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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Jamal Nasawa was a CTU field agent active during the events of Day 6.

Day 6[]

After the capture of Abu Fayed, Jack Bauer and Mike Doyle interrogated him, but Fayed refused to give up the location of his two suitcase nuclear devices. Under orders from Bill Buchanan, Jack and Doyle planned to transport Fayed back to CTU, where he would receive a pharmaceutical interrogation from Rick Burke.

During the transportation, the CTU vehicle carrying Fayed was ambushed and he was rescued by a terrorist cell. Fleeing with Fayed, Jamal identified himself as from the "Al-Tahireen" cell, and claimed to be sent by General Mohmar Habib. Both Jack and Doyle were apparently shot in the ambush, but they were not seriously injured, as it was part of a sting operation. The terrorist cell consisted of undercover CTU agents Talit and Halim, with Jamal acting as their leader.

Fayed refused to lead Jamal to the suitcase nukes until he got confirmation from Habib that the cell was sent by him. With help from President Wayne Palmer, the call was able to happen and Fayed began to lead Jamal to the nuclear weapons. However, Nadia Yassir discovered a possible distress signal in the call: the name of a dead man, Sameer Al-Afted. Jack called Jamal in an effort to warn him, but Fayed shot him and murdered the two other agents before escaping. Doyle and Jack arrived at the truck, and Jamal was found critically injured. Doyle stayed with Jamal in the truck until he received medical attention.

Background information and notes[]

  • It is unknown whether all or part of Jamal's name was made up as part of his cover.

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