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This article's subject relates to 24: Redemption.

James was a young boy from Sangala who attended the Okavango School during the events of Redemption.


James was playing soccer with a group of boys, including Desmond, when a group of rebels from General Juma's rebel army led by Youssou Dubaku arrived to kidnap them. James and Desmond were specifically singled out by Samuel, one of Youssou's men, because he recognized that they attended the American school. The boys knew they were going to be brainwashed and used as throwaway soldiers. One of them, Seville, soiled himself in fear. While the rebels laughed at the boy, James and Desmond turned to flee. One of Youssou's men opened fire, and James was killed.

James' body was discovered by Carl Benton, who also found that Desmond had survived but was seriously injured. Benton called Thomas, who passed the phone to Jack Bauer, and reported that James was dead and Desmond needed medical attention. Desmond survived his wounds.

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