioed Jai and told him the last two vials had been located, and Jai let Roshan drop and hang to his death.

Raj then explained to Jai that the last two vials had timers fitted, and one of them was at Ambedkar Road, and he couldn't get there in time. He asked Jai to go as he was closest. Jai ran down and stopped Abhishek's car, who was transporting Maddy back to the ATU. Jai got in and told them to get to Ambedkar Road in the next five minutes.

On the way, Jai called Bose at the ATU and told him to let Saigal help on the operation. Bose refused, and Jai said he was in the same situation as Saigal three years ago and he was not charged. Bose replied that the situations were different, and Jai should file an appeal.

In2x23 bus fight

Jai fights Shoaib for the last virus vial

They reached Ambedkar Road at 8:55am, and Jai got out and couldn't see where the virus was. Zara reported that the signal was moving as a bus pulled away, and Jai realised the vial was on the bus. He and Abhishek got on at either end, and the courier pulled a gun and Abhishek attacked him. The bus driver was shot dead, and Jai attacked the courier before Abhishek shot him. Jai asked who he worked for, but the courier died and Abhishek safely parked the bus.

In2x23 Jai looks for computer store

Jai looks for a computer store

Jai then retrieved the virus dispersal device and saw the timer. Vedant told him containment teams could not reach him on time, so Jai got into his car to meet them halfway. Sunny Mehta called Jai and told him that she found virus antibodies in Dhruv Awasthi's blood, and Jai speculated that whoever developed the virus must have also developed a cure. He asked Mihir if someone was tracking the virus and if they could backtrack the tracking signal from the dispersal device, but Mihir said it was impossible. However, Maddy said she could do it with a laptop and an internet connection. Vedant warned Jai not to trust her, but Jai diverted Abhishek down a street away from the containment teams, looking for a computer store. ("8:00am-9:00am")

9:00am-10:00am Edit

In2x24 virus detonates

Jai contains the virus in a washing machine

Jai found a computer store and made his way inside, threatening the guard with his gun. He shot through Maddy's handcuffs and let her find a computer, telling the store manager to give her internet access. The virus containment unit arrived, asking Jai to hand over the dispersal device, but he refused. Maddy managed to track a signal down with 20 seconds left, and Jai put the dispersal device into a washing machine to contain the spread. Maddy pinpointed the signal at an address 2km from SV Road, and Vedant warned Jai not to trust her, believing it to be a trap. Jai told him to find out Dhruv Awasthi's true cause of death, then set off with Maddy.

In2x24 Jai raids

Jai raids Mehr's building

On the way, Vedant called back to say that there was no foul play in Dhruv's death, but Jai asked him to find out who had access to him at the hospital. They then arrived at the location, and Jai shot his gun into the air to attract attention. Victor appeared at a window and Jai shot at him, before making his way upstairs taking out another man and Victor. He then reached an office from which Mehr was tracking the virus.

Jai held her at gunpoint, and she told him that he should have shot her earlier that night. Jai then noticed an explosive device beneath a desk, and jumped into a metal cabinet to shield himself from the blast as Mehr escaped. Raj Singh Bhakta then arrived, and Jai told him to pursue Mehr, but she managed to escape.

In2x24 aftermath

Jai searches Mehr's ruined office

Jai and the other agents then searched the office, and Jai found it belonged to an NGO working to help AIDS patients. He discovered that Devyani Bhwomick was on the board of the NGO, and Vedant then called to tell him Dhruv was poisoned with a Polonium shot, and Devyani visited him in the hospital. Jai called Sunny Mehta, telling her to test Devyani's blood for antibodies and keep her away from the Prime Minister.

At around 9:25am, Jai set off in his car, nodding farewell to Maddy for all of her help. Jai then ordered Raj to search all the addresses with any link to Devyani. He made his way to Seven Hills Hospital, where Sunny Mehta confirmed that Devyani's blood contained virus antibodies. Jai then went to see Aditya Singhania, telling him that Roshan was dead and the virus was contained. He then told him that he believed Devyani was conspiring with Dhruv and was behind the virus. Aditya did not believe him, and asked for Devyani to be summoned.

In2x24 Jai accuses Devyani

Jai accuses Devyani Bhowmick of being behind the virus

When she arrived, Jai confronted her and asked where the antidote was. She denied involvement, and then fainted, asking for her insulin. Aditya was confused, saying he had already given her two shots of insulin, and Jai saw that her insulin pen was from BBS Pharmaceuticals. He realised that she may have been given the antidote without her knowledge, and that her father Bhisham may have been the true mastermind.

In2x24 Jai confronts Bhisham

Jai confronts Bhisham Bhowmick, the true mastermind

Jai then worked with ATU agents to plant a bug on Bhisham, and making him believe Devyani was symptomatic. Jai monitored Bhisham as he saw his daughter and then ran to his lab to get the antidote and inject it. Jai confronted him, accusing him of spreading the virus just to be able to sell medicine to cure it. Bhisham explained that he wanted people to understand the importance of the pharmaceutical companies, and Jai had him arrested. Sunny Mehta took to the virus antidote to start administering to the infected people.

In2x24 Jai confronted

Nupur Mallick confronts Jai

He then left the hospital, calling Veer and informing him that they had a cure for the virus. However, Vedant then called and told Jai that someone had leaked a video of him shooting Shibani Mallick on the VDOcast website. Jai then spotted Shibani's mother Nupur across the street, and she took out a gun and fired at Jai. ("9:00am-10:00am")

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